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20 Chinese New Year Cookies & Snacks You Can Buy Online

Your favourite CNY cookies & snacks delivered right to your doorstep.

It wouldn’t be a festive season if there weren’t cookies and snacks for you to munch on all day, week, or month long. Be it chocolate chips, pineapple tarts, butterscotch brownies, or an array of traditional delicacies; these treats truly make any festive season a lot more special. 

For Chinese New Year 2022, it goes without saying that sweet and savoury cookies and snacks are a must-have. Whether they’re common favourites or made out of unique ingredients, Chinese New Year wouldn’t be complete without an array of mouth-watering treats. 

So, to help you out, here’s a list of stores from popular merchants selling delectable cookies and snacks that you easily buy online. Start filling your shopping carts now with these treats! 

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Yi Jia Pastry House 

Looking for healthy, high-quality cookies, pastries, cakes, and more for a reasonable price? Well, Yi Jia Pastry House is the place to check out! 

Known for making delicate, richly flavoured cookies that’ll just melt in your mouth, Yi Jia Pastry House is guaranteed to please your taste buds. You can pick from an array of classic favourites to cookies with modern twists. Whatever you pick, you’re sure to be delighted.

Pineapple Ball
Check Pineapple Ball price below:

Anything pineapple flavoured is a must-have for Chinese New Year. And we can’t recommend these Pineapple Balls enough as they are the perfect concoction of sweet and crunchy. With a flaky, buttery, crunchy exterior, they’ll just melt in your mouth into soft, gooey, pineapple sweetness. 

  • Container/package size: 300g (28 pieces) 
  • Key ingredients: Anchor butter, wheat flour, eggs, custard powder, cornflour, milk powder 
  • Taste: Sweet and tangy 
  • Halal: Yes
Check Matcha White Chocolate Butter Cookies price below:

A fan of matcha? Then you should try these white chocolate matcha cookies! These have a hint of sweetness and an overall buttery chocolatey feel. Especially if you’re keen to try something a little modern and out of the ordinary, then you should really get these. 

  • Container/package size: 200g 
  • Key ingredients: Pure Anchor butter, matcha powder, white chocolate
  • Taste: Subtle sweetness & earthy 
  • Halal: Yes
Vegetarian Almond Cookies
Check Vegetarian Almond Cookies price below:

Everyone loves almond cookies for their subtle yet prominent nuttiness and savoury profile! These have just the perfect amount of crunch and softness to them. They are definitely sweet and nutty to taste, topped with a crumble mouthfeel once you bite into them. 

  • Container/package size: 300g (42 pieces) 
  • Key ingredients: Almond, icing sugar, wheat flour 
  • Taste: Sweet & nutty 
  • Halal: Yes
Double Flavour Pastry
Check Double Flavour Pastry price below:

Everyone will be reaching for these red and green bean pastries the minute you serve them. They have a soft flaky exterior with a stuffed green/red bean interior that’s just so chewy! Resembling a pie, these pastries would make a delicious treat. 

  • Container/Package size: 200g (4 pieces) 
  • Key ingredients: Red bean, green bean 
  • Taste: Sweet & salty 
  • Halal: Yes

Nedylicious Shop 

On the hunt for chocolatey treats? Nedylicious Shop is the place to check out! Here you can get Malaysian sweet-tooth favourites such as almond nibs, chocolate clusters, and crunchy ‘kuih kapit’, all coated or stuffed with chocolate.

Kuih Kapit
Check Kuih Kapit price below:

A popular Malaysian treat, kuih kapit is a wafer cookie that’s soft, light, and crispy. To make it even better, these ones are stuffed with a thick layer of chocolate or peanut butter. With every bite, you’ll have a crunchy but gooey peanut of chocolatey sensation in your mouth. 

  • Container/Package size: 200 g
  • Key ingredients: Chocolate, peanut butter, eggs 
  • Taste: Sweet 
  • Halal: Yes
Almond Nibs
Check Almond Nibs price below:

Made out of premium chocolate and high-quality almonds, these almond nibs will be so addictive that we apologise in advance. They’re so light and snack-sized that you’ll see yourself reaching for handfuls of these! 

  • Container/Package size: 25 - 30 pieces 
  • Key ingredients: Milk chocolate, almonds 
  • Taste: Sweet & nutty 
  • Halal: Yes
Check Cornflake Clusters with Almond price below:

Chocolate, almonds, and cornflakes make a delectable combination! These cornflake clusters not only come coated in chocolate but they’re topped off with almond bits for that extra crunch. 

  • Container/Package size: 25 pieces 
  • Key ingredients: Cornflakes, almonds 
  • Taste: Sweet & nutty 
  • Halal: Yes

Jeenius Mart 

In the mood for savoury snacks this Chinese New Year? Head over to Jeenius Mart to either get some classic savoury favourites or modern twists. Warning; whichever cookie or snack you get, you’ll be munching on them all day.

Prawn Rolls
Check Prawn Rolls price below:

Savoury and crispy, these are super easy to just pop into your mouth. Since prawns symbolise happiness and good fortune, these rolls are intended to mimic a gold-bar-like shape. This means with every roll you savour, you’ll be enjoying some edible prosperity!

  • Container/package size: n/a 
  • Key ingredients: Dried prawn filling 
  • Taste: Spicy & salty 
  • Halal: Yes
Salted Egg Muruku
Check Salted Egg Muruku price below:

Every Malaysian loves Muruku! If you haven’t realise, it’s a staple snack for any festive occasion. This Chinese New Year 2022, try these Salted Egg Murukus that basically have the same crunch as ordinary Murukkus but with a unique salted egg taste profile to them. Tickle your taste buds with these! 

  • Container/package size: n/a 
  • Key ingredients: Salted eggs, rice flour, dal flour 
  • Taste: Salty 
  • Halal: Yes
Check Black White Sesame Honeycomb price below:

Not only do these have an intricate design, but these beehive-shaped cookies are an indication that the festive season is right around the corner. They’re so light and airy, and with the black-white sesame seeds, they’re also crunchy! 

  • Container/package size: n/a 
  • Key ingredients: Sesame seeds, eggs, corn syrup, 
  • Taste: Subtle sweetness 
  • Halal: Yes
Lobster Crackers
Check Lobster Crackers price below:

A signature snack for Chinese New Year; these lobster crackers are a savoury, greasy favourite! We know that they may be slightly unhealthy as we tend to easily binge on them. But you’ll only get crackers that taste these good during the festive season, so you might as well treat yourself. 

  • Container/package size: n/a 
  • Key ingredients: Lobster flavouring, eggs, corn starch 
  • Taste: Shrimp flavoured 
  • Halal: Yes

SH Bakery 

Looking for local favourites? SH Bakery has got you covered with cookies you’d usually see on every festive occasion. If you know some picky eaters, worry not as you’re sure to find a treat that’d they like at SH Bakery.

Check Almond London price below:

Almost all Malaysians grew up on Almond London cookies during festive occasions. These treats are the first ones anyone would go far when offered. Their chocolatey crunchy goodness is never a miss! 

  • Container/package size: 25 pieces 
  • Key ingredients: Almonds, milk chocolate, eggs
  • Taste: Sweet 
  • Halal: Yes
Sugee Almond Cookies
Check Sugee Almond Cookies price below:

These are guaranteed to just melt in your mouth. Each cookie is equal parts chewy and crunchy, making them absolutely delightful to just savour in every bite. 

  • Container/package size: 700g 
  • Key ingredients: Ghee oil, sugee, almonds, eggs 
  • Taste: Mild sweetness 
  • Halal: Yes
Mini Peanut Cookies
Check Mini Peanut Cookies price below:

A simple yet tasteful snack; only eggs, butter, sugar, flour, and nuts make up this popular cookie. With such universally accepted flavours, one can never go wrong with these cookies. Unless you have a nut allergy, peanut butter cookies are a comfort festive treat. 

  • Container/package size: n/a 
  • Key ingredients: Peanuts, eggs 
  • Taste: Sweet & buttery
  • Halal: Yes

Beby Bakery Cafe 

On the hunt for some premium treats? Look no further as Beby Bakery Cafe has a delectable selection for you! Made with only the highest quality ingredients, these treats will have you feeling like you’re on cloud nine the minute you bite into them.

Butterscotch Coffee
Check Butterscotch Coffee price below:

The taste of butterscotch is already so good but if you’re not a fan of the immense sweetness it tends to offer, this Butterscotch Coffee treat is right for you. A little bit of coffee to subdue the buttery sweetness makes some good cookies. 

  • Container/package size: 45-48 pieces 
  • Key ingredients: Coffee, butterscotch chips 
  • Taste: Sweet with a very mild hint of bitterness
  • Halal: Yes
Biscoff Premium Cookies
Check Biscoff Premium Cookies price below:

Who doesn’t love Biscoff? The spread’s deep caramel flavour with hints of cinnamon is the perfect combination of sweetness and mild spice. It is why they’ve been trending in the past couple of months in Malaysia. These Biscoff Premium Cookies are just as addictive as your typical cookies, and is a treat for anyone who’d love something buttery, crunchy, and sweet! 

  • Container/package size: n/a 
  • Key ingredients: Lotus Biscoff 
  • Taste: Sweet & cinnamon
  • Halal: Yes
Premium Jam Tart Cheese
Check Premium Jam Tart Cheese price below:

How about trying some other tart flavours? Start the new year sweet with these cheese jam tarts! With a balanced tangy and sweet taste profile, these crunchy jam tarts one are sure to satisfy your cravings and may just even replace your fave pineapple tarts.

  • Container/Package size: 45-48 pieces 
  • Key ingredients: Cheese, jam 
  • Taste: Sweet & tangy 
  • Halal: Yes

My Emart 

Head to My Emart on Youbeli for some savoury Chinese New Year cookies at very affordable prices. If you have a thing for hot and spicy treats, this is the place for you to check out!

Hot Spicy Floss Cookies
Check Hot Spicy Floss Cookies price below:

Floss on a buttery, crunchy cookie is the way to go this Chinese New Year. Not only is floss nutritious, it is also extremely aromatic and versatile. These cookies will certainly have you wanting for more. 

  • Container/Pacakage size: 360g 
  • Key ingredients: Floss 
  • Taste: Spicy 
  • Halal: Yes
Mini Popia
Check Mini Popia price below:

These mini popiah snacks are filled with prawn sambals and are sure to give you a savoury kick for every crunch, so don’t say we didn’t warn you that they are bound to be highly addictive. Once you start, you probably won’t be able to stop munching on these all day. 

  • Container/package size: 200g
  • Key ingredients: n/a 
  • Taste: n/a 
  • Halal: Yes
Yam Cookies
Check Yam Cookies price below:

Yam tastes good when used to make almost anything and these yam cookies are no different. With a sweet, earthy taste, these cookies are sure to tickle your taste buds. 

  • Container/package size: 280g
  • Key ingredients: Yam 
  • Taste: Sweet, earthy 
  • Halal: Yes


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