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9 Best Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers in Malaysia 2022

Prevent the spread of COVID19 anywhere, anytime!

The act of hand sanitizing is inevitable and has become a normal practice. Placing hand sanitizer dispensers in public spaces is a convenient and practical way to encourage people to sanitise regularly. 

This automatic hand sanitizer dispenser maintains hygiene by automatically sanitizing our hands without our contact with it. It reduces the risk of cross-contamination. If you’re looking to get one, we have listed some of the best hand sanitizer dispensers that you can find in Malaysia. 

Top 9 Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers in Malaysia

Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser for car
Sensor Sprayer Automatic Sanitizer Spray
Check Sensor Sprayer Automatic Sanitizer Spray price below:
add_circle Easy to carry
add_circle USB charging
add_circle Silent operation
add_circle Removable tank
add_circle Low power consumption
add_circle Environmentally-friendly

Why It’s Our Top Pick:

‘’This compact-size automatic sanitizer spray is an ideal for placing in your car as it’s easy to bring along with you. 

Its near-infrared application technology detects wavelength as its primary sensing distance, with a sensitive sending and receiving of photosensitive materials. Just stretch out your hand to operate it, and it switches off when you retract your hand from it.’’


Its large battery capacity at 1200mAH offers a safe and stable battery operation. This also ensures a longer battery life as it operates with low power consumption. Its 100ml water tank is capable of offering a large spray volume that can spray up to 40-60ml of sanitizer per hour. 

This hand sanitizer dispenser’s outer case is made from ABS material which is more durable and is not easily deformed and scratched. Moreover, it boasts good electrical insulation and heat resistance. 


Users complimented the quality of this hand sanitizer dispenser. It is lightweight, easy to operate and quiet. Besides, it’s also great for sanitising small items such as your phone too. Buyers have repurchased this or said that they will.

Best overall automatic hand sanitizer dispenser
Premium Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
Check Premium Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser price below:
add_circle Waterproof
add_circle Refillable container
add_circle 1-month warranty
add_circle Suitable for hand and toilet seat sanitizer
remove_circle Expensive

This heavy-duty pump system of hand sanitizer dispensers accommodates up to 20,000 uses so it’ll be a while before you’ll need to replace it. 


Made from high-grade ABS material, this hand sanitizer dispenser features a stylish design with an industrial design certification. It comes with 4 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries that can last up to 10,000 uses so you won’t have the hassle of having to buy batteries separately nor replace them too frequently.


It has received 5-star ratings from users thus far. Equipped with a key lock system, the dispenser is secured, thus preventing any potential contamination of the hand sanitizer. 

Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser Spray Machine
Hand Disinfection Spray
Check Hand Disinfection Spray price below:
add_circle Leakproof tank
add_circle Energy-saving
add_circle Smart sensor
add_circle 3 spray modes
add_circle Comes with USB cable and batteries

This hand sanitizer dispenser offers smart sensor disinfection that makes it suitable to be placed in public spaces. 


It is USB-rechargeable and utilizes nanoscale microporous atomization. It can sense within a 5-10cm proximity which prompts it to spray and disinfect. With a 280ml leakproof water tank, it is also controlled with an intelligent chip that ensures a continuous spray. 

There are three spray modes. Its induction mode sprays when it automatically senses your hand placed beneath its spout, and its long spray mode offers continuous spraying. On the other hand, its aromatherapy spray mode sprays for 7 seconds and pauses intermittently. 

This hand sanitizer dispenser is ideal to be filled with 75% alcohol, 84% disinfectant water, essence, perfume, and purified water, as well. 


Users have given good recommendations for this hand sanitizer dispenser. It offers good value for money. It is also praised for its superb product quality. 

Cassa Automatic Portable Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 300ml500ml
Check Cassa Automatic Portable Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 300ml/500ml price below:
add_circle Also suitable for use in the office, restaurant, etc
add_circle 1-month warranty period
add_circle Easy to refill and clean
add_circle Compact

This is a perfect option for placing within reach in classrooms in schools. 


Cassa’s automatic portable hand sanitizer is designed with a built-in precise infrared motion sensor detection technology. Its no-touch feature keeps it all the more hygienic. Sanitizer is dispensed within just 0.25 seconds. Choose between either a 300ml or 500ml container, that’s refillable by the way.


It has received excellent reviews and 5-star ratings on Shopee and Lazada. Users favour its sleek design, and say that it is of good quality. It works well and is easy to use.

Rechargeable automatic hand sanitizer dispenser
HOUM SD2 Countertop Automatic Dispenser Rechargeable
Check HOUM SD2 Countertop Automatic Dispenser Rechargeable price below:
add_circle Easy to refill
add_circle Waterproof
add_circle Leakproof
add_circle Standby mode
add_circle Digital power display
add_circle Suitable to be used anywhere

Looking for a rechargeable hand sanitizer dispenser? Take a look at this one. 


The HOUM SD2 Countertop Automatic Dispenser is equipped with built-in accurate infrared motion detection and a fast-foaming feature that dispenses rapidly, every 0.25s. Its wide opening at the top makes refilling easy and less likely to spill.

Not to mention, this hand sanitizer has a built-in high capacity 1,500mAH rechargeable battery with surge protection for safety. There is anti-leak protection so that it doesn’t get messy.


HOUM SD2 Countertop Automatic Dispenser’s easy On/Off with Standby mode feature provides energy-saving qualities. The advanced infrared sensor pump offers dense foaming coupled with a mini effective motor that offers greater sensitivity with no lag time. 

Automatic wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser
Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Wall Mount 1200ML
Check Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Wall Mount 1200ML price below:
add_circle Easy to store and clean
add_circle Environmentally-friendly

This wall-mounted hand sanitizer is a great option for providing hand sanitizer  without hassle. 


This hand sanitizer dispenser can fit up to 1200 ML of hand sanitizer. Its large capacity can be used by an estimated 5-30 people in 10 to 30 days. Setting it up is easy as no tools are required. 

Moreover, it utilizes digital circuit control and a battery (or DC power) drive. It offers a stable and reliable operation, strong resistance to light source interference, and sensitive induction. 


This hand sanitizer dispenser is of good product quality. It even has an automatic continuous spray function too, dispensing every 3 seconds. 

Sensor Sprayer Automatic Alcohol Sanitizing Disinfecting Mist Spray
Check Sensor Sprayer Automatic Alcohol Sanitizing Disinfecting Mist Spray price below:
add_circle Portable
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Energy-saving
add_circle Anti-leakage
add_circle Large spray volume

Our daily ins and outs require a reliable hand sanitizer dispenser in our homes to provide convenient and easy accessibility to sanitizing our hands and belongings. 


With a sleek and aesthetic design, this hand sanitizer dispenser’s built-in battery makes it suitable to be used in various settings. Constructed with an intelligent upgrade infrared sensing and chip control induction, it provides a rapid response toward sanitizing your hands. 

Also, it operates with a double working mode one-key switch, allowing for  intelligent induction spraying and automatic continuous spray. 


Users are pleased with this hand sanitizer dispenser, rating it 5-stars. It functions well; the sensor is highly sensitive. It is light and compact and has anti-rollover and anti-leakage qualities. 

Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with stand
Cleanse360 Auto Sensing Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - Floor Stand
Check Cleanse360 Auto Sensing Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - Floor Stand price below:
add_circle 6-month warranty period
add_circle Two power supply modes
add_circle ABS material
add_circle Large capacity
remove_circle Expensive

An automatic hand sanitizer dispenser stand prevents cross-contamination thus, ensuring the safety of everyone, particularly in public spaces.


Made from an ABS material that’s also stain-resistant, this hand sanitizer dispenser is complete with 2 power supply modes; either 4 double-A batteries or a USB cable. As it’s contact-free, you avoid the risk of contaminating the dispenser with germs and bacteria. 

It automatically senses your hands and squirts the liquid onto your palms, thanks to its infrared induction within just 0.1s.


This hand sanitizer dispenser is safe and promotes better hygiene as it does not require contact to dispense the sanitizer. With a bottom outlet, it is a comfortable angle away from the machine wall.

Hand sanitizer dispenser with thermometer
K9 Pro 2IN1 Handsfree Sanitizer Dispenser + Stand Thermometer
Check K9 Pro 2IN1 Handsfree Sanitizer Dispenser + Stand Thermometer price below:
add_circle Large-capacity
add_circle 1-year warranty
add_circle High precision
add_circle Multi-language
add_circle Has an automatic alarm system

The K9 Pro is a 2-in-1 device, dispensing sanitizer while measuring temperature.


It comes with a large-size and high-definition digital display. With smart power saving and an automatic wake-up function, it is more economical and convenient. Moreover, it utilizes a 1000ml large-capacity disinfectant, which helps to effectively prevent the spread of bacteria. 

It has automatic temperature measurement, measuring the temperature of your palm as soon as you place it beneath its spout while it squirts the sanitizer onto your palm. It ideal to place in offices, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, hotels, and other public areas. 


Overall, users are satisfied with their purchases, stating that it is of good value for money and is worth purchasing. It is highly precise for accurate temperature reading, and even has a high temperature alarm.  

Reasons To Have A Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

Placing a hand sanitizer dispenser stand at conspicuous locations encourages the practice of better hygiene and sanitising. When people walk past a hand sanitizer stand, this will likely prompt them to stop and disinfect their hands. Consequently, the risk of infection is reduced, thus ensuring the health of the public. 

What Is An Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

An automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is a device that automatically dispenses hand sanitizer when it comes in contact with your hands. It comes in various forms such as a spray bottle, squirt dispenser, or a wall-mounted one.

Which Form Of Sanitizer Is Most Effective In Mounted Or Standing Hand Sanitizer Dispensers? 

Gel sanitizer is made of a thickener that increases the time to dry and also increases the time for the alcohol to work against bacteria and viruses. Compared to a liquid sanitizer, it does not contain a thickener that slows the drying process or slows down the alcohol from reacting with the bacteria and viruses on your hands.

Liquid sanitizers eliminate bacteria in approximately 15 seconds, which is twice as fast as gel sanitizers with the same amount of alcohol content. Thus, a liquid sanitizer is more effective in a standing hand sanitizer dispenser. Not only does it take around half the time to kill viruses and bacteria, but it can be dispensed onto your palms within 0.1 seconds. Meanwhile, a gel sanitizer would take a little longer.

As standing hand sanitizer dispensers are usually placed in crowded areas, you would want to hasten the sanitizing process and not cause a queue of people waiting for their turn.  Liquid is the way to go!

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