Running outdoors is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are days when you want to exercise indoors, and a treadmill lets you do just that. Here are some of the best treadmills we have selected for you to go through.

1. FitChamp Mini Foldable Treadmill
Best cheap and lightweight mini treadmill
Buy from RM209.20
Buy from Lazada MY

Light and foldable, this treadmill from FitChamp is portable, making it suitable for those who move around a lot or who want to save storage space. It is durable enough to withstand daily use, so you have no reason not to exercise often.

2. SellinCost Top Grade Manual Treadmill
Best manual non-electric treadmill with adjustable incline
Buy from RM429.00
Buy from Lazada MY

Equipped with a fitness monitor which records time, speed and distance, you will be able to keep track of your workouts easily. This treadmill also comes with adjustable incline levels and can be used in reverse, which brings different benefits to you, depending on your goals. Being foldable and fitted with wheels, this is a good choice for those who want to save space or move around a lot.

3. GTE Motorized Folding Treadmill
Best portable treadmill
Buy from RM750.00
Buy from Lazada MY

This motorized treadmill from GTE comes with different programmable options and quick speed buttons to help you achieve your fitness goals. It also provides support for your joints, which helps your muscles to recover better. Suitable for those with limited storage space, this foldable treadmill is a reliable selection.

4. HomeWiz Indoor Fitness Hydraulic Treadmill
Best for walking
Buy from RM615.00
Buy from Lazada MY

With a speed range of 1 to 8km/h, those who are not looking to do strenuous workouts are recommended to purchase this treadmill. It is equipped with a fitness monitor that measures your speed, pace, time and calories burning, helping to maximize your workout efficiency. Besides, it also has an emergency stop button, which is a pretty useful safety feature.


5. Vigor Fitness Treadmill
Best for running
Buy from RM1,099.00

Equipped with 12 pre-set programmes, and capable of going up to 14km/h, those who take their training seriously should invest in this machine. With a built-in heart rate monitor, hydraulic shock absorbers and MP3 speakers, we believe you will have a great training experience. Furthermore, you'll be able to monitor your fitness levels by means of the display which shows your time, distance, speed, calories burned and pulse rate.

6. FitExperte Desk Treadmill
Best foldable treadmill
Buy from RM1,359.00
Buy from Lazada MY

This foldable treadmill from FitExperte comes with an integrated shelf for you to place your books, magazines or even laptop while you work out. It folds up into a compact 112cm x 27cm x 52cm and has wheels for easy transportation You can even use it as a table or chair! This versatile treadmill can go up to 10km/hr and withstand a weight of 120kg. Recommended for those who need to stay occupied while working out.

7. BEDL Motorized Folding Treadmill
Best motorized treadmill
Buy from RM878.00
Buy from Lazada MY

Able to go up to 10km/h, this motorized treadmill is a great choice for runners who want to train at home, especially as it also comes with a pre-set Sports mode. With a durable steel alloy body, this machine is suitable for daily use and can be easily transported as it comes with attached wheels.


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