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A wok is a round-bottomed cooking vessel, which is used for a wide range of Chinese cooking techniques, but more often synonymous to the stir-fried cooking technique. It is a great combination of oil, high heat (and flame too) and continuous stirring. As such, you can  prepare mouth-watering stir-fried chicken with scallion ready within minutes. 

While a carbon steel wok is deemed the best for stir-frying, cooking with a non-stick wok is claiming popularity too as it can give the healthier version of your favourite stir-fried food. 

Although you can't literally use high-flame for a non-stick wok, with little care and effort, it will rank among the best companion in your kitchen. Here are some of the top recommended non-stick woks for your convenience.

1. AMGO Korean Non-Stick Wok

Best non-stick wok for induction hob

Price from RM120.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM120.00

This non-stick wok from AMGO is made of Korean technology, with its marble stone surface and a high-quality non-stick coating as its finish. The main feature of this wok is the high-thermal-conductivity which allows users to cook thoroughly even on very low heat.

You can use it on an induction hob, as well as conventional gas, electric stoves and even on  ceramic cookers too! It is highly durable with the ability to withstand extreme scratches and abrasion.

2. Locaupin Cookerware Set Non-Stick Carbon Steel Wok

Best non-stick carbon steel wok

Price from RM89.90

shopping_cart Shopee Malaysia RM89.90

If you enjoy cooking with a carbon wok but you want your wok to be non-stick, give this wok from Locaupin a try. 

It has a flat textured bottom design that utilises German technology to reduce sticky food contact against the bottom surface. This enhances the physical non-stick effect, without the presence of a chemical coating. All you have to do is season the wok prior to usage, and you are good to go.

3. Tefal Super Cook Non-Stick Wok 36cm with Lid (B14398)

Best non-stick wok pan

Price from RM189.90

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM189.90

As the world's leader in non-stick cookware, Tefal offers a wide range of non-stick appliances. This super cook wok comes with unique Thermo-spot that makes it a perfect cooking temperature indicator. It will note when the wok has reached the ideal temperature for perfect searing.  So no more under-cooked or over-cooked meals on the table!

The Power glide coating, on the other hand, gives you the extra glide for easy usage which is also easy to clean with its non-stick exterior. This wok is suitable for all types of cooktops, excluding induction hob.

4. ASD Non-Stick Wok (40cm)

Best large and healthy non-stick wok - comes with a lid

Price from RM195.00

shopping_cart Shopee Malaysia RM195.00 shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM229.00

If you are looking for a large non-stick wok, this non-stick wok of 40 cm from ASD is a worthwhile investment. It is coated with 100% food safe Teflon non-stick coating that’s PFOA free. Now, you can cook with a free of mind without worrying about the chemical coating leaching into your food. 

It comes with a heavy-duty stainless steel cover and heat resistant phenolic handles with flame guard. That means you can hold it conveniently while cooking without burning your hands!

5. IKEA OUMBÄRLIG Stainless Steel Teflon Platinum Non-Stick Wok

Best non stick stainless steel wok

Price from RM109.90

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM109.90

Apart from offering a wide range of quality pieces of furniture and interiors, IKEA is certainly not lacking in quality kitchen appliances too. This stainless steel non-stick wok has a thick base with one layer of aluminium between two layers of stainless steel. It gives an even and energy-efficient heat, thus reducing the risk of food burning and sticking. 

It is also coated with Teflon® Platinum plus, which is a highly durable non-stick coating - making it suitable for daily use.

6. Orange Nonstick Chinese Wok

Best 12 inches non-stick Chinese wok

Price from RM68.90

shopping_cart Shopee Malaysia RM68.90

As 'wok' itself originates from China. So an actual Chinese wok, without doubt, makes it one of the most versatile cooking appliances you’ll own. 

Here is a simple Chinese wok that can work as long as you want it to, as it is widely known for its longer life. With lower gas consumption and less oil cooking, it certainly is the best pick wok which is also wallet-friendly.

7. Michelangelo Ceramic 5 Quart Non-Stick Wok

Best ceramic non-stick wok

Price from RM427.27

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM427.27

German-branded Michelangelo kitchenware, is among one of the top leading manufacturers in Europe, which specialises in high-end cutlery products. 

This non-stick wok from Michelangelo is made of professional grade aluminium alloy. Its superior ceramic and titanium interior is ultra non-stick and scratch resistant, allowing you to easily clean it even after extremely messy cooking.

The wok conducts heat quickly and evenly with precise temperature control without hotspots. With a limited lifetime warranty, you can safely invest in this wok for a lifetime cooking pleasure.

8. KEN HOM Nonstick Carbon Steel Small Wok 8"

Best small and lightweight non-stick wok

Price from RM229.25

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM229.25

This wok is a quality product from the classic collection of Ken Hom, an international TV personality that is regarded as one of the leading authority on Asian cookery. 

Ken Hom carbon steel woks are made from heavy gauge carbon steel, which allows outstanding heat conduction and heat transfer. It is coated both on the exterior and the exterior and is ideal for high heat and high-speed cooking with excellent food release properties. 

The wok is easy to maintain and does not require seasoning. With 8 inches of diameter, this wok is perfect for single servings and side dishes. Apart from the fact that this wok is not dishwasher safe, it is still a good investment.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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