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8 Best Queen Size Mattresses in Malaysia - 2024 Brand Reviews

Definition for the crown jewel of bedroom comfort!

In the world of bedroom upgrades, nothing quite matches the comfort of a queen-size mattress. Offering the needs of both size and budget, queen-size mattresses in Malaysia are aplenty, so there is no need to worry about finding one that don’t suit you.

Whether you’re looking for a plush and price-worthy option or one that’s practical for your budget, we list the best mattresses in Malaysia for your preference.

Top 8 Queen Size Mattresses in Malaysia

SpinaRez Lily Hypoallergenic High-Density Foam Mattress
Check SpinaRez Lily Hypoallergenic High-Density Foam Mattress price below:
add_circle Reasonable price
add_circle Offers 6 years warranty
add_circle Elegant design

Why It’s Our Top Pick?

The SpinaRez Lily Hypoallergenic High-Density Foam Mattress doesn’t just cater to budget users, but also comfort, health, and style. 

Designed to offer a holistic sleep solution, the mattress profile accommodates a wide range of sleep preferences while ensuring a clean and allergen-free sleep space. It’s made with the brand’s ‘Aloe Vera’ like fabric, along with an Italian design and quality craftsmanship, make it the queen of queen-size mattresses. Plus, the generous 6-year warranty adds extra assurance to your peaceful slumber.


If you have been searching for the perfect queen-size mattress, look no further. The SpinaRez Lily Hypoallergenic High-Density Foam Mattress is designed to let you enjoy that sinking feeling into a cosy, medium-firm embrace, courtesy of its 10-inch hypoallergenic high-density foam.

Plus, it has an elegant and exclusive Italian border design that ensures durability, finished with quality craftsmanship. Moreover, the luxurious knit fabric is both comfortable and soft, providing a luxurious touch for a more comfortable night’s sleep.


  • Thickness: 10-inch
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Product dimension: (L)190cm x (W)150cm x (H) 25.4cm
  • It is made with Aloe Vera fabric to release human body static
  • Anti-dust mite, anti-bacteria, and anti-fungus

Who is this for?

This mattress by SpinaRez is perfect for individuals who want a thick mattress that is soft, firm, and durable. Moreover, if you value quality, hypoallergenic features, and a touch of Italian flair, SpinaRez Lily Hypoallergenic High-Density Foam Mattress is an ideal choice. It ensures you get a restful night’s sleep, night after night, and only uses high-quality material.

Best queen size mattress for back pain
Getha Greetings V Mattress
Check Getha Greetings V Mattress price below:
add_circle Tested on hazardous emissions and components
add_circle Long-lasting
add_circle Toxic free
remove_circle High-priced


If you’ve been searching for a queen-size mattress to alleviate your back pain, this Getha mattress is the perfect option. Although coming with a pretty price tag, the mattress is designed to provide the ultimate sleep, luxury, and comfort, making it worth your every penny. With its upgraded 23cm thickness, this mattress offers a deep and rejuvenating slumber.

The mattress is crafted with an innovative fabric made from full vegan, plant-based material that adds a touch of opulence and contributes to the mattress’s eco-friendliness and durability. For durability, it is also made with 100% natural latex that offers optimal support while being naturally hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite.


  • Thickness: 9-inch
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Capacity: -
  • Product dimension: (L)190cm x (W)150cm x (H) 23cm
  • It is made with vegan fabric
  • Anti-dust mite
  • Designed with a high-quality pure natural latex

Who is this for?

Are you seeking a mattress with the utmost comfort and support, especially if you suffer from back pain? It would be worth investing in a mattress like this one. Made of high-quality vegan materials, it’s an excellent choice in the long term for those who care about their well-being in the long run.

Best queen-size mattress for camping
INTEX (67770) DuraBeam Queen Airbed Mattress
Check INTEX (67770) DuraBeam Queen Airbed Mattress price below:
add_circle Waterproof, resistant, and lightweight
add_circle Anti-deflation valve to keep you comfortable
remove_circle No warranty


Imagine the perfect night’s sleep under the starry sky surrounded by the sound of nature during your camping or glamping adventure. That’s what the INTEX (67770) DuraBeam Queen Airbed Mattress tries to deliver. 

Made with comfort and durability in mind, the mattress is of a lightweight yet robust piece, which is supported with INTEX’s ultra-plush Fiber-tech technology to ensure ample support for a restful night’s sleep. Moreover, it’s incredibly easy to set up, thanks to the electric air pump included.


  • Thickness: 33cm
  • Firmness: -
  • Capacity: n/a
  • Product dimension: (L)152cm x (W)203cm x (H) 33cm
  • Provides electric air pump for quick inflation 
  • Unique edge construction for more stability
  • Made with ultra plush fibre technology 

Who is this for?

This INTEX (64448) DuraBeam Queen Airbed Mattress is ideal for campers who appreciate comfort and convenience. Bid farewell to uncomfortable camping nights and hello to a truly restful sleep experience.  Whether you’re in the great outdoors or accommodating guests at home, its durability and Fiber-tech technology construction provides unmatched comfort and support.

Check King Koil Spinalcare Pedic Pocketed Coil Mattress (13") price below:
add_circle 10-years warranty
add_circle High-Density Foam Encasement Extra Edge Support
add_circle Anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite
remove_circle Slightly expensive


For quality and brand assurance, just give the King Koil Spinalcare Pedic Pocketed Coil Mattress (13”) a try for unparalleled comfort every night. Besides, it promises a sleep experience like no other, crafted with precision and care for the users.

The mattress is made from 100% organic cotton ticking so that you will experience the purest form of cotton for a soothing and eco-friendly sleep surface. You can also rest easy knowing you have reliable edge support, maximising the usable surface of your mattress thanks to its medium firmness and 13-inch thickness for proper back support.


  • Thickness: 13-inch
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Product dimension: (L)190cm x (W)152cm x (H) 33cm
  • 100% Organic Cotton Ticking-The purest form of cotton
  • Individual Barrel Shape Pocketed Coil Spring System
  • High Resilient Foam

Who is this for?

Not a fan of latex mattresses? You can achieve the same rejuvenating night’s rest for yourself  with this mattress’ cotton construction. Plus, with a 10-year warranty from King Koil Malaysia, you can enjoy peace of mind and exceptional sleep.

Best cheap queen mattress
Indigo Mattress
Check Indigo Mattress price below:
add_circle Low-priced
add_circle Durable
add_circle Reduce motion transfer
add_circle Breathable


Do you find it difficult to get your hands on a queen-sized mattress that is reasonable and comfy without spending much money? Worry no more. Whether you prefer 10-inch, 11-inch, or 12-inch thickness, the Indigo mattress is crafted with ample comfort in mind without sacrificing too big of a price tag.

The mattress features a high-density foam and an inner coil spring system to provide stability and support throughout the night. Its breathable design and chiropractic coil also ensures that you will get that peaceful rest since it helps to improve breathability as well as reduce unnecessary body pressure points.


  • Thickness: 10 / 11/ 12 -inch
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Product dimension: (L)190cm x (W)152cm x (H) 25cm
  • Contains an inner coil spring system
  • High-Density Foam

Who is this for?

The Indigo Mattress is the best budget mattress for those who want to enjoy a restful night’s sleep without spending too much penny. Moreover, it offers breathability and support to your back, giving ultimate comfort to your well-being. 

Whether you are a solo sleeper who prefers ample space in your bed or sharing the mattress with a partner, this mattress caters to various preferences and body types.

Best queen-size mattress for side sleepers
SpinaRez North Star Mattress
Check SpinaRez North Star Mattress price below:
add_circle 10-years warranty
add_circle Made from cool silk fabric
add_circle Spine support and alignment
add_circle Reduce back pain


If you constantly sleep on either the left or right side of your body and need a high-quality mattress, look no further than SpinaRez North Star Mattress. This option is designed with individual pocket springs wrapped in a fabric “pocket”. 

The mattress utilises coils to absorb any excess body pressure without being distributed to surrounding springs. Hence, the springs minimise movement and significantly reduce partner disturbance.

Besides, the foam-encased edge support provides an extended sleep surface and firmer seating edge with its high-density foam material. No more waking up in sweat as this mattress has cool silk fabric that naturally absorbs heat away from your body.


  • Thickness: 14 -inch
  • Firmness: Soft
  • Product dimension: (L)190cm x (W)180cm x (H) 355cm
  • High-Density Soft Foam
  • It has an individual pocket spring system
  • Dust mite resistant

Who is this for?

This mattress is ideal for people with back pain problems, providing additional support, padding, and comfort. With its 14 inches of thickness, you are able to sleep in perfect alignment! Plus, the firmness is super soft and perfect for any sleep position like side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper.

Best queen mattress for a heavy person
ECO-LEX Pearl 14%22 Mattress
Check ECO-LEX Pearl 14" Mattress price below:
add_circle Safe and hypoallergenic
add_circle Non-toxic
add_circle Provides good support to the spine


Have you been seeking the perfect mattress that guarantees comfort and is ideal for those who need extra support? This mattress from ECO-LEX gives full spinal cord support and has been scientifically tested to enhance spinal alignment and body posture. 

It is also designed with a seven-zone support pocket spring and layered with coconut fibre so your entire body doesn’t sink into the mattress unnecessarily.

Besides, it does not contain harmful chemicals that may harm human health and nature as the fabric is made from organic cotton.


  • Thickness: 14 -inch
  • Firmness: Medium firm
  • Product dimension: (L) 152cm x (W) 190cm x (H) 35cm
  • It has a 7-zone support pocket spring

Who is this for?

This mattress is suitable for those who want a pure latex mattress as they are known for their high durability, stability, and reliability. Moreover, the mattress can resist dust mites and consists of 100% natural materials, making it safe and hypoallergenic. It is also perfect for improving your airflow and helps to enhance better circulation.

Dr. Macio Osteopedic With Cool-Tech Fabric
Check Dr. Macio Osteopedic With Cool-Tech Fabric price below:
add_circle Reduce back pain
add_circle Free 2 pillows
add_circle 10-years warranty


Imagine yourself sinking into the most comfortable mattress on a long, exhausting day. Want that? Let this mattress from Dr. Macio be the ticket to a dreamy night’s sleep. 

At 12 inches thick, the bed offers unbeatable support and cosiness. The pillow-top design and chiropractic coil system works to cradle your body while maintaining proper alignment for the spine.

Besides, it has a cooling feature due to its material, which prevents you from heating and sweating. Thus, you can wake up with bright eyes the next day without body aches.


  • Thickness: 12 -inch
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Product dimension: (L) 190cm x (W) 152cm x (H) 30cm
  • It is designed with mattress edge support and cooling fabric

Who is this for?

If you need a good night’s sleep and crave the perfect balance of support and comfort, the Dr. Macio Osteopedic With Cool-Tech Fabric has all the requirements. It is also a game-changer for hot sleepers seeking refreshing and cool sensations throughout the night!


- What is the size of a queen mattress?

Like many Asian countries, standard queen mattress in Malaysia typically measure approximately 150 centimetres in width and 200 centimetres in length. This size vary depending on the specific manufacturer and region, but these dimensions are commonly accepted for a queen-size mattress in many Asian countries. Do remember that mattress dimensions can vary slightly based on the manufacturer and the specific model.

- What types of queen mattresses are available?

Queen mattresses come in various types to suit different preferences and needs. Some common types include:

  • Innerspring Mattresses: These mattresses have a coil support system and may include layers of foam or padding. They are typically known for offering long-lasting support to the body but may not be the most comfortable.
  • Memory Foam Mattresses: These mattresses are known for contouring to the shape of your body and for providing excellent support and pressure relief. They tend to trap heat between the skin and the mattress so you might want to choose one made with a cooling material/technology.
  • Latex Mattresses: Made from natural or synthetic latex, these mattresses offer durability and responsiveness. They are also famed for their longevity and being friendly to sensitive skin though they are also generally more expensive.
  • Hybrid Mattresses: If you can’t choose between a memory foam or coil mattress, this type combines elements of both, often with a pocketed coil system and memory foam layers. They come in varied prices but usually on the higher end.
  • Adjustable Air Mattresses: If you need a portable mattress for your guests or as a temporary bunk, these types are great. They also usually allow you to adjust the firmness level to your preference by inflating or deflating air chambers.
  • Pillow-top Mattresses: If you generally don’t like most pillows in the market and prefer to sleep with a flatter option, these types are great as they have an added layer of cushioning on top for extra comfort. Alternatively, this type lets you sleep with flatter pillows which means it’s easier for you to adjust your pillow height.

- Best queen mattress brands in Malaysia

The "best" mattress brand can vary depending on individual preferences, comfort needs, and budget. For typical Malaysians, a comfortable material along with price is the most concerned features to look at. 

Some well-regarded mattress brands in Malaysia are as below:

King Koil: Known for its quality and durability, King Koil offers a range of mattress types to suit different sleepers. They are known for their quality and have a variety of mattress types, including memory foam, innerspring, and latex. The brand is also well-established in the market and holds a good brand image.

Sealy: Sealy is a globally recognised brand known for its innovative mattress designs and support systems. Their expertise goes all the way back to the year 1881! The prices are generally in the mid to upper budget range.

Vono: Another well-known brand in Malaysia would be Vono which offers a variety of mattresses designed for comfort and support, with options for different sleep preferences.

Dreamland: Need a budget option? Dreamland mattresses are designed to provide comfort and a good night's sleep at affordable prices without sacrificing quality.

Getha: Largely catered to the upper market, Getha specialises in natural latex mattresses and bedding products, appealing to those looking for eco-friendly options. Their mattresses are also known to last long.

Sonno: While not a traditional mattress brand, Sonno is a Malaysian-based online mattress company that has gained popularity for its memory foam mattresses. They offer convenient online purchasing and delivery in the form of box mattresses, which allows middle-class to enjoy good quality memory foam options.

It's important to note that the "best" mattress brand can be highly subjective, and what works best for one person may not be ideal for another. When choosing a mattress, consider factors like your preferred firmness level, any specific health or comfort needs, and your budget. Additionally, reading reviews and testing mattresses in-store can help you make an informed decision.

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