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Electric bicycles or e-bikes have been gaining immense popularity in recent years. While environmentalists opt for e-bike as a greener mode of transportation, the rest purely enjoys the idea of commuting without much hassle.

At a glance, an electric bicycle looks similar to a standard bicycle. What sets them apart is the e-bike has battery-powered "assist", which is generated via pedalling.
How electric bicycles work is when you hit the paddle, the motor in the e-bike will give you a boost in the speed, so you can leisurely cruise around with minimum effort. This advancement has certainly made cycling more accessible and endurable for many as well.

Without further ado, take a look at our top recommended e-bikes here.

Hummer Electric Mountain Bike

RM 2500
1. Hummer Electric Mountain Bike
Best electric bike with fat tires for hills

Do you have a soft spot for the nature? How does riding up the hillside with this electric mountain bike from Hummer sounds to you? Hailing from a reputable brand, this e-bike is powered by 48V Lithium-ion battery and can speed up to 40km/h. 

Its fat tires will give you a comfortable ride as the large volume low-pressure tires act as shock absorbers so it can reduce the stress on your hand and lower back from a bumpy ride. Plus, the Shimano 7 speed tourney is proven to give you the grip you need en-route to the peak! 

Proride Electric Bicycles E-Gamma - Advanced

RM 4950
2. Proride Electric Bicycles E-Gamma - Advanced
Best electric bike for commuting and touring

If you are in search of an e-bike for heavy commuting or day-long touring, look no further than the Proride e-bike. Powered by premium 36V 10AH Samsung lithium-ion with an integrated motor controller, just charge if for 4 hours and it will last for up to 100kms of pedal-assisted range and 30 km if fully on battery.

Plus, Proride uses Kenda tyres 935 of 27.5-inch rim, which is great for a balance of handling, speed and robustness on roads and semi off-road travels.

Moreover, this bike is equipped with a twist style throttle to facilitate fine interactive torque control of the e-bike. That feature will definitely come in handy on uneven terrains as well as give you better control over the bike. 

Xiaomi Himo V1 V1 Plus Electric E Bicycle

RM 1999

Widely known for their affordable telco offerings and smart home appliances, Xiaomi’s electric bike   too, performs well to impress. It is powered by a motor capacity of 250W for a maximum speed of of 20km per hour. 

The bike utilises a 6Ah Li-ion battery for a maximum of 30km mileage on pure electric mode and 50km mileage on moped mode. It also uses 12-inch inflatable rubber tires to allow for easy riding on various grounds and terrains. 

As compact as it might look, this foldable e-bike comes with an adjustable saddle for people with different heights; a perfect choice both for adults and teenagers. Fold it, store it and get on with it. Moving around is made a lot easier, ain't it? 

StonBike 20" Tricycle Electric Bicycle

RM 2580
4. StonBike 20" Tricycle Electric Bicycle
Best electric bike for delivery

The demand for delivery service is ever growing. It caters an exhaustive list of product delivery types and you beat traffic to deliver within the timeline.

This bike makes for such a perfect situation. It comes with a front basket and another at the rear so you have ample of space. With a 350 watt brushless motor and 36V 10AH Lithium-ion battery that allows you to travel up to 36km, you will never be late for a delivery again. 

Voltron Ezigo e-bicycle

RM 3600
5. Voltron Ezigo e-bicycle
Best electric bike for adults

This e-bike is presented with a sleek design and an attractive white colour frame.  Not only is this bike pretty, but it also holds a decent amount of mileage on it, being able to gain speed  at up to 25km/h while lasting for 40-60 km per charging. 

With a 7,800mAh battery capacity, the battery lifespan is estimated to be within 800-1000 cycle! You can even ride on in a breeze as the noise level is below 3 decibels. 

Fresco Electric Bicycle Cool Bike 5

RM 1788
6. Fresco Electric Bicycle Cool Bike 5
Best electric bike with basket and removable battery

If you have groceries or items to carry, consider this e-bike is fitted with a spacious basket with a lid for safe storage. 

In terms of power, the bike holds a removable Lithium battery (48V/10AH), which is commended for a longer shelf life. So you can expect up to 75 kms of travel with paddle assisted ride and 50 km on a fully electric-powered ride. 

StonBike 24" Electric Bicycle e-Bike with baby seat (BIKE-2436/BB)

RM 2380

Do you enjoy a ride in the park with your child? Why not consider this e-bike with an add-on baby seat! It is equipped with a 36V 10AH Lithium battery, together with a front and rear V brake. Just charge it for about 4-6 hours and you can cruise around for a maximum distance of 30km.

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