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20 Best Budget Gifts Below RM50 - Valentine's Day Ideas Malaysia 2024

Let the gift hunt begin!

Missed gifting your significant other for Christmas? There's always Valentine's Day (Or any other day, actually...).

So, if you’re scratching your head because you have absolutely no idea what to give your loved ones for V' Day, let alone have the budget for it, here are 20 budget Valentines day gift ideas to help get you started. 

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3D Night Light Decorative Table Lamp
Check 3D Night Light Decorative Table Lamp price below:

This unique 3D night light table lamp instantly brightens up a room when it’s dark, functioning as a cool decorative feature in the room. It’s available in several designs too, such as a teddy bear, deer, the moon and the Eiffel Tower. 

Overall, it’ll make a great gift for anyone who’s into cute, novelty decorations, like your sister perhaps? This is especially great if she’s afraid of the dark.

Macaron inPods i12 TWS Airpods
Check Macaron inPods i12 TWS Airpods price below:

Whether or not your best friend still uses wired earphones, it’s time to present him or her this set of wireless inPods. Coming in various attractive pastel colours, these wireless earphones are tiny, lightweight, and convenient. In addition to listening to music more freely, they can also easily answer incoming calls and wake up Siri if they are using an iPhone.

Stainless Steel Nordic Tableware Cutlery Set
Check Stainless Steel Nordic Tableware Cutlery Set price below:

You can never go wrong with an elegant cutlery gift set. They are made from finely-polished, non-toxic stainless steel that have strong resistance against natural corrosion and rust. As your grandparents cannot venture out of their home freely due to the pandemic, why not give them a stylish dining experience in the comfort of their home?

Alard 100% Premium Olive Oil Nabulsi Soap
Check Alard 100% Premium Olive Oil Nabulsi Soap price below:

If you have no idea what to put a smile on your co-worker who has been working tirelessly side by side with you, you could consider this premium olive oil soap bar. It’s fully handmade via traditional methods, meant to repair, soften, and hydrate the skin. Truly a thoughtful gift for him or her to recharge after a long day of work. 

Bamboo Phone Stand Holder & Charging Station
Check Bamboo Phone Stand Holder & Charging Station price below:

Struggling to get something for your guy friend who says he has everything? Well, he probably won’t have this one. With this stand which is made of 100% natural bamboo which is a lightweight and strong material, he will not definitely not misplace his phone and watch anymore. So, you’ll be indirectly helping him be on time for all his appointments!

360 Degree Cosmetic & Makeup Organiser
Check 360 Degree Cosmetic & Makeup Organiser price below:

Have you secretly judged your friend for being disorganised and messy with her makeup being spread all over her table? Then you could help provide her with a solution by getting her a makeup organiser. 

This makeup organiser has compartments for most if not all of her makeup as well as her makeup tools, allowing her to find what she needs with ease while also being organised.

Legno Solid Teak Wood Serving Tray
Check Legno Solid Teak Wood Serving Tray price below:

If you have a mom who’s obsessed with her kitchen, she’ll fall in love with this multipurpose wood serving tray. Made from high-quality durable wood, it can be used as a regular chopping board or as a fancy serving tray to impress guests whenever serving cheese, fruits, or roasts. 

It's always nice to gift your other loved ones something besides your partner. Here are some great gift ideas in Malaysia:

Gift for brother
Adjustable Brimless Cap
Check Adjustable Brimless Cap price below:

If your brother is someone who always needs to wear a cap but only has one, it’d be pretty obvious what gift you should get him. Rather than get him a generic cap, why not get him looking more trendy instead? 

This adjustable brimless cap will do just that while complementing most outfits. It’s made with cotton to ensure a comfortable wear under our local weather.

Q&Q Japan by Citizen Unisex Rubber Analogue Watch
Check Q&Q Japan by Citizen Unisex Rubber Analogue Watch price below:

Sometimes it’s best not to overthink it when getting a gift for someone. This simple yet sleek looking watch would be a perfect gift for your boyfriend. And you get to pick from the many designs available based on his (or your) preference. A bonus is that by getting him this gift, you’ll be stripping him off any excuses for being late for your dates to come.

Gift for girlfriend
Reversible Octopus Plush Toy
Check Reversible Octopus Plush Toy price below:

This cute soft toy would make the perfect gift for your girlfriend. Not only will she have something to cuddle, but she could also flip it to match her mood. Your girlfriend would love this gift and (hopefully) your sense of humour.

Gift for daughter
Little Dinosaur Hoodie
Check Little Dinosaur Hoodie price below:

It’s not easy getting a gift for a daughter, especially when she’s growing and her interests are always changing. Well, one gift that daughters would love, regardless of their age is a hoodie. Whether she’s 15 or well into her twenties, your daughter is bound to be wearing a hoodie such as this. It’s perfect for whenever she’s feeling lazy to dress up and needs something comfortable as well as that it looks good.

Squid Game Building Blocks
Check Squid Game Building Blocks price below:

Getting a gift for your son can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. This micro block set which features one of Netflix’s hottest shows around would make a perfect gift for your son regardless of his age. Your son would have lots of fun building it which he can use as a decorative item once he’s done.

Wooden Congkak Kayu Lipat
Check Wooden Congkak Kayu Lipat price below:

Chances are that your child has made a habit of being on his computer or phone to play video games or binge-watch shows. While there is nothing wrong with making the best use of modern technology, it is always nice to introduce your children to more traditional games and activities. 

This Congkak set will not only get your child off his phone but will also provide an opportunity for the whole family to bond. Plus, you can opt for the foldable version which for easy storage in case you are concerned.

Gift for husband
Check Some By Mi Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Starter Kit price below:

Who ever said that men shouldn’t look after their skin? After all, skincare is self-care. Show your husband you care by getting him this skincare set from the brand Some By Mi. 

This kit is of the Snail Truecica line which features a face wash, toner, serum and cream. They are made with the natural-healing ingredient snail mucin which is great for healing any scars, brighten up and smoothen the skin. The ingredient also provides a natural protective barrier to the skin.

Marble Couple Mug Gift Ceramic Mug
Check Marble Couple Mug Gift Ceramic Mug price below:

No matter how old you are, it always feels nice to have matching items with your significant other. How about getting matching mugs so the both of you can enjoy your morning coffee together while also admiring how cute the two of you look? Plus, you can enjoy a long, extended morning breakfast at the table together thanks to the cup’s 400ml capacity.

Notebook Personalized Engraved Gift set with Pen
Check Notebook Personalized Engraved Gift set with Pen price below:

Is your significant other or friend a teacher? Why not get a personalised notebook and pen set? Not only will they appreciate the effort, but they’ll also be thinking of you every time they jot something down. There’d hardly be a more thoughtful gift.

2023 Planner Notebook and Journals
Check 2023 Planner Notebook and Journals price below:

Keep it simple yet thoughtful by gifting a practical item to your loved one who may be struggling with their studies. It'll help them plan their day and jot down their thoughts in this cute notebook. The planner features pages with printed project templates and daily planners. It’s the perfect gift for students to help kickstart their year!

Beryls Dark Chocolate with Coated Almonds - malaysia
Check Beryl's Dark Chocolate with Coated Almonds price below:

Bosses... they do so much and it's not surprising that many of them forget to treat themselves once in a while. So why not surprise them with a good box of chocolates?

Humble yet classy, this jar of almond nuts coated in dark chocolate is sure to win your boss’s heart without coming off as insincere. Perhaps your boss may even pass the chocolate and cookies around the office for everyone to enjoy.

Check Sterling Silver Simple Minimalist Short Necklace price below:

There’s nothing like jewellery to light up your wife’s day, and what’s nicer than a simple yet elegant necklace to add to her accessories? This 925 sterling silver necklace is versatile enough to fit any occasion, and is also suitable to be worn on most skin types!

Personalised Colour Changing Magic Mug
Check Personalised Colour Changing Magic Mug price below:

Show your dad some love by gifting him this personalised colour-changing magic mug! You can print any design of your choice, making this a one-of-a-kind gift that he’ll never forget. The colour-changing feature will also style up dad’s usual morning hot coffee routine!

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