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10 Best Rice Cookers in Malaysia 2024

For soft, fragrant rice

So you've just broken down your ol' grain cooker, or are you looking for a rice cooker with a great warmer function?

Rice is a staple in many Asian households and we take our rice very seriously. Nothing beats a warm bowl of rice served with yummy homemade dishes. Every grain must be cooked perfectly. Who would want undercooked or crunchy grains in between bites? And no, you don't need a Zojirushi Rice Cooker to cook perfect grains (we wish we can have one though).

Whatever your reason is, there's always the perfect rice cooker to cater to your needs, be it for easy rice recipes, a jar rice cooker you can use at work or a rice cooker with an inner pot made of ceramic with non-stick properties.

Without further ado, check out below for the best rice cookers in Malaysia you can buy, as well as rice cooker prices.

10 Best Rice Cookers in Malaysia 2024

Best digital/electric rice cooker - with steamer
Tefal Fuzzy Logic Rice cooker RK7321 malaysia review
Check Tefal Fuzzy Logic Rice cooker RK7321 price below:
add_circle Dishwasher-safe removable parts
add_circle Large capacity(10 cups)
add_circle Presets
remove_circle Rice pot is prone to scratches

Why It's Our Top Pick:

"The Tefal Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker RK7321 beat out the other devices as our top pick due to its intuitive adjustment of cooking time and temperature for optimal cooking performance thanks to its fuzzy logic article intelligence. We also love its large capacity and user-friendliness."


Experience the magic Tefal technology combined with a spherical rice pot which ensures optimum heat convection and deliciously cooked rice. This cooker is perfect for family use as it can cook up to 10 cups of rice. It has 8 presets such as white rice, brown rice, and porridge/soup, making it a multi-functional kitchen companion. You can even use this to steam which is a handy function.

The rice pot is made of aluminium and is built with 4 layers of coating, one of which is a non-stick coating, thus making it highly durable. Another feature that makes it a good buy is its heat circulation, which results in evenly cooked rice.


  • Inner bowl coating: Non-stick
  • Bowl layers: 4
  • Bowl thickness: 1.5
  • Cooking programs: 8
  • Capacity: 1.8L

Who is this for?

If you love perfectly cooked rice with a delightful taste, get your hand on this rice cooker, as it is a reliable and versatile rice cooker with additional steaming capabilities. With the Fuzzy Logic technology, it ensures consistent results and optimum heat convection.

In addition, the features of cooking programs cater to various culinary needs. Whether you are a busy parent cooking for the family or an amateur chef experimenting with different recipes, this rice cooker’s large capacity and user-friendly features make it a must-have kitchen appliance.

Best rice cooker for college student
Khind Jar Rice Cooker (1.8L) RCJ188 MRC-2318JPSR-1802PSR-1807
Check Khind Jar Rice Cooker (1.8L) RCJ188 price below:
add_circle Non-stick honeycomb inner pot for easy food release and cleaning
add_circle It provides an free additional steam tray, rice scoop, and measuring cup


Say hello to hassle-free cooking and perfect rice every time with the Khind Jar Rice Cooker (1.8L) RCJ188. Further, this rice cooker features a non-stick honeycomb inner pot to ensure easy food release and effortless cleaning.

Its enhanced durability with a micro switch guarantees long-lasting performance, making it a reliable addition to your kitchen. Also, the water collector prevents any mess during use. With a power of 700W and a 1.8-liter capacity, this rice cooker is a versatile and efficient choice for daily meals.

Who is this for?

The Khind Jar Rice Cooker RCJ188 is the perfect kitchen companion for cooking enthusiast or a novice, largely thanks to its user-friendly features as well as cook & keep-warm indicators ensure consistent and delicious results every time. With its ample capacity, it's perfect for small to medium-sized households or even college students living in a dorm.

Giselle Mini Rice Cooker KEA0371
Check Giselle Mini Rice Cooker KEA0371 price below:
add_circle Compact and portable for easy handling
add_circle It is made with stylish and cute designs
add_circle Offers a 360° cycle heating
add_circle Lightweight
remove_circle The lid is not detachable


Introducing this mini rice cooker by Giselle as an ultimate choice that packs a punch! With a sufficient 1.2L capacity (800ml inner pot indication), this compact and portable rice cooker is perfect for 1 or 2 people. Furthermore, the non-stick-coated inner pot ensures even heating and easy cleaning, making cooking a breeze.

Aside from cooking rice, it has versatile cooking options, so you can prepare other meals too such as porridge, soup, and noodles! Additionally, the anti-scalding handle design adds convenience and safety for users, whereas the square button simplifies operation. All in all, also a good option for beginners!


  • Inner pot: Non-stick coating
  • Voltage: 220 – 240V
  • Capacity: 1.2 L
  • Gross weight: 1.66kg
  • Colours: Pink, brown, cream white, and red

Who is this for?

The Giselle Mini Rice Cooker KEA0371 is a perfect addition to your kitchen, especially for couples, newlyweds, or individuals new to cooking and seeking a reliable and versatile mini rice cooker.

Whether you crave steamed delights, porridge, or hearty soups, this mini rice cooker has got you covered. Don’t worry about excess energy used as it has low power consumption and quick cooking options to make cooking a breeze.

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Best smart rice cooker
Toshiba Rice Cooker RC-18DR1NMY review malaysia
Check Toshiba Rice Cooker RC-18DR1NMY price below:
add_circle Multifunctional
add_circle Keep warm function
add_circle Dual heat technology
add_circle Detachable inner lid for effortless cleaning
add_circle Has a 24-hour preset timer


If you are looking for a rice cooker that elevates your rice cooking experience, the Toshiba Rice Cooker RC-18DR1NMY is the ultimate answer. With a large capacity of 1.8L, this rice cooker is perfect for preparing delicious rice for the whole family.

Further, the 4.0mm non-stick inner pot ensures even heat distribution and easy cleaning. Aside from that, you may experience the best of both worlds with top and bottom heating which guarantees uniform cooking results.


  • Capacity: 1.8L
  • Weight: 4.4kg
  • Multi-Functionality - 11-Auto Menu
  • Colour: Gold

Who is this for?

If you want a rice cooker that can offer you a delightful taste and texture of perfectly cooked rice, this product by Toshiba is a fantastic choice. Plus, the 1.8L capacity is suitable for families or gatherings with friends, ensuring you have ample rice.

The traditional Bincho Charcoal Pot feature also provides an exceptional cooking experience, infusing the rice with rich flavours as if it’s cooked with charcoal.

SwissThomas Multifunction Digital Rice Cooker (5L)
Check SwissThomas Multifunction Digital Rice Cooker (5L) price below:
add_circle Special settings for multi-menu cooking function
add_circle Automatically keep rice at perfect serving temperature
add_circle Quick Rice feature
add_circle 2-year warranty
remove_circle Condensation from lid has no flowing area


If you want to make your cooking effortless and easy, meet the SwissThomas Multifunction Digital Rice Cooker, one of the more interesting multifunction rice cookers for its price in the market. With a touch panel on top, it is easy to use whether or not you are a professional cook or completely new in the kitchen. Thanks to its large 5L capacity, this rice cooker can easily support small to large families of 3 - 10 people.

This rice cooker utilises an industry-leading 3D cooking technology and smart 6-step cooking process which preserves the heat and steam to keep rice fluffy and warm — important to help your meals feel more fulfilling. No only that, it also has special presets for the multi-menu cooking function such as porridge, cake, and more to make all your cooking needs easier and save time in the kitchen.


  • Capacity: 5L
  • Dimensions: 230 x 350 x 260mm
  • Volt: 220V
  • Power: 900W
  • Color: Black

Who is it for?

The SwissThomas Multifunction Digital Rice Cooker is a must-have for amateur or pro-cooks who wants to get a budget rice cooker. You can enjoy this rice cooker alone or with your family thanks to its user-friendly features and multifunction uses. Plus, with the quick rice feature, you can reduce cooking time to 30 minutes with similar results to a 1-hour-cooking experience.

Best budget rice cooker
Midea Conventional Rice Cooker MG-GP06B malaysia review
Check Midea Conventional Rice Cooker MG-GP06B price below:
add_circle Small
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Keep warm mode
remove_circle Only 0.6L capacity


Discover the Midea Conventional Rice Cooker MG-GP06B that delivers perfect fluffy and tasty rice with just a press of a button! Despite its low price, the Midea Conventional Rice Cooker MG-GP06B works like other conventional rice cookers. In addition to cooking just rice, it’s also capable of making savoury soups, stews, and other dishes. 

With a capacity of 0.6 liters (1-3 cups), this compact and efficient rice cooker is good for smaller households or individuals.


  • Capacity: 0.6L (1-3 cups)
  • Rated power: 350~417W for energy-efficient cooking
  • T1.0mm Aluminium inner pot for even heat distribution

Who is this for?

The Midea Conventional Rice Cooker MG-GP06B is a fantastic choice for budget-conscious individuals or small households looking for a reliable, easy-to-use rice cooker. This budget-friendly rice cooker is the answer if you want to enjoy perfectly cooked, fluffy, and tasty rice without breaking the bank.

Its compact size, versatality and efficient performance also makes it ideal for students, couples or anyone living in a smaller space.

Best ceramic rice cooker - for sticky rice
Tefal Healthy Rice Cooker RK8608 malaysia review
Check Tefal Healthy Rice Cooker RK8608 price below:
add_circle Isolates starch
add_circle Auto keep-warm function
add_circle Presets
remove_circle Pricey
remove_circle Requires a longer time to cook rice


Want a rice cooker that lets you cook your grains the way you want? You may want the Tefal Healthy Rice Cooker RK8606 as it is equipped with induction technology that ensures precise cooking time and temperature to achieve optimal results. 

Just like its product name, this rice cooker does healthy rice for health-conscious people. This rice cooker is made practical by its two-step cooking procedure, supported by a "healthy rice" basket intended to separate white rice's starch during cooking. 

Plus, its stainless-steel steam basket and inner pot also make cleaning the equipment easier.

The rice cooker comes with multiple cooking programs which include a quick-cooking function. Applying its dual cooking method to all the programs, you can also cook rice using either the usual or steaming methods, thus providing various rice-cooking options.


  • Capacity: 1.0L
  • Material: Ceramic
  • It has 10 cooking programs

Who is this for?   

If you are a health-conscious individual seeking the most delicious and nutritious rice meals, this product by Tefal is your ideal kitchen companion. Its versatile cooking programs and unique healthy rice features cater to all your grain cooking needs.

Plus, it can ensure consistent results as the inner pot has 6 layers of ceramic coats. Whether you are a rice brown lover or fragrant basmati, this rice cooker will deliver excellence with minimal effort. The convenience of preset options, automatic keep warm, and cooking progress indicator makes it a practical choice for busy households.

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Best 1-litre rice cooker - for small family
Midea Smart Rice Cooker MBFS10-GN/PK
Check Midea Smart Rice Cooker MBFS10-GN/PK price below:
add_circle 8 presets
add_circle Removable steam vent
add_circle Non-stick inner pot


Size doesn’t matter, as proven by the Midea 1.0L LED Digital Rice Cooker MB-FS10-GN/PK, and this model is perfect for small families. 

With 8 presets, meal prep is a breeze. As this rice cooker utilises smart fuzzy logic technology and a honeycomb inner pot design, rest assured your food will be evenly cooked.

The Midea is also built with an easy-to-read LED screen. Apart from that, the rice cooker has an automatic keep-warm function. Plus it has a removable steam vent to safely release steam from the rice cooker as well as easily detached for quick cleaning.


  • Capacity: 1.0L
  • Non-stick coating
  • Gross Weight: 3.7kg
  • Colour: Pink and Green

Who is this for?

This rice cooker by Midea is the perfect addition to your kitchen if you have a small family seeking a versatile and efficient rice cooker. The Smart Fuzzy logic technology ensures consistent and great-tasting rice with minimal effort, making it a delightful addition to your daily cooking routine.

Further, the honeycomb inner pot design guarantees even rice cooking, delivering perfectly fluffy and tasty rice. Also, the 8 pre-programmed functions add versatility to your cooking options, accommodating different cooking preferences.

Best rice cooker with warmer
Milux Rice Cooker MRC-545 review malaysia
Check Milux Rice Cooker MRC-545 price below:
add_circle Cooks large portions well
add_circle Auto keep warm mode
add_circle Non-stick pot
remove_circle Doesn't have other functions


This Milux rice cooker has a durable non-stick aluminium pot, making it easy to clean. On top of that, the rice cooker possesses an excellent heating element, complemented by a high-quality thermostat to cook your rice with precision.

Once rice is cooked, the cooker will automatically switches to keep warm mode. With an impressive 4.5-liter capacity, this powerhouse can cook up to 25 cups (3.8kg) of uncooked rice, serving up to 23 persons.

Besides, the rice cooker maintains a cool surface during the cooking process and has side handles for safe handling.


  • Voltage: 220 – 2240V
  • Gross weight: 8.8kg
  • Net weight: 11.4kg

Who is this for?

This rice cooker's enormous 4.5L capacity (prepares about up to 25 cups of rice) will satisfy everyone's appetite if you have a large family or frequently host visitors, making it the ideal choice for families or parties of any size.

Additionally, the "keep warm" feature ensures your rice stays at the perfect temperature until its time to serve, making it an excellent companion for gatherings or busy mealtimes. The non-stick-coated inner pot guarantees easy cleaning, saving you time and effort.

Philips X1 Heating Rice Cooker (1.5L) HD4515:67
Check Philips X1 Heating Rice Cooker (1.5L) HD4515/67 price below:
add_circle Easy-to-clean design with a detachable inner lid
add_circle Anti-overflow valve for added safety
add_circle Smart 3D heating system for a refreshing taste


Hate rice that sticks to your pot which causes wastage? Well, the Philips X1 Heating Rice Cooker (1.5L) HD4515/67 uses a pot with Maifanite stone which is naturally non-stick. As it has great heat retention, it’ll cook rice nicely too, making it one of the best electric rice cooker you can find. 

This versatile rice cooker is perfect for families of all sizes, offering great-tasting rice and a variety of dishes that everyone will love. With 8 multifunction programs dedicated to rice, multigrain, and beans, you can effortlessly prepare a wide array of mouthwatering meals.

Whether you crave soups, porridge, or beans, this cooker has got you covered. The advanced 6-layer inner pot coating ensures perfect cooking results, making it suitable for white, brown, and glutinous rice.


  • Capacity: 1.8L
  • Power: 790-940W
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Colour: White
  • It has a 6-layer inner pot coating

Who is this for?

If you're looking for the ultimate electric rice cooker that can cater to the needs of your entire family, the Philips X1 Heating Rice Cooker HD4515/67 is your perfect match. 

Its diverse cooking programs and intelligent features make it ideal for both experienced and beginners. Busy households will appreciate the convenience of the anti-overflow valve and keep warm function, ensuring delicious rice is always ready when you need it. 

- How a rice cooker works

Ever wondered about the mechanics of a rice cooker? How does it produce fluffy rice and how does it know when it’s cooked? Well regarding the latter, rice is considered cooked when the internal temperature of the rice cooker reaches the appropriate set point, which is when the rice has absorbed the precise amount of water.

Basically, a rice cooker works by applying the water to rice ratio. Once the temperature of the built-in thermometer reaches 100°C and the boiling water has turned to steam, the rice cooker either switches to ‘keep warm’ mode or shuts off once it detects that the water has been absorbed.

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