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8 Chinese New Year Hampers & Gift Sets to Signal the Start of a Prosperous Year

Shower your loved ones with good fortune this Year of the Ox.

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As we enter another year, most Chinese are preparing to welcome the auspicious year ahead in the form of Chinese New Year on 13 February 2021. Aside from decorations, hampers, gift baskets, and gift sets will also need to be prepared for family, relatives, friends, and business partners to wish them prosperity and good health. 

If you have no idea what to buy for your loved ones or for whosever open house you’re visiting this Chinese New Year, here are some premium CNY hampers and gift sets to get you started. And especially with the pandemic still going on, we encourage to limit house visitings by opting for a hamper delivery service, as most of these items include services that take care of the delivery for you!

Eu Yan Sang CNY Hamper - Blissful Luck
1. Eu Yan Sang CNY Hamper - Blissful Luck
Best Chinese New Year hamper for clients
Updated on 8th January 2021

You shouldn’t be stingy when it comes to business. Wish your clients prosperity and wealth for the year 2021 with this fancy CNY hamper. The hamper consists of a fine assortment of health foods and supplements: essence of chicken with ginkgo biloba extract, bird’s nest with lemongrass and fungus, bird’s nest with red dates and quinoa, chestnuts, ginseng herbal soup, and fish maw. 

Aside from its luxurious selection, the hamper comes in a highly presentable basket, complete with simple flower decorations and a butterfly lucky charm. For an affordable price, this hamper will definitely bring blissful luck to the clients who have been so loyal to you.

Eu Yan Sang CNY Hamper - Full of Health
2. Eu Yan Sang CNY Hamper - Full of Health
Best Chinese New Year hamper for family
Updated on 8th January 2021

As its name suggests, Eu Yan Sang’s Full of Health CNY Hamper contains an interesting collection of nutritious foods, such as braised premium abalone, essence of chicken, quality tea mushrooms, superior herbal soup, bird’s nest, and many more. 

Accessorised with beautiful orchids, this hamper is the perfect gift during Chinese New Year to signify respect and gratitude towards your loving family. The healthy food products in the hamper are sure to bring about good health to your family members for the new year.

Seng Hoe Premium Cookies Gift Set
3. Seng Hoe Premium Cookies Gift Set
Best Chinese New Year cookies hamper
Updated on 3rd February 2021

If you know someone who is crazy over CNY cookies, the Seng Hoe Premium Cookies Gift Set would be a great gift for him or her. 100% natural and purely handmade, you can be assured that the cookies are delicious and is made with high quality ingredients. 

Included in the gift set are 4 distinct flavours of cookies: signature mini peanut cookies, coconut biscuits, green pea biscuits, and sugar biscuits. All in all, it’s a simple and highly affordable CNY gift for a friend, relative, or co-worker.

Hamper2u GH2 Halal Gift Hamper
4. Hamper2u GH2 Halal Gift Hamper
Best halal Chinese New Year hamper
Updated on 8th January 2021

There is no need to worry about giving the wrong hampers to your Muslim friends during CNY, as there are plenty of halal hamper options. One such option is the Hamper2u’s Halal Gift Hamper, consisting of a wide variety of quality halal products such as sparkling drinks, coconut cookies, flavoured crackers, green pea snacks, and kuih bangkit, to name a few. 

The best thing about this hamper is that it comes in a colourful and fancy-looking basket that is sure to impress the recipient of the gift.

5. CNY Festive Tangerine Hamper - Heavenly Blessings
Best Chinese New Year Tangerine Hamper
Updated on 8th January 2021

Nothing tastes more heavenly than tangerines, as demonstrated by the Heavenly Blessings Tangerine Hamper. Consisting of 28 tangerines, pineapple tarts, homemade kueh kapit, and almond cake, this hamper is a great festive gift to show gratitude towards your loved ones. The hamper also comes with a complimentary gift card on which to write a personalized message. 

While pricier compared to the other hampers, you could never go wrong with a tangerine-themed hamper, complemented by an assortment of traditional CNY snacks and accessorized with festive ribbons.

CNY 188 Abalone Bird's Nest Hamper
6. CNY 188 Abalone Bird's Nest Hamper
Best Chinese New Year abalone hamper
Updated on 8th January 2021

Known in ancient times as the “emperor of shellfish”, abalone is one of the most prized seafood in the world, which is what makes this CNY 188 Abalone Bird's Nest Hamper a great CNY gift for a close family member. 

The hamper is simple yet valuable, comprising of 2 cans of Yoshihama Abalone, 6 bottles of bird’s nest beverage with apple blossom flower and honey, and 1 box of white flower mushrooms. On top of that, it comes with a good luck charm to wish the recipient prosperity for the year ahead.

MBG CNY Happiness Fruit Basket
7. MBG CNY Happiness Fruit Basket
Best Chinese New Year fruit hamper
Updated on 8th January 2021

This is one of our recommendations for a healthier hamper in this list. MBG Fruit Shop’s CNY Happiness Fruit Basket consists of 500g of cherries, 7 pieces of mandarin oranges, 5 pieces of Fuji Red Apples, and 1 piece of China Singo Pear. The fruit basket is also aesthetically pleasing, creatively decorated with a large lotus flower and red tulle ribbons.  

If any of these fruits are out of stock or not fresh enough, worry not, because MBG will exchange it with a fruit of equivalent or higher value.

Eu Yan Sang Cherish & Nourish Hamper
8. Eu Yan Sang Cherish & Nourish Hamper
Best Chinese New Year hamper for newborn baby
Updated on 8th January 2021

Welcome a new member into the family with this adorable Cherish & Nourish Hamper. The hamper includes nutritious foods like herbal soup and gingko biloba extracts that will greatly benefit the baby’s mother during confinement. Additionally, the main selling point of the hamper is a baby’s blanket in the shape of an elephant. It’s soft, fluffy, and cute, perfect for the newborn baby.

Although it is quite expensive, the price is justified by the high quality and novel products that are included in the hamper.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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