Cycling offers several health benefits such as improving your cardiovascular fitness as well as joint mobility and muscle strength. But common setbacks like unpredictable weather and time constraints can deter you from performing outdoor cycling.

This is why an exercise bike gives you all the advantages you need. Since it is made for indoors, you don’t have to worry about the hot or rainy weather. Best of all, you can cycle anytime in the comfort of your own home. Here are the 8 best exercise bikes you should check out.

1. Schwinn 130I Upright Bike

Best upright exercise bike
Price from RM2,490.00
11street RM2,490.00

With an illustrious history spanning over 100 years in the cycling industry, Schwinn certainly knows best when comes to producing a good bike. Take this Schwinn 130I Upright Bike, for instance. It comes with 22 preset workout functions, all specifically programmed to give you the optimum workout you need.

This upright bike can support a maximum weight capacity of up to 136kg. There is a USB port that comes in handy, allowing you to charge your phone while working out. The seat adjustable while the bike operates silently enough, thanks to its well-balanced high-inertia drives on the flywheel.

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2. Lexcon Orbitrac Cross Trainer Elliptical Bike

Best elliptical exercise bike
Price from RM389.00
Lazada Malaysia RM389.00

Simulate jogging, running or even walking without leaving your home with this handy Orbitrac Cross Trainer Elliptical Bike by Lexcon. Made from a robust tubular steel, it can support weights up to 100 kg and boasts a larger pedal design that helps you to avoid unwanted foot slippage during your workout.

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3. LongStyle Recumbent Fitness Stationary Exercise Bike

Best recumbent exercise bike
Price from RM900.00
11street RM900.00

A recumbent exercise bike is particularly ideal for those who have back problems. Which is why this LongStyle exercise bike model comes with a chair-like seat pad and an ample back support. It also packs a higher LCD display, which enables you to track your workout progress like speed and distance clearly.

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4. Yingerjan YEJ-911A Ultra-Silent Dynamic Exercise Bike

Best spinning exercise bike
Price from RM498.65
Lazada Malaysia RM498.65

Looking for an indoor cycling experience that doesn’t cost you a bomb? Perhaps, you might want to consider this Yingerjan YEJ-911A model. The belt-drive system on the bike ensures you get a smoother ride as silent as possible. Both seat and handlebar are also adjustable, allowing you to customise your ride comfortably according to your height.

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5. DM 15kg Flying Wheel Gym Bike (DM-SP1500)

Best gym bike
Price from RM898.00
Lelong RM898.00

Perform a workout in the comfort of your own home with this striking red-and-white indoor gym bike. Thanks to its sturdy frame, it can support up to an astonishing 260kg of weight. It also boasts a 15kg flywheel, which is particularly beneficial for a more fluid and natural cycling experience.

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6. Lexcon Magnetic Stationary Bike

Best stationary bike with magnetic resistance
Price from RM399.00
Lazada Malaysia RM399.00

Gone are the days of old-fashioned manual belt-type stationary bikes. With a magnetic resistance, you are able to get the benefit of a smooth and quiet cycling experience. The Lexcon Magnetic Stationary Bike also comes with built-in wheels, allowing you to transport it conveniently from one room to another.

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7. Horizon Fitness Paros Pro Stationary Indoor Fitness Bike

Best ergonomic exercise bike
Price from RM2,290.00
Shopee Malaysia RM2,290.00

This exercise bike by Horizon Fitness is meticulously built for utmost comfort and functionality, ensuring you get the best indoor ride possible. Individuals with different types of body sizes and heights can benefit from the bike’s ergonomically adjustable seat and handlebar. Even the pedals are customisable to provide you with an extra convenience.

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8. EcoSport Portable Mini Magnetic Exercise Bike (Black)

Best portable exercise bike
Price from RM87.90
Lazada Malaysia RM87.90

Whether you’re at home or even in the office, this EcoSport portable exercise bike is lightweight enough to bring with you everywhere. Just strap your feet comfortably through the pedals and start cycling while performing your daily task. What’s more, you can even use the pedals to exercise your arms.

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