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16 Best Face Serums That’ll Boost Your Skin’s Radiance!

Give your skin a little lovin’ and you will be surprised by the after-glow!

Face serums are all the rage now for delivering highly-concentrated, skin-active skincare formulas that penetrate deep into your skin to alleviate its beneficial advantages. 

From anti-aging to retinol type of face serums, you will be astounded by the varying types of face serums out there for distinct skincare needs. Looking for a hydrating facial serum? You should be searching for a serum that contains hyaluronic acids and peptides. Or perhaps, if you are stressing on looking for a serum to combat wrinkles and skin tightness, then serums that contain retinols are the right fit for you. 

Enough said; it is highly advisable to incorporate face serums into your skincare routine. As you already know, face serums are fuelled with numerous vital ingredients such as the rich contents of vitamins. That is how you can be ascertained that your skin gets what it wants thanks to these skin activators.  

To make things easier for you, we got you covered with 16 of the best face serums which we think can help you with your specific needs. Browse along and you may find just what you are looking for!

Unsure which face serum to get? Here are some recommendations!

Top 15 Serum Recommendations in Malaysia

  • Garnier Light Complete Anti Spot White Serum
  • PIXI Overnight Glow Serum
  • Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum
  • Melano CC Vitamin C Brightening Essence
  • Sothys Wrinkle-Specific Youth Serum
  • THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Revitalizing Serum
  • GARDEN OF EDEN Rosa E Pigmentation Serum
  • CAUDALIE Vinosource SOS Thirst-quenching Serum
  • Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Wrinkle Serum
  • Skin Inc Collagen Serum
  • Melvita Argan Serum-Lotion 
  • Mario Badescu Anti Acne Serum
  • ESTÉE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II
  • Rosken Bio Serum 50ml
  • SK-II Genoptics Aura Essence
Best anti-aging serum
L'Oreal Paris
1. L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Serum
Best overall face serum
Updated on 15th April 2021
add_circle Renews skin’s surface
add_circle smoothing
add_circle boosts skin’s elasticity

Don’t we all dream of having flawless skin? Thankfully, our imagination is not far from reality when there is such a product that can fulfil this dream of ours. Behold, L'Oreal Dermo Expertise Revitalift Laser Serum. 


This serum consists of a triple-action power booster that solves all your skin woes. It effectively reduces wrinkles and refines the pores on your skin to achieve a renewed skin texture. Any creases or enlarged pores are smoothened, courtesy of this serum.

Besides, this serum even improves your skin’s density and elasticity by stimulating your skin’s fibre synthesis. 


Basically, after a prolonged use of this serum, you will find that your skin’s quality has improved as this serum works to promote your skin’s renewal process. Definitely a game-changer this one!

BIO-ESSENCE Bio-Gold Golden Ratio Double Serum
2. Bio-essence Bio-Gold Golden Ratio Double Serum
Best drugstore face serum
Updated on 15th April 2021
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle accentuate radiance
add_circle fast-absorbing
add_circle non-greasy, nourishing

Indulge your skin in the perfect golden ration of both water and oil that improves absorption of its benefits into your skin. 


Within the compounds of this golden serum, it’s designed to nourish your skin for a more firm, bouncy and hydrated skin. 

That’s because the BIO-ESSENCE Bio-Gold Golden Ratio Double Serum is formulated with 98% of gold power to fight first signs of ageing. The formula works to plump up your skin while smoothing fine lines. 


This golden serum has quite a lightweight and water-based formula which encourages an easy absorption into the skin. That way, it enables your skin to reap all of its benefits easily.

Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Face Serum for Radiant Skin with Vitamin C & Turmeric
3. Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Face Serum for Radiant Skin with Vitamin C & Turmeric
Best face serum with vitamin C
Updated on 15th April 2021
add_circle Free from parabens
add_circle mineral oil and silicones
add_circle brightens skin
add_circle reduces hyperpigmentation

A bountiful of research has been made to improve the efficacy and vitality of incorporating vitamin C ingredients into skincare products. With so many benefits under its belt, vitamin C has become a top-recommended staple skincare ingredient for all. 


Mamaearth’s Skin Illuminate Face Serum for Radiant Skin with Vitamin C & Turmeric helps you to attain that glowing radiance on your skin. Vitamin C is a proven and effective antioxidant that reduces dark spots and prevents melanin production. It also reduces hyperpigmentation and fine lines. 


With this serum, you will be amazed to wake up each morning to a beautiful and plump-looking skin. In fact, while most users wish for a lower price tag, the quality is undeniably great.

4. Kiehl’s Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate
Best face serum for dry skin
Updated on 15th April 2021
add_circle Overcomes skin dryness
add_circle suitable for all skin types
add_circle fights off most anti-aging signs

Kiehl’s products never do let down. This Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate uses the next generation liquid-to-serum technology to effectively penetrate and hydrate your skin’s deepest surface layers. 


This serum has been clinically proven to correct signs of age-related dehydration. Compact with 15% Glycerin and Epidermal Hydration Filler, this serum boosts your skin’s natural production of Hyaluronic Acid. 

It also plumps your skin to enhance its smoothness and elasticity. Not only that but this serum also evens the skin texture and combat signs of skin dullness. With that, you can say goodbye to tight and wrinkly skin in no time!  


There have been many positive reviews of this serum across different skin types. One user even said that this has helped to balance her combination skin’s oil level.

Swisse Skincare Blood Orange Brightening Facial Serum
5. Swisse Skincare Blood Orange Brightening Facial Serum
Best brightening face serum
Updated on 15th April 2021
add_circle Free of parabens
add_circle sulfates and alcohol
add_circle vegan friendly
add_circle brightens skin
add_circle illuminates skin
remove_circle Contains silicone and citric acid
remove_circle not suitable for sensitive skin

The chemistry between nature and science is the mechanism behind Swisse skincare products in utilizing active botanicals, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to enhance a healthy and happy-looking skin. 


Swisse Skincare Blood Orange Brightening Facial Serum is filled with antioxidant compounds to reduce free radical damage and effectively brightens your skin. 

Thanks to its niacinamide ingredient, the skin can easily retain its healthy glow whilst the botanical complex helps to target uneven skin tones. You will be feeling more confident than ever with a brighter and more vibrant and luminous skin complexion thanks to this serum! 


Aside from effective results, some users are loving the natural smell and that it’s great to pair with an SPF sunscreen for the best results.

NIVEA LUMINOUS 630 Spotclear Freshly Activated Booster Serum
6. Nivea Luminous 630 Spotclear Freshly Activated Booster Serum
Best face serum with vitamin E
Updated on 15th April 2021
add_circle Clears dark spots
add_circle enhances skin youthfulness
add_circle dermatologically-tested
add_circle evens skin tones

With a focus on targeting those 10-year mark of deep dark spots, NIVEA LUMINOUS 630 Spotclear Freshly Activated Booster Serum functions to reduce pigment production and accumulation at the root itself. 


This efficacious serum is the revelation of a spotless and luminous complexion. Its formula is concocted by three vital ingredients: the brand’s patented LUMINOUS630, Hyaluron and Vitamin E. These three work hand-in-hand to clear dark spots in just 4 weeks, working to reaffirm the skin into a much clearer, firmer, hydrated and healthier-looking one! 

Having hyaluronic acid means a boost in hydration and that it helps to prevent fine lines, whilst the vitamin E itself promotes skin youthfulness.


The stats do not lie. There have been reports that 43% of users have noticed a reduction of the number of dark spots while 12% have noted a reduction of dark spots’ colour intensity. Additionally, 24% have observed a more luminous skin complexion in no time!

Best night serum for glowing skin
7. PIXI Overnight Glow Serum
Best face serum for glowing skin
Updated on 15th April 2021
add_circle Free of parabens
add_circle contains glycolic acid
add_circle suitable for all skin types
add_circle boosts skin radiance and glow
add_circle exfoliates skin for a smoother feel
remove_circle Sticky after-feel

Don’t we all desire a porcelain-like complexion where our skin just illuminates from within and so intensely that passers-by think they are looking through a glass?

Well, Pixi Overnight Glow Serum does just that! 


This serum effectively exfoliates your skin while you sleep and smoothens it for a brighter complexion in the morning. Your tired and stressed-looking skin will be instantly revitalized! 

Besides, this potent serum too helps in diminishing fine lines and fading sun spots over time. All this in thanks to its rich nutrient content such as cucumber and aloe vera extracts as well as, its nourishing vitamins A, C and E. 


The most prominent results by users are that their skin feels more balanced in terms of oil-control and hydration whilst achieving a healthy, overnight glow!

8. Azanis Scar Serum
Best face serum for acne scars
Updated on 15th April 2021
add_circle Combats many types of scars including acne
add_circle hydrating
add_circle smoothens skin
add_circle has brightening properties

As you may already know, having acne is a serious downer. Yet, it only gets more complicated when they decide to leave scars behind!


Introducing the Azanis Scar Serum. This local serum is formulated with Vita-Cocoa Booster Formula that combines 100% concentrated Natural Vitamin E and Organic Cocoa Butter. Its vitamin E content has more than 50% of antioxidants and absorbs better than the synthetic vitamin E. The cocoa butter on the other hand, has been known to prevent and treat scars. 

Together, these two powerful ingredients repair and smoothens your skin texture. You will discover a much-lightened appearance of both old and new scars because this serum deeply hydrates and softens the scar tissues whilst promoting the synthesis of collagen. 


The serums is said to not only heal facial scars, but many types of scars including burns and such. As much as it is already effective on new scars, the serum is also just as great on old scars.

True Island Honey Bee Royal Propolis Solution Serum
True Island
9. True Island Honey Bee Royal Propolis Solution Serum
Best moisturizing face serum
Updated on 15th April 2021
add_circle Suitable for all skin types
add_circle moisturizing
add_circle boosts skin radiance
add_circle balances oil
add_circle free of mineral oil and parabens

If you are in search for a moisturizing face serum to achieve bouncy skin, look no further as we recommend giving the True Island Honey Bee Royal Propolis Solution Serum a try. 


This serum is rich in natural honey, royal jelly and propolis extract concentrates to nourish your skin to its best condition whilst, keeping your skin’s moisture and radiance in check. Its core strength is keeping the oil-moisture balance by preventing moisture loss from your skin. 

Apart from moisturizing effects, it supports wound healing and reduces oxidative stress, thus helping to retain the health of your skin. 


This serum is formulated with minimal ingredients to encourage a high-performance formula and should work well for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin types.

Vinopure Blemish Control Infusion Serum
10. Caudalie Vinopure Blemish Control Infusion Serum
Best face serum for oily skin
Updated on 15th April 2021
add_circle Effective for oily and blemish-prone skin
add_circle combats blemishes
add_circle blakcheads, and oiliness
add_circle mattifies skin
add_circle soothes irritation

Revel in the beauty of this serum when it works wonders on your oily skin! 


Caudalie Vinopure Blemish Control Infusion Serum does the job right by reducing the appearance of imperfections on your skin and tightening your pores thus, reducing the production of sebum. 

This serum contains a high concentration of natural Salicylic Acid, grape seed polyphenols and organic essential oils. All of them withdraw the impurities from your skin to avoid the occurrence of future breakouts, blackheads and excess oil.

Besides, this serum also contains rosewater that enhances the glow on your skin by further hydrating and smoothening your skin’s texture. 


No doubt powerful, this serum is definitely safe for sensitive skin as it is formulated to be gentle on the skin.

L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Power Serum
L'Oreal Paris
11. L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Power Serum
Best face serum for men
Updated on 15th April 2021
add_circle Hydrating
add_circle refreshing and cooling on skin
add_circle enhances plumper and suppler skin
add_circle non-sticky and non-greasy
add_circle fast absorption

Even men deserves to be pampered. After all, our hot and humid climate can cause adverse effects on our skin. So, women or men - it affects everyone. 


The L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Power Serum is fuelled with French Mountain Water and Hyaluronic Acid that retains up to 1000x its weight in water. From there, that is how you know that this serum will in no doubt offer an intense hydration for your skin. 

This serum also has an Anti-Pollution Particle Adhesion System that forms an ‘invisible’ shield on your skin to minimize the adhesion of pollution particles, thus protecting your skin’s barrier and prevent water loss. 


The biggest trait that most men fancied was the fact that serum does not leave the face feeling sticky afterwards. Additionally, they appreciated the cooling effect as well!

Beauty Aid Beauty Elixir Face Serum
Beauty Aid
12. Beauty Aid Beauty Elixir Face Serum
Best face serum for sensitive skin
Updated on 15th April 2021
add_circle Effective for acne-prone and sensitive skin
add_circle free of parabens
add_circle reduces acne formation
add_circle lightens acne scars
add_circle shrink pores
add_circle hydrating

The Beauty Aid Beauty Elixir Face Serum repairs and replenishes most skin types, but is especially more evident for those with sensitive skin. 


Its formula works to effectively reduce acne, shrink pores, lighten scars and balance oil on the skin. With power ingredients such as Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide, you can be sure that this serum certainly does its job as it said it would. 

The Salicylic Acid content exfoliates your skin and decreases inflammation. Niacinamide on the other hand, protects your skin from external environmental aggressors. 


Users who suffer from breakouts highly advocates for this serum’s efficacy. So, be sure to snatch one of these gems for you will walk out looking and feeling more confident as ever with that healthy and glowing skin of yours!

Bougas Beauty Advanced Serum
Bougas Beauty
13. Bougas Beauty Advanced Serum
Best face serum for combination skin
Updated on 15th April 2021
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle non-sticky
add_circle suitable for all skin types
add_circle improves skin texture
add_circle suitable for both men and women

Juggling between varying skin woes? No problem! Say hello to your new best friend- Bougas Beauty Advanced Serum that works well on combination skin! 


This water-based serum is rich in 4 main plant extracts like Peony, Sakura, Rockfoils and Skullcap. It helps to reduce acne and fades scars. Besides, it also evens out your skin tone and improves your skin’s recovery process. 


The serum is effective in what it does because it is made up of smaller molecules thus, being able to penetrate deeper into your skin to provide better absorption of all its active ingredients. This, in no doubt, makes this serum an ideal pick in targeting skincare woes.

Best affordable anti aging serum - with peptides
14. Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Serum (50mL)
Best anti-ageing face serum
Updated on 15th April 2021
add_circle Fast absorbing
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle refines texture and visibly reduces lines and wrinkles
add_circle very hydrating
remove_circle Contains Fragrance

We understand that as we age, our skin loses its collagen thus, losing its firmness and suppleness. Not to worry because we got that worked out for you. 


The Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Serum contains a skin-plumping magic ingredient - Amino-Peptide Complex II. This fast-absorbing and non-greasy serum helps to regenerate skin’s surface cells. 

Its effective anti-aging ingredients go as far as to penetrate 10 layers deep into your skin’s surface to deeply hydrate your skin for that elastic and firm-looking appearance. By deep ly hydrating the face, it also helps in diminishing the look of wrinkles. 


Highly-rated for its efficiency across most skin types and ages, the drugstore serum is also a favourite for its hydrating property and is frequently recommended to be used at night.

Advanced Clinicals Retinol Serum Anti-Wrinkle
Advanced Clinicals
15. Advanced Clinicals Retinol Serum Anti-Wrinkle
Best face serum with retinol
Updated on 15th April 2021
add_circle Effectively reduce wrinkles
add_circle smoothens and revitalizes the skin
add_circle dermatologically-recommended

Seeking an anti-aging serum? Try this miracle booster of a serum. The Advanced Clinicals Retinol Serum Anti-Wrinkle prides itself of the highly acclaimed retinol that radiates glow on your skin!


Retinol has been known to be one of the most powerful ingredients to combat fine lines, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and evens out skin tone. Fortified into this serum, it will simply dazzle your skin by visibly enhancing and revitalizing your skin’s elasticity.

Besides, it also contains aloe vera and green tea extracts that fight environmental stressors and any visible redness and skin irritation. The glycerine content in this serum also works to moisturize your skin to give it that ‘plumpy’ boost. 


With regular usage, you will find that your wrinkles are much less reduced and your skin to be looking much smoother.

Cosmedica Hyaluronic Acid Serum
16. Cosmedica Hyaluronic Acid Serum
Best face serum with hyaluronic acid
Updated on 15th April 2021
add_circle Gentle on skin
add_circle vegan-free
add_circle free of parabens and fragrances
add_circle oil-free

This natural and organic hyaluronic acid serum not only improves your skin’s texture but brightens your skin as well with intense moisture and balance. 


Cosmedica Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a hydrating facial moisturizer with 100 percent pure hyaluronic acid serum formula. This serum contains anti-aging skincare properties fill-in and thus, aiding in the diminishing looks of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Said to have quick-absorption and great effectiveness, you can expect visible differences that this serum will bring to your skin such as a plumper, softer and smoother skin! 


Although it isn’t the cheapest, most say that it’s worth the purchase if you are looking for a serum that focuses solely on the effectiveness and delivery of the hyaluronic acid ingredient.

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Beauty brand recommendations:

What is the function of a serum?

Serums are full of active ingredients to effectively target specific skin problems such as acne, oily and dry skin. They are also made up of fine molecules which allows them to be absorbed into the skin deeply, quickly and easily to treat it. Additionally, serums help to boost, enhance and lock in the work of moisturisers. 

Are serums necessary?

As we've mentioned before in our best skincare products article, the three most important things you must do is cleanse, tone and moisturise. But, it's highly beneficial to include the many other different kinds of beauty skincare products as they offer something that your cleansers, toners and moisturisers may not.

For example, the difference between toners and serums that is that the latter contain a richer level of ingredients to target certain skin matter more effectively.

How do I choose a face serum?

If it’s your first time trying out a face serum, you can opt for one with hydrating properties. However, if you are looking to target specific concerns, look for serums with ingredients that work specifically to treat your problem. For instance, if you require more moisture, look for serums with hyaluronic acid. Serums with vitamin C properties are helpful to brighten your complexion, and those with peptides are effective to treat wrinkles.

Purchasing serums

Ideally, you would want to find a serum that has a powerful list of ingredients. However, it is common that the more potent they are, the higher the price might be. Nonetheless, bear in mind to always look for serums with lighter colours first. The clearer they are, the more likely that they are made up of smaller molecules. This ensures that they penetrate easily through the skin’s outer layer.

It is also important to know what your skin type is. Water-based serums are better for those with oily skin while those that are oil-based or have a richer texture will be more effective for those with drier skin. 

Key things to remember

Face serums are a great way to really customise your skincare regime to work to your benefit depending on what you want to achieve. However, remember that not all serums are created in the same way. It is important to be mindful of the ingredients listed.

At the end of the day, skincare is definitely not a one size fits all. Therefore, find out what works for your skin and what does not, and build from there. 

How To Use A Face Serum?

Applying face serums does not involve just any standard procedure. Several steps can be taken before and after a serum to ensure better adherence to your skin. Here is a quick overview in using the best methods to apply face serums onto your skin.

1. Cleanse

As always, prior to applying any skincare product on your face, it is highly important to ensure that your skin is cleansed first to remove any build-up or debris that could block the passage way for the serum to do its job.

2. Toner

The right layering of products on your skin is very crucial. After cleansing your skin, you should apply a small amount of alcohol-free toner. This is important because this makes the dry skin 10 times more permeable and thus, allows for better absorption of your face serum.

3. Serum

After all those steps are done, what are you waiting for? Go on and dab that preferred serum of yours on your skin! 

You can choose to either apply your serum with the help of your fingertips by gently tapping on your skin. A second way is to use your palms by applying 3-4 drops of the serum into your palms and gently rubbing them together to warm and activate the serum. Then press your palms gently on your skin and pat the serum in up and down motions until your face is covered with the serum.

4. Moisturize

After applying your serum, it is advisable to give it 5 minutes for the serum to settle and be fully absorbed into your skin. Then, you can go ahead and apply your face moisturizer. This way, the moisturizer helps to seal your serum and lock in the vital nutrients. 

It also gives you that extra layer of moisture that protects and hydrates your skin to achieve that supple and dewy glow. 

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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