Do you find yourself spending countless minutes looking at your face in the mirror, staring aghast at blackheads or large pores? Or are you thinking about getting a new lip colour for the New Year? Or perhaps just wanting a change in your eyeshadow choices?

If you're looking to kick-start 2018 with a bold, brand new look, then this articles is for you! Get inspired by Hermo's bestsellers for just about any beauty product you're looking for. The best part? They are SO affordable! 

1. MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Perfecting Powder 8g

Best sebum-absorption powder
Price from RM111.00
Sephora Malaysia RM111.00

By far the most successful product on Hermo, this sebum absorption power is every girl’s best friend in absorbing excessive sebum on the skin, keeping your face oil-free all day long.

2. INNISFREE Auto Eyebrow Pencil

Best eyebrow pencil 
Price from RM16.00
Hermo Malaysia RM16.00

The perfect tool for producing defined contours on your eyebrows – the wide, flat oval-shaped pencil can be used to draw wide lines when held flat and thin lines when held straight up. With seven colours to choose from, it’s no wonder why this cool tool is a favourite among many!

3. Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Serum

Best hair serum
Price from RM35.00
Wynora RM35.00

With raving (and mostly unbelievable) reviews of how this argan oil-enriched hair serum has helped improve and repair damaged hair to produce silky smooth hair by more than 2,000 reviewers, it sounds like you should get your hands on it quick if you want to experience the miracle.

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Best lip cream
Price from RM21.00
Hermo Malaysia RM21.00

This lip cream from NYX is probably one of the most talked about product of 2017. Start off with velvety smooth lip cream that delivers a burst of creamy colour and enjoy hours of stunning matte finish once dry. The best part? No dry lips!

Soak in the goodness of Californian aloe vera with this soothing gel. Mild on skin, it can be used to moisturise face, arms, legs, and hair. The vitamins from aloe vera also protect your skin from harmful UV rays. This is great to kickstart your new year with glowing skin!

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6. INNISFREE Green Tea Cleansing Foam

Best cleanser
Price from RM32.80
Hermo Malaysia RM32.80

Made with organically grown fresh green tea leaves enriched in amino acids and minerals, this cleanser is amazing at removing makeup and cleaning pores as well as moisturising and brightening skin, leaving skin feeling clean and refreshed. A hint of green tea scent also makes it pleasant on the nose.

7. SKIN FOOD Black Sugar Mask

Best face mask 
Price from RM32.00
Hermo Malaysia RM32.00

This sweet mask wash-off uses organic black sugar granules to exfoliate and nourish skin, creating a smooth and clean complexion. Swap your next muffin for this mask, because no one ever said anything about having too much sugar on your face, right?

8. LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask

Best sleeping mask
Price from RM120.00
Hermo Malaysia RM120.00

Sleep has never been better with this amazing aromatherapeutic sleeping mask. Simply apply it at night before sleeping and wake up to a vibrant, moisturised complexion. The apricot extract provides a brightening effect that makes skin look cleaner and brighter by removing free radicals that stress the skin.

This hydrating toner is just what your skin needs post-cleansing. It smoothens your skin texture while maintaining optimal pH balance to absorb other products. Known to be mild on skin, this toner is suitable for sensitive skin for a non-irritating effect

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10. MAYBELLINE The Powder Mattes by Color Sensational Lipstick

Best lipstick
Price from RM16.74
Hermo Malaysia RM16.74

This powdery and matte lipstick collection produces a dramatic effect with 4x saturated powder pigments and honey nectar to produce a stunning powdery smooth matte finish. Keep your lips looking awesome with the 17 colours from this Maybelline lipstick range!

11. MAYBELLINE Magnum Barbie Waterproof Mascara

Best mascara
Price from RM16.90
Hermo Malaysia RM16.90

Dolling up like Barbie is made easy with this long-lasting mascara. The brush and duo lengths of fibre help achieve pushed up, fluffy, doll-like lashes in just a single stroke minus the worry of looking clumpy.

MAYBELLINE Blush Nude Pallette


Best eyeshadow pallette 

This beautiful range of colours is what every girl pursuing the nude look will want. Get a glowing ‘natural’ look with Maybelline’s 12 shades of rosy gold tones, from risqué rose to tempting taupe.

12. KLAIRS Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask

Best sheet mask  
Price from RM45.47
Hermo Malaysia RM45.47

100% cotton mask sheets that contain half a bottle of rich moisturising essence to directly deliver soothing essence to your skin. The mask is suited for sensitive skin and is alcohol and paraben-free.

13. GARNIER Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water

Best makeup remover 
Price from RM19.75
Hermo Malaysia RM19.75

This all-in-one micellar water removes makeup and impurities in one wash using micelles to capture and lift dirt, oil, and makeup on your face and doesn’t require harsh rubbing. It is effective yet gentle and leaves skin feeling refreshed and clean without being over-drying.

14. L’OREAL True Match Liquid Foundation

Best liquid foundation 
Price from RM33.90
Hermo Malaysia RM33.90

The blendable texture of this foundation glides and blends into skin without producing a streaky or cakey effect as well as being long-lasting and hydrating. It also contains ultra-fine pigment to match every common Asian skin tone and texture with extreme precision – YES to matching foundations!

15. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Conceal Correct Contour Palette

Best concealer pallette
Price from RM33.00
Hermo Malaysia RM33.00

This ultimate concealer palette has it all with six colour correcting shades. It is customised to create the ideal shade and cover imperfections. Besides, this colourful palette is certainly a feast for the eyes as much as it is for the face. 

16. MAYBELLINE Super BB Cushion Fresh Matte SPF25 PA+

Best BB cream product 
Price from RM41.94
Hermo Malaysia RM41.94

Not only is this feather-light foundation able to give you a natural matte finish, it keeps excess sebum under control, is long lasting and provides SPF25 PA+ protection.

17. 3W CLINIC Intensive UV Sunblock SPF50 PA+++

Best sunblock
Price from RM16.90
Hermo Malaysia RM16.90

Keep yourself and your family protected from the harsh sun with this soft cream 12-hour coverage sunblock, applicable for face and body protection. It also comes with moisturising components to keep the skin hydrated as well as aloe extract to relieve skin irritation.



Best eyeliner

This duo-function eyeliner-eyeshadow is made of a blend of mineral oil and powder to form a creamy texture that glides on smoothly and is easy to blend out. It is long-lasting, does not dry out or crease eyes and comes in a range of 12 colours.

18. ETUDE HOUSE Color My Brows

Price from RM19.60
Hermo Malaysia RM19.60

Your eyelashes shouldn’t be the only one to receive mascara love, give your eyebrows natural but urban colours with this eyebrow mascara that provides nutrition to skin and brow. 

Best brow mascara

19. RYOE Jayang Yunmo Anti-Hairloss Treatment (Normal/Dry Scalp)

Best shampoo to repair hair
Price from RM36.00
Hermo Malaysia RM36.00

Restore damaged hair to its original glossy and soft state with this damage-care shampoo. This popular shampoo is also infused with elements to strengthen and provide nutrients to thin and weak hair, making it stronger and preventing hair loss.

20. ETUDE HOUSE Play Nail Dress Room

Best nail polish
Price from RM11.10
Hermo Malaysia RM11.10

These trendy shades in pearl matte texture are sure to put a smile on your face! Choose from eight stunning pastel colours.

21. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette

Best blush palette
Price from RM60.00
Hermo Malaysia RM60.00

This gorgeous sweet palette features eight highly pigmented and butter-smooth colours that’ll suit any skin tone. Choose from matte and shimmery finishes. Whether you’re a pro or budding beauty fan, this set is a great kit for your blush crush.

22. LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask

Best lip mask for lip care
Price from RM43.40
Hermo Malaysia RM75.00 Shopee Malaysia RM43.40

Skin care is not just about the face and eyes, our lips are sensitive to drying out as well. This sleep-in mask for lips works to remove dead skin cells and leave your lips supple and moist the next morning. Never worry about chapped lips again! 

23. ELIZABETH ARDEN Green Tea Scent Spray

Price from RM55.60
Hermo Malaysia RM55.60

Enjoy the light scent of green tea that energises the body and excites the senses. This scent is sure to start your day with a refreshing take on things.

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Best perfume

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