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22 Best CNY Decorations and Ideas To Have In 2021

The year of the Ox is calling for a dress-up.

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In just a few more weeks we will be welcoming the long-awaited angpao season! Let’s be honest; by this time, most Malaysian Chinese families would’ve clearly marked a series of to-do(s) on their new calendar at home.

Chinese New Year (CNY), which is also known as Lunar New Year, is one of the most important events for the Chinese. Not only does it symbolize a new year and a new start for the Chinese but is also the time of the year when everyone in the family reunites. It is close to impossible in finding an ethnic (or culturally brought-up) Chinese family who doesn’t celebrate this festival. 

While CNY cookies have always been taking the spotlight, CNY decorations are just as attention-demanding as they should be! In this article, we have searched for you some of the most wonderful CNY decorations that you can purchase easily online and adorn your house with. Let’s add some red and gold colour to the interior of our house, shall we?


Chinese lanterns are one of the most essential decorations for Chinese New Year. They are usually hung outside the house, and not only light up the yard but also serve to symbolically bless the family with a booming life ahead. 

Back then, the traditional Chinese lanterns used for Chinese New Year were commonly red in colour, round in shape and fairly big in size. However, as decades have gone by, the lanterns have evolved into different albeit interesting shapes, colours and forms with a more modern flair.

Premium Quality CNY Lanterns
1. Premium Quality CNY Lanterns
Updated on 6th January 2021

Red fabric with gold wordings on top; these decorative lanterns come in a pair with 3 different sizes available. They establish a more traditional appearance and are suitable to be hung outside the house to add a lively Chinese New Year atmosphere to the yard.

CNY Decoration Ancient Lanterns
2. CNY Decoration Ancient Lanterns
Updated on 6th January 2021

These diamond-shaped satin lanterns are certainly stylish and would add an elegant touch to your home. As you can see, it’s designed with a Chinese Phoenix drawn coupled with some blooming flowers. In Chinese culture, the Chinese Phoenix (Feng Huang) is a heavenly bird that represents dignity and is believed to bring harmony to people.

Pineapple Red Lantern
3. Pineapple Red Lantern
Updated on 6th January 2021

These lanterns in the shape of a pineapple are just as iconic as pineapple tarts! Pineapples are often reckoned as the symbol of success and good luck as they are called “Ong Lai” in Hokkien dialect which means “Fortune Come”. Therefore, with “pineapple lanterns” at home, the year is set to be prosperous!

Small Lantern Chinese New Year Decoration

These red mini lanterns are nowhere inferior to the big lanterns as they can bring a festive look to your home too! Being petite just makes them more flexible to be used as they can easily fit into just any corner of the house.

LED Chinese Style Red Lantern String Lights

These LED string lights are possibly the perfect lightings to deliver a cheerful and joyous Chinese New Year ambience to the outdoor space. They look just like the mini light-bulb version of the Chinese lanterns and come in a set of 100 pieces with 8 LED flashing modes. Not only that, but each of the sets are linkable to each other and can span over a large area of your place for decoration.

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Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are not only easy to handle but are also attractive to the eyes. They might just be one of the best decorations to have on your wall for this coming Chinese New Year. With these lovely stickers on the wall, the visitors are surely going to feel the warm welcome!

舞狮福娃 Chinese New Year Sticker
6. 舞狮福娃 Chinese New Year Sticker
Updated on 6th January 2021

This set of wall stickers have patterns resembling the traditional Chinese lanterns and a lion dance which expresses good luck and happiness. Made by a PVC material, the wall stickers are also water-resistant for extra durability.

Firecrackers Chinese New Year Wall Sticker

While setting off firecrackers is not the best for the environment, it doesn’t hurt to have graphics version of them on the wall! This firecracker wall sticker dons a simple, deep red colour, making it a great option to decorate the house with in most kinds of house settings for Chinese New Year.

年年有余 CY Wallpaper Sticker
8. 年年有余 CNY Wallpaper Sticker
Updated on 6th January 2021

This wall sticker in gold tones is undoubtedly attention-grabbing. It is suitable for sticking not only on walls but also glass doors and glass windows. In Chinese culture, the colour gold stands for good wealth which explains why besides the colour red, one will also be spotting the colour gold around during the festival.

CNY 3D Acrylic Wallpaper

Unlike the usual wall stickers, this wall sticker actually “pops” out! Yes, they can be felt with touch. Besides being more eye-catching and unique, this wallpaper is also waterproof and more durable with its acrylic material.

This set of wall stickers is a special 2021 edition where its designs revolve around the Ox Zodiac. This is truly for those who are on the lookout for themed decorations to truly welcome the new year.

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Ox Figurines

How can one miss out the decorative Ox ornaments when it is the year of the Ox? If you want to complete your themed decoration or simply beautify each corner of your space, do it with some carved Ox figures to uplift the Chinese New Year spirit or rather, the Ox spirit at home!

OX Year Feng Shui 2021 Figurine
11. OX Year Feng Shui 2021 Figurine
Updated on 6th January 2021

This ox figurine in a portable size is suitable for desk decoration. It is designed with an ox standing atop a mountain of money and treasures, shining in gold. The design of the figurine means to wish one a prosperous and an abundant year ahead.

Year of the Ox Decorative Ornaments
12. Year of the Ox Decorative Ornaments
Updated on 6th January 2021

If you’re in search of some ox statuettes but preferably one that’s smaller in size, check out this collection of mini ox ornaments with an adorable design. They are not just your ordinary ox ornaments. Instead, the head of each ox ornament jiggles as it is shaken, promising one “Money, Money Come!”.

Pillow Covers

Just as the Chinese need new clothes for Chinese New Year, the pillows do too. Specifically, we are talking about throw pillows on the couch. This is when pillowcases with Chinese New Year designs come into play. Adding some red to the couch will definitely elevate the Chinese New Year mood!

Chinese Style Silk and Satin Pillowcase

Thanks to its design that’s made of silk and satin materials, these pillowcases will add an elegant and traditional touch to your couch. Choosy over aesthetics? There are a variety of designs available for one to choose from, with some having unique embroidery as well.

Ox Pillowcase Chinese New Year
14. Ox Pillowcase Chinese New Year
Updated on 6th January 2021

Since it is the year of Ox, what goes better than putting on some ox shirts for the pillows? These polyester pillowcases are each designed with a hidden zip for a neater look. The ox cartoons which are single-printed onto the covers are simply cute enough to wish visitors a happy New Year.

CNY Ox Year Pillow Case
15. CNY Ox Year Pillow Case
Updated on 6th January 2021

Here is an option for those who wants ox-themed pillow covers. Here, the pillow covers are made of polyester materials, making them resistant to water and easier to maintain. Similar to the previous Ox pillowcase mentioned, the lovely ox cartoons on these cases are single-printed onto the covers. Each cover features a hidden zipper for a seamless look.

CNY 3D Embroidered Pillow Case
16. CNY 3D Embroidered Pillow Case
Updated on 6th January 2021

These pillowcases are unlike anything you have ever seen. They are one-of-a-kind with their 3D embroidery that feels velvety under the hands, making the pillows very comfortable to hug! With their quirky designs and fun colour matches, these 3D pillowcases are undeniably fascinating to the eyes.

CNY Huat Pillow Case
17. CNY Huat Pillow Case
Updated on 6th January 2021

If you’re all about chasing that “Huat” life, these “Huat Pillow Cases” definitely belongs on your couch. Some of the “Huat” designs include “FaCai” which symbolizes getting rich and prosperous, “DaJi” which expresses auspiciousness and “KaiYun” which signifies the best of luck! They are also the must-grabs for people who are hunting for some novelty-looking Chinese New Year style pillowcases.

Table Cloth

Where does the reunion dinner on Chinese New Year Eve takes place? Why, the dining area, of course! Therefore, no way should one neglect the dining table when it comes to home decor. In fact, having just a Chinese New Year themed table cloth is an excellent idea to ornament the dining table and add warmth to the reunion dinner.

Chinese Style Red Tablecloth
18. Chinese Style Red Tablecloth
Updated on 6th January 2021

This tablecloth is available in 3 sizes, making it a suitable choice for covering a tea table, a coffee table or a dining table. With its linen and cotton materials, the tablecloth is water-proof and easy to clean.

Chinese New Year Table Runner
19. Chinese New Year Table Runner
Updated on 6th January 2021

This table runner is designed with an amalgam of classic and modern elements akin to Chinese art. Not only is it available in an extensive selection of colours, but it is also available in the size of a placemat and a tissue box to spice up the table decoration. 

Other auspicious decoration pieces

Besides the items mentioned above, there are numerous other ornaments that one can consider using for Chinese New Year decoration. Here are some suggestions from us.

Citrine Money Tree Decoration Crafts
20. Citrine Money Tree Decoration Crafts
Updated on 6th January 2021

Notice how even the price consists of triple 8s, indicating “Huat Huat Huat” (‘huat’ means prosperity)? Just as its name has suggested, this Money Tree is decorated with the crystal “Citrine”, which is believed to attract wealth. The tree is meant to represent good wealth and a successful career ahead to its owner. There are several choices of sizes available for purchase, each with a different design.

Chinese New Year Decoration Bonsai Pendant

If you are still thinking about what to do with your plants for the coming Chinese New Year, here are some beautiful pendants to add a bit red to your green! Besides the bonsai, one can also hang the pendants anywhere they like. There are several designs available for purchase and each package contains 6 pieces of the pendants.

Chinese Calligraphy Couplets on Red Calligraphy Paper

Having couplets pasted on the door is yet another tradition of celebrating Chinese New Year. While many couplets sold on the market are printed these days, these calligraphy couplets are all handwritten. Therefore, each of them will be unique!

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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