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14 Best Pulse Oximeter Brands in Malaysia 2023

Where you can determine your health status conveniently.

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Medical Doctor

Dr. Muhammad Taufiq bin Zulkarnain

As a graduate from Universiti Malaya and currently serving as a medical officer in MOH, Dr Muhammad Taufiq aspires to succour his community as a Family Medicine Specialist sometime in the future. Outside work, he enjoys travelling and spending time watching Netflix to cope with everyday life.
"Over 96-97% of Malaysian daily cases are Class 1 & Class 2 which only requires home monitoring. However, it’s important to know that Hypoxia (low oxygen concentration in blood), which is a warning sign for Covid-19 could happen during home isolation. Hence, the presence of a pulse oximeter is crucial to keep your well-being in check." - Dr Taufiq

Typically small and compact in size, pulse oximeters are handy medical tools used to review, measure and monitor your blood oxygen levels as well as heart (pulse) rates using infrared light refraction. 

For those who are concerned, they happen to be painless and non-invasive. Instead, pulse oximeters usually come in fingertip-type varieties and can be purchased both in-stores (e.g. pharmacies) as well as online.

Here, our FDA approved pulse oximeter list, together with some KKM approved pulse oximeters, will not just be on the reviews of the best oximeter in Malaysia but also visit info on the general function, usage of a pulse oximeter and the average oximeter price in Malaysia.

Yonker Portable Pulse Oximeter YK-80
Check Yonker Portable Pulse Oximeter YK-81 price below:
add_circle MDA approved
add_circle Battery-saving
add_circle Multiple display modes for easy reading
remove_circle No warranty
remove_circle Batteries not provided

One can quickly check their health with the Yonker YK-81 as it only takes 8 seconds to measure your oxygen saturation level and pulse rate. It uses LFC PLUS technology to ensure an accurate reading and is programmed to sound an alarm if the readings fall outside the safety range. 

Furthermore, its OLED screen has six different display modes for easy reading in all directions. It also features an oxygen bar graph and pulse waveform map. Bonuses; this oximeter comes with a free lanyard and storage bag for convenient carrying.

  • MDA Registration Number: GC4998120-43555
Oxitech Pulse Oximeter
Check Oxitech Pulse Oximeter price below:
add_circle MDA approved
add_circle Provides perfusion index (PI) readings
add_circle Batteries provided
add_circle Multi-directional display
add_circle 1 year warranty

This fingertip pulse oximeter by Oxitech runs on two AAA batteries and features a dual-coloured OLED display that can be rotated in four directions. Despite its small size, its readings are highly visible thanks to its bright display and it also has an audible beep sound to alert users. 

Perfect for patients doing home monitoring, this nifty gadget provides fast and accurate oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and perfusion index readings with just one touch of a button.

  • MDA Registration Number: GC1574221-53413
BION Finger Pulse Oximeter
Check BION Finger Pulse Oximeter price below:
add_circle MDA approved
add_circle Measures perfusion index (PI)
add_circle Low power indication
add_circle Threshold alerts can be set
add_circle 1 year warranty

This BION Finger Pulse Oximeter is equipped to provide SpO2, PR, and PI readings for a comprehensive oximetry assessment. There is also no need to worry about power wastage on this double AAA battery-powered device as it has an auto shut-off function. So, you’re set if you need to travel with a fingertip pulse oximeter.

Additionally, its clear LED display has three backlight brightness settings so that users are always aware of their current readings. Threshold alerts can also be set to inform users of any abnormal fluctuations in oxygen levels and pulse rate. 

A bonus for getting this oximeter is that users will also receive a free lanyard and pouch with their purchase.

  • MDA Registration Number: GB3492221-65288
AEON Technology Pulse Oximeter
Check AEON Technology Pulse Oximeter price below:
add_circle MDA approved
add_circle IP22 water splash proof
add_circle Anti-shaking
add_circle Measures perfusion index (PI)

The AEON Technology Pulse Oximeter comes in a striking red and black design to measure your blood oxygen level, pulse rate, and perfusion index. Its dual-colour OLED display has big fonts that make reading the results easy. Also available is the built-in real-time plethysmograph for users to monitor any fluctuations in blood volume. 

Furthermore, it supports six display modes to suit the user’s preferred screen orientation. Among its highlights is its advanced DSP algorithm that minimises the influence of motion on readings. Thus, users can expect accurate results. Additionally, there’s also a visual alarm to alert users of abnormal readings. 

  • MDA Registration Number: GC3978321-65258
Check Aurelius Care Fingertip Pulse Oximeter price below:
add_circle MDA approved
add_circle 2 years warranty
add_circle Durable (splash-proof and drop-resistant)
add_circle Displays PI readings

The Aurelius oximeter is a durable one as it is specially designed to be both splash-proof and drop-resistant. 

Besides the usual SpO2 and PR readings, it also displays a PI pulse bar and waveform. Plus, other features you’ll want to know are its pulse rate analysis and a continuous measuring mode. What’s more, this oximeter enables users to store up to 12 groups of SpO2 data. 

When it comes to user convenience, the oximeter’s OLED display can be oriented in four directions according to users’ preferences. It also has an audible and visual alarm with low battery indication to boot.

  • MDA Registration Number: GC9770721-65290
Best automatic pulse oximeter
BioCare Konsung Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
Check BioCare Konsung Fingertip Pulse Oximeter price below:
add_circle 2 x AAA battery included
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle 1 Year Warranty
remove_circle Quite pricey compared to others

The BioCare Konsung fingertip pulse oximeter has an automatic power-off function when there is no signal in the oximeter for more than 10 seconds, thus, saving battery life. It is also equipped with one button for easy operation and setting functions.

Additionally, the LED display provides a high-resolution screen that enables users to read the Sp02, PR, pulse waveform, pulse intensity, and battery capacity with ease.

  • MDA Registration Number: GC3239621-80138
Check Joylee Medical Pro Fingertip Pulse Oximeter price below:
add_circle MDA approved
add_circle 2 years warranty
add_circle Comes with a lanyard
remove_circle Batteries not included

Users can expect quick readings with the JOYLEE oximeter which measures oxygen saturation level in the blood and pulse rate within 8 seconds. Not that speed is its prowess, but the dual-colour display also makes it easy to show the perfusion index reading for users to check their overall health performance. 

In terms of display, there are four display mode directions available for easy use at any angle. 

Moreover, the one-touch operation device is easy to operate and suitable to be used by 3-year-olds and above thanks to its medical-grade silicone chamber that guarantees safety and comfort. It is also low on power consumption and has an auto-switch off function when not in use.

  • MDA Registration Number: GC6804921-68270
Best home pulse oximeter
Beurer Pulse Oximeter PO-30
Check Beurer Pulse Oximeter PO-30 price below:
add_circle Colour display
add_circle Adjustable brightness
add_circle Easy to use

Suitable for home use, the Beurer Pulse Oximeter PO-30 runs on 2 AAA batteries and features an OLED colour display that indicates your pulse level. The brightness of the display itself can be adjusted according to your personal preference. Plus, its compact and lightweight built makes it portable enough to carry around with you.

Not to mention, this device is easy to use too. Simply insert your finger between the opening of the pulse oximeter and press the start button. You will see the result on the display within seconds. 

Other highlights include an auto switch-off whenever not in use and a low battery indicator.

  • MDA Registration Number: GC7817621-66828
Best fingertip pulse oximeter
Yuwell Pulse Oximeter YX302
Check Yuwell Pulse Oximeter YX302 price below:
add_circle Clear & bright display
add_circle Automatic shutdown
add_circle Lightweight

Designed with ease of use in mind, this fingertip Yuwell Pulse Oximeter YX302 has a bright OLED display that allows you to monitor your pulse rate crystal-clear. The display tells users its battery level as well as pulse strength and oxygen saturation.

When not in use, it will automatically shut off the pulse oximeter in 8 seconds. In terms of power, it only requires two AAA batteries to operate the device. At a mere 54g, the Yuwell Pulse Oximeter YX302 feels light enough.

  • MDA Registration Number: YGC9480821-57718
Best buy/value pulse oximeter
Berry Pulse Oximeter BM1000
Check Berry Pulse Oximeter BM1000 price below:
add_circle Easy to use
add_circle Compact design and can be linked to your smartphone via Bluetooth

This reasonably-priced Berry Pulse Oximeter BM1000 has everything you need to monitor your oxygen levels, all in a compact and streamlined device. And it’s easy to use too. Suitable for anyone who has a medical condition like asthma and sleep apnea, they just need to place their finger, toe or earlobe between the housing of the pulse oximeter and monitor.

As for the display, the screen includes the percentage and number of your respective blood oxygen level (SpO2) as well as pulse rate upon each use. You can also link the pulse oximeter to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection to monitor your reading.

  • MDA Registration Number: GC9264520-47073
Best Bluetooth pulse oximeter
Rossmax SB210
Check Rossmax SB210 price below:
add_circle Compatible with Bluetooth
add_circle Easy-to-read OLED display
add_circle Displays fast result in just 1 minute

The Rossmax SB210 is made compatible with a Bluetooth connection, allowing you to transfer your pulse measurement to your smartphone. Its two-colour OLED display is also easy to read and offers calculations on the AC (arterial condition), SpO2 and BPM (beats per minute). 

Also renowned for its Artery Check Technology (ACT), this pulse oximeter detects your arterial pulse the moment you place your fingertip between the opening of the device. From there, it helps to sort out your arterial status into 6 levels (Level 1 = Excellent Status to Level 6 = Severe Impairment) before providing the visual result in a mere minute.

  • MDA Registration Number: GC6493119-36113
Best pulse oximeter for overnight monitoring
Rossmax SB100
Check Rossmax SB100 price below:
add_circle Big LED display
add_circle Easy to use

Here is another quality pulse oximeter from Rossmax, with their SB100 model that is suitable for those who suffer from sleep apnea and needs to monitor their SpO2 level overnight. It boasts an ample LED display that is bright and clear enough to read the measurement.

Other highlights you can find from Rossmax SB100 includes a Pulse Strength Indicator, a simple one-touch on/off button and an attached cord for easy portability. For your peace of mind, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

  • MDA Registration Number: GC6493119-36113
Best pulse oximeter with perfusion index
Choicemmed MD300C2
Check Choicemmed MD300C2 price below:
add_circle Portable design
add_circle Auto-power off feature
add_circle Adjustable brightness.

With a portable design that’s easy to carry around, The Choicemmed MD300C2 pulse oximeter features 6 display modes that can be read in four different directions. It has an auto-power off function that shuts down in 6 seconds whenever you remove your finger. The low battery indicator comes in handy too, allowing you to determine the duration of the batteries.

The Choicemmed MD300C2 also calculates your perfusion index, where it basically assesses your level of pulse strength. Also, a plus is its two-colour OLED display which is bright and easy to read. You can even adjust your preferred brightness of up to 10 levels.

  • MDA Registration Number: GC2160119-29755
Best pulse oximeter with heart rate
Medisana PM100 Pulse Oximeter
Check Medisana PM100 Pulse Oximeter price below:
add_circle Heart rate can be read in a bar graph or waveform
add_circle Easy one-touch operation
add_circle Adjustable brightness

Get an accurate reading of your heart rate regardless of a bar graph or waveform with the Medisana PM100 Pulse Oximeter. It uses a simple and convenient one-touch operation, complete with a bright OLED display that can be viewed in six different directions. You can even adjust the brightness accordingly using its 10-level setting.

It also comes with an automatic switch-off feature, which would shut down within 8 seconds if no measurement is taken. This helps to save the battery efficiently. Other highlights include a battery level indicator and a bundled carrying strap to hang it on.

  • MDA Registration Number: GC52083234217

What is an oximeter's function?

A pulse oximeter measures the oxygen saturation level in your blood. In other words, it is used to gauge how well the heart is pumping oxygen to all of your body parts. They are often used to monitor the health of individuals with conditions that affect blood oxygen levels. 

Other cases in which an oximeter is used include determining how effective supplemental oxygen therapy is or assessing how well a new lung medication is working. They are also used to evaluate whether someone needs help breathing. 

How to use a pulse oximeter?

The good thing about a pulse oximeter is that you don’t have to be a medical professional to know how to operate such a device. In fact, the procedure couldn’t be simpler enough.

  1. First, clip your finger (or on your earlobe or toe) between the opening of the pulse oximeter.
  2. Remember to sit still when you take the readings.
  3. If you have any nail polish or varnish, it’s best to remove them beforehand as it can cause inaccurate measurements.
  4. Then, switch on the device and within seconds or a minute (depending on your pulse oximeter itself)
  5. You will get to see the information (e.g. pulse rate, SpO2) that appeared on the display.
  6. Once done, simply remove your finger and the pulse oximeter will switches off automatically.

When it comes to the result, your blood oxygen level a.k.a. SpO2 should be between 95% to 100%. But if the reading shows the count under 95%, this indicates you are having medical conditions needed to be addressed by a doctor immediately.

What is the normal range for oximeter reading?

As mentioned, a healthy adult should have an oxygen saturation level of 95% to 100%. A reading below 95% needs attention, and 90% is considered low which is an indication of hypoxemia (a deficiency of oxygen reaching body tissues).

To simply put, the lower the oxygen level, the more severe the hypoxemia. 

How to read a pulse oximeter?

A pulse oximeter usually has two numbers. One is to measure your oxygen level (SpO2) and the other is your pulse rate (PR bpm). When the numbers on the oximeter have stopped changing, the readings displayed will be your measured blood oxygen level and pulse rate. 

Can an oximeter detect blood clots?

Although an oximeter can’t directly tell you whether or not a blood clot is present, it has the ability to measure oxygen saturation in the blood. This can be used as a method of detection because consistently low readings may indicate the presence of a blood clot or other pulmonary health issues. 

Does altitude affect oxygen levels?

Yes, high altitudes can cause lower oxygen levels due to the low atmospheric pressure. Hence, the normal oxygen saturation level may change depending on where you’re at. For example, the normal oxygen saturation for a healthy individual is about 90% at 5000 feet above sea level.  

Can a pulse oximeter detect COVID-19?

According to Dr Taufiq, a pulse oximeter cannot detect COVID-19, but it can detect hypoxia (low blood oxygen levels) that could be due to/signs of COVID-19 infection.

That being said, if you have COVID-19, a pulse oximeter may help you keep track of your health and determine if you need medical attention. In a way, it helps make you feel like you have some control over your health. However, it’s important to communicate with your doctor or other health care provider and not solely depending on the reading of your pulse oximeter.

What happens if my oxygen level falls?

If the oxygen level in your blood drops, the cells of vital organs such as the brain, kidney, and heart will be deprived of their function. This will then lead to the deterioration of your normal body physiology.

 When this happens, you should call for help especially when experiencing any symptoms such as giddiness. However, in the worst-case scenario, it’s important to note that not everyone experiences any symptoms at all. And this is what we call ‘happy hypoxia” which could be a warning sign.

Is there a risk to monitoring oxygen levels at home?

There are no risks known at the moment as the monitoring is noninvasive. Regardless, it must be emphasized that home monitoring should not offer you a false sense of security.

This is because, depending on the authenticity of the product, a pulse oximeter could produce a misleading reading or be utilized wrongly, causing patients to seek medical attention needlessly. Hence, it’s best to also monitor any physical symptoms.

Popular Oximeter Brands in Malaysia

Wonder whether all oximeter brands are the same? Or are you looking for Omron oximeters in Malaysia? The latter is a brand from Japan, known for their many electrical devices in the healthcare sector, so it's no surprise that Omron also made oximeters catered for public use. 

Unfortunately, they are not available in Malaysia. However, you can still get several official oximeter brands that are MDA-approved, as well as KKM-approved (KKM = Ministry of Health Malaysia).

Based on our research, the top 3, most popular oximeter brands on our best pulse oximeter list are:

  1. Beurer
  2. Choicemmed
  3. AEON

If you're interested in an actual tried-and-tested review of them, please stick around as we are in the midst of reviewing them.

More related oximeter Malaysia recommendations:

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