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16 Best Mattresses in Malaysia 2024 (High Quality Brands)

Ensuring a good night’s sleep, always

Whether you’re a student looking for something small and light, or someone in their twilight years who wants to maintain their posture, a good, comfortable bed is essential to your health and wellbeing.

As such, we’ve compiled a list of the best mattresses you can buy in Malaysia today, to help you with whatever needs you may have. 

Top 17 Mattresses in Malaysia

Our Favourite Mattress
Partnership with Sonno
Sonno Original Mattress review malaysia
Check Sonno Original Mattress price below:
add_circle Long-lasting compared to spring mattresses (uses natural latex)
add_circle Reviewed to have helped relieve back pains
add_circle Thick in size for better support to the body
remove_circle Higher in price compared to similar competitors


A memory foam mattress provides excellent spinal support and pressure relief, easily moulding itself to the shape of your body when you sleep on it. They are also known to be more longer-lasting than spring mattresses. 

Such a variant is the Sonno Original, an award-winning memory foam mattress. Proudly made in Malaysia, the Sonno Mattress features 3 layers: 2cm 100% natural Malaysian latex layer, 5cm memory foam layer, and 16cm high-density support foam layer. 

We tried the mattress ourselves and it has significantly helped to relieve our back pain. It is also super comfortable, with our editor sharing that he can fall asleep so effortlessly once he switched to the Sonno Original. 

Sonno also offers a 100-night trial, allowing you to try it out for yourself and returning it for free if it’s not your cup of tea. Other perks include a 10-year warranty, free shipping, and even a 0% instalment plan! 


Sizes available: Single, Single XL (Ikea size) Super Single, Super Single XL (Ikea size), Queen, Queen XL (Ikea size), King, King XL (Ikea size), Super King

Suitable for: Back, Side


  • 3-layer mattress for optimal comfort and spinal support
  • 2cm natural latex top layer
  • 5cm memory foam
  • 16cm support foam

Who is this for?
Are you suffering from back pain and need spine support? With excellent spinal support and pressure relief from the mattress, you will instantly get the beauty sleep you definitely deserve! 

In addition, the combination of five-start layers and materials from the mattress supports your entire body by moulding into the shape of your body for all rounded support—side sleepers rejoice!

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Mattress for back pain
Check Origin Hybrid Mattress price below:
add_circle Ergonomic design
add_circle Springy-ness that guarantees 10 years worth of usage
add_circle Built with motion isolation technology

Partnership with Origin

The Origin Hybrid mattress is by no means ‘soft’ like a cloud. In fact, it’s still on the firm side but softer than many ‘firm’ mattresses, as rated and loved by existing users.

Designed with sleep experts, the Origin Hybrid Mattress is made with cutting-edge technology and the highest quality materials to offer a sleeping pad that’s neither too soft nor too firm. Thus, it’s a great value option mattress that gives the right amount of support for both back and side sleepers without sacrificing comfort and quality.


Designed in Germany and manufactured in Malaysia, the 10-inch thick Origin Hybrid Mattress has many winning qualities you’d want in a mattress: hypoallergenic, anti-parasitic, and anti-microbial.

As part of its certification process, all Origin Hybrid mattresses have CertiPUR-US® and CeriOEKO-TEX® certifications. This ensures that they have been tested in independent labs and are free of harmful substances, thus making them safe for everyone, including babies, toddlers and the elderly.

To soothe and prepare the body for sleep, the mattress consists of cooling gel memory foam, pocket springs, and natural latex in a six-layer construction. 

With the natural latex fill, the mattress provides gentle cushioning and bounce-back support to reduce back and joint pain. Meanwhile, its pocket springs provide pressureless support that adjusts instantly to a variety of sleeping movements. Because of that, the mattress is ideal for all sleeping positions to prevent you from waking up with body aches in the morning.

Moreover, the mattress is fitted with Origin CloudCool Memory Foam, which is the first cooling technology introduced into Malaysian mattresses. How it works is that the breathable memory foam is infused with cooling gel to dissipate heat flowing through the mattress, keeping you cool and dry even in our sweltering heat.

Specifically, the Origin Hybrid Mattress is a medium-firm mattress designed to fit the body size and weight of Asians. For your assurance, the mattress is also made with a medium-firmness level, as it is preferred by most Malaysians – giving you the best of both worlds.

If paired with a silky soft and plush Tencel Pillowtop from Origin, one will feel as if they are sleeping on a cloud, but with proper support and cushion for your spine and back.

Details - Origin Hybrid Mattress

  • Layers consist of CloudCool Memory Foam + Natural Latex + Pocket Springs
  • Zero Motion Isolation Technology
  • Thick & supportive 10-Inch mattress
  • Recommended by leading Sleep Experts
  • 120 days trial with 15 years warranty

Who is this for?

As Malaysia’s top-awarded mattress, Origin believes that users should take the time to see if the mattresses are suited for them, which is why every Origin mattress comes with a 120-day risk-free trial. With that, users can test the mattress in the comfort of their own homes. The 120-day free trial entitles users to a full refund if unsatisfied. 

Furthermore, users will receive a 15-year warranty as well as free delivery to their doorstep. 

Best mattress overall
Joey Mattress
Check Joey Mattress price below:
add_circle Built to comfort the back
add_circle Treated with dust mite repellent
add_circle Keeps your body cool
add_circle Thick in inches for full-body support
remove_circle Materials used are not as durable as some similar competitors


A medium-firm mattress that is soft yet provides good support; the Joey mattress is the perfect mattress for anyone looking for a balance of softness and support. Backing it up is the ton of reviews online for it.

It features a breathable foam structure that allows fresh air to flow in and out easily in order to keep your body cool all night. Interestingly, the mattress is engineered with zero-motion-transfer technology that isolates any movements on the mattress, allowing you to sleep undisturbed all night!


  • Sizes available: Single, Super Single, Queen, King
  • Suitable for: Back, side, stomach sleepers
  • Material: J-Foam, Polyester
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Best hybrid mattress - great latex mattress option
Naturenite Identity 80 Mattress_1
Check Naturenite Identity 80 Mattress price below:


Having a soft, comfortable mattress that provides great spinal support is important since we essentially spend most of our lives sleeping. With a top surface made of a 5cm-thick natural latex layer, followed by Naturenite’s signature metafoam base, the Identity 80 Mattress is the perfect type of hybrid mattress for you. Combining the best of both worlds, it offers you comfort like never before. 


  • Sizes available: Single, Super Single, Queen, King
  • Suitable for: Back, side, stomach sleepers
  • Material: Meta Foam, Natural Latex

Who is this for? 

With 100% natural latex that gives you great comfort, body aches will truly be a thing of the past! It is designed with cooling memory foam and a Duramax HD foam base, targeting consumers needing extra comfort for a healthier trip to dreamland.

Best mattress with cooling technology
Amazeam Mattress
Check Amazeam Mattress price below:
add_circle 6 sizes available
add_circle Good air ventilation
add_circle Breathable fabrics
add_circle Anti-dust mite


Tired of the hot and humid weather? Then consider the Amazeam Mattress, which uses state of the art technology and techniques to help you get the coolest, and thus most comfortable, sleep possible.

Featuring a chilled fabric top cover, a 4D air mesh side cover, and a cool gel air memory foam comfort layer; this mattress will make you feel as if you’re experiencing cool seasons. The gel memory foam doesn’t just provide excellent cooling, but also joint pain relief, proper weight distribution, and dust mite mitigation.


  • Sizes available: Single, Single XL, Super Single, Queen, Queen XL, King, King XL
  • Suitable for: Back, side, stomach sleepers
  • Material: Memory Foam, Airmesh Fabric

Who is this for? 

Are you tired of scratching your itchy body in bed, as your current mattress gives you sweats? Worry not—this mattress has a cooling gel that provides a night of peaceful sleep as it helps to regulate air flow and body temperature. 

In addition, you can enjoy your sleep with minimum disturbance as it is designed with zero motion transfer so even if your partner is tasselling in sleep won’t be able to wake you. 

Best firm mattress
Ikea Hafslo Mattress
Check Ikea Hafslo Mattress price below:
add_circle Designed to not sink your body into the mattress
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle 25-year guarantee


For people who prefer to sleep ‘on’ their mattress rather than sink into it; the firm padding of the IKEA Hafslo Mattress might be the perfect one for you. It provides excellent support for your body as it even distributes your weight all over. Best of all, the mattress is affordable!


  • Sizes available: Single, Queen, King
  • Suitable for: Back, side sleepers
  • Material: 73% cotton, 27% polyester 

Who is this for?

Look, not everybody wants a super soft, cloud-like mattress. Some of us find comfort in mattress firmness such as the Ikea Hafslo mattress. It has less foam and thicker Bonnel springs, giving you firm-fans what you desire. In addition, it gives enough bounciness and comfort for a blissful night's sleep.

Best coconut fibre mattress (great for kids)
ECOlux 12inch Palladio Independent Pocketed Mattress
Check ECOlux 12inch Palladio Independent Pocketed Mattress price below:
add_circle Soft and comfortable quilting design for full back support
add_circle 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects
add_circle No need for flipping/rotation


With six layers built inside–made of low, medium-low and high-density foam, followed by thick coconut fibre and a great spring system, this Palladio mattress has a comfort level similar to a premium hotel mattress.

The layers within are not made with no purpose as they are conditioned to provide spine support and a breathable surface while also preventing dust mites. Its ECOFoam Technology will lessen your back pain and spinal pressure, increasing your sleep quality, body posture and health.


  • Measurement (King Size): 191cm x 183cm x 30.5cm
  • Size(s) available: King, Queen, Single, Super Single
  • Type: Foam mattress
  • Materials: Aloe vera fabric, high-density foam, coconut fibre
  • Warranty: 10 years

Who is this for?

For those in search of an affordable mattress that can improve back health and posture, or a mattress for kids to have good posture, this could be the best choice. Coming with two free pillows, this ECOLux Palladio offers a premium hotel mattress-like quality. Now every day can feel like a holiday to you!

Best affordable mattress
SpinaRez Spina S Mattress
Check SpinaRez Spina S Mattress price below:
add_circle Good air ventilation
add_circle Medium-firmness
add_circle Bouncy


You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a good night’s sleep as there are affordable mattresses out there. The SpinaRez Spina S Mattress is a great quality yet budget-friendly mattress that provides excellent spinal support. 

Equipped with 4D mesh fabric that facilitates air ventilation in the mattress, it ensures that your body stays cool when you sleep. 


  • Sizes available: Single, Super Single, Queen, King
  • Suitable for: Back, side, stomach sleepers
  • Material: 4D mesh fabric

Who is this for? 

Do you need a thick and comfortable mattress but most on the market are stretching your budget a bit too much? Then you’re in luck because the SpinaRez Spina S Mattress provides a thickness of 10 inches which gives you extra comfort at an affordable price.

Moreover, it has a 6-turn Bonnell Spring System and 2” High Resilient Foam Euro Top Padding, and 1 Layer of coconut fibre, which perfectly supports the human body and improves the mattress comfort for the best slumber experience.

Best mattress for senior citizens
Betensh 10inch Pocket Spring Mattress
Check Betensh 10inch Pocket Spring Mattress price below:
add_circle Made without harmful materials
add_circle It gives comfort and reduces back pain
add_circle Designed with tempered steel coil for powerful support


As we age, the bones and veins in us start to be even more sensitive than they used to be, making even sitting down difficult. When it comes to getting a good quality of sleep and rest, it is crucial to choose the right mattress to ensure the best possible level of comfort.

This mattress from Betensh is made with a tempered coil system to provide powerful support to all parts of your body. Its reinforced foam maximises edge support, decreasing the risks of falling off the bed, especially for elderly users.

Made of materials that are certified to be harmless, the polymer-knitted mattress has chiropractic latex and fluffy cotton stuffed in to make the bed soft yet moderately firm. This will make it feel gentle on you, reducing back pain and relieving your body. Some buyers even said that it feels like laying on clouds!


  • Measurement (King Size): 183cm x 190cm x 25cm
  • Size(s) available: King, Queen, Single, Super Single
  • Type: Foam mattress
  • Materials: Polymer-knitted fabric, chiropractic latex, adhesive-free fluffy cotton
  • Warranty: 5 years

Who is this for?

Without a good mattress, the quality of rest and sleep will not be as great, leading to other health risks if not taken care of. Since this product has a high permeability, it is suitable for senior citizens and those with back pain, who require a soft and spongy mattress to relieve aches and pains after a long day.

Best memory foam mattress - designed with cooling technology
MLILY Supreme Cooling_2
Check MLILY Supreme Cooling price below:
add_circle Firmness scale: 5/10
add_circle Made from high-end materials at affordable price
add_circle Certified with CertiPUR-US® Certification


Designed for a relaxing cool night, the MLILY Supreme Cooling mattress promises you a comfortable sleep, even during hot, humid nights. With its Cool Gel Memory Foam, it’s perfect for sleepers of any kind, whether they like to lie on their back, sides, or even stomach. 


  • Sizes available: Supreme Single, Supreme Queen, Supreme King
  • Suitable for: Back, side, stomach sleepers
  • Material: Cooling Gel Memory Foam

Who is this for? 

It does not matter if you are a side, back, or stomach sleeper, as this all-foam bed can provide great comfort for all. With medium-soft firmness, the foam mattress is adaptable and can contour according to your body shape which provides full 360 support.

Dr. Alstone Hybrid Care Series Flewy 8inch Latex Feel Mattress
Check Dr. Alstone Hybrid Care Series Flewy 8inch Latex Feel Mattress price below:
add_circle Made from imported soft-knitted fabric
add_circle It has no spring/ no coil. Made with full latex
add_circle Suitable for pregnant women


While it is made with zero spring, this latex-based mattress makes you feel cool and comfortable at night by supporting your spinal and joint alignments. The two layers of coconut fibre assist in providing a balanced comfort of firmness and softness to enhance durability.

With the touch of knitted fabric, this mattress from Dr. Alstone has a soft and smooth surface which is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungus and anti-dustmite for a longer lifespan of the mattress and a night of healthier sleep for the users. The 10-year warranty explains the confidence that the manufacturer has in this one.


  • Measurement (King Size): 190cm x 183cm x 20cm
  • Size(s) available: King, Queen, Single, Super Single
  • Type: Spring-free mattress
  • Materials: Soft-knitted fabric, latex, high-density foam, coconut fibre
  • Warranty: 10 years

Who is this for?

If you are looking for a spring-free mattress with a soft and bouncy feeling, this Flewy from Dr. Alstone should be your top pick. With its sensible price and long warranty, this is a good investment for a comfy mattress.

ECOlux Foldable & Portable Mattress
Check ECOlux Foldable & Portable Mattress price below:
add_circle Easy to bring anywhere
add_circle Has an enhanced airflow, giving it extra comfort
add_circle Reduces the body aches


Sometimes we need to be wise about getting things that take up too much space, especially in a smaller-sized room or house. With this foldable and portable mattress, moving around with a comfortable mattress to lay on has become possible.

Even with its compact design, this ECOlux mattress is made of smooth satin fabric and high-density foam to ensure user comfort– called the ECOfoam technology which enhances airflow while reducing pain and pressure on the body. Thanks to its hypoallergenic fill, this mattress is capable of preventing dust mites and bacteria from getting into it.


  • Measurement (Closed):  3ft (W) x 2ft (L) x 9inch (H) 
  • Measurement (Opened) : 3ft (W) x 6ft (L) x 3inch (H)
  • Size(s) available: Single
  • Type: Foam mattress
  • Materials: Satin fabric, high-density foam, hypoallergenic fill
  • Warranty: None

Who is this for?

Not only is it of good quality and price, but its portability is its key feature. If you are looking for an easy-to-store mattress so that you can save space, this foldable mattress is the best choice for you. Additionally, this would also be a good resting place for common spaces like the living room and playroom.

Psst. It also comes with a free pillow!

Best mattress for babies
Fly Me Baby
Fly Me Baby Mattress_1
Check Fly Me Baby Mattress price below:
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Made with natural bamboo fibre
add_circle The cover is waterproof and anti-slip
add_circle Gives an anatomical support


The Fly Me Baby Mattress is the perfect mattress for your small, young loved ones, allowing them to have a nice comfortable sleeping experience. It provides anatomical support in combination with unique pressure relieving properties to help mould and support your child’s body and back shape. 


  • Sizes available: 60x120x10cm, 70x130x10cm
  • Suitable for: Babies
  • Material: Memory foam, Polyurethane foam

Who is this for? 

The Fly Me Baby Mattress is suitable for parents who need a cosy mattress for their little ones. It is not too hard or soft, and the thickness is sufficient to support the baby’s weight while providing essential support. Moreover, it comforts your little ones as it offers pressure-relieving, which allows proper support to the neck vertebrae.

Best luxury mattress
Dreamland Chiro
Dreamland Chiro Perfect_1
Check Dreamland Chiro Perfect price below:
add_circle 10 years warranty
add_circle 360 support
add_circle Anti-dust mite-treated fabric, which reduces allergens


For those of us who love the feel and comfort of a hotel mattress, take a look at the Dreamland Chiro Perfect. This mattress perfectly emulates the softness of a hotel bed, offering top-of-the-line quality. Designed with a Miracoil spring system, the mattress ensures proper support for your figure, ensuring a healthy posture. 


  • Sizes available: Single, Twin, Queen, King
  • Suitable for: Back, side, stomach sleepers
  • Material: Miracoil, Dust-mite treated fabrics

Who is this for? 

Due to the medium-density foam designed by practising chiropractors, you will get a relaxing night and feel like sleeping in a hotel bed. Moreover, the mattress provides higher durability and improves your sleep comfort as it is designed with Miracoil Springs.

SpinaRez Foamstar Latex Feel Foam Mattress
Check SpinaRez Foamstar Latex Feel Foam Mattress price below:
add_circle Provides a luxurious feel to the sleeping experience with its thickness
add_circle Reduces back pain
add_circle Made with hypoallergenic high-density foam, which is safe for people with allergies


Providing durable and long-lasting usage, this SpinaRez Foamstar mattress is tailored to be optimally comfortable for its users. Its materials guarantee a non-toxic, odourless, anti-bacterial and anti-dustmite mattress with noise reduction.

Comes with two different thicknesses for you to choose from, both of them will support your neck and back to ensure more comfort and less body ache.


  • Measurement (4-inch thick): 190cm x 90cm x 10cm
  • Size(s) available: Single (4-inch thick), Single (5-inch thick)
  • Type: Foam mattress
  • Materials: High-quality knitted Damask cover, latex, hypoallergenic high-density foam
  • Warranty: None

Who is this for?

For students who are looking for mattresses to bring to rental houses or hostels, this is a great option considering its affordability and features. This would also be sufficient if you are in need of a budget-friendly single mattress–a cheap yet amazing mattress.

Best mattress for elderly
Check Nosda Cloud price below:
add_circle Removable and washable mattress cover
add_circle Reduces sweat as it is made with cooling fabric
add_circle Provides zero motion transfer


Introducing Nosda Cloud, the perfectly designed solution to cater to your every comfort need, regardless of your age. With its exceptional support and specialized back care features, it ensures unparalleled comfort for those seeking extra care for their backs.

 Experience the epitome of cosiness with the revolutionary CloudCell foam incorporated in Nosda Cloud. This unique material not only enhances breathability but also wraps you in a luxurious embrace, guaranteeing the ultimate level of comfort. Prepare to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to conquer the day ahead.


  • Layered with Cloudcell foam and natural latex
  • Sizes available: King, Queen, Super Single, Single
  • It provides safety and an anti-slip bottom cover

Who is this for?

Are you struggling to find a mattress that best suits seniors? Worry no more, as Nosda Cloud can solve your problems. This mattress goes beyond the ordinary with its pressure-relief design, promoting better airflow and evenly distributing body weight. No more endless searches for the right mattress size, as it is available in four convenient sizes, saving you valuable time and effort.


- How do you know when your mattress needs replacing?

Over time, you can expect your mattress to deteriorate. What are signs of regular wear and tear that indicate you should replace your mattress? FInd out below.

A sure sign that you need a new mattress is when you wake up feeling sore. Get it replaced ASAP as it means that your mattress is no longer providing your back and body with good support. On top of that, you may probably notice an indentation that's more than 2 inches.

- How do you clean a dirty mattress?

It’s important to clean and maintain your mattress in good condition to ensure durability and comfort. A dirty mattress may harbour dust mites and fungi that are unhygienic and may also negatively impact your health and trigger allergies.

First, remove your sheets and throw them into the washing machine. Hot water will get rid of any dust mites. To remove any sweat or stains, use some mild detergent or an enzyme cleaner. Blot or dab at the stained area with a microfibre cloth. While you should avoid rubbing or using any harsh chemicals, you may want to add a little hydrogen peroxide to tackle more stubborn stains.

Then, you’ll want to deodorize your mattress by sprinkling a layer of baking soda on it and letting it sit for a few hours. Doing so eliminates any odour that may be lingering on your mattress. Once it’s clean and fresh, just vacuum off any residue as well as dust that may be deep within the mattress.

All that’s left to do is flip the mattress and repeat the process. Besides, consider using a mattress protector for durability and added comfort.

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