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15 Best Mattresses to Help You Sleep Peacefully All Night Long

A good’s night sleep should always feel luxurious.

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A good-quality mattress is super essential to a good night’s sleep. However, you may be confused by the various different types of mattresses available in the market, such as memory foam mattress, latex mattress, hybrid mattress, etc. 

What’s worse, with the current pandemic in place, you may not have the chance to test out mattresses in a physical store, and instead have to resort to buying them online. Additionally, with online purchases, there are just too many reviews to help you make a sound decision. 

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best mattresses in Malaysia that will give you good quality and peaceful sleep all night long.

Joey Mattress
Joey Mattress
Best rated mattress
Updated on 24th June 2021
add_circle Built to comfort the back
add_circle Treated with dust mite repellent
add_circle Keeps your body cool
add_circle Thick in inches for full-body support
remove_circle Materials used are not as durable as some similar competitors

If you’re looking for a balance of softness and support, the Joey Mattress is your go-to mattress. It consists of an 8cm comfort layer and a 15cm support layer, both of which are made from J-Foam, the brand’s very own proprietary foam built for better breathability and support. 

The Joey Mattress also features its breathable foam structure that allows fresh air to flow in and out easily in order to keep your body cool all night. 

In addition, the mattress is engineered with zero-motion-transfer technology that isolates any movements on the mattress, allowing you to sleep undisturbed all night!

Sizes available: Single, Super Single, Queen, King

Our Review

There are many types of mattresses in the market with various firmness levels, but Joey Mattress is made with simple yet essential features - medium-firm foam mattress that’s good for body alignment. It’s an overall mattress that maximises comfort and motion isolation, which is good for light sleepers. Its price may be a little steep, but Joey Mattress is an excellent investment in the long run.

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Best premium mattress
Sonno Mattress
Best memory foam mattress
Updated on 23rd February 2021
add_circle Long-lasting compared to spring mattresses (uses natural latex)
add_circle Reviewed to have helped relieve back pains
add_circle Thick in size for better support to the body
remove_circle Higher in price compared to similar competitors

A memory foam mattress provides excellent spinal support and pressure relief, easily moulding itself to the shape of your body when you sleep on it. They are also known to be more longer-lasting than spring mattresses. 

Such a variant is the Sonno Original, an award-winning memory foam mattress. It features 3 layers: 2cm natural latex layer, 5cm memory foam layer, and 16cm support foam layer. 

Many reviewers have shared that the mattress has significantly helped to relieve their back pains. It is also reported to be super comfortable, with some users sharing that they can fall asleep so effortlessly once they’ve switched to the Sonno Original.

Sizes available: Single, Super Single, Queen, King

Amazeam Mattress
Amazeam Mattress
Best mattress with cooling technology
Updated on 15th June 2021
add_circle 6 sizes available
add_circle Good air ventilation
add_circle Breathable fabrics
add_circle Anti-dust mite

Hate a mattress that'll warm up too quickly? The Amazeam Mattress features a chilled fabric top cover, a 4D air mesh side cover, and a cool gel air memory foam comfort layer, all of which will make you feel as if you’re experiencing cool seasons. The gel memory foam doesn’t just provide excellent cooling, but also joint pain relief, proper weight distribution, and dust mite mitigation. 

The Amazeam Mattress is a must-have if you particularly like cold weather. After all, a cool and refreshing sleep is just what most people need after a tiring day in the humid Malaysian weather. 

Sizes available: Single, Single XL, Super single, Queen, Queen XL, King

Naturenite Exo Mattress review in malaysia
Naturenite Exo Mattress
Another best hybrid mattress
Updated on 11th June 2021
add_circle Uses combo of latex and memory foam for proper firm support
add_circle Affordable for its use of materials
add_circle 100% latex
add_circle 10-year warranty available

For those who want a mattress that offers the best of both worlds, you can't ignore the Naturenite Exo Mattress! The top surface is made of a 5cm-thick natural latex layer, cushioned by a memory foam base afterwards. This combination offers a durable mattress that has a firmness of 8 out of 10 and also offers great support for most back sleepers.

As an added protective and ease-of-maintenance feature, the mattress also has a removable zipped cover. On top of that, a 10-year warranty is available to ensure unwavering after-sales support for customers.

Sizes available: Single, Super Single, Queen, King

The Emma Original Mattress
The Emma Original Mattress
Best mattress for side sleepers - also for spine support
Updated on 24th June 2021
add_circle Aligns your spine
add_circle Provides pressure relief
add_circle Temperature regulating feature
add_circle 100 days return trial
remove_circle Not as durable compared to similar products

The Emma Original Mattress has been dubbed the “mattress that corrects your posture”, and for good reasons too. It provides extensive body support while at the same time aligning your spine, which, over the long-term, has the ability to fix your posture. Basically, it gives you an optimal amount of pressure relief so that you’ll be kinder to your spine while you sleep.

This means it's perfect for you to sleep comfortably in any position you want, including on your side. On a bonus point, they have a motion isolation feature to make sure that you won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movements.

The mattress is also engineered with Airgocell, which is the brand’s very own temperature regulating foam, whose properties are like those of a gel. This makes the foam very open-pored, thus allowing for a cool sleeping climate. 

Sizes available: Single, Queen, King

Napure Alpha V Comfort review in malaysia
Napure Alpha V Comfort
Best mattress for dust mite allergy
Updated on 11th June 2021
add_circle 100% natural latex
add_circle Unique anti-dust mite surface
add_circle Surface material is cooling

Allergies are annoying, and we don't need them for especially when we want to rest! In this case, the Alpha V Comfort may be just the right mattress you need. It features an anti dustmite viscose ticking base that doesn't just reduce the risk of dust mites forming but is also made to offer a cooling sleeping surface. For your convenience, the mattress is also anti-static.

With a total thickness of 25cm, the Alpha V Comfort mattress consists of a high quality 7 zone 100% natural latex base that has Pressure Relieving Visco Elastic Foam in it to offer ergonomic support. Moreover, Napure also ensures that it won't sink your body in too much as the mattress is made of high-hensity reinforced latex.

Sizes available: Single, Super Single, Queen, King

SpinaRez Spina S Mattress
SpinaRez Spina S Mattress
Best affordable mattress
Updated on 23rd February 2021
add_circle Good air ventilation
add_circle Medium-firmness
add_circle Bouncy

You don’t have to spend so much money just to enjoy a good night’s sleep, as there are affordable mattresses out there. The SpinaRez Spina S Mattress is a quality yet budget mattress with excellent spinal support. 

Equipped with 4D mesh fabric that facilitates air ventilation in the mattress, it ensures that your body stays cool when you sleep. Furthermore, the mattress is made with aloe vera fibre fabric to help release-static in the human body. 

On a scale of 1 to 5 for firmness, the mattress would score a 3, indicating medium-firmness. 

Sizes available: Single, Super Single, Queen, King

Getha Baby Latex Mattress
Getha Baby Latex Mattress
Best mattress for baby
Updated on 23rd February 2021
add_circle Anti-dust mite
add_circle Eco-friendly
add_circle Custom-made sizes available
add_circle Extra-soft

The Getha Baby Latex Mattress is made from 100% natural latex, which provides various benefits such as optimum sleep and healthy growth for your baby. With latex, the holes on the mattress create a natural ventilation system that ensures a continuous flow of fresh air, allowing the body's heat to dissipate. 

The mattress is also furnished with extra-soft hypoallergenic fabric padding in order to provide ultimate comfort while keeping your baby safe from harmful allergens. 

A great thing about the mattress is that you can custom make your orders in order to suit your baby’s cot size. 

Sizes available: (L)120 x (W)60 x (H)12 cm; (L)130 x (W)70 x (H)12 cm

Getha Genetics Fiber And Natural Latex Mattress
Getha Genetics Fiber And Natural Latex Mattress
Best mattress for back pain
Updated on 23rd February 2021
add_circle Has anti-static protection for tension relief
add_circle Anti-dust mite
add_circle Has an odour control feature
add_circle Reduced motion transfer
remove_circle Pricey

The Getha Genetics Fiber And Natural Latex Mattress provide the body with extra firm support due to its combination of natural latex and rubberised fibre that ensures proper weight distribution. For those with suffer from back pains, you will particularly appreciate its anti-static tension relief feature that will greatly aid in relaxing the back muscles. 

Its anti-static protection also has the ability to removes excess positive ions, thus reducing your stress levels! With other interesting features such as its temperature-regulating French Wool and odour control feature, it’s no wonder that the mattress is highly sought after.

Sizes available: Single, Super Single, Queen, King

Miracle Dream Spine Firm Spring Mattress
Miracle Dream
Miracle Dream Spine Firm Spring Mattress
Best mattress for senior citizens
Updated on 23rd February 2021
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Extra firm support
add_circle Reduces body pain
remove_circle Only 2 sizes available

Generally, senior citizens require a medium-firm to firm mattress with excellent pressure relief that will help alleviate back and joint pains. That’s why we highly recommend the Miracle Dream Spine Firm Spring Mattress. Living up to its name, it has extra 40% spring coils that provide the extra firm support that this mattress has, which is beneficial for ageing adults who may have a difficult time getting up from the bed. 

A breathable knitted fabric layer sits atop the coil springs as a protective insulator for extra comfort. Overall, it’s a value buy for senior citizens, or for anyone who prefers a firm mattress.

Sizes Available: Single, Queen

Goodnite Spinahealth Spring Mattress
Goodnite Spinahealth Spring Mattress
Best mattress for slipped disc
Updated on 23rd February 2021
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Anti-dust mite
add_circle Good pressure relief
remove_circle Mixed reviews in terms of air ventilation

With a firmness level of 7/10, the Goodnite Spinahealth Spring Mattress is suitable for those who suffer from a slipped disc or for anyone who requires superior back support. 

It’s made from high-density foam that provides excellent pressure relief to help alleviate pressure on the nerves in the spine, back, and neck. This is particularly important in reducing the numbness, back pains, and muscle weakness frequently experienced by people with a slipped disc.

On a plus point, it’s highly affordable. Not to mention, the mattress is designed in Italian embroidery, giving it a luxurious vibe.

Sizes available: Single, Super single, Queen, King

dreamland hotel series eurotop review malaysia
Dreamland Hotel Series Eurotop Mattress
Best mattress that's like a hotel's
Updated on 11th June 2021
add_circle Very affordable
add_circle Cooling material
add_circle Smartly designed to support back
remove_circle Uses spring, which is not as durable as memory foam for the back

Those who travel frequently would know that there's great value to a hotel that has a great mattress. For some reason, it just feels as good as the one in your home, or even better!

If you want to experience the same feeling in your bedroom, try Dreamland's Eurotop series. As one of the best mattress brands in Malaysia, you can be sure that this unit is also affordable while true to being of quality.

The mattress is designed to withstand your tired body's weight every night for as long as possible thanks to being reinforced with both Dreamland's USA Miracoil Chiropractic and Backcare Spring systems. It's also made with cool knitted fabric to emulate that cool and cosy feeling you get in a hotel bed.

This is truly one of the best buy mattresses of value you can find!

Sizes available: Single, Super Single, Queen, King

Ikea Hafslo Mattress
Ikea Hafslo Mattress
Best firm mattress
Updated on 24th June 2021
add_circle Designed to not sink your body into the mattress
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle 25-year guarantee

If you’re someone who prefers to sleep “on” your mattress and not sink into it, a firm mattress is a great choice. The Ikea Hafslo Mattress, while retaining its shape, provides excellent support for your body. Rest assured that your weight will be distributed evenly on the mattress.

There are 2 variations to choose from: firm and medium-firm, further catering to customers’ different preferences. With a mattress like this, you will never again struggle to get a good night’s sleep.

Sizes available: 90x200cm, 150x200cm, 180x200cm

Best crib mattress
Updated on 9th February 2021
add_circle Outer cover comes with a zipper
add_circle Comfortable support
add_circle Made from sustainable materials

Recommended for children aged 0 to 3 years, the Ikea Skonast mattress features a pressure-relieving, high resilience foam that follows your child’s body, thus providing comfortable support all night long.

The outer cover is extremely easy to remove and is machine washable at 60°C. Additionally, the cover has a zipper to ensure that it stays in place, as well as a small pocket to hide the pull tab from your kids. 

All in all, the Ikea Skonast ensure that your child can sleep like a baby. And when your child sleeps soundly, so will you.

INTEX Inflatable Air Mattress
Intex Inflatable Air Mattress
Best air mattress
Updated on 23rd February 2021
add_circle Strong pressure resistance
add_circle Portable
add_circle Waterproof
remove_circle Not as durable as regular mattresses

As its name suggests, the Intex Inflatable Air Mattress is not only a recommended air mattress but an inflatable one as well. This means that it’s portable and therefore super convenient to bring for camping and travelling, or even for a nap in the office.

The package includes a handpump, patch, and storage bag since the firmness of the mattress can be adjusted according to your needs.

On top of that, it has the ability to hold heavyweight, with the maximum load being 273kg. The coolest thing? You can use it as a float to play in the water since it’s perfectly waterproof. 

Sizes available: 76cm width, 99cm width, 137cm width, 152cm width, 183cm width

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