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8 Best Cast Iron Pans in Malaysia 2023 - Top Brands & Reviews

Cast iron cookware: a family heirloom

Cast iron pans tend to have superior heat retention and non-stick capabilities, which naturally means that they are a great option for any type of cooking.

We know you can’t wait to whip up another one of your recipes. Without further ado, here is a list of the best cast iron pans and cast iron cookware brands in Malaysia.

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Top 8 Cast Iron Pans in Malaysia

Check La Gourmet Nitrigan Cast Iron Deep Frypan price below:
add_circle Excellent heat distribution and conductivity
add_circle Energy-efficient
add_circle Rust-resistant
add_circle Sturdy
add_circle Light;

Why It’s Our Top Pick:

“First up is the La Gourmet Nitrigan Cast Iron Deep Frypan, our top pick for multiple reasons including the fact that it’s 30% lighter than most cast iron cookware.

Thanks to its superior heat distribution technology that evenly tenderizes meat, poultry, and vegetables, it can offer up to 50% energy savings.”


Another notable feature is its rust-resistance surface, hence why it’s so easy to clean and maintain this pan. It has a wooden handle specially designed to stay cool at all times so you won’t have to worry about any injuries.


All in all, this is one sturdy cast iron pan that’s suitable for all types of cooking: frying, stewing, roasting, searing, etc.

Best non-stick cast iron pan
Tefal Day by Day Non-Stick Frypan
Check Tefal Day by Day Non-Stick Frypan price below:
add_circle PFOA free
add_circle Suitable for all hob types
remove_circle Lacks pouring edges

Living up to its name, the Tefal Day by Day Non-Stick Frypan indeed has a highly durable non-stick coating, perfect for everyday cooking.


It’s compatible with all kinds of stoves; gas, induction, or electric. Furthermore, with its ergonomic handle and dishwater-safe features, this cast iron pan is definitely user-friendly and easy to maintain.


It’s engineered with thermos-signal technology which ensures that the pan is always evenly heated at the ideal temperature.

Check La Gourmet BluSteel Fry Pan with Mark Acacia price below:
add_circle 40% lighter than other cookware
add_circle Rust-resistant
add_circle Metal utensil safe
add_circle Superior heat distribution

Despite being 40% lighter than most cast iron cookware, the La Gourmet BluSteel Fry Pan with Mark Acacia still offers the same health benefits.


This cast iron pan is made of 99% pure iron, which is why it has superior heat distribution and can offer up to 50% energy savings. Worth mentioning is its special layer on its exterior that acts as a barrier to keep oxygen from the iron below, thus making it rust-resistant.


Its excellent heat distribution is what makes it so ideal for frying foods. Boasting strong build quality, it is nevertheless lighter and therefore easier to handle.

Best pre-seasoned cast iron pan
Best pre-seasoned cast iron
Check Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet price below:

Want the convenience of having a cast iron pan that is already pre-seasoned before you even open the box? Then consider the Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet.


Since it’s already pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oils, it thus has a superior non-stick coating. The more you use the pan, the better the seasoning gets. Additionally, it features a secondary handle to facilitate the easier transfer of food from the pan to your plate.


All in all, this pan has excellent heat retention and is great for induction cooktops. Users are pleased with its quality and consider it to be good value for money.

Best small cast iron pan
Check Lodge 5" Mini Cast Iron Skillet price below:
add_circle Portable
add_circle Budget-friendly
add_circle Pre-seasoned
add_circle Excellent heat retention

The Lodge 5" Mini Cast Iron Skillet is a miniature version of the original Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, weighing just 0.5kg.


Offering even heating and unparalleled heat retention, you can be assured that the cooking results will be consistent. It’s also pre-seasoned and therefore saves you the hassle of seasoning it prior to its first use.


Don’t underestimate it due to its miniature size. You can use it to fry eggs, prepare cookies, or make brownies. Many users also buy this cast iron pan due to its portability and space-saving qualities. If you live alone and are only cooking for one, this is a good option.

Best cast iron pan with dual handle
Check Lodge 8" Cast Iron Dual Handle Pan price below:
add_circle Can be used as a serving piece
add_circle Easy to lift
add_circle Pre-seasoned

A dual-handle pan such as the Lodge 8" Cast Iron Dual Handle Pan is not only user-friendly but can also be used as a serving piece.


Its dual handle design ensures that you’ll have more control over the pan while cooking or lifting the pan. What’s more, since it’s pre-seasoned with vegetable oil, it has a consistent non-stick coating.


Many users use it for various styles of cooking, whether it’s searing, baking, sauteing, or braising.

Best enamel-coated cast iron pan
Check Le Creuset Cast Iron Classic Range Seafood Pot price below:
add_circle Rust-resistant
add_circle High capacity (2L)
add_circle Ideal for any heating source
remove_circle Heavy

If you're worried that your cast iron pan will rust, an enamel-coated one such as the Le Creuset Cast Iron Classic Range Seafood Pot will put your worries to rest. The enamel works as a protective layer on the surface of the cookware, protecting it from rust.


Notable features include its acid and alkali corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures.


Looking at the reviews, this enamelled cast iron cookware is perfect for preparing casserole dishes as it is high-capacity and deep. Le Creuset cookware is extremely coveted so you can’t go wrong here.

Check Le Creuset Classic Round Cast Iron Enamel Pot price below:
add_circle Rust and corrosion-resistant
add_circle Ideal for any heating source
add_circle High capacity (4.2L)
add_circle Durable
remove_circle Heavy

If you love making stew or soup, then the Le Creuset Classic Round Cast Iron Enamel Pot is the one for you.


With the ability to withstand high temperatures, it’s can be heated via any heat source, including an oven. The best part is that it’s anti-rust and anti-corrosion thanks to its enamel coating that protects the surface of the pot.


In summary, this 4.2L capacity and 10cm deep cast iron pot is very durable and will last for ages. It has received numerous 5-star ratings from satisfied buyers, averaging 4.8 stars on Shopee out of over 300 ratings.

What are the benefits of cooking in a cast iron pan?

  1. Cast iron pans are more durable and tough. In fact, when properly cared for, they can last for several generations.
  2. Once heated, cast iron pans stay heated. Unlike thinner pans such as aluminium, heat doesn’t fluctuate in cast iron, which makes it ideal for foods that require high heat and foods that are required to be kept warm for long periods of time.
  3. The more you cook with a cast iron pan, the more seasoned it becomes. Consequently, the better it performs over time.

Is cast iron safe to use?

There is a concern that using cast iron pans to cook your food can leach iron into your food, which may be harmful to your health due to its pro-oxidant qualities. However, the amount of iron being transferred to the food during the cooking process is extremely minimal, especially if it’s seasoned.

Hence, unless you have hemochromatosis or any health condition that forces you to carefully monitor your iron intake, cast iron cookware are generally a great all-round option. Just make sure that they’re properly seasoned.

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