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28 Best Gifts For Her This Valentine's Day - No Matter Her Interests!

She’ll swoon over these heart-warming gifts in no time!

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The celebratory season of love is here once again! Besides Christmas, there's a special feeling that lies in the fun of gifting presents. After all, who doesn’t love presents?

Is she a crush? Your wife? Or do you just simply want to make a friend happy? We have gift ideas for them all!

Simply, gifting the woman you love the right present can be an easy yet daunting task at the same time. No worries; read on for we have curated a list of the best Valentine's Day gifts that you can get especially for her on this special day!

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REVLON Pro Collection Salon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser
1. REVLON Pro Collection Salon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser
Best gift for her birthday
Updated on 15th December 2020

Who are we kidding? The passion for dolling up runs deep in almost every girl’s vein. Let’s amplify that passion even more by gifting her this 2-in-1 function of a hairdryer and volumizer! 

Rather than relying on going to the salon, she can now dry those strands and easily get a beautiful, voluptuous blow-out mane. Soon, she’ll be thanking you for saving her time and money on styling.

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2. Khind MC388 8-in-1 Multi Cooker
Best gift for mom
Updated on 15th December 2020

Why shouldn't your mum receive a gift filled with love as well on the special day? As everyone knows, mothers work tirelessly in the kitchen all day just so we get fed well. So how about gifting her with a multicooker that would allow her an easier time when cooking?

The multicooker can be used for several cooking situations, namely hotpots, steam, stir fry, deep fry, BBQ fry, boil, braise and stew. She will be astounded for sure, to have a multicooker like this. It’ll also inspire her to venture into more cooking recipes!

Wedding "LOVE" Personalised Champagne Flute Set
3. Wedding "LOVE" Personalised Champagne Flute Set
Best gift for her wedding
Updated on 15th December 2020

Know a girl friend that's getting married? The perfect wedding gift would be one that lets her remember the special day, such as this personalized champagne flute set for her and her husband-to-be. 

Just get the happy couple’s names together with the wedding date engraved on these glasses and it will be, no doubt, a sentimental gift for them. Bonus point; every time she toasts the glasses with her husband, she will still be thinking of you! 

Christy Ng’s Tokyo Canvas Bag
4. Christy Ng’s Tokyo Canvas Bag
Best gift for her who’s a teacher
Updated on 15th December 2020

Unlike most working adults, teachers have a countless number of things at hand, especially when she needs to carry them around school compounds. So how about helping them juggle that weight load by gifting her with a Tote Canvas Bag? 

Its spacious interior would allow her to store all her books without having to clutch them as she gets to and fro classes. Besides, to make the bag more personal, you can even request for the imprint of her name on the bag!

Swarovski’s Gabriella Pearl Pierced Earrings
5. Swarovski’s Gabriella Pearl Pierced Earrings
Best gift for anniversary
Updated on 15th December 2020

Grace a woman you’re in love with by gifting an iridescent and sophisticated pair of rhodium-plated pierced ear rings for your anniversary would have her swooning from ear to ear! This will be a perfect treat for her, and she’ll be glad to wear the luxurious bling of crystal pearls that radiates her beauty.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Wild Wishes Blockbuster Makeup Palette (Limited Edition)
6. SEPHORA COLLECTION Wild Wishes Blockbuster Makeup Palette (Limited Edition)
Best gift for sister
Updated on 7th January 2021

Is your sister an important female figure in your life too? She too deserves some love on Valentine's Day! Colour her world with this fancy makeup palette by yours truly; Sephora!

This palette has everything she needs to get all glammed whether it’s for Christmas or for a party. Talk about comprising of 86 eye-popping shades, 2 brushes and an eye pencil; she will not be disappointed! 

Fresh Self-Care Masking Set
7. Fresh Self-Care Masking Set
Best gift for a girl who’s your best friend
Updated on 7th January 2021

Both of you yap over cups of coffee whether it's about someone who made her mad or what recent purchase has changed her life recently. How about re-sealing your loving friendship with this Fresh Self-Care Masking Set? It features three to-go masks and even includes a bonus:- Fresh’s best-selling cleanser and essence. Your gal friend will be beyond thrilled for her next DIY skin-pampering sesh. 

Mamonde Make-Up Gift Box
8. Mamonde Make-Up Gift Box
Best gift for teenage girl
Updated on 15th December 2020

This is the time when a teenage girl matures from her childhood and begins to experience the perks of womanhood. And, it is also a time where she desires to look and feel good. How about gifting her a lights-camera-action experience with the Mamonde Make-Up Gift Box? 

The set features an eyeliner, a mascara and an eyeshadow that are oh-so-sweet for the lucky princess. Just be prepared for non-stop girly squeals as she unwraps it!  

CORELLE Spring Pink 16pc Dinnerware Set
9. CORELLE Spring Pink 16pc Dinnerware Set
Best gift for a parent
Updated on 15th December 2020

Parents are always looking out and caring for their children and their family. A top priority on their list is to ensure that there is always food on the table. With that, a dinnerware set would do just about right. 

This Corelle Spring Pink dinnerware set features 4 of each dinner plates, bread and butter plates, cereal bowls and stoneware porcelain mugs. The set would be a perfect foundation to house various meals for every occasion. 

Glass Teapot Set
10. Glass Teapot Set
Best gift for her retirement
Updated on 15th December 2020

Retirement marks a celebratory defeat of fighting those tireless days and not to mention, back-breaking cycle of routine work! She has now finally reached her destination where she embraces her ‘me time’. 

With her hands now free and her lazy days are gravitating near, let’s help her unwind with this glass teapot set where she can relish her cuppa and enjoy her favourite reads. Ahh, such bliss!  

L'Occitane Holiday Edition Sweet Cherry Blossom Set
11. L'Occitane Holiday Edition Sweet Cherry Blossom Set
Best gift for mother-in-law
Updated on 15th December 2020

Thanks to your mother-in-law, you are married to the love of your life who is sitting across the table and munching on crispy waffles that you had made for them. It has become the unspoken rule where your mother-in-law now becomes your other mother. And don’t all mothers deserve to be pampered just like their children?

This generous box of Cherry Blossom bestseller products is filled with a bath and shower gel, hand cream and eau de toilette. It will do just the trick to make your mother-in-law beaming! 

Weatherbee’s Recipe Card Dividers
12. Weatherbee’s Recipe Card Dividers
Best gift for grandma
Updated on 15th December 2020

Aren’t grandmamas the cutest beings ever? Not to mention, they are incredibly talented and wise too! She is the vision of our wonder woman; better than wonder woman herself, as a matter of fact. 

And perhaps you can agree that one of her best talents is concocting every exquisite meal with tantalizing satisfaction for our tummies! Therefore, it will be a great idea to present an organized recipe card divider box so she can store her best secret recipes to pass down to the generations to come.  

Christmas Fizz Bath Bomb Bauble
13. Christmas Fizz Bath Bomb Bauble
Best gift for a girlfriend doctor
Updated on 15th December 2020

A doctor’s task is never easy. It is the drive-in them that helps to save many lives. We all can understand that and therefore, how they are in need of some pampering time as well. 

When it’s time for them to toss their stethoscopes aside and enjoy the bliss of comforting pleasure. how about letting them dip in a festive yet bubbling fun of Christmas fizz bath bomb baubles? Just like us, doctors need to prioritize self-care too.  

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask
14. Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask
Best gift for a colleague
Updated on 15th December 2020

Work is never an easy defeat. We understand that late nights will make us wake up looking and feeling tired the next morning. 

Whether it’s her birthday or a special celebration, our fellow female colleague will definitely appreciate this Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask that works to perfect and smoothen skin. She will appreciate that it’ll leave her skin looking glowing the next morning! 

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Pomegranate
15. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Pomegranate EDT 50ml
Best perfume gift for her
Updated on 15th December 2020

Every girl loves a spritz of perfume that makes her feel good. And wearing perfume is one way for her to feel empowered as she leaves her scent everywhere she goes. Be smart and choose the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Pomegranate; a sweet scent that has whiffs of fruity, floral and citrusy fragrances. A sweet scent for a sweet angel like her! 

Une Olive en Provence Gift Set Beruguette (Hand Cream Gift Set)
16. Une Olive en Provence Gift Set Beruguette (Hand Cream Gift Set)
Best gift set for her
Updated on 15th December 2020

The pandemic has gotten everyone to be extremely cautious with sanitizing their hands as and when necessary. Long-term use of drying agents like sanitizers tend to dry up our skin. 

With this hand cream gift set, it will leave her hands feeling soft and supple thanks to its enriching extra virgin olive oil content. Not to mention, this gift set also comes with a shower gel and a bar of soap. Double yay for skin cleanliness! 

Swarovski North Necklace
17. Swarovski North Necklace
Best luxury gift for her
Updated on 15th December 2020

Never underestimate the worth of jewellery to a woman. If you wish to pamper a loved one as luxuriously as you’d like to, gift her with the timeless beauty of this necklace that is set against a refined, gold-tone plated design with sparkles of a stunning clear crystal pave. This gift will be one to bedazzle her heart. 

Marco Card Holder
18. Marco Card Holder
Best leather gift for her
Updated on 15th December 2020

Fun fact: Every brand of stores holds women as the highest percentage of the group to attain membership with them. So if you want to lend her a hand, this practical gift is sure to find a place in a woman’s handbag! 

The chic-looking Marco Card Holder is made of vegan leather and would look great for all functions whether it’s to displayer her membership or business cards. There’s also a compartment to place folded bills and receipts. She will thank you immensely for this convenient, cute and classy gift!

Leather Travel Wallet
19. Leather Travel Wallet
Best travel gift for her
Updated on 15th December 2020

Travelling does not get easy with the countless number of things racing through her mind as she mentally ticks off every single detail that she hopes to not forget. Let’s help ease her worries and present her a travel wallet instead.

This Leather Travel Wallet is packed with multiple slot pockets that would allow her to place her passport, tickets and cash, without fear of misplacing them anywhere else! 

ZALORA E-Gift Voucher RM150
20. ZALORA E-Gift Voucher RM150
Best gift vouchers for her
Updated on 15th December 2020

Shopping spree on the run? OH YES. The shopaholic she is would bag the golden opportunity on this e-gift voucher of RM150 to enjoy every best steals at Zalora! Which girl does not love the idea of a voucher that lets her spoil herself to the brim of shopping bliss?

Cotton On Yoga Mat
21. Cotton On Yoga Mat
Best yoga gift for her
Updated on 15th December 2020

Is the special one a keen yogi? Gift her ever-embracing confidence with all her stretches and poses on this textured-surface yoga mat! This mat is 4mm in thickness and comes with four varying colours. Its good grip and easy-to-clean surface will have her stretching for more!

ChargeTree 3-in-1 wireless charging station
22. ChargeTree 3-in-1 wireless charging station
Best tech gift for her
Updated on 15th December 2020

With gadgets working simultaneously at hand, this poses a higher tendency for their batteries to wear off. What’s more, we are now living in a tech-dependent world - our needs and wants are magnetized towards relying on gadgets. 

Thus, here’s presenting a 3-in-1 charging station that would suit a techy girl who finds herself constantly working with too many gadgets and wires. This desk-friendly stand will allow her to charge Qi-enabled devices such as the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods all at the same time without the hassle of cords and cables in place.

Best for the cruelty-free makeup guru
23. ZOEVA Vegan Prime Set
Best gift for the makeup lover
Updated on 7th January 2021

Just because your lady lives a simple life, that doesn’t mean she cares less about her looks. From contouring cheeks to applying eyeshadow, this phenomenal brush set has all the brushes she needs for freshening up her face and eyes. Smash this V-Day and dazzle her with these chic synthetic-Taklon-fibers-made brushes.

Best for alcoholic
24. Patron XO Cafe
Best for the alcoholic
Updated on 15th December 2020

If your Bella likes to dance till dawn, then this is her calling. This coffee-infused tequila with a hint of chocolate note may just provide her with the extra jolt she needs to let loose after a long week. Toast your love for one another and enjoy this sensuous booze with your dear alcohol lover.

Best mouse cursor for DOTA 2 and Overwatch
25. Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse
For the gamer girlfriend
Updated on 12th August 2020

Need we say more? This high-sensitivity Chroma gaming mouse has an ultra accurate optical sensor and it makes the perfect gift for your gamer girl. With this gaming mouse, it’s time to team up with your gamer girl even on this V-Day itself and play some Overwatch or LoL!

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo Coffee Machine
26. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo Coffee Machine
For the caffeine addict
Updated on 15th December 2020

Raise your cup if your girlfriend needs her coffee fix every morning more than the basic makeup routine. Then impress her with this compact coffee machine! Just slide in the coffee capsule, pull the lever and her velvety crema will be ready in no time. Saves her all the hassle of driving to drive-thrus.

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For the bookworm
27. Sea of Strangers: Poetry & Prose
Gift for her who's a bookworm
Updated on 15th December 2020

A good book makes a good gift and this book is the definition of that. Sea of Strangers is a compilation of poetry masterpieces wrote by Lang Leav. It sounds like a whole lot of new vocab is about to be discovered, and your girl is going to love all them. Quick, go grab her one of these gems!

Typo Small Shaped Planter review christmas gift
28. Typo Small Shaped Planter
Best gift for her who's a plant lover
Updated on 15th December 2020

As much as she enjoys being around plants and trimming bushes, it'd be rather tacky to buy her big, plain ol' terracotta pots. So, get her this cute, petite planter instead. The simple, colourful design surely makes a nice statement decor to her room. 

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Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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