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10 Best Chinese New Year Lantern Decorations in Malaysia 2022

A symbol of luck, fortune, and prosperity

best cny lanterns malaysia

It's time to start preparing for Chinese New Year because it's less than 2 months away! Apart from finding the perfect cheongsam or collecting red packets, you'll want to decorate your home to get into the spirit of CNY. And there is no other CNY ornament more crucial than Chinese New Year lantern decorations.

You’re probably confused because there are so many options to choose from. Fret not, we’ve compiled a list of the best CNY lanterns you can buy online.

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Top 10 CNY Lanterns in Malaysia

Colourful CNY Lantern
1. Colourful CNY Lantern
Updated on 28th December 2021
Check Colourful CNY Lantern price below:
add_circle Can be painted and customised
add_circle Available in 3 colours
add_circle Versatile

Why It’s Our Top Pick:

If you prefer multi-coloured lanterns instead of the traditional red ones, then consider this Colourful CNY Lantern. Thanks to its simple design, it’s extremely versatile and can be used for various occasions, be it weddings, dinner parties, etc. You can even hang them all year long as home décor if you so fancy.”

What's more, these lanterns can be painted and decorated to make them look more fun and customized, adding some spice to their plain design.

  • Set includes: x2 lanterns
  • Measurements (Diameter): 40cm
  • Material: Nylon
  • Waterproof


LED CNY Lantern
2. LED CNY Lantern
Updated on 28th December 2021
Check LED CNY Lantern price below:
add_circle Has a sturdy hanging string
add_circle Brightens up your home

Nothing is more auspicious than this fully-illuminated LED CNY Lantern. With a gold-plated top plate, a wishful knot, bright green jade, and shiny gold prints, this lantern is bound to brighten up your home, especially at night, during this festive season. Hence, it’s perfect as an outdoor lantern.

You can also opt for the lantern and dragon-shaped rod set which pairs well together.

  • Set includes: x1 lantern
  • Measurements (Diameter):15cm
CNY Lantern with Tassels
3. CNY Lantern with Tassels
Updated on 28th December 2021
Check CNY Lantern with Tassels price below:
add_circle Long-lasting
add_circle Hand processed
add_circle Available in different designs and sizes

Tassels are a universal ornament found in various cultures across the world so it's no wonder that CNY lanterns tend to have them as well. This CNY lantern with red tassels will shower blessings and prosperity upon your household.

It also comes in different sizes and printed designs including a beaded tassel variation for those of you who want something a little fancier.

Set includes: x2 lanterns

  • Measurements (Diameter)
  • 80 cm
  • 100cm


Flying Sky Lantern
4. Flying Sky Lantern
Updated on 28th December 2021
Check Flying Sky Lantern price below:
add_circle Cheap
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle Able to float up to 1,000 metres

Make your wishes come true by writing them on this Flying Sky Lantern and releasing it to the heavens. It’s lightweight, safe, and able to reach a height of up to 1,000 metres in the air. Once the lantern is lit, the fire will burn for about 10 to 12 minutes before going out giving you plenty of time to snap an Insta-worthy picture!

  • Set includes: x1 lantern
  • Measurements: 32 cm x 32 cm
  • Material: Flame redundant copying paper


Waterproof CNY Lantern
5. Waterproof CNY Lantern
Updated on 28th December 2021
Check Waterproof CNY Lantern price below:
add_circle Suitable for outdoors
add_circle High quality
add_circle Soft
remove_circle Pricey

Rain or shine, a waterproof CNY lantern can withstand it all. Hence, it's perfect for outdoor décor, whether at the porch, balcony, or door. Made with soft, premium quality flocking cloth, this bright red lantern is sure to impress the guests coming over for CNY celebrations.

  • Set includes: x1 lantern, x2 lantern covers
  • Measurements: 100 cm x 60 cm
  • Material: Flocking cloth
  • Waterproof
Paper CNY Lantern
6. Paper CNY Lantern
Updated on 28th December 2021
Check Paper CNY Lantern price below:
add_circle 2 designs and 3 sizes to choose from
add_circle Can be folded

You can never go wrong with paper CNY lanterns. Suitable to be hung in the living room, balcony, corridor, or patio, this lantern features a premium oriental design that’s ideal for CNY. Choose between 2 designs that are available in 3 sizes. The best part is that it can be folded when not in use, saving you so much storage space!

  • Set includes: x1 lantern
  • Measurements:
  • Design 1: 35cm x 25cm | 45cm x 35cm | 55cm x 45cm
  • Design 2: 43xm x 25cm | 50cm x 30cm | 55cm x 35cm
Pineapple CNY Lantern
7. Pineapple CNY Lantern
Updated on 14th January 2022
Check Pineapple CNY Lantern price below:
add_circle 2 colours to choose from
add_circle Can be folded

In Chinese culture, pineapples are a symbol of fortune, wealth, and luck. As such, you'll want to check out this pineapple CNY lantern. Owing to its lightweight and foldable design, it's super convenient to put up and store later on.

You can hang it anywhere as it's made from high-quality, waterproof plastic paper material. Available in red and orange, this lantern is sure to add vibrance and cheer to your home or office.

  • Set includes: x2 lanterns
  • Measurements (Length):
  • 20cm
  • 25cm
  • 30cm
  • 40cm
  • 50cm
  • 60cm
  • 80cm
  • Material: Plastic paper
  • Waterproof
CNY Lantern with Golden Characters
8. CNY Lantern with Golden Characters
Updated on 28th December 2021
Check CNY Lantern with Golden Characters price below:
add_circle Made from quality silk material
add_circle Available in 2 designs

A CNY lantern with golden Chinese characters is likely to add some spice to your CNY décor. Made with high-quality silk material and premium quality printing, this lantern is durable and long-lasting. And if you prefer something simpler, you can always opt for the plain red variation, without the Chinese characters.

  • Set includes: x2 lanterns
  • Measurements (Length):
  • 8 inches
  • 12 inches
  • 16 inches
  • Material: Silk
Mini CNY Lanterns
9. Mini CNY Lanterns
Updated on 28th December 2021
Check Mini CNY Lanterns price below:
add_circle Compact
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Easy to hang

If you prefer smaller-sized lanterns for something more simple and subtle, then these mini CNY lanterns are for you. These are roughly the size of a ping-pong ball or smaller. Your guests will rave over how cute these lanterns are! The single tasselled ones can be hung on your money tree to add extra "ong".

  • Set includes:
  • 3cm variation: x30 lanterns
  • 8cm variation: x30 lanterns
  • 5cm variation: x25 lanterns
  • Measurements (Diameter):
  • 3cm
  • 8cm
  • 5cm
Plain CNY Lantern
10. Plain CNY Lantern
Updated on 28th December 2021
Check Plain CNY Lantern price below:
add_circle Available in 3 sizes
add_circle Premium quality
add_circle Simple

If our other recommendations haven’t caught your fancy, perhaps this minimalistic, one is just what you’re looking for. Thanks to its simple design, it can be reused for different occasions other than CNY (such as weddings and birthdays), or simply as a decoration. This premium quality lantern is very durable which explains its slightly high price.

  • Set includes: x1 pair
  • Measurements:
  • 48cm x 38cm x 60cm
  • 58cm x 45cm x 73cm
  • 75cm x 58cm x 90cm
  • Material: Cloth

Why do we light lanterns on Chinese New Year?

In ancient China, people lighted lanterns as a ritual blessing for a promising year ahead. Today, the tradition continues as there is no better way to signal the start of a prosperous year by lighting lanterns during CNY.

Furthermore, according to legends, lanterns are lucky charms that scare away the Nian monster, a vicious beast that attacks both people and animals during this festive season. Not only that, but red-coloured lanterns are said to be a symbol of luck, fortune, and prosperity.

So hang up those lanterns in the spirit of Chinese New Year!

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