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25 Best Face Masks in Malaysia For Daily Use - KF94, N95 2022

Do your part to flatten the curve!

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Recommended by: Medical DoctorDr Muhammad Taufiq bin Zulkarnain

As a graduate from Universiti Malaya and currently serving as a medical officer in MOH, Dr Muhammad Taufiq aspires to succour his community as a Family Medicine Specialist sometime in the future. Outside work, he enjoys travelling and spending time watching Netflix to cope with everyday life.

“In order to protect ourselves from getting infected with COVID-19 infection and the latest virulent strains of the virus, we still need to comply with best practises such as social distancing, sanitizing, and so on. Based on the swiss cheese theory, multiple layers of precautions improve our rate of success in the fight against this virus. So do your part and put on your masks!” .- Dr Taufiq

With the global pandemic not ending anytime soon, we must all continue to take cautionary measures to stop the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). One way to do so is to mask up at all times. By wearing a face mask, you can prevent your cough and sneeze droplets from travelling in the air and potentially infecting others.

Of course, the best way to protect yourself and others during the pandemic is by staying home and practising social distancing. But life goes on, so as we forge ahead in this time of recovery, let us be prudent and stick to the SOPs to stay safe.

Sewing a good quality face mask is not easy. On top of that, you'll have to make sure that it has a filter too. Disposable face masks are reliable and offer adequate protection.

You're probably reading this because you typed "face mask Malaysia", "kn95 mask Malaysia" or "best kf94 mask brand in Malaysia" into the search bar.

Well, you've come to the right page. Keep scrolling to shop the best face mask brands, and even cloth face masks with cool patterns. We've also go answered FAQs that should answer any queries you might have.

Table of Contents

Best Face Masks in Malaysia 2021

1. NEUTROVIS KF94 Face Mask
Updated on 26th December 2021
Check NEUTROVIS KF94 Face Mask price below:
add_circle Soft material
add_circle Fitted design

Why It's Our Top Pick:

"We love Neutrovis masks for their breathability and comfortable wear. This Neutrovis KF94 mask fits well on the face, leaving no gaps; effectively reducing the risk of exposure to particles. Besides, it's versatile as it's available in a plethora of colours."

Neutrovis masks have got to be one of the softest in the market. With a tent-like shape alleviating breathing difficulties, one will have a pocket of air in front of their nose and mouth. It also comes in a multitude of colours – army green, black, peach. You can get them in different colours to match your mood and outfit.

  • Material: Double layered melt-blown filter fabric 
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency(BFE): ≥98%
  • Particle Filtration Efficiency(PFE): ≥98%
  • No. of plies: 4-ply
  • Sizes available: Adult only
  • No. of masks per pack: 10

Durio face mask review 3 ply I love malaysia face
Check Durio 531 I ❤ MY 3 Ply Protective Face Mask (Adult) price below:
add_circle Extra length nose strip for better fit
add_circle Durable and elastic ear loops
add_circle Good quality and affordable

Durio, a local brand, has committed to using high-quality raw materials to produce not only comfortable masks that are durable yet affordable. Why not #shoplokal with this 3-ply option? They feature good-quality ear loops that will not irritate the ears, as well as cute "I *heart* Malaysia" logos.

Durio's face mask features an electrostatically melt-blown middle layer that provides more than double the filtration rate than those without an electrostatic melt-blown layer.

  • Material: Inner layer: Thermalbond; Middle layer: Melt-blown; Outer layer: Spunbond
  • No. of plies: 3-ply
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): >99%
  • Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE): >95%
  • Sizes available: Adult only
  • No. of masks per pack: 50
best affordable, disposable face mask
3. Haolu Disposable Protective Face Mask 3-Ply
Updated on 5th December 2021
Check Haolu Disposable Protective Face Mask 3-Ply price below:
add_circle Cheap
add_circle Soft material

Get the most bang out of your back with a bundle of face masks. This earloop face mask is designed with thick 3-ply cloth, made of 70% nonwoven + 30% melt bond material. The mask promises an eco-friendly product that'll effectively help filter dust, germs and viruses while staying comfortable on the skin. It's also FDA approved for those who are concerned about its safe use. 

With about 50 pieces per box, this is sure of great value for your family. 

  • Material: 70% nonwoven and 30% melt bond
  • No. of plies:  3-ply
  • Sizes available: Adult only
  • No. of masks per pack: 50
Jovian Disposable 3Ply Monogram Mask
4. Jovian Disposable 3Ply Monogram Mask
Updated on 26th December 2021
Check Jovian Disposable 3Ply Monogram Mask price below:

If you’re coughing or sneezing, it’s best to go for a disposable face mask to avoid cross-contamination. This one from Jovian has a Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 95% and Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) of 98% to protect yourself and others from harmful bacteria. The earloop mask is also lightweight and comfortable to wear with a high breathability rate.

  • Material: Polypropylene spun bond non-woven Fabric 
  • No. of plies: 3-ply
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): ≥ 95%
  • Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE): ≥ 98%
  • Sizes available: Adult only
  • No. of masks per pack: 30
5. Medicmad Surgery Disposable Face Mask
Updated on 26th December 2021
Check Medicmad Surgery Disposable Face Mask price below:
add_circle Convenient tie-on design
add_circle Breathable

Muslim women who wear hijabs might find it difficult to wear earloop face masks. To avoid having your mask slipping underneath your hijab every 5 minutes, opt for a tie-on face mask instead.

The 3-ply face mask has tie-on strings to ensure it stays nice and secure on your face. The good thing about tie-on masks is that hijab wearers will have no need for a mask connector. Instead, you'll be able to tie it to fit your face and head which should be more comfortable too.

  • Material: Non-woven material
  • No. of plies: 3-ply
  • Sizes available: Adult only
  • No. of masks per pack: 50
6. Mydin Face Mask Head Loop Tudung Adult 3-ply
Updated on 6th August 2021
Check Mydin Face Mask Head Loop Tudung Adult 3-ply price below:
add_circle Hypoallergenic
add_circle Breathable

With tie-on face masks, you can easily adjust the level of tightness for your mask. However, it’s important to note that your mask must be worn securely without gaps. This mask is made with an inner lining that promises a soft, non-irritating surface to ensure all-day comfort on your skin. It’s also odourless and hypoallergenic.

  • Material: Non-woven material
  • No. of plies: 3-ply
  • Sizes available: Adult only
  • No. of masks per pack: 50
IRIS OHYAMA Kids Mask Disposable facemask review malaysia
Iris Ohyama
7. Iris Ohyama Kids Mask Disposable Earloop Type
Updated on 25th December 2021
Check Iris Ohyama Kids Mask Disposable Earloop Type price below:
add_circle Antibacterial earloops
add_circle V-shape cutting for improved fit

Keep your little ones safe by ensuring they are wearing face masks that fit well. For instance, this mask is designed to fit children’s smaller face shapes. It has a 3-ply and non-woven fabric to filter germs and dust. On top of being made with skin-friendly materials to prevent skin irritation, parts of the masks are also antibacterial. 

Being one step further ahead from most masks is that these have a patented v-shape cutting near the edge of the cheeks area to ensure proper fitting and comfort for long usage.

  • Material: Polypropylene Non-Woven cloth
  • No. of plies: 3-ply
  • Bacterial Filtration Effect(BFE): 99%
  • Particle Filtration Effectf(PFE): 99%
  • Virus Droplets Filtration Effect(VFE): 99%
  • Sizes available: Adult or kid
  • No. of masks per pack: 30
8. Neutrovis Adult 3ply Medical Face Mask
Updated on 25th December 2021
Check Neutrovis Adult 3ply Medical Face Mask price below:
add_circle Soft ear loops
add_circle Designed for Asian facial structure

Neutrovis presents quite a good value with this box of 3-ply masks, containing 50 pieces of it. Aside from the BFE > 98% and PFE > 96% rating, the masks' earloops are looser than your standard masks, which allows for bigger faces to fit the mask on. Otherwise, those with smaller faces can still double-loop around their ears for a more snug fit.

  • Material: Meltblown filter fabric
  • No. of plies: 3-ply
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): ≥ 98%
  • Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE): ≥ 96%
  • Sizes available: Adult only
  • No. of masks per pack: 50
9. Kamdar Disposable Surgical Face Mask
Updated on 6th August 2021
Check Kamdar Disposable Surgical Face Mask price below:
add_circle Adaptable nose bar
add_circle Lightweight and comfortable ear loops

Wearing a face mask is one of the easiest and best ways to protect yourself against viruses. This surgical face mask by Kamdar is made with 3 layers to offer protection against dust, smoke particles and airborne bacteria. With the nose bar metallic strip, this mask can fit most adult face shapes well.

  • Material: Non-woven material
  • No. of plies: 3-ply
  • Sizes available: Adult only
  • No. of masks per pack: 10 or 50
Alpro Pharmacy
10. Alpro Pharmacy KN95 Face Mask
Updated on 25th December 2021
Check Alpro Pharmacy KN95 Face Mask price below:
add_circle 5-layer protection
add_circle Adaptable nose bar
add_circle Allergy and latex free

For maximum protection against the virus, the N95 mask is your best bet. With a 99% filtration rate, this KN95 Face Mask by Alpro Pharmacy can effectively block and filter dust, pollen and virus bacteria. It’s made with a non-woven and comfortable material to keep your skin irritation-free.

  • Material: -
  • No. of plies: 4-ply
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): > 99%
  • Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE): > 99%
  • Sizes available: Adult only
  • No. of masks per pack: 5
11. 3M 8210 N95 Mask
Updated on 25th December 2021
Check 3M 8210 N95 Mask price below:
add_circle At least 95% filtration efficiency
add_circle Adjustable nose clip

3M has one of the highest quality face masks available for purchase. Its round-shaped cup is attached to a pair of strong elastic bands to be fitted behind your head. Disposable and suitable for 3 to 5 times of use, the NIOSH-approved mask should provide about 95% of filtration from external particles.

Although it'll go on quite tightly, the mask is made of 0 components and natural rubber (for the elastic bands) with a sponge at the nose area for cushioning to help ensure a snug fit without causing much discomfort.

  • Material: Filter made of polypropylene and shell made of polyester
  • No. of plies: -
  • Sizes available: Adult only
  • No. of masks per pack: 1
12. Worker N95 WDR8210 Mask
Updated on 6th August 2021
Check Worker N95 WDR8210 Mask price below:
add_circle 95% filtration efficiency
remove_circle Expensive

N95 masks are best used when you're at a construction site due to all the dust floating in the air which can irritate your respiratory system. They are also effective against liquid or non-oil based particles that derive from sprays, which means it's good for protecting you from coming in contact with or spreading sneezes and coughs.

This mask is approved by the NIOSH for use. It does not have a respirator that can potentially spread your bodily fluids to others, making it truly safe for public use.

  • Material: -
  • No. of plies: -
  • Sizes available: Adult only
  • No. of masks per pack: 10
13. KN95 Face Protection Mask
Updated on 25th December 2021
Check KN95 Face Protection Mask price below:
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle Form fitting
add_circle At least 95% filtration efficiency

N95 masks are used frequently when there's exposure to haze and smoke as they can affect your lung development and cause breathing difficulties. Aside from virus (flu) season, be sure to protect yourself with an N95 mask during haze season too. N95 masks are effective against haze as it has 4 layers and can effectively filter airborne PM2.5 haze particles.

  • Material: 5 layers of skin-friendly layer, moisture-wicking fabric, melt-blown fabric, and non-woven protective layer
  • No. of plies: 5-ply
  • Sizes available: Adult only
  • No. of masks per pack: 2 pieces

Supmedi KF94 and KN95 Face Mask(Earloop & Headloop)
Check Supmedi KF94 and KN95 Face Mask(Earloop & Head loop) price below:
add_circle Wired nose bridge
add_circle Anti-slip lipstick
add_circle Good quality
add_circle Breathable

Selling over 210k units, Supmedi masks are one of the best in the market right now. These come in packs of 10 and are available in a variety of colours.

The KF94 earloop mask is also available in kid’s sizing.

Hijab wearers can also buy this mask as there are head loop ones as well.

Besides, if you’ve started wearing lipstick again, this is the mask for you as it has anti-stick lipstick so you won’t have to worry about staining your mask.

  • Material:  Outer layer: Waterproof non-woven fabric; Filter layer: Melt-blown fabric; Inner layer: Ultra-soft non-woven fabric
  • No. of plies: 4
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): > 95%
  • Sizes available: Adult and kid
  • No. of masks per pack: 10
ICON Protective Surgical Mask 4ply KF94
15. ICON Protective Surgical Mask 4ply KF94
Updated on 10th December 2021
Check ICON Protective Surgical Mask 4ply KF94 price below:
add_circle Soft on the skin
add_circle Cheap but reliable
add_circle Fitted yet breathable

Icon’s KF94 mask is so worth it as you can get 24 pieces for less than RM35! It is 4-ply and every layer serves its own purpose – from maintaining the integrity of the mask to filtrating fine dust particles from the air. It forms a tight seal which lowers the chances of the Delta virus escaping into your mask (since Delta spreads through the air!)

  • Material: Non-woven fabric; Melt-blown fabric; Non-woven fabric
  • No. of plies: 4-ply
  • Bacteria Filtration Efficiency(BFE): 99%
  • Particle Filtration Efficiency(PFE): 99%
  • Viral Filtration Efficiency(VFE): 99%
  • Sizes available: Adult only
  • No. of masks per pack: 24
Uniqlo AIRism Mask review malaysia
16. UNIQLO AIRism Mask
Updated on 25th December 2021
Check UNIQLO AIRism Mask price below:
add_circle Washable
add_circle Smooth and breathable
add_circle Triple layer blocks 90% of UV rays
add_circle Nano filter blocks 99% of particles

Your mask shouldn't only protect you, but it also has to be comfortable to wear all day.

Introducing the UNIQLO AIRism Mask. Its inner first layer is Uniqlo's AIRism material which is made to be moisture-wicking while providing ease of breathability. Whereas, the second layer consists of a washable filter, eliminating the need to buy any. And finally, the outer layer is of a UV-blocking AIRism mesh-like material.

As Malaysia is quite a hot country, this mask is a fine choice for those who need to keep their mask on all day and for long term use.  In fact, this mask has been proven by several users to stay just as comfortable as the first wear after extended use.

Each package consists of 3 uses for your convenience, making this pack quite a value-for-money set.

  • Material: Body: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex; String: 75% Polyester, 13% Spandex, 12% Cupro; Filter: Polypropylene
  • No. of plies: -
  • Sizes available: Adult and kids
  • No. of masks per pack: 3
17. aiRmask
Updated on 26th December 2021
Check aiRmask price below:
add_circle Adjustable straps
add_circle Outer layer repels water droplets that carry bacteria and viruses

Hate how regular fabric face masks can feel against your skin? We're talking about cloth masks being too thin and are difficult to breathe in, or fabric face masks that just hardens too fast.

This reuseable face mask from aiRmask offers a premium selection to provide you possibly one of the best and most comfortable protection available in Malaysia.

Each aiRmask is comprised of 3 layers: Nanotechnology-treated Egyptian cotton for the outer and muslin cotton for both the second and inner layer. The former cotton-type repels small water droplets that may carry bacteria and viruses, whereas the latter is a hypoallergenic material that's comfortable, airy and lightweight to wear.

The mask comes in several colours and sizes to suit your preferences for a perfect and secured fit.

  • Material: 100% Egyptian cotton
  • No. of plies: -
  • Sizes available: XXS to XL (Adult and kids)
  • No. of masks per pack: 1

Editor's review: "I can feel a big difference between wearing this fabric mask and the regular type. The inner layer allows you to insert a PM2.5 filter as well, and I can imagine that this would be a comfortable mask to wear even for those needing to stay outdoors."

Check Enim Washable and Reusable Tie On Cotton Facemask price below:
add_circle Anti-microbial fabric
add_circle Adjustable earloops

Due to the increase in demand for disposable masks, it can be hard to get your hands on them. As an alternative, you can opt for washable fabric masks. This cloth mask comes with an insert for you to insert a 3-ply, non-woven filter, such as wet tissues. With less produced waste, this mask is also an eco-friendly alternative. 

  • Material: 3 layers - made up of spun-bond non-woven and melt-blown material
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): 99%
  • No. of plies: 5-ply
  • Sizes available: Adult only
  • No. of masks per pack: 1 cloth mask/+ 10 PM2.5 filters
19. Pitta Face Mask
Updated on 26th December 2021
Check Pitta Face Mask price below:
add_circle Over 98% UV protection
add_circle Great for double masking
add_circle Washable & reusable

If you want a low maintenance washable mask for reusing, Pitta has this mask that's made of Polyester. Being able to trap microns as small as PM2.5, this mask can help slow down the spread of your coughs and sneezes. The mask also offers some UV protection and needs only to be rinsed by hand, and disinfected by hot water. Due to the polyester material used, the mask is not easily deformed, easing your way of storing the mask.

  • Material: Soft-Stretch Polyurethane
  • No. of plies: -
  • Sizes available: Adult and kids
  • No. of masks per pack: 3
Ozone O3
20. 4 Layer AntiMicrobial Mask
Updated on 26th December 2021
Check 4 Layer AntiMicrobial Mask price below:
add_circle Anti-odour
add_circle Anti-microbial
add_circle Up to 100 wears

Even though the price is a little on the higher side, but protection is ensured when you use this mask thanks to its thick 4-layers.

Made of 100% fine microfiber which is a durable cloth material, the polypropylene layers in the mask are designed to act as micro-filters while ensuring easy breathability; being cool to wear and anti-odour. It's also skin-friendly and washable to lower the risk of any skin irritation.

  • Material: 100% Fine MicroFiber
  • No. of layers: 4 layers
  • Sizes available: Adult(man, woman) and kids
  • No. of masks per pack: 1

This mask can be washed and reused up to 100 times which translates to roughly RM0.50 per wear!

21. Aerosilver Anti Bacterial Face Mask
Updated on 6th August 2021
Check Aerosilver Anti Bacterial Face Mask price below:
add_circle UV protection
add_circle Anti-bacterial
add_circle Cheap

Being made in South Korea, this mask is made from a type of anti-bacterial yarn that contains silver fibres to eliminate bacteria. While it won't really "kill" the virus, the thick-layered fabric itself will help slow down the spread of any bodily fluids. 

Aside from being anti-microbial, the mask also offers UV protection and will not accumulate odour. Totally washable, the mask is also quick drying and comes in many designs to suit your preference.

  • Material: Aerosilver fabric
  • No. of plies: -
  • Sizes available: Adult only
  • No. of masks per pack: 1
Check Origami-Flat Fold Cloth Mask with Filter Pocket price below:
add_circle Adjustable earloops
add_circle Has filter pocket

Stay responsible yet stylish with these cute masks which take on the design of Origami art in some ways. Made of cotton-poly for comfort and breathability, the mask also features a filter pocket that's wide enough to easily insert disposable filters. Not to worry about fitting, as the mask has adjustable earloops too.

A really nice feature of this particular mask is how many colours it comes in. Although simple in design, the mask has quite good reviews, being commonly praised for its comfort and is made with care.

  • Material: Cotton-Poly
  • No. of plies: -
  • Sizes available: Adult only
  • No. of masks per pack: 1
Cloth Face Mask with Batik Design review malaysia
23. Cloth Face Mask with Batik Design
Updated on 6th August 2021
Check Cloth Face Mask with Batik Design price below:
add_circle Soft elastic
add_circle Assorted designs
add_circle Has filter pocket

Switch out your disposable face masks and adorn this Batik-designed washable face mask which would make quite a beautiful statement piece. Available in several colours, all with a PM2.5 mask filter too, the handsewn mask features thoughtful craftsmanship. This is noticeable at the nose section, where there's a sewn-in nose clip to help fit the face contour better.

Made of 100% cotton, the mask provides a snug fit so there are no gaps, reducing exposure to particles. The mask is also reviewed to be quite breathable and lightweight with no signs of irritation. Moreover, it is not only handwash-safe but can also be put in the washing machine!

  • Material: Cotton
  • No. of layers: 3 layers
  • Sizes available: Adult only
  • No. of masks per pack: 1 
24. Face Protective Shield
Updated on 26th December 2021
Check Face Protective Shield price below:
add_circle Added protection
add_circle Headband is stretchable

Face shields offer additional blockage of cover your eyes, nose and mouth - the three vulnerable areas for COVID19 infection. This face shield is anti-fogging, meaning your breathing will not fog up the shield. It also comes with an adjustable headband to ensure you’re well protected and comfortable at the same time.

  • Material: Plastic
  • No. of Plies: -
  • Sizes available: Adult only
  • No. of shields per pack: 1
25. Face Mask Hook Extension Buckle
Updated on 26th December 2021
Check Face Mask Hook Extension Buckle price below:
add_circle Flexible and adjustable
add_circle Keeps mask in place

For those who do not like loose masks, hate the feeling of tight earloops, or for those who have trouble looping the earloops over especially for Hijab-wearers, consider a mask buckle to hold the mask earloops.

No matter the size of your head, this mask buckle comes with 3 pairs of hooks for adjustability. It's also made of durable, flexible material to ensure long use. And if you're concerned, the product is safe to be washed. A bonus is that this buckle is very affordable so it's accessible to all.


Should we double-mask? 

The American Centres for Disease Control (CDC) has provided a guide for double-masking. Basically, it was shown that double-masking can filter out up to 85.4% of particles compared to only 56.1% of filtration if we wear an unknotted surgical mask. 

In short, double-masking is effective & offers almost double the protection.

With this, health Director-General - Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah had previously advised Malaysians to double-mask in order to achieve optimum levels of protection when we are out and about.

Types of Masks

Surgical face masks are disposable masks that healthcare professionals wear when treating patients. These masks are useful in preventing large droplets of bodily fluid from escaping. Hence, they protect the wearer from spreading any sneeze and cough sprays. Likewise, it also serves as a protective layer against bodily fluids from others.

N95 respirator masks are tighter in fitting and are designed to protect the wearer from small viral particles in the air compared to surgical face masks. The name itself, “N95”, is actually derived from the fact that the respirator mask can filter out 95% of airborne particles. Unlike a surgical mask, the respirators work to filter out both large and smaller particles. 

KF94 masks are masks that have 94% efficacy against the virus as signified by ‘94’ in KF94. It has a tent-like structure, allowing for a pocket of air to exist between your mouth and the mask. This will contribute to your breathing efficacy while also providing a tight enough seal to prevent the COVID virus from entering through gaps that may present itself if it was not attached closely against your face.  

Cloth masks are meant to help slow down the spread of body fluid droplets as they get trapped in the woven cloth. Even if they do not contain filters unlike surgical and N95 face masks, cloth masks are still efficient in slowing down the spread of sneezes and coughs compared to not wearing any mask. These masks are preferred by many these days as they can be washed and re-used.

Which Face Mask Should I Get?

In terms of usage, surgical masks should be changed daily or when there's bodily fluid on them from the wearer. They are cheaper and easily accessible. As for cloth masks, washing them daily is best to keep the item clean always.

For N95 masks, however, they are more expensive but they can be used about 3 to 4 days before needing to be changed. They offer the most protection but should be reserved best for medical practitioners that need them urgently as they are more exposed when treating patients.

Some N95 masks have a one-way respiratory valve that lets the wearer breathe out unfiltered air. This can actually spread the virus. So, it's best to not get those kinds.

Best Fabric/Material for N95 Mask

Because Coronavirus is spread airborne through our (respiratory) breathing and body fluids such as sneezes and coughs, the government has made it compulsory for surgical masks to be at least 3-ply for maximum effectiveness and protection. In terms of the best material, they should be non-woven fabric between 20 or 25 gsm polypropylene. 

For the N95 masks, the inner and outer layers should be a protective non-woven fabric between 20 to 50 grams per square meter (gsm). This is to ensure a density that works effectively as a barrier. 

But if you are unable to afford surgical or N95 masks (due to being high in demand), have at least a double-layered cloth mask in hand to lower the risk of passing your respiratory and body fluids into the air.

How To (Properly) Wear a Face Mask

Follow these steps to ensure you’re wearing your face mask properly for maximum protection:

  1. Before wearing your mask, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water to prevent accidental contamination.
  2. Consider shaving off your facial hair to ensure maximum coverage (for a sealed fit).
  3. Have the darker/coloured side of the mask facing outwards.
  4. Earloop the mask over your ears without touching the mask.
  5. Pinch the metallic strip (at the top of the mask) against your nose. Then mould it according to your nose shape.
  6. Pull/spread the mask down to properly cover your mouth and chin.
  7. Ensure your mask is snugly fit with no gaps.

When Do Face Masks Expire?

Surgical masks generally start to break down and lose their effectiveness between one to three years after the manufacturing date when not stored in proper conditions. Especially when its packages are left open, you should dispose of them after 3 months to avoid potential skin-infecting micro-organisms.

N95 masks sealed in packages have a shelf life of up to five years from the production date. This duration is dependent on the storage condition. Do check for any signs of degradation in the headband or nose foam before putting it on. If you notice high difficulty in breathing, dispose of the mask and pick up a new one. 

Cloth masks should be washed daily for hygiene purposes such as avoiding skin infection and leftover virus trapped between the cloth layers. Use until you start seeing signs of breakage and being worn out such as holes, or if the layers feel thin.

Best face mask brands in Malaysia(reviews)

While most brands technically meet the safety standards, there have been certain brands that have caught the attention of buyers for their affordability and high reviews.

To note, a good quality mask is thick with 3-ply, with the earloops not tearing apart easily. Moreover, they should fit over the face like a glove and that it does not easily irritate the skin.

Here's what we found out.

Medicos face mask review:

The brand commonly offers some of the best deals among many other face masks brands. Their thickness is satisfactory, with the fitting meeting most face sizes. However, several do think that the stitching quality of Medicos' face mask can be better, as the ear loops for unworn face masks can happen often.

Neutrovis face mask review:

This brand has quite a few interesting mask options, with one that's also made with Lavender. Their masks seem to be quite sturdy and do not randomly break away easily. Their offerings are also reported to be soft and comfortable to wear.

We do think that adjustments need to be made in order to have the mask fit on securely, considering the fact that their masks' fitting is often not a one-size-fits-all.

Watsons face mask review:

As a leading pharmacy brand, you can trust Watsons to have a reliable surgical face mask to buy. While their sets are not cheap, but their masks are thick, fairly comfortable and fit securely even on small faces (adults). Moreover, their mask comes in several colours to suit your fancy. 

Durio face mask review:

To tackle shortages of surgical face masks in Malaysia, local brand Durio seek to supply Malaysians surgical face masks that are made with melt-blown fabric, which offers protection while staying comfortable on the skin. The brand's core is surrounded by the idea of high-quality masks at reasonable, low prices.

Their masks are made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and sufficient protection. Durio doesn't only make 3-ply masks, but also 4-ply and N95 masks. Aside from its quality, many users adore the cute prints found on their masks.

More related face mask recommendations:

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