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Flower Chimp Enforces Sustainability Through Commercial Drone Deliveries

Fast and sustainable, Flower Chimp revamps their delivery method

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With fulfilment centres in Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines, Flower Chimp is one of the biggest online flower sellers in Southeast Asia. Currently, they are testing commercial drone deliveries in Malaysia in an effort to reinvent delivery and incorporate green technologies into their processes.

Through the use of drone delivery, Flower Chimp hopes to establish itself as a forerunner in Malaysia's e-commerce and logistics industry, in keeping with the Malaysian government's action plan through Malaysia's National Industry 4.0 Policy.

“With a lot of unrealistic hype in the drone industry, logistics is actually an area that embraces the drone technology as a very real delivery service option. We at Flower Chimp understand the importance of integrating our brand to progress along with the nation and industry,” Maximillian Lotz, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder.

Not only will this position Flower Chimp as a brand that is unique within the industry, but Flower Chimp will also be recognized as a company that is in tune with the ever-evolving landscape.

Following this, Flower Chimp is actively working to ensure that its brand uses sustainable technologies.

“We want our customers to know that we care; not only for them but also for the environment and their future. Hence, it is prudent for us as a brand to be able to adjust ourselves to move forward with greener options and initiatives,”Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, Niklas Frassa.

Through this movement, Flower Chimp hopes to establish itself as a company that values both people and the environment and shows that sustainable business methods can produce strong business results.

Commercial drone delivery eliminates the need for traditional delivery methods and decreases packaging waste, both of which help to lower carbon-based emissions. Since drones can only transport lighter cargo, a more lightweight packing option is being developed that will also be more environmentally friendly.

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