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10 Best Lumbar Supports in Malaysia 2024 (Back Pain Relieve)

After this, you can “berlumbar-lumbar” without that nagging pain in your back

Which part of your body is the ‘lumbar’? The lumbar spine is your lower back and consists of the L1 to L5 components of your spine. Many of us experience pain there daily, especially women nearing, during, and sometimes after their menstrual cycles, or due to bad posture. Having additional support for your lower back will help prevent or alleviate that pain, and the important point is to start early!

We’ve compiled our top picks of the best lumbar supports for various situations, travelling, sleeping, and even if you need a seat cushion for back pain in your office! Remember, if you have a prevailing health condition involving your lower back, always consult your doctor before investing in some expensive item that may not work for you.

Best Overall Lumbar Support
KOYOTO K-111 Back Pain Relief Pillow
Best pillow for back pain to support good posture
Check KOYOTO K-111 Back Pain Relief Pillow price below:
add_circle Memory foam material
add_circle Reasonable pricing

Why it's our top pick?

This cushion is the ultimate spine relief since it’s made from premium quality, slow recovery memory foam. Its design is simple enough that it can be used anywhere and is under RM 100, so you won’t break the bank buying it.  


The KOYOTO K-111 Back Pain Relief Pillow is one of the best lumbar supports you can get on the market. This cushion is made from BASF premium memory foam, which can provide the best for back support. 

Designed to support your lower back’s natural curve, the material used is breathable, removable and washable so you can wash off the sweat that gets stuck. It also has an adjustable strap to help keep the cushion in place.


  • Ergonomic Streamlining Moulded Memory Foam
  • Size: 36 x 33 x 11.5 (cm) 
  • Adjustable strap
  • Removable and Washable

 Who is it for?

This support cushion is perfect for people who sit for long hours at work. You can use it both at home and in the office thanks to its versatile design.

Best Breathable Lumbar Support
Realeos Mesh Back Lumbar Support with Massage Beads
Realeos Mesh Back Lumbar Support with Massage Beads
Check Realeos Mesh Back Lumbar Support with Massage Beads price below:
add_circle Comfortable and easy to install
add_circle Cheap
add_circle Portable
remove_circle A little bit too soft


Sometimes, perspiration can result in a sweaty back and uncomfortable sitting experience. With the Realeos Mesh Back Lumbar Support however, you won’t have to worry about that. It has a massage bead design and a breathable mesh that will keep your back comfortable and cool throughout its usage. 

Additionally, this inexpensive lumbar support can go over your office chair and car since it has a stretchable elastic rope. With a price like that, you could buy as many as you need or even for multiple people. 


  • Breathable Mesh Design
  • Massage Beads built in
  • Size: 41 x 39 (cm)

Who is it for?

Those looking for cheap lumbar support will want to look into this extremely affordable option, as it serves to be both functional and practical. 

Best Lumbar Support for Couch and Sofas
Getha Guardian Lumbar Support Latex Cushion
Getha Guardian Lumbar Support Latex Cushion
Check Getha Guardian Lumbar Support Latex Cushion price below:
add_circle Ergonomically designed
add_circle Firmness provides good support


Sometimes, you find yourself always in the living room couch spending free time, and you might find that your back starts to get tired eventually. That’s where Getha’s Guardian Lumbar Support Latex Cushion comes in handy. 

This multi-functional cushion will go well on your couch, especially when you want to binge-watch your favourite tv shows. Made with Getha’s 100% latex material, it improves posture in the long run, is long lasting, toxic-free and also biodegradable.


  • Made with 100% Natural Latex from Getha
  • Breathable and Ventilated
  • Naturally Allergens Resistant
  • Toxic free, Biodegradable, Sustainable
  • Size: 39 x 35 (cm)

Who is it for?

This lumbar support is perfect to keep our lower backs supported when we are seated on the couch watching TV. Its portability also makes it easy to bring around anywhere.

Best Lumbar Support for Sleeping
MLILY Cooling Gel Pad Contour Pillow
MLILY Cooling Gel Pad Contour Pillow
Check MLILY Cooling Gel Pad Contour Pillow price below:
add_circle Ergonomic design
add_circle Suitable for those with back and neck problems


If the thought of sleeping on a lumbar support at night sounds uncomfortable, then maybe the MLILY Oxygel Adapaptive Memory Pillow could change that. The pillow is designed to contour the shape of your body and give you the correct support you need while you sleep. 

Additionally, it has a cooling gel pad that disperses heat to allow for blood circulation, while also simultaneously keeping your pillow cool all night long for you to get a good night’s sleep.


  • Contains a cooling gel pad
  • Made from adaptive & zero pressure memory foam
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Size: 60 x 40 x 12 (cm)

Who is it for?

If you’re someone who has trouble sleeping because of posture, this pillow can help keep your neck and head well-supported and relieves pressure from your back. 

Best Lumbar Support Belt
LPM Back Support 914 Posture Corrector
LPM Sacro Lumbar Support for Back Support
Check LPM Back Support 914 Posture Corrector price below:
add_circle Able to be used on the go
add_circle Different sizes available to fit wider ranges
add_circle Can be used for both the lumbar and lumbar-sacral regions of the spine
add_circle Designed with straps that cross at the back, brought forward to be fastened in the front for better support and comfort


You won’t have to choose between posture or convenience again with the LPM Sacro Lumbar Support. It’s a simple lumbar support belt that’s available in different sizes, and can fit most people.

Made from ‘space age’ material, the belt goes around your back and fastens at the front of your body to provide better compression and back support. It also makes it so that you won’t have to hold your arms behind your body to put it on.


  • Available in sizes S - XXL
  • Made with stretchy fabric and Velcro straps
  • 4x Back splints for stabilization
  • Great for lumbar and lumbarsacral region of the spine

Who is it for?

A belt like this will keep your posture upright and in a suitable position, especially when you’re sitting in the office or out walking. You can wear it under or over your clothes to keep your back in a good and healthy position. 

Best Lumbar Support for Car
Machi Memory Foam Lumbar Back Support Pillow
Machi Memory Foam Lumbar Back Support Pillow
Check Machi Memory Foam Lumbar Back Support Pillow price below:


This lumbar support pillow is meticulously designed with memory foam and ergonomic precision to cradle your lumbar region, making those long drives to and from work slightly more comfortable. Crafted with a mesh material, it promotes breathability, keeping you comfortable in varying temperatures.

Additionally, it is available in a range of colours so you can express your personal style and seamlessly integrate it with your car's interior. Machi Memory Foam Lumbar Back Support Pillow keeps you in a more upright position throughout the journey, which is crucial for those very long drives. 


  • Material: Mesh
  • Filling: Memory Foam
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Portable
  • Colours: Grey, Purple, Hot Pink, Blue, Black 

Who is it for?

Considering how bad the jam is getting these days, you will need a lumbar support pillow to keep you in an upright position every second of the way. This is especially important if you live far away from your office and are always stuck in traffic, which is why you should get a support pillow like this one from Machi. 

Best Lumbar Support with Stays
LPM Back Support 912 with Support Stays
LPM Back Support 912 with Support Stays
Check LPM Back Support 912 with Support Stays price below:
add_circle Helps maintain good posture throughout the day
add_circle Breathable material makes it easy to wear
add_circle Elastic stretching keeps it from losing its form


For some extra support, you could try out the LPM Back Support 912 with Stays. These support stays are flexible enough that they can relieve pressure on your lower back, thanks to a crisscross design that can support and correct your whole upper body.

The suspenders are also be adjustable and snap on using Velcro straps, so it’s easy to put on. It even has 4-inch side pulls that provides even more compression and support to your back.


  • Sizes S to XL
  • Criss-cross shoulder straps
  • Adjustable Suspenders
  • Velcro Closure
  • Flexible Stays

Who is it for?

This back support should help you maintain your posture throughout the day with almost no effort on your part, and it’s also a great option if you need to stand for long periods or if you have scoliosis.

Best Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support
RAZER Gaming Chair with Built-in Lumbar Support
RAZER Gaming Chair with Built-in Lumbar Support
Check RAZER Gaming Chair with Built-in Lumbar Support price below:
add_circle Adjustable lumbar support
add_circle Multi-layered synthetic leather is more durable
remove_circle Pricey


Sometimes, we get so caught up in our games that we forget to take care of our posture. That’s where the RAZER Iskur Gaming Chair comes in. With its built-in lumbar support, those days of back aches after gaming sessions should be long gone.

Its a fully adjustable, ergonomic chair that was built to make gaming comfortable by providing total lower back support. This is thanks to its fully customizable support that helps keep you in an optimal position when you game.    


  • Fully sculpted lumbar support
  • Multi-layered synthetic leather
  • High-density foam cushions
  • PVC Leather
  • High Density Molded Foam

Who is it for?

For those who tend to game for long periods of time, this chair has got your back, literally. Ensure you’re playing your very best without compromising your back health.

Best Lumbar Support for Office Chair
Spinelief - SpineSupport Lumbar Cushion
Spinelief - SpineSupport Lumbar Cushion
Check Spinelief - SpineSupport Lumbar Cushion price below:
add_circle Ergonomic cushioning system
add_circle Anti-slip bottom


Working and sitting for long hours in the office can get tiring for most of us, which is why the SpineSupport Lumbar Cushion by Spinelief can be a great purchase to consider. It’s a simple yet surprisingly necessary cushion that can relieve your back pains and improve your posture.

This lumbar support comfortably fits the contour of your mid-lower back and adapts to your curvature to give you much-needed support. It’s made from memory foam and has an anti-slip bottom, so it doesn’t move around on the chair and is lightweight enough for you to take it anywhere.


  • Reformulated Premium Memory Foam
  • Spinal Alignment Design
  • Tear-Drop Ergonomic Contour Shape
  • Size: 42 x 27 x 13 (cm)
  • Fits Most Chairs

Who is it for?

Being seated for a long time may cause strain on your lower back, which is why getting this support cushion will not only help reduce pain, but also make you more comfortable and productive when working.

Best High-density memory foam lumbar support
Margot Memory Foam Lumbar Support
Margot Memory Foam Lumbar Support
Check Margot Memory Foam Lumbar Support price below:
add_circle Comes with a side pocket
add_circle Arc design
add_circle Soft


Margot Memory Foam Lumbar Supports gives you the feeling like you’re resting your lower back on some clouds. It gives you good comfort and well-being, whether at work, during travel, or in leisure thanks to its high-density memory foam.

This lumbar support is also engineered to cradle your lower back with the utmost care and features a concave point design that provides targeted relief to alleviate stress and tension. It even has a side pocket that lets you keep small objects, making it perfect for taking around with you. 


  • Material: Velvet Fabric + Memory Foam
  • Product Dimensions: 40 x 35 x 10cm
  • Massage concave point design
  • The high-side wings
  • Adjustable elastic strap

Who is it for?

If you're someone who spends substantial hours sitting and values proper lumbar support, this product is your essential companion. It keeps you in an optimal position when you’re sitting, be it in the office, at home or driving in your car. So, we recommend this for those who want to use the same lumbar support anywhere they go.

- What to look for in a lumbar support pillow?

A few things you need to look out for are:


You should also make sure that the pillow is firm enough. A soft and squishy pillow seems comfortable, but they are not always good to support anything. 


If you can afford to splurge, memory foam is probably your best bet for good lumbar support, but latex and polyurethane foam works well, too. 

Where you are using it 

Aside from that, consider if you need a pillow with straps to attach to your office chair, or perhaps a regular pillow for sleeping.


Don’t worry about the pricing as our list offers you a wide range of choices to suit differing budgets. Comfort should not cost you an arm and a leg!

- What makes good lumbar support? 

This would depend on what support you are looking for. As you can see in the above entries, there is an abundance – from belts to pillows to massagers. 

Memory foam is currently the most widely used and touted material in the market for lumbar support, and for good reason! It contours to the shape of your body, providing you with adequate support. This also means it is universal and is suitable for people of all shapes and sizes. 

For a belt, you want to look for something breathable – especially if you are wearing it all day in the office, or at the gym. If not, you are going to get rashes or skin burns, which is not something you need if you are already sweltering due to lumbar pain. 

Experiencing the pain? We got your back (literally)!

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