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9 Best Induction Cookers in Malaysia 2024 - Brand Reviews

Gas stoves are so last season

When it comes to cooking, the right kitchen utensils and appliances can help elevate and enhance your cooking experience. So instead of just your cooking skills, reliable tools that give consistent results are important, and one of them is your cooker.

Especially for non-landed houses; many users have switched to induction cookers because they are more environmental-friendly than gas cookers and don't take up as much space. Compared to ceramic users, these ones are also made with many more safety features such as heat protection and better power wattage.

Looking to change your stove to a more energy-efficient one? Below is a list of the best induction cookers in Malaysia.

Top 9 Induction Cookers In Malaysia

BOSCH Induction Hob - PPI82560MS Serie 8 2 Zones Review Malaysia
Check BOSCH PPI82560MS Serie 8 Built-in Induction Hob price below:
add_circle Modern features to enhance speed
add_circle Choose from 9 levels of heat
add_circle Safety features ensure no accidents of burning yourself when cooking

Why it's our top pick?

If you can afford to change your main cooking hub, an induction cooker like this from Bosch is a good pick. The brand has been hailed by many online (regional and international) to be a brand with quality that stands to withstand time.

After all, buying a proper induction cooker to do all of your heavy cooking should not be a walk in the park.


Diving deeper into this induction hob station; the Bosch PPI82560MS Serie 8 is designed to be safe to use, offering "Precise power control... complete with a cool cooking experience".

For starters, this induction cooker offers 9 power levels, activated by Precise Touch Controls, to let you be flexible with your cooking be it frying or sauteeing vegetables and meats alike. To make cooking truly seamless, the cooker has a Pan Detection feature as well as residual heat indication in order to avoid any incorrect heating to occur.

Additionally, the 2-zone induction hob is designed with an improved PowerBoost function to speed up the cooking process. How this system works is that if switching to one hob to be used, other hobs will lend their power to the remaining active hob.

In fact, Bosch says that the induction cooker can boil 2 litres of water almost three times as fast as a conventional glass-ceramic hob.


  • Power: 3500W
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Gross Weight: 10kg
  • Dimensions: 780mm (w) x 59mm (H) x 450mm (D)
  • "DirectSelect" touch control, 1-9 power level selection
  • Auto pan recognise system - Fast and effective, save more than 20% time than the traditional gas hob, enjoy more free time

Who is this for?

If you want to safe-proof your home with a reliable induction cooker, the Bosch PPI82560MS bodes well for most heavy cooking. Designed to be safe, fast and accurate; one will be pleased at this modern yet efficient piece of work.

Best budget induction cooker
Check PerySmith Induction Cooker 2500W PS2310 price below:
add_circle High heat performance
add_circle Very good value for money
add_circle Highly portable
add_circle Has presets
remove_circle Some say it's a bit loud


The PerySmith Induction Cooker 2500W PS2310 is one of the best and most affordable induction cookers out there.

Decently powered with 2500W, the cool-to-touch surface makes it safe and easy to operate. Despite being fairly cheap, it is versatile and of pretty good quality. 

With its sleek design and high power output, the Pery Smith Induction cooker uses electromagnetic induction to quickly heat up faster than a traditional cooktop does. Having 8 presets for a multi-cooking experience, together with its 8 different power options means you can achieve various cooking needs, such as boiling an frying.

To ease your user experience, the induction cooker comes with a touch-sensitive panel that allows for seamless operation with the cooker which also includes a child lock! Moreover, the cooker also features an efficient cooling system and a crystal glass panel that is sturdy and scratch-resistant.


  • Power: 2500W
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Gross weight: 2.5kg
  • Dimensions: 35cm x 42cm x 12cm

Who is this for?

Overall, this is small and space-efficient, so you can store this away if you are not using it. Besides, its compact build is perfect for bringing along with you to a potluck to cook or keep your food warm. Some users have said that the product is so lightweight, that it almost feels like a toy!

Best energy saving induction cooker
Check Electrolux Built-in Induction Hob EHI7260BA price below:
add_circle Rated energy efficient
add_circle Controlled temperature option
add_circle Fast boiling times


Well known for its quality and efficiency, the Electrolux Built-in Induction Hob EHI7260BA cooker becomes the next best option after your sturdy gas stove, or if you have some money to spare. After all, Electrolux as a brand is known for its induction cooker that delivers precision and performance.

Like most Electrolux products, this 2300W induction hob is energy efficient, rated being 55% more energy efficient than regular gas stoves as well as 20% more efficient than ceramic hobs. 

Additionally, it helps that you can fit pots of up to 70cm in circumference on the stove without any issue.


  • Power: 3200W
  • Voltage: 220 - 240V
  • Gross weight: 8kg
  • Dimensions: 55cm x 70cm x 42cm
  • Safety auto-lock
  • Child lock function

Who is this for?

Overall, this Electrolux induction cooker is well celebrated and well-received, with user comments commonly related to its good built quality.

Especially to achieve a certain result for a dish, precise temperature control is needed, and that’s what this induction hob has to allow for a smoother cooking experience similar to gas stoves.

Additionally, induction hobs also heat up faster than gas. This one boasts a boiling speed of 1 litre in just 3 minutes!

HETCH 2-in-1 Induction + Ceramic Cooker (ECO3000W) IFC-1706-HC
Check HETCH 2-in-1 Induction + Ceramic Cooker (ECO/3000W) IFC-1706-HC price below:
add_circle 3 hour timer setting
add_circle High heat and scratch resistant
add_circle Suits most types of cookware


If you're considering it, stoves with two cooking zones are worth it as they allow you to prepare more than one dish at a time. This induction cooker has an Eco mode that results in minimizes smoke and saves energy thanks to its “automatic temperature control system”.

The buttons on this control panel are easy to control thanks to its “soft touch” and presets such as soup, fry, and steam make cooking that much easier.

There's also a Child lock mode is a great safety feature to prevent the little ones from accidentally turning it on and harming themselves.

Moreover, the cooker is built with durable tempered glass which allows for extensive usage of all types of cookware.


  • Power: 3000W
  • Voltage: 220 - 240V
  • Gross weight: 7.4kg
  • Dimensions: 69cm x 42cm x 77cm
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable black tempered glass
  • Multifunction control panel and indicators

Who is this for?

Constantly preparing two dishes at once? This one is worth it for its quality and its functions. It is high heat and scratch resistant too for extended use and durability.

Best portable induction cooker
Check Midea Induction Cooker C16-RTY1619-BK price below:
add_circle Has auto shut-off feature
add_circle Straightforward operations and settings
add_circle Portable, compact design
add_circle Free stainless steel pot


When it comes to wanting portability and power, there is the Media Induction Cooker C16-RTY1619-BK to consider. It combines a compact design, lightweight build and more importantly, easy-to-operate settings.

Built with an anti-scratch panel, the stove employs a knob hob that's user-friendly. In contrast to fancy LED displays, using knob hobs ensure a faster, more precise and straightforward set-up for cooking. Which, you can set the power setting up to 1600W; that translates to just above 100°C.

Additionally, despite the simplicity, this induction cooker has safety features such as an “automatic shut off switch” and “high-temperature protection.


  • Power: 1600W
  • Voltage: 220 - 240V
  • Gross weight: 2.1kg
  • Dimensions: 28cm x 28cm x 65cm
  • 8 stage power settings
  • Anti-scratch panel

Who is this for?

This portable induction cooker promises durability and portability given its price point. Reviewers have especially praised it for being a good stable functioning product at such an affordable price range. 

Best ceramic induction cooker
ELBA ECC-J2015(BK) Ceramic Cooker
Check ELBA ECC-J2015(BK) Ceramic Cooker price below:
add_circle Sensor touch with LED display
add_circle Overheating protection
add_circle Automatic turn-off function
remove_circle Only one burner


Busy to the point that you’re often forgetful? The ELBA ECC-J2015(BK) Ceramic Cooker has an automatic turn-off function if the cooker is not used within 2 hours. 

Otherwise, the cooker has preset programmes such as steamboat mode, BBQ mode, soup mode and many more for your ease of use. This makes it very convenient, especially if you have too little time. In addition, you can adjust the temperature, timer and even the voltage up to 2000w.


  • Ceramic Cooker
  • Power: 2,000W
  • Black Ceramic Crystallite Glass Plate
  • Sensor Touch With LED Display
  • Preset Programmes: Steamboat, BBQ, Soup, Water, Manual Mode
  • Adjustable Temperature, Timer and Voltage
  • Anti-slip Rubber Feet
  • Sensor Fault Protection
  • Function: Cook, stir-fry, steam, stew, barbeque, grille, simmer, roast
  • Cable length: 1.5 meters
  • General Warranty: 1 Year (Under Elba Malaysia)
  • Product Dimension(mm): 280mm (W) x 360mm (L) x 65mm (H)

Who is this for?

Since it has only one burner, those living alone can consider this cooker an option. Its price is also quite affordable and would make a great option for small homes or even students.

Best steamboat induction cooker
Check XiaoMi Mijia Smart Induction Cooker price below:
add_circle Anti-slip
add_circle App control
add_circle Over 100 cooking modes
add_circle Has “slow cook” mode
remove_circle Not the cheapest


This induction cooker promises to heat up all of your food, stews and soups evenly and quickly. Utilising its dual-frequency heating technology, this cooker is able to achieve heat similar to explosive fire which can benefit several types of cooking. 

But perhaps, the best reason to own this induction cooker, especially for your steamboat is that it has a slow cooking feature that you can lock in for longer cooking periods.

Unlike other induction cookers, this one is built with a smart sensor to prevent overheating, as well as allow for precise cooking temperatures with up to 9 different fire levels. Not forgetting its best feature of all; you can connect to this induction cooker using the Mi Home App, and explore as well as switch between 100 cooking modes freely. 

The build quality of this product is a reason that it is well sought after by most users and is sturdy for long-term use. A likeable feature is also the built-in temperature sensor, which accurately measures the temperature of the pot being used to ensure a more precise cooking experience. 


  • Power: 2100W
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Gross weight: 2.1kg
  • Dimensions: 28cm x 26.5cm x 70cm
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Gas-cooled air duct separation

Who is this for?

The XiaoMi Mijia Smart Induction Cooker is the future of cooking. And if you are looking for an induction cooker that can fulfil all of your cooking, especially for steamboat needs, look no further! 

Best single induction cooker
PHILIPS Induction Cooker HD4902 review malaysia
Check Philips Induction Cooker HD4902 price below:
add_circle Decent voltage power for stable cooking performance
add_circle Comes with free pot that's compatible with the cooker


With 5 cooking modes for several cooking methods and 2000W of power, you can have seamless steamboats that will cook with speed as well as retain nutrition in your food with the Philips Induction Cooker HD4902. Ensuring a safe cooking journey, it's also made with a solid A-grade glass panel that's durable for long-term usage.

To make do with time and energy-saving purposes, it is engineered to cook with a shorter span of time, taking only 1/3 of the cooking period as compared to regular gas cookers. Not to worry, as the cooker also comes with a child lock for reduced risk of accidents. 


  • Power: 2000W
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Gross weight: 4kg
  • Dimension (H X W X D) cm: 6.5 x 28 x 35
  • A-grade glass panel
  • Sensitive sensor touch operational panel
  • Child safety lock function
  • 5 power levels

Who is this for?

if you cook one-pot meals, this single induction cooker is perfect for you. Plus shopping for this option grants you a free pot to use with the cooker. Quite a good deal in our books!

Best electric induction cooker
Amzchef Double Induction Cooker
Check Amzchef Double Induction Cooker price below:
add_circle Child lock
add_circle Timer and safety system


The Amzchef double induction hob cooker has two cooking zones (1000W and 1800W) and a power range of 200-1800W for quick cooking. With two independent cooking zones, you can spend less time cooking and more time with your family. It also has a black polished crystal glass surface that is both durable and easy to clean.


  • Item Weight:6.1 Kg
  • Package Dimension: Length*Width*Height :64 x 43.5 x 12 cm25.2 X 17.13 X 2.68 inch
  • Overall Dimension: Length*Width*Height: 22.83 X 14.17 X 2.68 inch (58 X 36 X 6.8Ccm) 
  • Power: 2800W
  • Plug: BS 3-pin plug (suitable for Malaysia)
  • Voltage/frequency: 220V-240V
  • Pot's size: 10cm-26cm

Who is this for?

Aside from its multiple settings to let you customise varied power and timing, there’s also a built-in child lock to deter accidents that curious kids might cause. You wouldn’t need to worry about them accidentally operating the cooker and hurting themselves then on.


- What is induction cooking?

Induction technology has been used in cooking since the early 1900s, and it has only recently acquired widespread popularity. Induction comes from the term 'electromagnetic induction' as it electricity is generated using magnetism.

Instead of utilising an electric or gas-heated element, induction cooktops heat pots and pans directly. It preheats up to 50% faster and keeps the temperature constant and accurate. The surface itself doesn't get hot so spills and the occassional boil-over don't burn onto the cooktop, making cleanup quick and easy as no scrapping will be necessary.

Plus, you won't run the risk of an accidental burn should you touch the surface.

Induction cooking utilizes magnetic induction to heat pots and pans directly using electric currents. These induction cookers warm the cooking pot itself almost instantaneously, rather than requiring thermal conduction or gas.

A magnetic current is created throughout the cooking pan with the passing of an electric current through a coiled copper cable beneath the cooking surface, warming it directly. Little heat is lost, and the contents are then cooked through conduction and convection.

- Induction vs Electric vs Ceramic cooker

Despite achieving the same outcome, these cookers each take a different route to get there. What are the distinctions between ceramic and induction cooktops, as well as electric ones? Read on to learn more.

Induction Cooker:

As mentioned earlier, high-frequency electromagnets are mostly used in induction cookers. A magnetic field is produced and rapidly heats up the pan with minimal loss of heat, decreasing cooking durations.

Induction cooktops only function with certain types of cookware, such as cast iron and stainless steel. Cookware functionality with induction cookers may be tested by placing a magnet on the bottom of the pan and if the magnet clings onto the bottom of the cookware, it is safe to use with an induction cooker.

Electric Cooker:

On the other hand, electric cooktops supply consistent heat to your pots and pans. There is an electrical current flowing via a metal coil beneath the surface of the glass (or ceramic). Due to the good electrical resistance, this coil gets heated and starts igniting. This can then use infrared energy to transport heat through the glass (or ceramic).

Because of the properties of infrared energy, the transferred energy uniformly heats the burner holding your pot or pan. The heat transfers from the cooktop to the pot or pan, and then to the food which then cooks your meal.

When you switch off the burner, the glass (or ceramic) cooktop will remain hot - even after the electrical power has been turned off. It emits residual heat for an adequate amount of time. Most electric cooktops (particularly those made nowadays) contain an indicator light that indicates when the burner has cooled down.

Ceramic Cooker:

Ceramic cookers utilize heating components that are electrically heated to the right temperature behind tempered ceramic glass. The heating element then heats the ceramic glass surface, which consequently heats the cookware.  

The heat transmission between both the ceramic glass surface and the cookware may also result in heat loss. Ceramic cookers are versatile and may be used with a variety of cookware, including glass, clay pots, ceramic, stainless steel, and more.

Flat-bottomed cookwares function better with ceramic cookers because they stimulate the production of the pan in contact with the heated surface, minimizing cooking durations further.

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