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8 Best Folding Bicycles in Malaysia 2024 - Top Brands

This is for those who find a fixed-size bicycle a little inconvenient

Bicycles come in different sizes and shapes. But the best yet comes folded. 

In a world where mobility and convenience reign supreme, folding bicycles have become the ultimate companions for those who seek both practicality and adventure. Sure, regular bikes are just as efficient for everyday riding. However, if you prioritise space saving and multimodal commuting, regular bikes do not quite cut it. 

In this joyride through Malaysia's 2023 cycling scene, we're your trusty guides, ready to dish out the lowdown on these foldable wonders that are rewriting the rules of convenience and style. Never skimp on choice, the variations come with a bit of everything– from speeds, designs and down to the wheel sizes!


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8 Best Folding Bicycles in Malaysia 2024  

Best folding bike for enhanced security
Sancy 20” Folding Bike
Sancy 20” Folding Bike
Check Sancy 20” Folding Bike price below:
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle Quick-release seat
add_circle Enhanced safety measures
remove_circle Not meant for speeding


Sancy 20” Folding Bike is a two-wheeled marvel ready to take your cycling game up a notch with an extra dose of security. It comes packed with a highly adjustable handlebar for the perfect fit, a reinforced folding lock for added security, a non-slip grip for confident handling, and an anti-roll cuff design that ensures every ride is a smooth one. 

Meticulously crafted, this bike also harmonises comfort through its ergonomic seat, and durability of steel alloy into a single, unbeatable package. 


  • Material: Steel 
  • Brake type: Dual disc brake
  • Weight: 13.25kg
  • Load capacity: 90kg
  • Easy to assemble

Who is this for?

The Sancy 20” Folding Bike calls for those who demand a secure cycling experience.Its advanced security features make it an exceptional choice for those who prioritise their peace of mind while traversing cityscapes or venturing off the beaten path.

Reinforced folding lock? Check. Non-slip grip and anti-roll cuff design? Double check. Get ready for a spin that's just not all about being safe and sound, but also dripping in style with its minimalistic bright blue and clean white designs. 

Best commuter folding bike (compact size)
Freedo 20" Folding Bike
Freedo 20 inch Folding Bike review malaysia
Check Freedo 20" Folding Bike price below:
add_circle Easy to fold
add_circle Reliable dual disc brake system
add_circle Adjustable seat & handlebar


In the hunt for a foldable bike that would not hinder your ever-moving journey? Cue the spotlight on the Freedo 20” Folding Bike! With sleek 20” wheels and a fold-and-go design that shrinks from 150 cm to a mere 80 cm, it's practically magic.

Rest easy knowing that your ride is also equipped with a dual disc brake system, ensuring superior and steadfast stopping power. And that's not all; the 7-speed feature lets you fine-tune your speed for a ride that's tailored precisely to your liking.


  • 7-Speed Original Shimano Tourney
  • Wheel Size: 20 inches
  • Material: High Carbon Steel
  • Brake Type: 2 Disc Brakes
  • Rider height: 130cm-185cm

Who is this for?

Freedo 20” Folding Bike best suits people with journeys that never end. Compact and portable, it fits into the smallest of spaces, whether it's the trunk of your car, the overhead compartment of a plane, or the corner of your cosy Airbnb. 

Even though the bike nails hard on the practicality, it is also a no-pushover in the strength department either. This no one-trick pony has a robust durability and exhibits impressive versatility, making it a formidable contender across diverse terrains. 

Best electric folding bike
Xiaomi Mi Foldable Electric Bike Baicycle
Xiaomi Mi Foldable Electric Bike Baicycle
Check Xiaomi Mi Foldable Electric Bike Baicycle price below:
add_circle Eco-friendly
add_circle Long-lasting
add_circle Thoughtfully designed
remove_circle Maintenance might be costly


Xiaomi Mi Foldable Electric Bike Baicycle redefines urban commuting by combining modern technology with practical design. It’s lightweight, can support long trips and has a special folding way that eliminates your worries of getting it scratched or damaged.

Apart from that, using Smart TMM torque sensor and precision electric boosting system, this folding wonder also ‘reads’ its users– whether you're in the mood for an exhilarating electric ride or a traditional cycling experience, it adapts to your rhythm and makes sure you effortlessly cruise through the city streets with style. 


  • Frame material: Aluminium alloy
  • Range: 26km range (on electric power alone)
  • Three-mode derailleur system
  • Smart sensor and boosting system
  • Load capacity: 100kg

Who is this for?

The Xiaomi Mi Foldable Electric Bike Baicycle serves the needs of modern urban explorers seeking both convenience and eco-friendly transportation. It powers you through the hustle and bustle, and can still be small enough to fit into your storage. 

Brimming with futuristic tech and tough-as-nails durability for a seamless journey, this bicycle is poised to make your ride one of a kind as it not only brings the thrill but also keeps your budget chill. So get ready to zip, zoom, and zigzag without missing a beat!

Best folding bike under RM500
Mugen 20" Foldable Bike (MFC-8820)
MUGEN 20%22 Foldable Bike (MFC-8820)
Check Mugen 20" Foldable Bike (MFC-8820) price below:
add_circle Reasonable price
add_circle Adjustable seat and handle


Dive into budget-friendly biking bliss with the Mugen 20” Foldable Bike – your ride-or-die choice for under RM1,000! Fold, unfold, conquer – it's a breeze. Tweak the seat and handles for a custom fit, hauling up to 100kg without breaking a sweat.

In addition, this foldable gem boasts a 7-speed gear system, perfect for urban adventures. Safety's locked in with sturdy hand brakes, while the non-slip handles give sweaty palms the slip. Get set for a pocket-friendly ride that's all about fun and function!


  • Material: Steel
  • Handlebar: Alloy
  • Brake type: V brake
  • Bike Weight: 18.5kg
  • Load capacity: 100kg

Who is this for?

For its price point, the Mugen 20” Foldable Bike offers more than just alternatives; it ushers in a new lifestyle perfectly suited for those who value smart spending. 

Coming out wheels blazing with smooth portability, reliable hand brakes, and the ability to conquer various terrains, the bike leaves little to be desired. With a practically impervious design, it doesn't just meet desires—it high-fives them. Meet your new travel amigo: the epitome of two-wheeled excitement. 

Best folding bike for all ages
TRS Croze Pro 20" Folding Bike
TRS Croze Pro 20 inch review malaysia
Check TRS Croze Pro 20" Folding Bike price below:
add_circle Lightweight design
add_circle Sturdy aluminium frame
add_circle Adjustable 8-speed Shimano gear


The TRS Croze Pro bike is your daily dose of adventure at just 12.7 kg. Its foldable design turns commuting into a joyride, while the aluminium frame and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes team up for braking so smoothly, that you'll feel like a superhero.

Gearing up for comfort with the adjustable 8-speed Shimano system, this folding bike is also perfect for any terrain. And with colours ranging from fiery red to classy grey and even luxurious gold, your style will shine as bright as your ride.


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Brake type: Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • 8 Speed SHIMANO Tourney TX
  • Weight: 12.7kg
  • Load capacity: 110kg

Who is this for?

This versatile folding bike caters to a wide audience. From teenagers looking to zip around the neighbourhood to adults seeking a traffic-dodging, wind-in-your-hair commute, the TRS Croze Pro 20" Folding Bike offers a comfortable and adaptable ride.

Also, beneath its elegant exterior lies formidable specs such as the 8 Speed Shifter and Tektro Hydraulic Oil Disc Brake which transforms this bike into more than just a mode of transportation—it's an investment in uncompromised quality and performance.

Best folding bike for touring
Nordictrack Folding Bike 26
Nordictrack Folding Bike 26 review in malaysia
Check Nordictrack Folding Bike 26 price below:
add_circle Bigger & stable wheel sizes
add_circle Uses mechanical disc brakes


Looking for a foldable bike that is tour-ready? Check out Nordictrack's mountain bike variety, exclusively at Fitness Concept. Equipped with sturdy 26” wheels and adjustable suspension, this steed is built for stability during those thrilling long-distance trips. 

With all the sight-seeing, you can confidently engage the front and rear disc brakes, while seamlessly transitioning through 21 speeds for a smooth ride. As you're winding down your rounds, don’t forget to stay hydrated with the convenience of the built-in water cage and relish the ergonomic embrace of the sports saddle.


  • Shimano 21 Speeds
  • Adjustable front fork suspension
  • 26" Kenda tyre with rims
  • Brake system: Dual disc brake
  • Weight: 17.5 kg

Who is this for?

A touring bike is suitable for those who go on long rides where you’ll definitely need breaks in between. This is why we recommend the Nordictrack foldable bike, which sports a water cage for your bottle and an ergonomic seat for extra comfort. 

So, if you are looking for a new bike for touring, you should consider getting this one which you can also easily store and keep in your car considering that it’s foldable. 

Best folding bike overall
ARNO-Folding Bikes 20”
ARNO-Folding Bikes 20”
Check ARNO-Folding Bikes 20” price below:
add_circle Multipurpose ride
add_circle Double disc brake system
add_circle High load capacity


ARNO-Folding Bikes is a folding bike specialising in both convenience and performance. 

It features mountain-inspired wheels and responsive gear shifts that spell the ruggedness and agility needed for every bike enthusiast. Extending its prowess, the impressive load capacity of up to 150kg enables you to bring along everything you need for the journey.

Including its sleek design, this folding bike ensures you're not just riding - you're soaring!


  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Propulsion Mode: Chain
  • Load Capacity: 150kg
  • Pedal Type: Beaded pedal
  • Braking System: Dual disc brakes

Who is this for?

ARNO-Folding Bikes 20 comes with a sturdy build and thoughtful design that caters to both daily commuting needs and off-road adventures. With the ability to carry a 150kg load without breaking a sweat, this bike makes your ride sound like it’s just a day job. 

But the excitement doesn't end there. Get used to the double-disc brake system, your loyal ally for maintaining a safe and exhilarating pace. Front or back, it's got your back! Bid adieu to speed-breakers as you pedal away with confidence.

Best folding mountain bike
Utanking SHIMANO Mountain Bike 21 Speed Gear Folding Bike
Utanking SHIMANO Mountain Bike 21 Speed Gear Folding Bike
Check Utanking SHIMANO Mountain Bike 21 Speed Gear Folding Bike price below:
add_circle Equipped with 21-speed SHIMANO gear
add_circle 120kg weight limit


If you're gearing up for mountain biking and require a bike to facilitate convenient transport, consider opting for the SHIMANO Mountain Bike 21 Speed Gear Folding Bike. Boasting a robust 21-speed gear system, this bike is well-equipped for your adventures, backed by reinforced front fork and rear suspension to face all those crazy bumps. 

Crafted from durable high-carbon steel, the frame guarantees longevity, while the double-disc brake system guarantees smoother and safer braking. These brakes are weather-resistant too so you can take on wet roads without batting an eyelash!


  • Wheel Size: 26 inch / 27.5 inch / 29 inch
  • Material: High carbon steel frame
  • Brake type: Dual disc brakes
  • Load Capacity: 120kg below
  • 21 Speed gear

Who is this for?

If you're gearing up for mountain biking and require a foldable bike to facilitate convenient transport, consider opting for SHIMANO Mountain Bike 21 Speed Gear Folding Bike. Its dynamic design and precision-engineered components offer an unrivalled riding experience that is both smooth and budget-friendly.  

Ensuring you do not compromise on style, the sleek matte black colour adds a touch of modernity, while the meticulously designed specs – including alloy mechanical disc brakes and a comfortable sports saddle – make your rides enjoyable on all occasions. 


- What to look for when buying a folding bike? 

When buying a folding bike, prioritise its reliability. While the appeal of a compact and transformative design is strong, it's important to note that convenience should not overshadow the bike's consistent performance.

Pay close attention to details like the quality of the hinges, frame materials and weight of the bike. Most importantly, make sure to test how easy and quick it is to fold and unfold the bike so you don’t have to struggle with the process when you're on the go.

- Folding bicycles vs Regular bicycles

A foldable bike, as the name suggests, can be conveniently folded to occupy significantly less space. One key distinction, however, is rooted in their frame construction, which accommodates the folding mechanism.

If what you're looking for is simplicity, a regular bicycle would suffice. However, if you're a daily commuter who happens to seek convenience, owns some space at home and is open to a slightly higher investment, then a foldable bike will be a great fit for you.

- Are folding bikes the right pick for me?

You have to weigh the merits and disadvantages of a folding bike.

If you like travelling on a bike to reduce your carbon footprint and frequently use public transport, it would be great to have a bike you can fold up to not impede other people on the train or bus. The same goes for people who have smaller living spaces.

However, keep in mind that speed and stability may be compromised for convenience. In other words, while they excel in portability, they might not be the ideal choice for competitive racing or intense mountain biking.

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