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12 Best Vacuum Cleaners in Malaysia 2023 - Top Brand Reviews

After all, your house deserves the best of the best

A good vacuum goes a long way, and it’s certainly not an item for temporary usage as it can last very long once purchased. With so many brands out there like Dyson, Dibea or Midea, we understand if you feel confused about what type of vacuum cleaner to buy. Don’t worry! No matter your budget, we’ve got you covered on pro vacuums ranging from cordless and handhelds with good suction to even fully automatic robot vacuum cleaners! 

Here’s a good range of some traditional and bagless vacuum cleaners we’ve looked into to help you decide which one is perfect to clean your house and even your car. 

Top 12 Vacuum Cleaners In Malaysia

MMX Aero Max iPro S878+ Smart Wet & Dry IPX4 Waterproof Cordless Floor Washer-review
Check MMX Aero Max iPro S878+ Smart Wet & Dry IPX4 Waterproof Cordless Floor Washer price below:

Traditional mopping and floor cleaning methods may seem reliable, but they can be risky. If your mop is too wet, you might fall. If it’s too dry, you might not mop it as clean as possible.

To save your energy and time, a smart wet and dry cordless floor washer like the MMX Aero Max iPro S878+ is a life changer. 

Coming with an ​​innovative brush design, it can reach corners more easily than most vacuum-like cleaners. Since it has an IPX4 Full Body waterproof protection rating, you don’t need to worry about it getting wet from splashes. You can even submerge the vacuum’s head into a bucket of water to clean it properly in case of dirt clogging

It’s also ergonomic, lightweight and has low noise when in operation, making it comfortable for users of all ages to use.


MMX’s Aero Max iPro S878+ uses a powerful 18,000Pa suction power and one of Japan’s best-quality DC Nidec high-speed vacuum motors. As the motor is manufactured by BLDC Motor R&D, with over 100 years of experience in motor development, users can expect durability and longevity from the vacuum. In fact, this is the only floor washer in the market that’s covered by a 5 years local motor warranty.

The floor washer is designed with several cleaning settings: Eco Mode, Max Mode, Sterilisation Mode and Water Absorption Mode. 

If you wish to have a deep-cleaning experience, go with Max mode. Want to ensure your floor is safe for your family? Go with Sterilisation mode, which will turn water for cleaning into electrolyte water that’s proven to help with bacterial elimination. And when you go with Water Absorption mode, this is to suck up any large spills of water around the house.

Another specific feature users will love is that the cordless washer has a hands-free self-cleaning process which you can activate after you’re done mopping with just the push of a button. Not only that, but it’s designed with a Centrifugal Dry feature to reduce the chances of bacteria breeding in your vacuum, keeping your home safe as it cleans in the dock.

Details - MMX Aero Max iPro S878+

  • 18,000Pa Powerful Suction Power and 200W Rating Power
  • Upgraded DC Brushless Motor by Japanese Nidec
  • 70,000 rpm/min High Speed Motor
  • 9,000 rpm/min Roller Speed
  • 600 rpm/min High Torque Speed
  • 4,000mAh Battery Capacity; 45mins Run Time
  • 99.9% Electrolytic Water Sterilization
  • 800ml Clean Water Tank and 720ml Sewage Tank (Detachable)
  • 8 Water Spray Nozzles
  • 66dB Super Low Noise
  • SIRIM Certified

Who is this for?

If you want your floors to be really clean, this vacuum sterilisation mode alone is worth getting it for. One will be perfectly fine with cleaning their floors using just water if opting to clean with the MMX Aero Max iPro S878+ Washer. 

But for the best experience, MMX recommends using it with the MMX Deodorizing & Cleaning Solution. It is specially designed for MMX Wet & Dry Vacuums and prevents the risk of internals getting corrosions. 

The MMX Aero Max iPro S878+ Washer retails for RM2988.88 and is available online at a promo price of RM1988.88 (T&C applies).

Check out this video for more information on the MMX Aero Max iPro S878+:

Best cordless vacuum cleaner
Check Dibea D18 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner price below:
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle Perfect for larger homes
add_circle Has a large dust bucket
remove_circle No HEPA filter

Why It's Our Top Pick:

"The Dibea D18 is our top pick as it can be easily converted to a handheld one, and is reasonably priced. It gets the job done with a 2-in-1 soft brush, allowing for vacuuming on hard floors as well as short hair rugs. Besides, it even has LED lighting and its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold. You'll also be able to easily track battery life with the indicator power supply lights bar."


Designed to remove dust and particles from hardwood floors, tiles, carpet and laminated floor, the Dibea comes in two functions mode. On the standard mode, it’s designed to pick up dust and hair from a variety of surfaces whereas the max mode will do you justice to get rid of debris like food particles. 

A feature that sets the D18 apart from many others is that even with one cleaning deck, it has two roller brushes which can be used interchangeably. With it, you can clean the likes of hardwood and multi-surface flooring separately so as to reduce the risk of damage to your brushes. 

Other cool features include the D18 having LED headlights on its electric floor head which is highly useful for cleaning under furniture and dark corners. Also, the vacuum’s capacity can accommodate about 0.54L of dust particles; sufficient to vacuum without needing to halt to empty it frequently.


  • Power: 120W
  • Noise: 75db
  • Dust Capacity: 0.5L
  • Suction Power: 4000 - 9000Pa
  • Run time: 45 minutes
  • Charging time: 4 - 5 hours
  • Net weight: 2kg
  • Dimensions: 104cm x 24cm x 21cm

Accessories included: Main Machines, Aluminum Tubes, Electric Roller Brush, Power Adapter, Long Brush, Square Brush, Hanging Rack, Screws, Patch

Key features:

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Stainless steel mesh
  • Replaceable fluffy roller brush
  • Wide floor brush with LED lighting
  • Floor brush to sweep underneath furniture


Although it is somewhat similar to the Dibea F20 Max, the D18 lacks a strong suction power and long-lasting battery life. However, the pricing makes it all the more ideal for many users. 

Best for: wooden floors, carpets, tile floors, car, bed, etc.

Best robot vacuum cleaner
Check Roborock S6 MaxV price below:
add_circle Silent operation
add_circle Sleek design

Technology, It’s best to get on with the current times and own products that are powered entirely by it, such as with this robot vacuum. 


The Roborock S6 MaxV is Roborock’s most powerful vacuum cleaner yet and is recommended by nine out of ten robot vacuum users. It may cost big bucks but it reduces many hours of housework per year.

Being Roborock’s first robot vacuum with LiDAR sensors and stereo cameras, the technology makes for better obstacle avoidance as well as more accurate room mapping and navigation. Built with an onboard AI that has been trained in object recognition, it can avoid things such as power cords, shoes and most importantly, pet poop. Thanks to its twin cameras, distance is also calculated more accurately. 

Moreover, the S6 MaxV provides 25% better suction power than its predecessors, which helps it to better capture fine dust off floors and deep parts of the carpet. To note, it only takes 10 minutes to set up the S6 MaxV.

As mentioned earlier, the S6 MaxV can map the house according to floor and area so it will know where it is. Also with a mop function, worry not about a dirty house as the vacuum can mop up to 2000 square feet with a single water tank.


  • Power: 1000W
  • Noise: 58db
  • Dust Capacity: 0.46L
  • Water tank capacity: 300ml
  • Suction Power: 2500pa
  • Run time: 180 minutes
  • Charging time: 6 hours
  • Net weight: 3.7kg
  • Dimensions: 35.3cm x 35cm x 96.5cm

Accessories included: Roborock S6 MaxV, Charging Station, Dust Tank, Water Tank ( digital control ), Multi-language Manual, Microfiber mop

Key features:

  • Smart charging
  • Schedule function
  • Uses dual camera
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • Multiple mapping systems
  • Precise navigation
  • 6 Cliff sensors


With an abundance of functions and easily removable brushes with filters and cloth, you can guess why this Roborock vacuum is one of the best out there.

Best for: hard floors

Best handheld, stick vacuum cleaner
Dibea F20 Max
Check Dibea F20 Max price below:
add_circle Has an eco-friendly mode to save energy
add_circle Powerful yet lightweight
add_circle Easy to assemble
remove_circle Floor brush isn't very smooth when used

There’s a reason why the Dibea F20 Max is the best handheld, stick vacuum cleaner on our list. With a whopping 25,000 PA true power suction, this model stretches an average vacuum’s lifespan to about 5 times longer, powered by a long-lasting robust motor with 60% more improvements than the previous generation.


What sets the Dibea F20 Max apart is its extended battery life. For your convenience, you can now select the right suction power according to different tasks. For instance, the Eco mode is best for clearing up floor debris and food crumbs while the Standard mode is ideal for general cleaning of ceiling corners and stairs. And yes, there’s a Max mode -- the strongest suction setting. This is useful for tricky jobs such as removing stubborn pet hair from carpets, curtains and even furniture. 

Although the exhaust filters are washable and made of foam, the filtration system sits just below the HEPA filter which doesn't guarantee protection for users with allergies.


  • Power: 400W
  • Noise: 75db
  • Dust Capacity: 0.5L
  • Suction Power: 25000pa
  • Run time: 50 minutes
  • Charging time: 4-5 hours
  • Net weight: 2.5kg
  • Dimensions: 25.4cm x 11.7cm x 21.6cm

Key features:

  • 3-speed mode
  • Filtering function
  • Power indicator light bar
  • Large capacity dust bucket
  • Bagless
  • Hand washing filter cotton
  • Multiple accessories applications

Accessories included: Dibea F20 Main Machine, Aluminium Tube, Adaptor, Nozzle with brush Tool, Long Crevice Tool, Wall mount (Hanger), Wall Screw/Sticker


The Dibea F20 Max has received thousands of positive reviews. 

Some have commented that it is a little heavy but is extremely powerful and effective.

Best for: wooden floors, carpets, tile floors, cars, beds

Best vacuum cleaner for home
Check Midea Vacuum Cleaner MVCV12KGR price below:
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle Ergonomic handle
add_circle 1.5L capacity
remove_circle Suction power is average - not for deep cleaning
remove_circle Slightly noisy

The Midea Vacuum Cleaner MVC-V12K-GR might not be as fancy as many others, but offers quite good value thanks to its efficiency.


With an ergonomically designed build and a bagless system, this vacuum is ideal for those who want to do general cleanings of the floor and furniture. 

It's got 18kPa suction pressure along with 1000W of power consumption and a multi-stage filtering system that includes a HEPA filter. These features ensure the removal of the deepest, toughest and smallest of particles off your rugs and carpets. 

If you don’t need that kind of power, there’s an eco-mode that’s perfect for light cleaning instead.

As mentioned, the vacuum uses a bagless system for ease of rubbish disposal. Not that you need to do so often, as the rubbish capacity is 1.5L. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner weighs under 4kg, making it easy to carry out heavy-duty cleaning.


  • Power: 1000W
  • Noise: 75db
  • Dust Capacity: 1.5L
  • Suction Power: 130AW
  • Run time: 30 minutes
  • Net weight: 4.1kg
  • Dimensions: 31cm x 31cm x 45cm

Accessories included: Midea Vacuum Cleaner MVCV12KGR, Hepa Filter, 2-in-1 brush, Main head brush

Key features:

  • HEPA filter
  • Easy dust disposal
  • Automatic cord rewind
  • Eco version available


Safe to be used on furniture, the Midea vacuum cleaner is well-received among users for being user-friendly and of great value. It’s also compact and doesn’t offer much trouble.

Best for: floor and carpet

Best Dyson vacuum cleaner
Check Dyson V11 Absolute Plus price below:
add_circle Up to 60 min of running time
add_circle Powerful suction
add_circle Has a boost mode for intensive cleaning
add_circle Solid build
add_circle Has an LCD screen to report performance in real-time
remove_circle Pricey


This smart device is equipped with Dynamic Load Sensor technology which will detect and choose the perfect motor speed based on floor and carpet types. With that, it is engineered for complete hard floor cleaning.

What’s also impressive is Dyson’s patented clones which fling dust into the bin without clogging the filter, so there’s no loss of suction. And with 7-cell lithium-ion batteries, it provides up to 60 minutes of fade-free power.

Moreover, you can also easily choose between Auto, Eco and Boost modes on the V11 Absolute Plus to optimise the selected task at hand. It has a larger 0.76L bin and a ‘point and shoot’ disposal system. Besides, Dyson’s fully-sealed filtration can trap about 99.97% of particles.

Apart from a drop-in dock, the vacuum also comes with a click-in battery pack, making it easier to clean the house even after an hour.


  • Power: 545W
  • Noise: 75db
  • Dust Capacity: 0.54L
  • Suction Power: 23AW - 185AW
  • Run time: 60 minutes
  • Charging time: 4.5 hours
  • Net weight: 3kg
  • Dimensions: 9cm x 25cm x 26.1cm

Accessories included: Soft Roller Cleaner head, Quick-release combination tool, Quick-release crevice tool, Quick-release mini soft dusting brush, Quick-release mini motorized tool, Wand Storage clip, Docking station, Charger

Key features:

  • Point and shoot hygienic bin emptying
  • Drop-in docking
  • Click in battery pack
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Eco-mode
  • Advanced whole machine filtration


Users rave about how powerful it is. It's definitely sturdy, of good quality, and makes vacuuming a breeze.

Best for: carpets and hard floors

Best vacuum cleaner for home and car carpet
Check Karcher Puzzi 10/1 Carpet Cleaner price below:
add_circle Powerful suction
add_circle Heavy-duty
add_circle Ergonomically-designed
add_circle Versatile

You probably already know by now that not all vacuum cleaners are created equally. While most can clean hardwood floors or tiles with ease, carpets are a different issue. For that, you would need something that has enough suction power to pull out the most stubborn dirt and debris from the protective fibres of fabric. In this case, we recommend the Karcher Puzzi 10/1 Carpet Cleaner.


The Puzzi 10/1 comes with an upholstery nozzle and floor nozzle that is particularly suited for cleaning surfaces like home and car carpets. Also doubling as a mop, the nozzle has a 1 bar spray pressure. Which, the spray extraction machine is fitted with an integrated cable hook and a holder so you can easily handle and trigger the suction pipe. 

Moreover, thanks to the narrow floor nozzle, the machine is optimally suitable for use in confined spaces. With a turbine capacity of 1250W and a high airflow rate, hard stains on carpeted surfaces are removed instantly.


  • Power: 1250W
  • Noise: 74db
  • Dust Capacity: 37.9L
  • Suction Power: 40AW
  • Net weight: 10.7kg
  • Dimensions: 53cm x 33cm x 44cm

Accessories included: Puzzi 10/1-10L Spray-Extraction Karcher Profesional Carpet Cleaner, Spray hose with integrated water feed, 2.5 m, Integrated accessory storage for the hand nozzle, Upholstery nozzle, 2 cleaning agents (tablets), Additional handle, Cable hook, Narrow floor nozzle with flexible suction lip, Handle with trigger

Key features:

  • Perfectly suitable for everyday use.       
  • Adjustment of the handle without any tools
  • Accessory/cord fixings
  • Quick change from floor to upholstery nozzle.
  • Storage compartment for cleaning agent tablets         


With its impressive features, the Karcher Puzzi 10/1 Carpet Cleaner is well-received by users. It makes vacuuming more convenient.

Best for: textiles surfaces and carpets

Best lightweight vacuum cleaner
Dyson Omni-Glide+
Check Dyson Omni-Glide+ price below:
add_circle Lightweight - suitable for one-handed use
add_circle Dyson five-stage filtration

If you're searching for a lightweight and versatile vacuum cleaner, the Dyson Omni-glide+ is a great option. This vacuum cleaner, powered by Dyson's Hyperdymium motor which can spin up to 105,000rpm to pick up tiny particles and significantly larger dirt.


The Dyson Omni-glide+ is a slim stick/handheld vacuum cleaner. It's designed to be easy to manage, and allows for efficient brush switching or turning it into a handheld vacuum for spot cleaning. 

This particular model is also equipped with an omnidirectional head, which means it can glide and be manoeuvred in all directions without the need to remove obstructing objects.

Additionally, the machine employs a five-layer whole-machine filtration system to collect 99.9% of tiny particles as small as 0.3 microns and improves air quality; ensuring that this vacuum is not too difficult to maintain. Its suction capability can be attributed to Dyson's Root Cyclone Technology, which forms eight cyclones to generate roughly 96000 g of force, and the Hyperdymium motor, which spins at up to 105,000rpm to easily suck any type of tenacious dirt.

Moreover, thanks to the ejection mechanism, dirt can be disposed of without the need to empty the bin with your bare hands.


  • Power: 92W
  • Noise: 72db
  • Dust Capacity: 0.2L
  • Suction Power: 50AW
  • Run time: 20 minutes
  • Charging time: 3.5 hours
  • Net weight: 1.9kg
  • Dimensions: 20.8cm x 107.7cm x 9.2cm

Key features:

  • Omnidirectional Fluffy cleaner head
  • Edge-to-edge cleaning
  • Two-button control
  • Accessories included: Omnidirectional Fluffy Cleaner Head, Light-pipe crevice tool, Worktop tool, Combi-crevice tool, Mini motorized tool, Charger, Docking station


If money isn't an issue, go ahead and acquire this gem and put it to good use! Plus it's no wonder that this model has garnered a lot of excellent feedback. Users think it is well worth the money because it is elegant and lightweight, yet powerful enough to tackle regular cleaning.

Best for: hard surfaces, worktop spaces, stairs, sofas etc.

Best budget vacuum cleaner
PerySmith Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Xtreme Series X10
Check PerySmith Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Xtreme Series X10 price below:
add_circle Multi-stage filtration system
add_circle Smart overheat protection
add_circle 0.8L capacity

It can be hard to find a good vacuum cleaner that’s reasonably priced but the PerySmith X10 is worth considering.


With maximum suction of 19500PA, this vacuum is light as a feather at just 1.0kg, making it so convenient to vacuum. The 4-way nylon floor brush provides stable control, allowing for efficient cleaning with just one push.

It also comes with a 2-in1 crevice tool that makes it easy to clean between small gaps.


  • Power: 1000W
  • Noise: 72db
  • Dust Capacity: 0.8L
  • Suction Power: 19500pa
  • Net weight: 1kg
  • Dimensions: 46cm x 18cm x 25cm

Accessories included: Aluminum telescopic tube, 4-way floor brush, Hepa Filter, Crevice Nozzle

Key features:

  • Multi-stage filtration system
  • 0.25 micron HEPA filter
  • Smart overheat protection
  • One push removable dust bucket
  • Multi-purpose configuration


This vacuum is good value for money and is suitable for regular cleaning but it is not recommended for more heavy-duty deep cleaning. One user commented that the lock and release button for the 2-in-1 tool is rather stiff; the elderly may have trouble with it.

Best for: Carpets and hard floors

Best cordless vacuum cleaner alternative
dyson digital slim
Check Dyson Digital Slim™ Fluffy Pro vacuum (Gold/Iron) price below:
add_circle Intelligent real-time reports
add_circle Advanced, whole machine filtration
add_circle Comes with multiple tools for different cleaning tasks
add_circle Made from high-tensile ABS for strength and lightness
add_circle Slim Fluffy™ cleaner head is now 40% smaller and lighter


A powerful 3-in-1 cleaning tool, the Dyson Digital Slim™ is a stick vacuum that can be transformed into a handheld one, allowing you to complete various cleaning tasks with just one device. Its versatility makes it a good investment in the long run. 

Weighing 1.9kg, it’s 30% lighter than the Dyson V11™. Its Slim Fluffy™ cleaner head can capture large debris with soft woven nylon, and sweep fine particles from hard floors thanks to the black anti-static carbon fire filaments. In addition, it comes with a crevice tool with LED lights, for easy cleaning of dark spaces.

Though lightweight, don’t underestimate its power. Equipped with a Dyson Hyperdymium™ motor, it spins at up to 120,000rpm to generate 100 Air Watts of powerful suction. Its 11 scrolled cyclones are designed to remove fine dust and dirt from the airflow.  On top of that, the Dyson Digital Slim™ has a 5-layer filtration system that captures dust and allergens. 

In terms of battery, this vacuum has up to 40 minutes of run time which puts it at the top of the spectrum as the average battery life of vacuums is between 15-40 minutes, though there may be outliers that can push a little longer than that. Further, the 3.5 hour charge time isn’t really a concern as you just have to leave it at the wall dock while it charges.

It has an LCD screen that allows you to receive filter maintenance reminders which takes the guesswork out of things and is helpful if you’re too busy to remember when it needs to be changed. It also displays the performance, settings, and blockage reports in real-time. 


  • Power: 120W
  • Noise: 75db
  • Dust Capacity: 0.3L
  • Suction Power: 100AW
  • Run time: 40 minutes
  • Charging time: 3.5 hours
  • Net weight: 1.9kg
  • Dimensions: 25cm x 11cm x 25cm

Accessories included: Dyson Digital SlimTM Fluffy, soft roller cleaner nozzle, narrow nozzle with lighting, 2 in 1 suction nozzle, mini motor nozzle, suction clip accessory attachment, charger, docking station

Key features of the Dyson Digital Slim™ Fluffy Pro vacuum (Gold/Iron):

  • Smooth bin emptying - The ejection mechanism with rotary catch enables no contact emptying of the bin 
  • Easy maintenance - The components can be easily washed and wiped to keep them clean
  • Removable battery -  Battery can be replaced with an additional click-in one(sold separately) to instantly double the run time

The difference between the Gold/Iron variant and the Purple/Iron colourway is that the former is a direct exclusive to the Dyson Demo store and www.dyson.my, and it includes an additional floor dock.

Best for: hard floors, carpets, curtain, fabrics etc.

PN Score
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Best car vacuum cleaner
Morphy Richards
Morphy Richards Portable Car Vacuum (Ozone 732PV1)
Check Morphy Richards Portable Car Vacuum (Ozone 732PV1) price below:
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Strong suction suitable for cars and desks
remove_circle Lasted only up to 22 minutes per use

Cleaning the interior of a car may be challenging, particularly if you just have a canister vacuum cleaner, which is annoying for vacuuming vehicles owing to its bulky build. You'll need something smaller, like the Morphy Richards Ozone 732pv1 Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner.


Designed for portability, the 12V Morphy Richards Portable Car Vacuum is a handheld vacuum that's perfect for vacuuming car seats and carpets, even in those nooks and.

Its suction power is strong enough to clear dirt from door slots and cooling vents.

Owing to its lightweight design, it is comfortable to hold and can be easily stored in your car without taking up too much space.

The Morphy Richards 732PV1 portable car vacuum cleaner even has an ozone sterilizer to improve air quality. This vacuum is equipped with some additional accessories and a 2-in-1 flat nozzle brush that makes cleaning your car a breeze.


  • Power: 70W
  • Noise: 60-65db
  • Dust Capacity: 0.15L
  • Suction Power: 5500 kpa
  • Run time: 20 minutes
  • Charging time: 2.5 - 3 hours
  • Net weight: 0.62kg
  • Dimensions: 7cm x 7cm x 30cm

Accessories included: Morphy Portable Car Vacuum,  2-in-1 Brush Head

Key features:

  • Fast charging
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • One button operation
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Ozone feature


This vacuum is well-liked by users, and no one has expressed dissatisfaction with it. While it is not as strong as a full-sized vacuum, it is enough for cleaning vehicles and picking up lint and hair all over your vehicle. It represents great value for money.

Best for: car interiors and small spaces

Best vacuum cleaner for carpets and hard floors
Nikola X50 Cordless Vacuum
Check Nikola X50 Cordless Vacuum price below:
add_circle Powered by CycloneMax Brushless Motor
add_circle Has EasyMove function
add_circle Up to 50 minutes of run time
add_circle 3 modes of suction
add_circle LED display screen
remove_circle Listed at a higher price than the average
remove_circle Typical dustbin capacity


Nikola’s unique cordless vacuum boasts a streamlined design that allows customers to clean without having to deal with the trouble of regular vacuum cleaners.

Users can choose between three operation modes when using it: eco, normal, or turbo. For light cleaning, the green mode can be used for up to 50 minutes, while the turbo mode can be used for more thorough cleaning.

Nikola X50 comes with a 6-cell nickel-cobalt-aluminium battery that should last for about 50 minutes. It has a long-run life, especially since charging takes less time than other batteries.

This vacuum cleaner is lighter than other vacuum cleaners, which is beneficial to the user. The weight of a vacuum cleaner is also crucial to consider because its users should be able to move around more easily.

The Nikola X50 also comes with a manufacturer's warranty of up to 12 months as the company guarantees the vacuum's quality. 


  • Power: 250W
  • Noise: N/A
  • Dust Capacity: 0.7L
  • Suction Power: Up to 19000Pa
  • Net weight: 1.8kg
  • Dimensions: 111cm x 24cm x 23cm

Accessories included: Li-ion Battery, Cyclone Max Motor, HEPA Filter, Stainless Steel Filter, Handle, Tube, Electric Floor Brush, Round Brush, Crevice Tool, Electric Dust Mite Cleaner Head, Wall Hanger, Pin Malaysia Power Adapter, and Extra HEPA Filter (Add On Package)

Key features:

  • Cordless
  • Detachable Handheld
  • Removable Battery
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Dust Mite Attachment Head
  • LED Front Light


The Nikola X50 is a cordless vacuum cleaner with over 10,000 satisfied customers. People like this vacuum, and no one has expressed discontent with it so far.

Best for: Carpets and hard floors 

How do you choose a vacuum cleaner? 

Vacuum cleaners are more sophisticated than they used to be, equipped with various high-tech features. Looking for the right vacuum can get confusing with the plethora of features available today. Here's what you should consider when shopping for one:


The price of vacuums varies according to the features it has. A cheaper one may not have built-in AI intelligence to self-charge or map the house precisely like the more expensive ones do.

As long as it has the features you need and fits within your budget, it doesn't matter if it's cheap or expensive.

Suction Power 

The higher the suction power, the better the chances are of removing particles from surfaces such as pet hair from carpets. 

In a nutshell, experts recommend vacuums with a suction power of 250-320W for small apartments. That’s 25% (expected efficiency percentage) of power consumption hovering around 1000 - 1280W.

Comfort & Design 

While the design is strictly a personal preference, we encourage you to opt for one with an ergonomic handle. This makes vacuums more comfortable to hold, especially when you have a lot of ground to cover.

Floor and surface type

Hair and pet dander can be harder to pick up, especially when stuck on fabric surfaces. Look for a vacuum cleaner with a motorised or air-driven turbo nozzle, especially one that has a brush to pick up fur and even hair trapped even in the smallest corners.

Peek our list of the various types of vacuum cleaners you can buy.

How does a vacuum cleaner work?

The simple yet effective design of vacuum cleaners has reduced the need to sweep dust and other particles off floor and surface areas by hand, making house cleaning more quick and convenient. The vacuum collects dirt and stores it in a dust collector attached to the vacuum for disposal by using just suction.

By turning on your vacuum, the motor fan provides vacuum pressure and suction. The impeller spins at a rate of 30,000 to 35,000 RPM, which is incredibly fast. The power of a suction motor is calculated by multiplying the airflow rate and the vacuum pressure used to generate air circulation from the brush via the hose.

The brush on most current vacuums is one of several various nozzles, each of which is particularly intended to clean a certain area, surface, space, or type of dirt. Vacuuming with the proper tool may save you a lot of time and energy.

There are two types of dust collectors: one that utilizes a bag and one that does not. A vacuum cleaner with a bag is often light, but users must purchase and change the bags at regular times. The "bagless" vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, comes with a dust collector. It is simply detachable and washable.

Types of vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners come in a wide variety of colors, forms, sizes, functions, and prices. Keeping your house warm and tidy for you and your family is a chore worth investing in the best equipment there is for it.


Handheld vacuums can tidy areas that your upright vacuum cannot. Since they are portable and cordless, they are great for cleaning tiny spaces. These are ideal for having to clean up after kids and pets. Handheld vacuum cleaners are lightweight, silent, and simple to use. They are usually battery-powered, making them mobile and useful for cleaning up minor spills.


Stick vacuums, also known as sweeper vacuums, are a combination of upright and handheld vacuums. They're compact and battery-powered, with the portability of a handheld but the upright design of a standard vacuum makes them perfect for accident spills on hardwood floors. They're most typically utilized in places that need to be cleaned quickly, such as bathrooms and kitchens floors. To gather dirt and grime, most stick vacuums use a dirt cup rather than bags.


Canister vacuums function well on hard surfaces or small carpeted spaces, such as in a vehicle or a staircase. For simple mobility, they come with a suction hose and a detachable cord. These vacuums contain a separate unit for the motor and plug allowing for portability, mobility, and diversity . As a result, these vacuums are ideal for furniture and multi-surface cleaning.


Robotic vacuums are a result of cutting-edge technology. Simply establish the sensor limits, select your settings, and let your intelligent vacuum do the rest.

These vacuums are cordless and sleek, and clean with great efficiency while saving you time. The continuous cleaning operation, while not as potent or diverse as conventional vacuums, still provides convenience. It is ideal for daily cleaning.


Upright vacuum cleaners are perfect for cleaning carpeted areas in the home. A motorized beater brush loosens and removes dirt by suction. Most sturdy vacuums include onboard attachments for versatility. Some designs are bagless, while some have bags to collect gunk.

Height adjustments can be made too, enabling a seamless transition for cleaning different floor types with the click of a button. Upright vacuums are ideal for cleaning hardwood floors and carpets.

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