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25 Chinese New Year Decorations to Usher in the Year 2019

Ong ah ong!

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It’s that time of the year again – where the New Year begins for the Chinese. Save some time instead of looking around for Chinese New Year decorations. We've come up with a list of decorations for you, as you celebrate the New Year.

Here's the list:

Chinese Style Vintage Hand Towel Handkerchief

RM 13.9

Don’t be fooled by a simple handkerchief. With a touch of simplicity, this elegant handkerchief which comes in multiple floral designs is a perfect decor piece for anyone that that likes to keep their home clean. Simply present it like an origami piece on your dining table, or as a statement drink coaster for your coffee table when you have guests over.

Lucky Golden Pig

RM 68

This ceramic figurine depicts a golden pig sitting atop a mountain of gold coins. Technically, it’s a lucky statue to help you achieve such a dream.

Good Luck Chinese New Year Red Hanging Lanterns

RM 9.99

Your house is incomplete without a “Fu” character decoration for CNY. “Fu” means happiness and freedom, both of which are desirable all-year round. Feel free to have it as a festive decoration, or leave it in as a permanent one.

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Vococal Lantern LED Light String

RM 14.39

These LED lights are in the form of little Chinese lanterns – which look absolutely cute yet stunning especially at night if hung outside. The lanterns can light up in two modes – “Always on” and “Flashing”.

6pcs Pink Peach Blossom Flower Set

RM 20.7

Give a warm and festive welcome to your guests by placing this set of artificial Pink Peach Blossoms in your home. The flowers would turn any solitude corner into an admirable, calming place to relax at.

3D Acrylic Wallpaper Chinese New Year Decoration

RM 48.9

This Chinese design wall sticker isn’t like other wall stickers – it has a 3D effect. It’s also easy to use as it can stick to almost any wall.

Fortune Paper Cutting

RM 5

You don’t have to worry about getting this paper-cutting wet, as it is waterproof. Hang these on the walls or along the railing; it’ll look ravishing.

New Year Doll Festive Plush Floral Pig

RM 13.48

Decorate your room, your bed, your couch, your cabinet… anywhere really, with this cute plush pig. Having the colour red as its base, the floral design sure does make this plush a cute statement CNY decor piece.

Fortune Cat Carpet / Rug

RM 50

These smiley Fortune Cats don’t just give you a friendly welcome; they are also well-known for bringing luck. So, why not have this carpet invite some luck into your household?

Chinese New Year Greeting Calligraphy

RM 18.8

Bless your home with a pair of authentic hand-written calligraphy piece. The writings go “May you have a smooth life and all the best to your family”, and “All the best of peace and happiness to your family”.

Decorative Handmade Hanging Fish with Chinese Knot

RM 18.6

So, why a fish? The character for “fish” in Mandarin, is pronounced the same way as the word “surplus”. Hence, the auspicious meaning. Also a common decorative piece in many Chinese households, the traditional piece is designed with a Chinese knot, representing good luck. Great as a decor piece as well as a gift.

18pcs CNY Pig Angpao

RM 10

Make Angpao-giving more fun with these cute pig-designed red packets. Coming in 6 different designs, they are suitable to be distributed as well as for decorative purposes.

Chinese New Year Embroidery Tissue Box Cover

RM 77.89

If you’re going to go all out with CNY decor, why not decorate your tissue box as well? Embroidered with oriental patterns, this cover is also suitable for any other ordinary day than Chinese New Year.

Lion Dance with Coin Figurine

RM 45.9

Everyone loves a good Lion Dance show right? This coin figurine not only serves as a place to put all of your coins – but it can also be used as a home decoration. May this cute lion dance figurine bring you more luck!

14pcs Spring Festival Chinese New Year Decor

RM 64.2

This set comes with 14 pieces of decorations including paper cuttings, red packets and so on. You can save money by buying this set instead of purchasing each of these items individually.

Moving Lion Dance Toy

RM 88

Get yourself (and the kids) entertained with this cute dancing lion dance toy. When in use, the lion mimics the movement of the actual thing when in “stance” mode. Otherwise, the toy makes up for a cute decor figurine too.

Tall Chinese New Year Floor Lamp

RM 388

Why have just lanterns for Chinese Near Year when you can have an actual lamp? This tall metal cylindrical-shaped lamp is decorated in red fabric with the “Fu” characters around it. A pretty addition to your home and even for your work area.

Miao Gong Fang Chinese God of Fortune Coin Bank

RM 186.79

If you don’t have a God of Fortune Figurine in your home, at least have this coin bank of the same character.  Symbolizing good fortune, wealth and prosperity, this coin box will also do just fine as a decorative Chinese New Year item.

CNY Spring Festive Prosperity Gold Ingot Container

RM 19

What shouts “wealth” louder than a gold nugget? Feng shui (or money) lovers will love this multipurpose gold container. Feel free to store candy in it, or leave it as a decorative item. It’s eye-catching and festive, either way.

Handmade Chinese Hydrangea Flower Decoration

RM 218

Are you welcoming a happy newly-wed couple? Or just a bunch of merry guests? Whichever it’s best suitable for, one cannot deny that it’s still a welcoming piece which represents a piece of the Chinese tradition. Just hang this ribbon, knotted to look like hydrangea flowers, atop your door or the entrance of your house. It is sure to bring a touch of royalty in no time.

Chinese New Year Home Decor Lucky Cat

RM 119

Fortune Cats are known to bring good luck and fortune to the owners – which is why this is a must-have in your home! And, not only does it make a cute decoration in any room, but also doubles up as a coin box.

2 Pieces - Handmade Chinese Lucky Charm/Knot

RM 46.9

The Chinese Lucky Knot is known to symbolize blessings, happiness, good luck, and good fortune – everything that anyone would love. Essential to have in your home for the new year.

Removable Chinese New Year Pig Wall Decoration

RM 13.13

Usher in the Year of the Pig with this pair of elegant cut-out ready wall stickers. You’re not limited to the wall, but the door and the windows as well. And if you need, the stickers are easily removable too!

Chinese New Year Gold Cushion Cover

RM 19

Dress up your couch with these gold cushions that are made for Chinese New Year! Not only does it look attractive, but it’s also smooth to touch.

Firecracker String Hanging Chinese New Year Home Decor

RM 23

A simple, yet creative design that resembles firecrackers. Definitely a decoration that can be hung anywhere, from your home to schools and even restaurants.

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