A simple daily fare, yet one of the most versatile and internationally-renowned cuisines. Bread is not only a staple but also comes in a variety of tastes, textures, choice of crusts, flavours, and fillings. No matter how perfect bakery-made loaves are, nothing beats the scrumptious taste of fresh homemade bread for breakfast. Here are your choices of the best bread makers in Malaysia.

Russell Taylors Bread Maker Large 2.0LB

Best budget bread maker with programmable timer



Best budget bread maker with programmable timer

The Russell Taylors Bread Maker allows you to enjoy delectable flavours of bread with minimal fuss in the kitchen. What’s more, the bread maker offers you a 15 hours programmable delay timer with an additional 60 minutes warm-keeping function. Set your clock to the preferred hour and enjoy freshly made bread, kept warm just for your family.

Philips Bread Maker HD9015

Best beginner bread-maker, for home use



Best for beginners

A reliable and sturdy brand, the Phillips Bread Maker HD9015 is certainly a fantastic choice to use for baking fresh bread daily. Allowing for easy cleaning, it comes with a detachable lid, as well as a viewing window so you can watch your bread rise and turn golden brown. A user-friendly machine with various useful functions for a newbie bread maker.

Morgan Bread Maker MBM1020

Best small and compact size bread maker



Best small and compact size bread maker

With an array of digital programmes and memory functions, the Morgan Bread Maker MBM1020 is certainly a convenient choice for your home baking. It’s ideal for both amateur bakers and the masters of bread-making. Modern and aesthetically designed, this Bread Maker is a smart option for a space-conscious kitchen.

Panasonic Bread Maker SD-P104

Best easy to maintain, quiet bread maker



Best easy to maintain and quiet bread maker 

The Panasonic Bread Maker SD-P104 is sensitive to the bread baking processes. With a temperature sensor and an auto yeast sensor, the bread-making process is automatic without a need to keep an eye on the various progress. Just add your ingredients in and select a preset-programme of your choice.

Khind Bread Maker Model BM500

Best bread maker for jam and yogurt



Best bread maker with jam setting and yogurt function

An innovative kitchen essential, the Khind Bread Maker Model BM500 eases your struggles in bread-making with its efficient baking functions. Running on a smart operation system, it saves energy and offers you delectable choices of baking programmes. All you have to do is choose a function – and not just a bread-making function because you’ll be making jam and yogurt without any hassle.

Breveille BBM100 Breadmaker

Best bread maker for gluten-free options



Best bread maker with gluten-free settings

Satisfy your bread cravings and special diet with the Breveille BBM100 Bread Maker with its varieties of bread programmes, even various gluten-free recipes. With a range of 23 automatic programmes settings for any type of bread you choose, you can certainly expect to see fast results with minimal fuss.

Kenwood BM250 Bread Maker

Best bread maker for bread, pizza, and pasta dough



Best for pizza and pasta dough, whole wheat, rye, and sourdough bread

The Kenwood BM250 Bread Maker delivers multiple special functions for your meal choices. Ranging from the preparation of your morning bread to your dinner pasta, you can easily use the bread maker to assist you in organizing an appetizing homemade meal. This is undoubtedly a versatile kitchen helper to prepare the dough for any cuisine.

Trio Bread Maker TBM-111

Best bread maker for basic home use



Best bread maker for basic home use

The Trio Bread Maker TBM-111 is both high in quality and reliable for your kitchen. With its basic bread making functions, you can opt for a variety of automatic programmes and expediently prepare bread of any kind for your family. With a dough, cake, and bread setting, you will receive a wholesome baker with the Trio bread maker.

Morphy Richards 48823 Bread Maker

Best bread maker with a reliable fruit and nut dispenser



Best bread maker with a reliable fruit, nut, and seed dispenser

Offering baking enthusiasts multiple features in loaf sizes and bread settings, the Morphy Richards 48823 Bread Maker is a fast bake option for any occasion. The automatic dispenser equally distributes the dried fruits and nuts during the right moment within the baking process. Simply rely on Morphy Richards to prepare your bread for any meal.

Pensonic Chef’s Like Bread Maker – PBM2000

Best bread maker for a selection of bread



Best for a selection of bread

Imagine producing bakery quality bread at home, right in your own kitchen. With the assistance of the Pensonic Chef’s Like Bread Maker, just click on the display programmes and prepare bread like a master baker. Read recipes and create delicious assortments of bread from any flour of your choice without any prior cooking lessons.

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