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8 Best Stainless Steel Cookware Malaysia 2024 (Safest Brands)

Our opinion: Good cookware matters!

What if you spent a lot of money on a skillet, stewpot, or another type of cookware, but it cannot withstand the test of time or intense heat? In this situation, you should switch to more robust cookware suitable for boiling, sautéing, frying, or other preparation methods.

In addition to being durable and non-toxic, stainless steel cookware retains heat and uniformly cooks food. Moreover, since stainless steel is simple to clean, it is a fantastic material for novice cooks. Besides, according to pros, the perfect cookware for heavy-duty use is stainless steel!

There are numerous possibilities available for you. But one thing is certain: you must know which grade of stainless steel you want, how many layers are on it, how much it costs, and whether or not it is non-stick or scratch-resistant. For your convenience, we've selected the best stainless steel cookware in Malaysia below.

Top 8 Stainless Steel Cookware in Malaysia

Best overall stainless steel cookware
Korkmaz 316 Stainless Steel Saucepan Proline 18cm A2701
Check Korkmaz 316 Stainless Steel Saucepan Proline 18cm A2701 price below:
add_circle PFOA, Cadmium, and lead-free
add_circle 2 years warranty
add_circle Compatible with all cooktops
remove_circle Not for induction cooker

Why is it our top pick?

This Korkmaz's Proline offers a great variance of saucepan diameter, giving you worry-free experience with each of the products in the series. With excellent affordability and practicality, no wonder many found this product to be one of the best stainless steel cookware around.


The 18/10 Cr-Ni stainless steel Korkmaz stainless steel saucepan proline has a 1.0 thickness and is induction-friendly. 

The technology behind the Proline cooker series is the Solar Foundation base technology which allows for maximum heat transmission of any cooker type. As a result, your cooking takes less time and uses less energy. Not going to lie; it's a gain!


  • Super capsule base for homogeneous heat conduction.
  • Exterior surfaces carefully polished with a matte finish.
  • Ergonomic hand-held stainless steel handles.

Who is this for?

This cookware's sleek and elegant exterior has a matte finish, making it ideal for use in an industrial kitchen or by pros and beginners. Your meals are consistently cooked to perfection due to the super capsule base's homogenous heat conduction.

Best heavy-duty stainless steel cookware
Gorilla Stainless Steel Frying Pan 30cm
Check Gorilla Stainless Steel Frying Pan 30cm price below:
add_circle Sleek satin-finish design
add_circle Straight-reinforced edge (04 style)
add_circle Dishwasher-safe
remove_circle No warranty


This Gorilla Tri-ply frying pan is built for heavy duty and continuous use, being made of quality stainless steel in the grades SUS201 and SUS403. Owing to the pan's sandwich bottom; not only does this adds style but also ensures even cooking. That means every inch of your food is cooked to perfection. 


  • Wide diameter of 30cm
  • Sandwich bottom design allows for even heat distribution
  • Three-layer of SUS201 stainless steel, Aluminium core, and SUS430 Induction Stainless Steel 

Who is this for?

The thickness and durability of its three layers construction make this frying pan ideal for heavy usage. If you routinely cook many meals at once or spend a lot of time cooking, this pan is essential. After all, it is built to withstand wear from repeated usage.

Best hygienic stainless steel cookware
Nuyeo Moje 34cm Honeycomb Frying Wok SUS 304
Check Nuyeo Moje 34cm Honeycomb Frying Wok SUS 304 price below:
add_circle Longer lifespan (laser engraved technology)
add_circle Induction-friendly
add_circle 2 years warranty
remove_circle Quite heavy


Nuyeo Moje is a long-lasting non-stick product that can be used on any stove! The steel body has stronger corrosion resistance and anti-oxidation performance with 304 stainless steel, allowing you to cook your favourite foods for a greater time!


  • Utilises a laser-engraved Honeycomb design for enhanced non-stick capabilities
  • Includes 34cm stainless steel steamers
  • Rivet-less wok design - no grime is trapped in between small space, enabling for an easy-cleaning experience

Who is this for?

This frying pan is a must if you have cleanliness concerns or want to ensure that your meal is clear of any bacteria or potential food illness (poisoning). Your pan will not have any crooks for germs to develop, thanks to the rivet-less wok design!

Best scratch-resistant stainless steel cookware
KATA Double Ear Hand Hold 316 Stainless Steel Non-Stick Wok
Check KATA Double Ear Hand Hold 316 Stainless Steel Non-Stick Wok price below:
add_circle Antibacterial with rivet-free design
add_circle Convenient to hold (double ear)
add_circle Easy to clean (nonsticky effect)
remove_circle Heavy (2.6kg with lid)


The KATA stir-frying pan is created to make cooking stress-free. You can cook easily, courtesy of its double ear handhold, which makes it convenient to grip if you desire to shift your cookware elsewhere. Furthermore, the advanced honeycomb density optimises the non-stickiness effect, ensuring that your sunny egg always looks perfect!


  • Size: 10cm x 44cm x 14cm
  • Consists of rounded edge and flat bottom; suitable for all cooktops
  • Designed with an advanced honeycomb density pattern that optimises its non-stickiness feature

Who is this for?

Suppose you enjoy cooking with metal or hard spatulas and are concerned about scratching your cookware. In that case, this high scratch-resistant wok is the answer. Being thicker and more robust due to its 7-layer composite stainless construction, it’s an added reason why you should own this!

Best stainless steel cookware with lid
Zebra Vitalux 3 Ply Wok with Glass Lid 28cm
Check Zebra Vitalux 3 Ply Wok with Glass Lid 28cm price below:
add_circle Easy to clean
add_circle Distribute heat evenly
add_circle Unique modern design
remove_circle Not for high-flaming use


Zebra Vitalux is a functional modern kitchen design wok, coming from a brand that’s well-known for producing high-quality cookware; everything is built to last for over 50 years! In addition to its durability, this stainless steel is non-toxic. Plus, it distributes heat more evenly, ensuring that your food is adequately cooked without one side being overlooked. 


  • Hybrid of a flat and rounded bottom; giving the best of both worlds in heat retention & flexibility
  • Suitable for all kinds of stoves, including induction cooker
  • Bakelite handle provides heat protection

Who is this for?

When cooking, use a lid on your pan or wok to reduce cooking time. With a glass cover like this, heat is retained in the pan rather than escaping into the air. This effectively saves energy when cooking!

Best stainless steel cookware for cooktops and oven
IKEA Hemkomst Stainless Steel Frying Pan
Check IKEA Hemkomst Stainless Steel Frying Pan price below:
add_circle Easy to clean
add_circle Can be hung up
add_circle Durable
remove_circle Its thin handle might be uncomfortable


Got a variety of cooktops to use? The Hemkomst Stainless Steel Frying Pan from IKEA is able to work seamlessly on all types of hobs, including induction hobs, making it a practical addition to any kitchen. It features a diameter of 28 cm and a height of 5 cm, which gives you more than enough space to cook all your favourite dishes.

Something else to appreciate would be that this pan is designed with a layer of aluminium between two layers of stainless steel. This design allows you to achieve even heat distribution and faster cooking. Whether you're sautéing vegetables, searing meats, or preparing delicate dishes, this frying pan guarantees exceptional cooking performance.


  • Diameter: 24cm, 28 cm or 32cm
  • Height: 5 cm
  • Length including handles: 48 cm
  • One layer of aluminium between two layers of stainless steel
  • Works well on all types of hobs, including induction hob

Who is it for? 

If you enjoy cooking a variety of dishes and demand high-quality cookware, the IKEA Hemkomst would be perfect for you. It’s a versatile frying pan that allows you to expand your recipe knowledge especially since it’s oven-safe; that means you can start cooking on the stovetop and finish dishes in the oven.

Best non-stick stainless steel cookware
Tefal Primary Wokpan 28cm E3091904
Check Tefal Primary Wokpan 28cm E3091904 price below:
add_circle Dishwasher safe
add_circle Large size
add_circle Stay cool handle


True to its name, a non–stick cookware means you can cook dishes without residue sticking onto the pan easily, which is important as said residue can affect the cooking results of your food. Well, the Tefal E3091904 wok-pan makes sure you can prepare your favourite dishes without having to worry about food sticking onto the pan. 

For your ease of use, the Tefal Wokpan is also compatible with smooth surface induction, gas, and electric coil cooktops. Designed with Thermo-Signal technology, you can achieve perfect textures and colours in your dishes with the wok pan. What you’ll also like is its large 8 cm depth and 3.64L pot capacity, so you can easily do your deep frying or cook for more than one person.


  • Depth of wok pan: 8 cm
  • Pot capacity: 3.64L
  • Exterior Bottom Diameter: 17 cm
  • Energy-saving Thermo-Signal technology
  • Induction base for even heat distribution

Who is it for?

If you're tired of food sticking to your pans as well as cleaning them, Tefal Primary Wokpan E3091904 might be the ultimate solution. Especially if you need to cook a lot of food at once, the wok pan allows you to cook with consistent heat without needing to cut down the amount of ingredients. 

Best dishwasher-safe stainless steel cookware
Korkmaz Proline 316 Stainless Steel Wok
Check Korkmaz Proline 316 Stainless Steel Wok price below:
add_circle Gives even heat distribution
add_circle Easy to clean
add_circle Light


This Korkmaz Proline 316 wok boasts a generous size thanks to it being 32 cm wide and 5.2-litre in capacity, allowing you ample of space to cook with be it frying or steaming. Apart from that, it is suitable for all hobs - including induction stoves. 

Designed with an aluminium surface on the steel capsule base, this wok gives you better heat conduction for faster cooking. 

Furthermore, the wok has an 8 mm extra-thick base and is capable of trapping heat, which results in even cooking. Despite trapping heat, the wok has non-burning handles so if you were to touch them, you won’t need to worry about burn accidents. 


  • Size: 32 cm x 9 cm
  • 5.2 litres
  • 8 mm extra thick base
  • Solar Base base system 
  • Suitable on all hobs

Who is it for?

Both cooking and cleaning up are labour-intensive tasks, especially after a long day at work. So, getting a wok like the Korkmaz Proline 316 Stainless Steel Wok that is easy to clean and dishwasher safe would make your cleaning process quicker, letting you have more time to relax and wind down. 


- Aluminium vs Stainless steel cookware

Have you been debating whether to purchase cookware made of stainless steel or aluminium but kept switching your mind because you weren't sure which was better? Don't worry; we'll compare each so you can decide for yourself which is ideal for you.

The benefits of aluminium cookware:

1. Conduction of heat

Aluminium conducts heat 15 times better than stainless steel, according to test results. With that in mind, your food will cook more consistently and evenly while sticking less.

2. Weight 

Cookware made of stainless steel often weighs two to three times more than cookware made of aluminium. Being lightweight, it may be beneficial for people with weak wrists.

3. Safety

Since hard anodized aluminium is not acid reactive, any acidic food you cook in it won't have its flavour changes or even cause you to feel sick.

The benefits of stainless steel cookware:

1. Durable

It's a well-known fact that stainless steel is immune to corrosion and rust. Although there are some cases where it will rust after exposure to heat, saline, moisture and grease, it will only happen after a very long period of time.

2. Dishwasher safe

Cookware made of stainless steel is unquestionably appropriate for dishwasher cleaning since it can withstand more heat and water pressure than cookware made of other materials.

3. Compatibility

Any cooktop, including induction, gas, and electric, is compatible with stainless steel cookware. To ensure safety, always double-check compatibility before using any stainless steel cookware.

Both aluminium and stainless steel cookware have numerous advantages, but it is entirely up to you to decide which one best matches your cooking preferences and the meals you are preparing.

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