Here comes the once-a-year celebration and we’re talking about the wonderful Valentine’s Day! Almost all women from around the world love receiving thoughtful presents and do you know that celebrating V-Day can actually help strengthen your relationship with your very special lady? So, wait no more and boost that affection you have for her on this special day with the below gift suggestions.

1. FRESH Rose Travel Kit

For the girlfriend who can’t resist Sephora
Price from RM120.00
Sephora Malaysia RM120.00

Instead of showering her with roses this V-Day, send her a glowing gift made of roses! With this incredible set of toning and nourishing skincare products, your girlfriend is sure to be mesmerized by the rosy effect of these products. Not to mention, this shows how caring you can be towards her beauty and skincare regime. Brownie points: Checked!

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2. The History of Whoo - Whoo Spa Body Moisturizer

For the wife who needs instant stress relief
Price from RM162.00
Shopee Malaysia RM162.00

It's never too late to show your wife some radiant love. Pamper her with this effective moisturizer! This moisturizer is one of those fast-absorbing moisturizers that hydrate the skin instantly. Also, note that K-body care products are a big hit among ladies from every age group. So, let this be the most luminous Valentine's Day for your dearest wife.

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3. We Make A Great Pair - Flower Bouquet

Best for new relationship
Price from RM118.00
Flower Advisor Malaysia RM118.00

If you’ve stepped into a new relationship, then make a cheeky and cute approach by gifting the lucky person these gorgeous blooms. It makes a nice gesture that you'd want to take things further and seriously.

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4. Couple Howlite Beads Bracelet

Best for long-distance relationship
Price from RM5.18
Shopee Malaysia RM5.18

Skip the candies and other perishable edible goods because what's more meaningful than a couple bracelet? Notice how there's a single bead that's the same hue as the other bracelet? This gift works as a beautiful reminder that you’ll each has a piece of one another even when you're miles apart. Alright, let's put a hashtag to that: #LoveNeverFades

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5. Photobook Malaysia Personalized Single Photo Mug

Best for the high-school girlfriend
Price from RM75.00
Photobook Malaysia RM75.00

Reignite that one perfect moment you had with your girlfriend by having it pictured on a mug like this right here! She can either use this mug for her favourite cuppas or even have it displayed graciously on the mantel. Get creative and personalize a few more to recapture the sweet moment between the both of you.

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6. 7 Colour Changeable LED Light Stuffed Pillow

Best for the college girlfriend
Price from RM25.00
Sokano Malaysia RM25.00

Whether your girlfriend is currently bracing the college life or enjoying the post-college life, everybody needs some sleep. And this adorable number is certainly the way to show how much you care for her and her beauty sleeps. It gets even more romantic when she clicks the light button and the pillow lights up in the dark.

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7. FITBIT FLEX 2 Fitness Wristband

Best for the couch potato
Price from RM463.00
Lazada Malaysia RM463.00

If your girlfriend agrees that walking to the fridge means exercising, then this wristband is made for her. This sleek-looking wristband counts the number of calories burned, tracks every step, distance and reminds the owner to move. Your girlfriend can always ditch the band and fit the tracker to a dainty bangle for a more feminine look.

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8. ZOEVA Vegan Prime Set

Best for the cruelty-free makeup guru
Price from RM411.00
Sephora Malaysia RM411.00

Just because your lady is vegan, that doesn’t mean she cares less about her looks. From contouring cheeks to applying eyeshadow, this phenomenal brush set has all the brushes she needs for freshening up her face and eyes. Smash this V-Day and dazzle her with these chic synthetic-Taklon-fibers-made brushes.

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9. Disney Princess Ankle Socks

For the aspiring Disney Princess
Price from RM34.00
Lazada Malaysia RM34.00

Show your princess on this V-Day that you care about her from head to toe (literally!). Aren’t these the cutest set of socks ever? This entire set is made from cotton with a touch of K-style. Thanks to its free-size feature, these make the perfect gift to keep her feet warm and feeling princessy.

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10. Patron XO Cafe

Best for the alcoholic
Price from RM219.00
Boozeat RM219.00

If your Bella likes to dance till dawn, then this is her calling. This coffee-infused tequila with a hint of chocolate note may just provide her with the extra jolt she needs to let loose after a long week. Toast your love for one another and enjoy this sensuous booze with your dear alcohol lover.

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11. Coringco Shining Pink Box

For her who likes all things shiny and PINK
Price from RM103.90
Shopee Malaysia RM103.90

This brush kit has all the brushes she needs to perk up her looks and most importantly; it’s pink from the inside out. Even the tip of the brushes is dusted with a pink hue and not to mention, these K-brushes go really soft and gentle on the skin.

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12. Aiden & Mia

Best gift for your crush
Price from RM379.00
BloomThis RM379.00

The message remains subtle but pretty well-delivered. This is the nicest way of expressing yourself without selling it too hard; two lovely bunny plushies are always better than one. And that beautiful mini posy completes this adorable set.

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13. Nike Free RN

For the fitness fanatic
Price from RM376.00
Nike Malaysia RM376.00

Talk about a pair of well-engineered running shoes. Nike’s Free RN shoes are designed to give you a barefoot-like run. Lightweight and soft, the sole mimics one's feet naturally whether you're landing from a jump, walking or running in order to minimize any discomfort and risk of injuries. These kick-ass trainers will definitely get her sprinting swifter to your heart.

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14. Creative Cart Design Popcorn Popper

For the movie buff
Price from RM89.90
Lazada Malaysia RM89.90

This is probably the cutest popcorn popper ever! Make her heart pop with this little machine that looks nothing less than the real popcorn cart from the carnivals. With this a-maize-ing creation, your other half can pop all the popcorn she wants and eat all she can to her heart's content.

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15. Razer Overwatch DeathAdder Chroma Gaming Mouse

For the gamer girlfriend
Price from RM349.00
Lazada Malaysia RM349.00

Need we say more? This high-sensitivity Chroma gaming mouse has an ultra accurate optical sensor and it makes the perfect gift for your gamer girl. With this gaming mouse, it’s time to team up with your gamer girl even on this V-Day itself and play some Overwatch or LoL!

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16. FUJIFILM instax mini 8 minion bundle

For the self-taught photographer
Price from RM279.00
Lazada Malaysia RM279.00

Your dearest will definitely go bananas when she sees this. Polaroid cams can never go out of style and the iconic Minion makes this cam even more special. If you know she loves photography, she’s going to love it even more when she gets hold of this super banana yellow cam.

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17. Eyescream Bohemian Tribal Dress With Elastic Belt (Navy)

For your bohemian princess
Price from RM159.00
Zalora Malaysia RM159.00

This dress is flowy, stylish and indeed the perfect fit for the breezy queen! Go big and decorate her room on this V-Day to look like the Coachella festival with fringes, frills, balloons and good music. With this elaborated dress as a gift and all those decors, she’ll definitely feel the love rush.

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18. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo Coffee Machine

For the caffeine addict
Price from RM239.00
Lazada Malaysia RM239.00

Raise your cup if your girlfriend needs her coffee fix every morning more than the basic makeup routine. Then impress her with this compact coffee machine! Just slide in the coffee capsule, pull the lever and her velvety crema will be ready in no time. Saves her all the hassle of driving to drive-thrus.

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19. Olive Oil With Winter Black Truffle Flavoring 270ml

For the Nigella Lawson girlfriend
Price from RM81.00
Lazada Malaysia RM81.00

Well, as Jamie says, truffle oil isn’t made of real truffles BUT it goes really well on a lot of dishes even omelettes. And for the avid homecook, truffle oil is a must-have in her pantry. Get your dear personal chef this bottle of goodness and meals will never taste the same ever, because they only get better.

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20. D.I.Y Terrarium Craft Material

For the D.I.Y diva
Price from RM25.90
Lazada Malaysia RM25.90

Sometimes gifts can come deconstructed, in a sweet way. For she is the D.I.Y beauty, pretty sure she’s happier to see the terrarium in its raw form than a ready-made one. With her gifted D.I.Y creativity, she’ll see potential and make wonders with these crafty materials.

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21. Klavuu All-In-One Travel Kit

For the frequent flyer
Price from RM103.00
Hermo Malaysia RM103.00

Is your girlfriend spending her V-Day on a plane rather than home? Then get her a practical beauty travel kit! Your girlfriend will find all of the beauty essentials in this ultimate travel set which includes a serum, cleansing foam and mask. She’ll be on cloud nine when she sees this.

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22. Typo 2019 Daily List Planner

Best for the super organized girlfriend
Price from RM59.00
Cotton On Malaysia RM59.00

If your girlfriend is the kind who keeps her planner with her 24/7, then this is the neatest, most suitable gift for her, ever. Who says planners have to be made up of boring white pages? This hard backing A5 size planner consists of a daily layout page and comes in multiple elegant designs.

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23. Mango Cat Eye Sunglasses (Tortoiseshell)

For the Vintage Babe
Price from RM36.90
Zalora Malaysia RM36.90

There’s no better way to support her Audrey Hepburn style than to get her a pair of these shades. You girl will definitely make heads turn and a bold presence when she steps in to anywhere with these cat-eye style shades. This sunglasses speak for themselves with its retro accent and eventually help accentuate her eyes too.

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24. Sea of Strangers: Poetry & Prose

For the bookworm
Price from RM67.45
Kinokuniya Malaysia RM67.45

A good book makes a good gift and this book is the definition of that. Sea of Strangers is a compilation of poetry masterpieces wrote by Lang Leav. It sounds like a whole lot of new vocab is about to be discovered, and your girl is going to love all them. Quick, go grab her one of these gems!

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25. Casio Watch LTP-V005GL-9AUDF

For the workaholic
Price from RM94.00
Zalora Malaysia RM94.00

Workin' 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin'. Sounds a lot like your other half? Then express your endless love by surprising her with a simple yet elegant Casio timepiece. It'll certainly remind her of the time both of you spent together and most importantly, it reminds her of you! This lovely creation makes a perfect day-to-night staple too.

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26. Zara Leather Leopard Print Multiway Crossbody Belt Bag

For the one who's naughty and nice
Price from RM89.90
Zara Malaysia RM89.90

This wallet is definitely not for the faint-hearted. The leopard print adds a nice touch to your lady's everyday look and has the magic to show off her little wild side. Present her with this sexy gift and watch her strut her stuff when she walks down the street with this purse.

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27. MBG Couple Fruit Box

For the health-conscious eater
Price from RM49.90
MBG Malaysia RM49.90

MBG Fruit Shop is well-known for their fruit baskets and their beautiful varieties of fresh fruits (both local and imported). And because MBG stands for Money Back Guarantee, your girl can have utmost assurance that their fruits are always of high quality. Present this as a picnic snack box or kick back and enjoy them together on the couch.

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28. Fenty Beauty Bomb Baby Mini Lip and Face Set

For the @badgalriri fangirl
Price from RM99.00
Sephora Malaysia RM99.00

The brand that slays just like its founder. For a Rihanna fan like your other half, you've got to get her this Fenty Beauty Bomb Baby luminous set to complete her cosmetic collection. With its travel size, she can carry these babies with her and be all shimmy wherever and whenever she wants.

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29. Animal Shaped Cartoon Succulent Flower Bonsai Pots

For the nature lover
Price from RM22.20
Shopee Malaysia RM22.20

As much as your lady enjoys being around plants and trimming bushes, it'd be rather tacky to buy her big pots of bonsai. So, get her this cute, petite planter instead. That way, she can place it anywhere she likes without replanting it. Plus, the sparkly eyes of a corgi are pretty hard to resist.

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30. Pink N' Proper Basic Triangle Bikini Set

For the sunbather
Price from RM59.00
Zalora Malaysia RM59.00

There is never too many bikinis in a sunbather's closet. And for that reason, add this Pink bikini to your girlfriend's collection on this V-Day. Whether she's doing some serious tanning or just lazing by the pool, the soft fabric will keep her exceptionally comfortable and the low waist bikini bottom offers decent coverage too.

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