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11 Best Air Fryers That Can Achieve Perfection For Below RM300

Less oil and less fat, but certainly just as tasty.

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Air fryers are all the rage these days and for good reasons. The appliance “fries” food by circulating hot air around an inner chamber to create the crisping effect that we associate with deep frying. These machines are a healthier option as it involves at most, a tablespoon of oil and that it can cook much faster than traditional methods, especially without creating a greasy mess. 

Another reason for their popularity is that they do more than just “fry” foods. Several models today can grill, roast, and even bake. Best of all, budget options are aplenty! 

But we’d need to inform you that most of the air fryers listed here have capacities of around 3.8L to 5.5L. So, if you’re looking for anything bigger than that, it’s best to explore air fryers at a higher price range.

11 Best Budget Air Fryers in Malaysia

1. Khind ARF3000 Multi-Function Air Fryer
Best air fryer with preset menus - good for cooking fish
Updated on 6th May 2021
add_circle Eight intuitive pre-set programs
add_circle Easy to use
add_circle Can cook fish

The Khind Air Fryer ARF3000 provides a great introduction to the world of air frying thanks to its eight intuitive pre-set programs. As cooking fish in an air fryer can be a little tricky, you can take advantage of the pre-set programs available here to make that task a lot less daunting. 

Sporting 3 litres of capacity, there’s plenty of space to cook fish fillets for one or two people at a time. To note, there are some air fryers that would benefit some oil to fry food perfectly. But the ARF3000 promises that its High Speed Air Circulation Technology would not require much oil, and will be able to achieve just the same kind of results.

Thousands of users have commended the air fryer mainly for its ease of use. Results were very pleasing using the pre-set programs as well without any problems. There were however, some users that aired their grievances about their units not working several months down the road which calls the durability of this product into question.

2. Pensonic Chef's Like Air Fryer PDF-2201
Best air fryer for a single person
Updated on 10th November 2020
add_circle Cute design
add_circle No burnt-plastic smell during cooking as claimed by reviewers
add_circle Cool-touch housing
remove_circle No claims of non-stick basket
remove_circle Not dishwasher-safe

Here’s an option for the solo home chef. The capacity of the Pensonic Chef's Like Air Fryer PDF-2201 is 2.2L; ideal for those who live alone or just want to prepare the right amount for single-person portions without leaving any leftovers. 

This air fryer sports the common temperature range of between 80 and 200 degrees Celsius, while its cooking timer can be set for up to 30 minutes. It’s more than adequate to cook several types of food be it your favourite fried drumsticks or french fries, which there’s a pictorial guide to teach you how to achieve perfect results.

Safety-wise, this air fryer comes with an auto shut-off feature to prevent it from being left on by mistake and a cool-touch housing so it does not get hot on the outside. 

The air fryer has received near-perfect ratings on several online stores. A user commented that their experience of frying chicken turned out perfect while another user mentioned that their batch of fried nuggets had a very crunchy exterior. One user even praised that the air fryer does not emit a burning plastic smell which common in many other air fryers.

Best Air Fryer for Fried Chicken and small families
3. Trio Air Fryer TAF-827
Best portable air fryer
Updated on 30th October 2020
add_circle Convenient handle design enhances portability
add_circle More accurate temperature and timer settings compared to analogue control
add_circle Wide temperature range from 60 to 200 degrees
add_circle Suitable for warming up certain food
remove_circle Not dishwasher-safe

The Trio Air Fryer TAF-827 is a great pick if you’re looking for an air fryer that is portable enough to pack and hit the road. Its portability can be attributed to its convenient handle at the top for when you need to move the appliance. 

Boasting a sleek profile, the TAF-827 features an easy-to-use touch screen display with precise temperature and timer settings. This is unlike most air fryers in the price range that use analog controls, and allows for a more accurate cooking setting. The air fryer has a capacity of 2.6L, and has a timer that can be set for up to 60 minutes. Meanwhile, temperature setting ranges from 60 to 200 degrees to let you cook variety of foods and even warming them up.

The unit is described as being very easy to clean as the basket is detachable from the pan. Some helpful pointers by past users include using the timer as a reminder to flip the contents of the basket for a more even frying. As it wasn’t stated that the insides are non-stick, some users suggest to use baking paper to line the basket when frying meat.  

It isn’t clear if a cookbook guide is provided, as some have said that trial-and-error cooking is needed. Nevertheless, successful recipes include fried chicken, French fries, roasted nuts, as well as even reheated pizza slices, pieces of bread, and pastries.

Best Air Fryer for the price and for fried chicken
4. AMGO 3.8L Capacity Air Fryer
Best affordable air fryer below RM150
Updated on 12th August 2020
add_circle Compact size
add_circle Highly rated among users
add_circle Comes with a cookbook
remove_circle Markings on the timer dials may fade off over time
remove_circle Non-stick coating may flake off

Are you strapped for cash but have your sights set on a reliable air fryer? Then, the AMGO 3.8L Capacity Air Fryer is just what you need. This model has a modest capacity of 3.8L, with its built that’s more on the compact side that the other air fryers in this price range. 

While it may not be the best choice for big families, it’s more than capable of cooking for two or three when wanting to bust out quick snacks. On the top is the temperature setting which gives a satisfactory range of between 80 to 200 degrees. Whereas, you get to set the 30-minute timer dial located at the front of the product.

This air fryer received mostly positive reviews online. Several users mentioned that they’ve tried frying nuggets and the results turned out “very good” where the food were “crispy on the outside” while being “soft and tender inside”. And a plus bonus is that the air fryer is bundled with a cookbook, which many have recommend to read as it’s helpful in understanding the air fryer’s capabilities.

A common gripe among the low star ratings was the fading of the marking on the timer dial after only a few days use. Some users also disagreed with claims that the frying basket is non-stick.

5. Birkeshire Air Fryer AF-260-M (3.8L)
Best budget air fryer with multi-level safety features
Updated on 12th August 2020
add_circle SIRIM and Suruhanjaya Tenaga certified
add_circle Multi-use besides just frying
add_circle Minimised odour cooking

It’s perfectly fine to worry about the safety-use and reliability of a “cheaper than usual” cooking machinery. Rest assured, Birkeshire has made safety is its priority with the Air Fryer AF-260-M. 

First of all, it comes with an overheating protection so you never have to deal with cleaning out a burnt air fryer. Speaking of which, the air fryer comes with a cool-touch handle which will definitely reduce the chances of burning yourself when opening the air fryer basket. Moreover, there’s an auto cut-off feature to ensure that the air fryer doesn’t cause any fire mishaps if you forget to switch it off. 

Feature-wise, the air fryer is stated to use a quiet and efficient motor with the rating of 1400W. The non-stick basket is of 2.6L, and is suitable to grill, roast and even bake besides frying food. Birkeshire claims that it uses an updated air circulation technology that ensures faster cooking time and less lingering odour.

Customers have attempted to use this machine for a large variety of food ranging from French fries to keropok lekor. Most claim that results turned out great with one customer saying that it tastes even better than conventional deep frying. But several have stressed on the importance of turning flat food contents in the basket over so that they will brown evenly.

Russell Taylors
6. Russell Taylors Air Fryer AF-24 (3.8L)
Best air fryer with safety certification
Updated on 5th May 2021
add_circle SIRIM and Suruhanjaya Tenaga certified
add_circle Consistent in cooking results
add_circle Has pictorial guide to cook different food
remove_circle Frying basket’s built quality is inconsistent - may not fully close

The Russell Taylors Air Fryer AF-24 has the stamp of approval from SIRIM and Suruhanjaya Tenaga. This means you’re getting your hands on an air fryer that has been tested and approved according to national safety standards. 

For more peace of mind, the air fryer comes with an auto shut-off feature that is triggered whenever you pull out the basket to check on your food. And finally, there’s a safety release button on the basket to prevent it from falling off the pan as well as a safety cover as another safety precaution. 

In terms of its capacity, you can enjoy the 2.6L basket capacity, which should be approximately adequate for 2 people. The air fryer utilises 2 dials - one for temperature control (80 to 200 degrees) and one as a 30 minutes timer. To guide users new to air fryer, there’s also pictorial information that suggests the right temperature and timing to cook food such as chicken and chips.

This air fryer is evidently a crowd-pleaser as it has received 5-star ratings by thousands of users on both Shopee and Lazada. Many were especially won over by the consistency of the frying and most importantly, being able to nail the all-important crunch. On the other hand, a recurring theme in the poor reviews is that the frying basket drawer’s built quality does not fully close which may prevent the air fryer from operating properly.

7. Midea Air Fryer MAF-CN20A
Most durable air fryer within the price range
Updated on 30th October 2020
add_circle Uses 304 Stainless steel for extended durability
add_circle LED touch control panel
add_circle Non-slip base
add_circle Sleek design
add_circle More accurate temperature and timer settings compared to analogue control
remove_circle Noisy
remove_circle Small capacity

If you’re getting a budget air fryer, you may think that you have to compromise on the durability of the appliance. Fortunately, the Midea Air Fryer MAF-CN20A proves you can get the best of both worlds as it’s made entirely of 304 stainless steel. Plus, its aesthetically pleasing accents would make a seamless addition to any modern kitchen. 

For your ease of use, there’s a digital display that lets you easily check on the cooking status as well as to make timing and temperature adjustments. The former can go up to 60 minutes whereas the latter can go as hot as up to 200 degrees. Unfortunately, its capacity of 2.2L makes it only suitable for cooking small portions. 

The best attribute to this air fryer is how easy it is to use. It’s also a bonus point that the air fryer is easy to clean as its basket is removable and is dishwasher-safe. Although the inner lining of the frying basket is of non-stick material, you have to bear in mind that it does not have a scratch-resistant coating. Luckily, there does not appear to be any complaints of the non-stick coat flaking off. 

8. PerySmith 3D Air Fryer Ecohealth Series PS1520
Best overall budget air fryer
Updated on 12th August 2020
add_circle Easy to use
add_circle Easy to clean
add_circle Two-year warranty provided
add_circle Attractive red colour
remove_circle Unit may have visible defects
remove_circle Not dishwasher-safe

Looking for simply the best in this price range? Then, check out the PerySmith 3D Air Fryer Ecohealth Series PS152. Thanks to its adjustable temperature and timer dials, this air fryer is really easy and convenient to use. 

Impressively enough, both the surfaces of the basket and the pan have a layer of diamond coating. This translates to an even distribution of heat so the food has a smaller chance of sticking to the surface. None of the components are labelled as dishwasher-safe but the food basket is removable which makes cleaning up the interior a breeze. 

Moreover, it offers a huge 4.8L of capacity. And you can cook food using its ranging temperature of 80 to 200 degrees. Other control features are a 30 minutes timer and several cooking modes such as fried chicken and even burger.

Don’t just take our word for it; this air fryer is rated an impressive 4.9/5 on both Shopee and Lazada. Its users overwhelmingly praised the air fryer’s ease of use, its ability to deliver consistent, delicious results as well as its stunning red finish. 

However, a minority of the users did report on the appearance of dents on the pan and defects on the exterior of the air fryer.  Other than that, the air fryer has a two-year warranty which is longer than most of the other competing models.

9. Haier Digital Air Fryer HA-AF253
Best cheap air fryer with air filter and auto shut-off function
Updated on 12th August 2020
add_circle Built-in air filter
add_circle Auto shut-off
add_circle Easy to operate and control
remove_circle Not dishwasher-safe

Hate that your kitchen is filled with too much kinds of smells? This is especially bothersome for small kitchens that don’t have proper air ventilation systems. While air fryers generate little to no grease at all, there will still some lingering smell. So keep your kitchen fresh and clean with the Haier Digital Air Fryer HA-AF253. 

To combat the problem, the brand has an integrated air filter to minimise lingering food smells. Aiding the minimisation of odour, the air fryer also uses Rapid Heatwave Technology to quickly cook your food, which means it will lessen the chance of food smells lingering around much longer.

Even if the air fryer can cook fast, it is able to accommodate the ideal settings for many food type thanks to its adjustable thermostat control of 80 to 200 degrees alongside the long, 60-minute timer. 

According to reviews, the air fryer churned out good results, achieving great results with speed. Fried chicken is said to be crispy and tender, while some even managed to grill some fish and gained tasty results. Many even mentioned that washing the air fryer was easy as well, and that the mini cookbook is highly handy.

Samu Giken
10. Samu Giken Rapid Air Fryer SG-AFA35SSB
Best budget air fryer with Japanese technology
Updated on 12th August 2020
add_circle Automatic shut-off
add_circle Non-stick basket and pan
add_circle Has cooking presets

Enjoy some healthy meals prepared by the reliable Samu Giken Rapid Air Fryer SG-AFA35SSB which is armed with Japanese technology and design. This unit is hassle-free as both the pan and food basket are finished with a non-stick, Teflon coating, making it easier for you to remove grease residue or burnt food from these components. Furthermore, both the said parts are also dishwasher-friendly for convenient cleanup. 

Aside the analog temperature dial that goes from 80 to 200 degrees and the 30 minutes timer, this air fryer features 8 presets such as chips, fish, mushroom and drumsticks. The preset features are definitely a bonus over the many budget air fryers on this list that do not have it. And because of that, it’s perfect to help you get started on cooking with an air fryer for the first time.

Most have complimented how the fryer manages to consistently cook evenly while retaining moisture in the food. And because of the preset buttons available, it didn’t take long for many to learn the ways of this air fryer.

11. Giman 5.5L High Capacity Air Fryer AK-8005 (Touchscreen)
Best value-for-money air fryer
Updated on 11th August 2020
add_circle One of the largest capacity at this price point
add_circle Comes with five free accessories
add_circle Has cooking presets
add_circle Can cook fish with the grill pan
remove_circle Safety features are not clear
remove_circle Instruction manual only available in Mandarin

Looking to get the most bang for your buck? The Giman 5.5L High Capacity Air Fryer (AK-8005) features a huge capacity of 5.5L that is practically a steal at this price range. This means that you get to prepare delicious dishes that you can share with ideally three to five people. Past users have even commented that it’s big enough to fit a whole chicken.

Capacity aside, the air fryer features a digital panel that lets you precisely handle settings. Even if you can manually choose your own temperature and timer settings, the air fryer has presets for you to choose from based on the types of food such as meat, vegetables and even cakes. 

Adding on to this unit’s value is that it also comes with five free accessories. You’ll get a 3-pin plug converter, a pair of oven mitts, a pair of stainless steel kitchen tongs, a cooking manual, and a grill pan for meat, fish, and vegetables. 

All in all, the air fryer should offer quite a good balance in features for anyone of different culinary skills. Unfortunately, as highlighted by a reviewer, this air fryer does not seemed to be equipped with any safety features such as an automatic shut-off for the cooker. Another downside is the only available language for the instruction manual is Mandarin.

Are air fryers economical?

Yes, you don’t have to spend a fortune on air fryers. There are plenty of affordable units, for less than RM 300, and they come from renowned brands like Haier, Midea, and Pensonic. Also, air fryers are compact in size, so it’s easy for you to store. Nevertheless, here is a list of price-friendly air fryers that we’ve looked into which will let you savour guilt-free, fried goodness.

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