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10 Best Air Fryers in Malaysia 2024 - Top Brand Reviews

Yay to healthy meals in just minutes!

Fried food can be healthy, you just need to know how to cook your favourite crispy food with the right tools in the market!

The air fryer has been dominating our Malaysian kitchen scene for the last 10 years or so, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping. At least, not yet. Even if you have your typical ovens and toasters to cook certain crispy food, nothing will fry them like an actual fryer.

Air fryers not only give us healthier food options, but it's also convenient and easy to use, making this a dream appliance for anyone from bachelors to working moms. 

Check out our reviews on the best air fryers in Malaysia, all suitable for cooking healthy fries and whatnot. If you think you need more than what we have to recommend, do read the guide after our air fryer list!


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Top 10 Air Fryers in Malaysia

Best air fryer overall
Gaabor Air Fryer Oven 6L Cooking GA-E6A
Gaabor Air Fryer GA-E6A
Check Gaabor Air Fryer Oven 6L Cooking GA-E6A price below:
add_circle Affordable
add_circle SIRIM-certified
add_circle Large capacity for a small family

Why it’s our top pick

Gaboor is an upcoming home appliance company that is loved by many. Their extensive range of products has made its way through customers' hearts to find the perfect product in a split second. This air fryer of theirs is no exception, being fairly affordable and that it comes with a menu options for users to choose from. 


The Gaboor Air Fryer Oven GA-E6A is designed to accommodate your inner chef’s urge for a new meal of the day, featuring 8 menu functions. It will heat up and cook food thoroughly as well due to its 360° three-dimensional hot air circulation feature.

You can easily, accurately control temperature for your food thanks to its touch screen interface. And if you're in a hurry, you can quickly and safely access your food without any hassle thanks to the anti-scalding one-key cover opening makes sure.


  • Power: 1500W
  • Inner Chamber's Capacity: 6.0L
  • Net Weight: 4kg
  • Gross Weight: 4.5kg
  • Dimensions: 355 x 355 x 345 (mm)

Who is this for?

If you don't have any specific requirements in mind, this air fryer is really worth considering. It offers solid performance with high ratings, and is formidable as a reliable, basic cooking option to churn out yummy food for your home.

Best air fryer oven
Khind Air Fryer Oven ARF9500
Check Khind Air Fryer Oven ARF9500 price below:
add_circle 6 cooking presets
add_circle Has rotisserie function
add_circle Stainless steel mesh frying basket
add_circle Easy to use
add_circle High-speed air circulation technology
add_circle Various pre-set cooking functions
remove_circle Not as many presets as some other models
remove_circle Cannot fit a large sized chicken


A stainless steel basket in an air fryer makes it easy to drain any excess oil from your food so that they don’t sit in a pool of fat. So an air fryer that comes with it, like this Air Fryer Oven ARF9500, essentially helps you to prepare healthier meals easily. 

This air fryer oven can cook one pack of 300g worth of fries perfectly, thanks to its big capacity. It can also fit in a whole chicken of 1.5kg or less. All you need to do to make rotisserie chicken at home is activate the rotate function with the touch of a button. The air fryer is also intuitive to use, as there is a digital display with touch sensor control, making it quickly to understand and use.


  • Power: 1400W-1650W
  • Inner Chamber Capacity: 9.5L
  • Net Weight: 7kg
  • Gross Weight: 7.6kg
  • Dimensions : 31.6cm (L) x 31.4cm (W) x 35.8cm (H) 

Who is this for?

The other plus side to using a stainless steel basket in the air fryer is for its durability and ease of cleaning it up. You’ll love this air fryer oven by Khind that comes with a rust-free stainless steel mesh frying basket to get rid of excess oil!

Best air fryer for Indian food
Giselle Digital 10-in-1 Air Fryer Oven KEA0340
Giselle Digital 10-in-1 Air Fryer Oven KEA0340
Check Giselle Digital 10-in-1 Air Fryer Oven KEA0340 price below:
add_circle Has 3 racks
add_circle Dishwater-safe
add_circle Useful presets especially for newbie cooks
add_circle 10 preset cooking functions
add_circle Comes with three racks for different cooking needs
add_circle Reasonable price


Love your Indian food which is generous in portion but can be very oily? This air fryer oven has 10 cooking functions, including dehydrating, rotisserie (Tandoori, anyone?), baking, and toast. 

To give you an idea of how spacious it is, its 23L capacity can accommodate an 8-inch pizza, 6 slices of toast, 18 chicken wings, a whole chicken(About 1.2kg), or more than 1kg of fries. 


  • Power: 1700W
  • Inner Chamber Capacity: 23L
  • Net Weight: 8.91kg
  • Gross Weight: 11.5kg
  • Dimensions: 41cm (L) x 40cm (W) x 37.5cm (H) 

Who is this for?

Aside from its rotisserie function which is great for making a mean Tandoori; if you have a large family and you need multiple dishes to be done to save time, then this air fryer is what you’ll need. It has more than one rack available for you, allowing you to complete more in the same amount of time.

Best mini air fryer
Russell Taylors Retro Air Fryer (3.8L) AF-23
Russell Taylors Retro Air Fryer (3.8L) AF-23
Check Russell Taylors Retro Air Fryer (3.8L) AF-23 price below:
add_circle Auto shut-off function
add_circle Has a cool touch handle
add_circle Strong cooking performance for its size
remove_circle Timer is only up to 30 minutes


Despite its size, the Russell Taylors Retro Air Fryer can help you achieve perfect fried results just as well, with little or even no oil. That’s due to their latest rapid air technology that produces dishes with a crispy fried texture to cook your favourite foods faster. 

It also has an auto-shut-off function that prevents any accidental burning or short circuit. Moreover, there’s a cool touch handle which makes it safe and easy to use especially for any new air fryer user. 


  • Power: 1350W 
  • Inner Chamber Capacity: 3.8L
  • Net Weight: 2.8kg
  • Gross Weight: 3kg
  • Dimensions: 30 cm (H) x 30 cm (L) x 37cm (W) 

Who is this for?

While 3.8L worth of capacity is still considered large for some but it’s enough if you’re looking for something for your small family. The size isn’t too big as well so you can save space in your kitchen. 

Best air fryer for family of 4
Milux Digital Turbo Air Fryer MAF-1360
Check Milux Digital Turbo Air Fryer MAF-1360 price below:
add_circle 99-minutes timer
add_circle Comes with accessories
add_circle 7 preset functions


With its large 12L size, this Milux Digital Turbo Air Fryer is perfect for cooking up a storm for a family of up to 8 people, maybe even 10 if you have young children in the household.

Besides its huge capacity, it comes with 7 accessories to accommodate a wide variety of food. These accessories include chicken forks (rotisserie), a cage (for nuts and fries), a fish cage, a rack, a non-stick grill plate, skewers, and tongs. 


  • Power: 1360W
  • Inner Chamber Capacity: 12L
  • Net Weight: 6.5kg
  • Gross Weight: 7.6kg
  • Dimensions: 43.8cm (L) x 33.8cm (W) x 32.5cm (H) 

Who is this for?

This is a favourite pick for large families simply because of its, well, big capacity. Having an air fryer with a large capacity can help you save time when cooking, so if you have a big family, consider this one as an option. 

Best budget air fryer
Morgan Air Fryer MAF-Mini 2 (2.0L)
Morgan Air Fryer MAF-Mini 2 (2.0L)
Check Morgan Air Fryer MAF-Mini 2 (2.0L) price below:
add_circle Has overheat protection
add_circle Operates on low noise
add_circle Compact design


If space is limited, this small air fryer from Morgan should suffice. With its 2L cooking capacity, you can cook for a few people, but not more than that.

Of course, if such a situation occurs where you’d have to cook for a number of guests, you’d just have to cook in batches. But because of how little power this air fryer consumes, you don't have to worry about using it a few times a day. In short, it's capable and energy-efficient for catering to a small crowd. 


  • Power: 1000W
  • Inner Chamber Capacity: 2L
  • Net Weight: 2.5kg
  • Gross Weight: 3.1kg
  • Dimensions (mm): 205 (L) x 250 (W) x 290 (H)

Who is this for?

While you might think that a 2.0L capacity air fryer is a bit too much for just yourself, the price is actually more affordable than some other low-capacity models, making it the right choice to go for. The design is relatively small so if you lack a proper kitchen countertop space, it should not be a problem. 

Best air fryer for fresh chips
Philips Essential Connected Airfryer XL HD9280/91
Philips Essential Connected Airfryer XL HD928091
Check Philips Essential Connected Airfryer XL HD9280/91 price below:
add_circle Remote cooking with the NutriU app
add_circle Removable basket
add_circle Easy preset menu


The most interesting feature of the Philips Essential Connected Airfryer XL is that you can connect it to the NutriU app for you to cook remotely. Settings like adjusting the temperature and duration on the app are also possible. Moreover, the app can also notify you if checkups are needed while cooking. 

In terms of cooking performance, the rapid air technology of this air fryer allows you to prepare healthier and tastier food that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. That also includes favourite foods like fresh chips and fried chicken!


  • Power: 1000W
  • Inner Chamber Capacity: 6.2L
  • Net Weight: 5.6 kg
  • Gross Weight: 6.8kg
  • Dimensions: 403 x 315 x 307 mm 

Who is this for?

Washing dishes after cooking is something most of us dread to do. Luckily, this Philips air fryer has a removable and easy-to-clean basket, saving you time in cleaning it after cooking. 

Our Tried & Tested Products

Best rated air fryer
Bossman Kaden Mini Air Fryer BK220
Bossman Kaden Mini Air Fryer BK220
Check Bossman Kaden Mini Air Fryer BK220 price below:
add_circle Safe to use (has several heat protection features)
add_circle Easy to use
add_circle Consistent cooking results
remove_circle Stiff timer knob


Owning an air fryer does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. The Bossman BK200 is a great budget-friendly option.

With a net capacity of 2.2L, the Bossman Kaden Mini Air Fryer suits small families of 2-3. With an inner pan that has a non-stick coating, this makes it easy to clean as well as convenient in case your sink is small as well (so you can quickly clean it).  

It has a temperature range of 80 to 200°C and a timer of up to 30 minutes. Although 30 minutes is a short time and the temperature range is limited, it does have 360° circling airflow to ensure that food is cooked evenly so that food turns out crispy outside and is well-cooked.


  • Rated capacity:2.2L
  • Colour: Black 
  • Products size: 255 x 330 x 255 (mm)
  • Product weight: 2.6KG

"In Our Experience" - Live ProductNation Review

A simple machine, the Bossman Kaden BK220 Air fryer is, it might lack exciting features, but it stays true to its readiness to deliver a consistent performance in cooking food. Compared to many other air fryers, this one was able to deliver cooked food with consistent results in terms of food texture and heating.

The material of the body seemed fragile and of low quality at first, but it stayed true to its safety feature. For instance, the air fryer is able to cook food without its surroundings feeling hot, hence making it safe enough to be used on a small kitchen counter.

Rest assured that the safety features of the BK220 are satisfactory, but some parts were a tad iffy for us.

For example, the dialling knob to control the timer was pretty tricky to adjust due to its stiffness, to the point where we accidentally broke off the handle. Lucky for us, we managed to do some taping, and the knob is now much sturdier. On the other hand, the temperature control was less stiff and thus easier to adjust.

Other than that, we were pleased with the cooking results and consistency. 

Who is this for?

Have a small family to feed? Or are you living in a dorm and sick of eating instant food? Go ahead and up your game with this small air fryer which is enough for up to 3 servings of french fries.

Of course, if you are living alone and are looking to cook food quickly in a "convection oven" without wanting to spend big bucks, this air fryer should give you a good headstart into cooking with an air fryer daily.

Best air fryer oven
Morgan Air Fryer Oven MAO-VORTEX PRO 22
morgan toaster oven MAO-VORTEX PRO 22
Check Morgan Air Fryer Oven MAO-VORTEX PRO 22 price below:
add_circle Satisfactory build quality
add_circle Wide temperature range and timer option
add_circle Space-saving design
add_circle Wide range of cooking functions including baking and broiling


Looking for an air fryer that can do more than just fry? This model by Morgan is a versatile device with 6 functions.

Toaster oven air fryers tend to cook food more evenly and have more space to spread food out. Since this air fryer is also an oven, you can toast, grill, bake, and roast with it too. It automatically shuts off when the oven door is open as a neat safety precaution.

Equipped with a baking tray, wire rack, and air fry basket; you can prepare more than one type of food simultaneously; saving cooking time.


  • Power: 1500W
  • Inner Chamber Capacity: 22L
  • Net Weight: 7.52kg
  • Gross Weight: 8.52kg
  • Dimensions : 45cm (L) x 42cm (W) x 39.5cm (H)

"In Our Experience" - Live ProductNation Review

To note, our first-hand experience with the air fryer was not straightforwardly pleasant. That's because our unit had a dent at the side of the glass door, which meant hot air could leak out and affect cooking time. This is not to say that the build quality is bad (since the rest of the body and parts were of good quality), but that the air fryer oven wasn't delivered with a protection box aside from the delivery box it comes in.

Therefore, be reminded that you should go to a reputable seller that'll pack the product properly if you want to pick up this product.

Still, most of our cooking wasn't affected much when it came to air frying and toasting food. Since it's an oven with a bigger cooking space, do spread out your food portion on the cooking pan or frying basket evenly to avoid inconsistent cooking results.

Other than that, the air fryer, like most ovens, has pretty good heating power, with food cooking quite fast compared to many traditional convection ovens. Instead of taking 5 minutes (at 190 degrees Celsius) to produce golden toast bread, this oven needed only 2.5 minutes to do so, which is just like the average traditional toaster.

Who is this for?

Love grilling or baking goods besides just air frying everything? You'll want this air fryer oven as it is big enough to fit a 2 to 3-kg chicken, which means cooking several portions for a big family of 5 is possible. Plus, the fact that it has an auto shut-off safety protection makes it just much safer and beginner friendly for beginner chefs or households with kids to use.

Other Recommended Air Fryers in Malaysia 2024

Best air fryer with dehydrator
Mayer 22L Air Fryer Oven MMAFO22
Mayer 22L Air Fryer Oven MMAFO22
Check Mayer 22L Air Fryer Oven MMAFO22 price below:
add_circle 12 present functions
add_circle Large capacity


This Mayer Air Fryer is considered a great buy for its versatility as a hybrid appliance despite the really low price; it’s an air fryer and oven! What's more, it boasts a generous 22L cooking capacity and comes with various accessories such as a bake tray, wire rack, mesh wire rack and rotisserie handle and tray handle. 

Its heating system design allows versatile usage, functioning as a toaster oven, defrosting box, dried fruit machine, and even a fermentor. If you need some time away from your oven, you can use its 60-minute timer so you can easily set the desired duration for your tasks.


  • Power: 1700W
  • Inner Chamber Capacity: 22L
  • Net Weight: 6.9kg
  • Gross Weight: 10kg
  • Dimensions: 404 x 376 x 348 mm

Who is this for?

This air fryer is suitable for anyone who wants versatile cooking or if they are constantly on a busy schedule and would like to save time when cooking last minute.


- What is an Air fryer Oven?

An air fryer oven combines the recent trend of air fryers, which utilize convection heat to cook food rapidly in a tight space, with other cooking functions available, such as baking, broiling, toasting, and even rotisserie cooking and dehydrating.

It's essentially a multi-functional countertop convection oven with a motorized fan on top that directs hot air downwards instead of circulating it about the oven chamber.

- Is air frying really a healthy option for home cook meals?

According to our expert, yes! Generally, air frying requires minimal to no additional oil. Hence, it helps to reduce the intake of oil and calories, which are the main culprit of excessive calorie consumption and obesity.

While obesity is the root cause of many chronic diseases, especially the three highs: diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, cooking foods using an air fryer helps in weight management and prevention of obesity. Research has shown that the usage of air fryers can cut down the fat content in fried potatoes by 70% (about 45kcal per 100g).

 Besides, it also helps to reduce saturated fat, and trans-fat in foods by 30-50%.

- Is an air fryer really worth it?

Air fryers let you join the taste of fried food with only the need for minimal oil or none at all. Nonetheless, the taste and texture are uncompromised.

Besides, air fryers are a great introductory kitchen appliance for those who are newbies in the kitchen, thanks to the various presets and menus that come with many of the models on the market. Plus, they work faster than regular convection ovens, cutting down your cooking time.

But, if you are someone who is already experienced in the kitchen, an air fryer might not be necessary as this appliance isn't significantly better than the convection oven that you probably already own. An air fryer is worth getting only if you whip up fried food regularly. So, unless you fry food daily, it wouldn't be very beneficial.

- Benefits of an Air Fryer Oven

  • Air fryer ovens, in addition to having various functions, have a higher capacity than regular air fryers and are more space-efficient than circular air fryers due to their square or rectangular form.
  • Adjustable rack placements are also included with air fryer ovens. This allows you to move the food closer or farther away from the heat source at the top of the oven, which is useful if you want to brown anything quickly(like an air-fried rib-eye steak) or avoid over-browning an item (such as baked goods like Cheddar Cheese Biscuits).
  • An air fryer oven also has additional features that may not be present in regular ones. Most come with a glass window so you can keep an eye on the cooking progress of your food. They also tend to be a little quieter.
  • This may or may not be a decisive factor for you, but air fryer ovens can be simpler to clean than basket-style air fryers. Most ovens provide easier access to the inside and can be wiped down on the sides, back, and top.
  • In addition, the majority of the attachments in an air fryer oven are dishwasher safe or are detachable for easy washing.
  • On the other hand, air fryer baskets and drawers are a little bulkier. 

- Cons of an air fryer 


Air fryers are a few hundred Ringgit at least. While there are definitely lower-end models that are under RM200, the features won’t be as extensive as that of the high-end multifunction ones that can cost over RM1000.

Food may get burnt:

Its preset cooking programmes are indeed useful, but they vary between air fryers of the different brands and are not the most accurate, resulting in burned food. Charred food might be carcinogenic. You’ll need to experiment, trying out different modes and temperature settings, depending on what you’re cooking.

Longer frying time:

Though faster than convection ovens, air fryers are actually 2-3 times slower than deep fryers.

- How to choose the best air fryer?

Let’s talk about the factors you should take into account when picking an air fryer.

  • Firstly, consider how much counter space you have to spare when deciding what type of air fryer to go for. Air fryer toaster ovens are pretty bulky and may not be ideal for those who lack space.
  • Next, you’ll want to look at the functions provided. What’s the point of getting one that doesn’t have the presets you're looking for to simplify your cooking process?
  • The capacity is important too. If you have a large family, you’ll want one that’s big enough so you won’t have to cook multiple batches.

Think about your budget and narrow down your choices from there.

- Dietitian Explains: The downside of air frying

The main concern of air frying is the formation of acrylamide (a probable human carcinogen classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, IARC). Acrylamide is a by-product of the cooking process that is formed when sugar reacts with the amino acid asparagine during the Maillard reaction (Maillard reaction contributes to the browning of food). Simply put, the browner the food, the higher the acrylamide content.

The truth is that acrylamide forms when foods are cooked at 120°C and above. Hence, air-frying is not the only culprit that contributes to its formation. In addition, some studies show that an air fryer helps reduce 90% of acrylamide if compared to the traditional deep-frying method. (Note: acrylamide in other lifestyle factors like smoking, is even more potent than acrylamide contributed by foods).

In conclusion, air frying is generally safe however portion control still plays a key role in determining overall calories and nutrient consumption.

- Dietitian Tips

Best food to air fry

In general, all common foods are suitable for air frying. This includes protein sources like chicken, meat, fish, tofu, tempeh, French fries, fruits, vegetables, and even baked goods like cakes!

As advised by Bobo, here are how users can make good use of their appliances to make healthier food and reduce acrylamide formation:

Pre-soak raw materials

The main ingredient in the food like potatoes should be soaked in water for 15-30 minutes before cooking. Not only will it help remove starch to give them that perfectly crispy texture, but it cleans your food better too.

Ensure to cook foods with cooking methods not more than 175°C

Controlling the temperature of food is critical for ensuring that it is safe to eat and reducing the possibility of hazardous microorganisms being present. If the recipe calls for 15 minutes of cooking time, do not go beyond that as the longer the cooking time, the browner the foods, the higher the acrylamide content.

Add plants or herbs

If making baked goods, it is recommended to add plant extract or herbs like rosemary oil / dried leaves to the wheat dough. This will help reduce the percentage of acrylamide in the final product by 57-67%.

Increase glutathione (potential inhibitor for acrylamide) level in the body

To do so, Bobo exhorts people to consume and include sulfur-containing foods such as onion, garlic, and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, brussels sprouts, and red peppers in their menu. She also suggested that cysteine-containing food like poultry, yoghurt, and eggs might help too.

Cut foods into thicker strips

This will help to reduce the surface area over volume ratio, hence lowering acrylamide formation in your food.

- Types of Air Fryers

There are many air fryers on the market. In fact, you may not notice it but there are different types out there and we’ve narrowed them down for you.

The following are the types of air fryers.

Basket-type Air Fryers:

A basket-style air fryer, as its name suggests is a basket in which you can put food inside to cook it. The basket is perforated with small holes that allow air to enter and cook the food ingredients.

This design keeps your food from sitting in oil, but you'll still need to stir it at least once while it's cooking. One drawback of this design is that the holes make it impossible to make anything with too much gravy.

The waste trap at the bottom of the air fryer may require additional cleanup depending on the type of food you're cooking. Overall, basket-style air fryers are great for frying meats and vegetables, but they might be difficult to use for other types of food.

On the plus side, they are less expensive than paddle-style models.

Paddle-type Air Fryers:

A paddle-style air fryer, true to its rotisserie roots, is ideal for "set it and forget it" cooking. Air fryers that are cylindrical or basket-shaped may not always be able to evenly cook food, resulting in one side of the dish often being undercooked.

A paddle-style air fryer gives the user the convenience of automatically flipping the food over. The paddle inside the basket rotates across the basket, allowing for a more uniform circulation of hot air.

The paddle on this air fryer may be removed for additional cooking space to fit more food. This new air fryer has greater room and can be used to cook a variety of items, including fries, curries, risotto, and frozen meals.

Countertop Convection Oven:

The kitchen oven air fryer offers a variety of culinary functions, including baking, rotisserie, grilling, frying, broiling, and toasting – functioning silently. The oven air fryer, which resembles an oven toaster, allows the user to view their food through the glass panel.

It is also easy to clean because oven air fryer parts can be thrown into the dishwasher.

Compared to cylindrical and basket-type air fryers, the oven air fryer takes a longer time to heat up. When the pre-heating temperature rises, it may also heat the entire room.

Besides, since the oven air fryer is bigger than the cylindrical basket fryer, it takes up more space on the kitchen countertop area. However, its bigger size translates to a larger capacity.

- Air Fryer vs Microwave

Air fryers and microwaves are both kitchen tools that help us save time and make cooking simpler, but which is ideal for you? The primary distinction between microwaves and air fryers is that microwaves heat and reheat food, but air fryers alter the way food is cooked.

If your aim is to heat or reheat food, you'll need a microwave; but if you want to cook food by frying but without all that oil then go for an air fryer.

Aside from the noticeable differences in style and aesthetics, there are other significant distinctions between air fryers and microwaves that you should be aware of before picking between the two.

The primary distinction between air fryers and microwaves is their heating mechanism. Simply explained, air fryers use convection heat. The currents heat and circulate air, hence the term air fryer. What a creative kitchen appliance! Air fryers have a built-in heating coil that warms up first.

After the coil heats, the air fryer's onboard fan begins to spin, blowing the heat created by the coil across the food inside the frying basket, and evenly cooking it.

Microwaves use electromagnetic radiation within the microwave frequency range to heat and prepare food. What causes this to happen? Microwaves produced by your microwave vibrate the water molecules in the food, causing heat to be produced.

Given that each gadget brings a new culinary technique, it stands to reason that they will each introduce their own set of challenges. And because each appliance does a fantastic job of addressing and overcoming the shortcomings of the other, owning both is desirable.

- Air Fryer vs Oven

The size difference between a stand-alone air fryer and an oven is the most evident. An air fryer is a countertop device that cooks one meal at a time, whereas an oven is a full-sized appliance that can handle numerous dishes or bigger servings. The second important distinction is their function. An air fryer cooks and crisps a variety of foods by quickly circulating hot air. A traditional, non-convection oven cooks food using still air.

This oven features extra capabilities such as broil, bake, and roasting. However, if you have a convection oven, you may get identical results to an air fryer because they employ similar technology.

However, when it comes to capacity, an air fryer cannot substitute a normal oven. You'll still require a full-sized oven in your kitchen if you routinely create multi-dish dishes or huge quantities.

To maintain a crispy surface on food, an air fryer rapidly circulates hot air throughout the cooking cavity. For a great, all-around fried finish, use a perforated basket to help expose all sides of your food to the air.

Non-convection ovens employ heating elements on the top and bottom of the cooking chamber, but the air remains relatively static, making it difficult to remove moisture from the outside of the food and get a crispy outcome. Some air fryers allow you to bake, however, most conventional ovens do not allow you to air fry.

- Safety tips an air fryer owner should know

1. Preheat your Air Fryer

To achieve uniform cooking, most air fryer companies recommend that the air fryer be warmed. If your air fryer doesn't have a preheat setting, just set it to the correct temperature and let it run for 3 minutes before adding your food.

2. Grease your Air Fryer Basket

Even if your meal does not require oil, lubricate your air fryer basket at the very least. Bottom grates are greased by rubbing or spraying a small amount of oil on them. This will prevent your food from sticking to the basket, making cleaning up more tedious.

3. Don't overcrowd the basket

If you want your fried meals to be crispy, make sure you don't overload the basket. Overfilling the basket will prevent your food from achieving that crispy texture and browning. To avoid this, cook your food in portions or get an air fryer with a larger capacity.

4. Adjust the temperature for different types of food

It might be tempting to set the heat for the Air Fryer to the maximum setting just to let it run, but be cautious since some foods can dry up rapidly. The rule of thumb is to change the temperature and time from what you would normally set the oven. Perhaps, lower the temperature by about 15 degrees and shorten the time by roughly 20%.

For example, if you bake brownies at 175˚C for 20 minutes in the oven, reduce the temperature to 160˚C in the air fryer and cook for around 16 minutes.

5. Be aware of smaller items in the air fryer

Each air fryer comes with a strong fan mounted on top. As a result, certain light food may get swept up in the fan, which can be harmful. Ensure that the power is turned off before attending to the problem. These strong mounted fans may cause injuries when attempting to solve the issue.

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