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12 Best Hari Raya Hampers to Gift Your Family & Friends This Year!

Gifts for everyone!

As the season of Raya gets closer, the hype begins on selecting the best hampers to gift to your family and friends or colleagues. Hampers have gotten so innovative these days that you can simply find an assorted range of goodies inside, complete with different price tags for different budgets.

If you find yourself in a fickle on selecting the best hamper to gift this Hari Raya, we have got it all sorted for you. Browse along with our list here to find out!

GBA Raya Hamper
1. GBA Raya Hamper
Hamper Raya for a budget of under RM200
Updated on 4th May 2021

As there are many types of hampers that are priced differently, looking for one that fits your budget can be tricky, particularly when you want one that contains exceptionally good quality items.  

This Raya hamper is truly one-of-a-kind, with a fairly low price tag, and is carrying varied contents! With the GBA Raya Hamper, you can expect assorted goodies from varying brands such as TWG tea packs and Hershey chocolates, all for just under RM200.

Biogreen x etblisse Raya Hamper 3 – Kemesraan
2. Biogreen x etblisse Raya Hamper 3 – Kemesraan
Another Hamper Raya for a budget of under RM200
Updated on 4th May 2021

Hampers give off a fun and exciting thrill when you unwrap to reveal the yummy goodies inside. So how about gifting hampers that are laden with healthy and organic goodies for a change?  

The Biogreen x etblisse Raya Hamper encompasses 100% natural and organic food items. If you are seeking a hamper that is priced under RM200, this hamper makes sure to make it worth the value. It contains all kinds of healthy food snacks for your whole family to enjoy.

Sweetkiss 2021 Hari Raya Hamper
3. Sweetkiss 2021 Hari Raya Hamper
A hamper Raya that is simple
Updated on 4th May 2021

That’s right! A hamper as big as this one does not need to be all fancy with its presentation because, at the end of the day, the contents is what matters! 

Though its exterior may pose the least of the expected grandeur you’d see from hampers, you will be delighted to know that this hamper contains all kinds of treats to gift to your family and friends. Expect a range of delightful cookies, snacks, jellies, chocolates, cereals, and a bottle of soft drink nestled in an austere, simple bundle.

Hari Raya Hamper 2021 Combo Set
4. Hari Raya Hamper 2021 Combo Set
Another hamper Raya that is simple
Updated on 4th May 2021

Hampers can be all the rage among senders and recipients. Though we still love the marketing splendour of hampers and its contents, at times we hope that there could be a minimalistic presentation to them.

If you are on the same page as us, you have come to the right choice. This Hari Raya Hamper 2021 combo set features a simplistic presentation of all the goodies one can ask for to have in a hamper. It has got several household favourites such as AliCafe coffee, Nutella snacks, Date cookies and more.

Hari Raya Hamper 2021-Mika Heartiest Greetings
5. Hari Raya Hamper 2021-Mika Heartiest Greetings
Food hamper for Raya
Updated on 4th May 2021

MIKA has prided itself with a selection of the best quality items in specially designed hampers that are perfect for this Hari Raya season. If you are looking for a hamper that is abundant in a tasteful selection of delectable food items, then this MIKA hamper is your fitting choice. 

Their Heartiest Greetings Hamper consists of a bottle of syrup, chocolates, essences, assorted cookies, pineapple cake, ‘ketupat segera’ mix, and the obligatory ‘dodol’.

The Muhibbah Hamper
6. The Muhibbah Hamper
Another Food hamper for Raya
Updated on 4th May 2021

With the many varieties of hampers out there, choosing the right one that is abundant in the riches of good-quality contents can be a little difficult. Fret not, because this Muhibbah Hamper will certainly be one that your friends and family will have a feast with!

This hamper contains a surmountable number of yummy food items, featuring a gourmet version of traditional pulled beef by the one and only, Chef Wan! Among other items found in the hamper are dates, candies, cookies, chocolates and local as well as imported snacks.

Baraz Hamper
7. Baraz Hamper
Hamper kuih raya
Updated on 4th May 2021

Thinking of gifting a hamper that contains all the traditional Malay delicacies? Then, the Baraz Hamper is your right choice.

This hamper consists of all the authentic taste of Malay treats such as ‘putu kacang soya’, cashew cookies, lemon tart cookies, butter cookies and double chocolate cookies. There’s also blueberry dates, baklavas and the not-to-be-missed Melaka dodols! 

Presenting a hamper such as this one which is filled with goodies of authentic flavours, your loved ones are sure to feel just at home.

Bahar Hamper
8. Bahar Hamper
Another Hamper kuih raya
Updated on 4th May 2021

When the festivities of Hari Raya draw near, no one can simply resist the scrumptious treats of all the traditional Malay cookies!

Gift to your friends and relatives a treat to all the appetizing Malay delicacies with this Bahar Hamper. The hamper features delicacies such as kuih Makmur, baklavas, butter and chocolate cookies, traditional dodol, sweet apricot, pineapple slice and chamomile tea. Plus, it even comes with a buku doa and al matsurat.

Classic Hamper Set 2 Box Biskut Raya
9. Classic Hamper Set 2 Box Biskut Raya
Raya cookies hamper
Updated on 4th May 2021

Savour the sweet tooth of your family and friends in this beautiful season of Hari Raya by gifting to them this hamper set that contains great-tasting homemade cookies! 

This hamper set comes in varying choices of 2 sets of cookies. Not only that, but it also comes with a customized thermos flask and a jar of scented candle! A hamper that gives more than you ask for, why not? It is also beautifully adorned with flowers and ribbon.

MIZU Hamper Raya
10. MIZU Hamper Raya
Raya hamper box
Updated on 4th May 2021

Present gifts to your loved ones this Hari Raya season with a lovely curated mosque-like box that is filled with goodies!

The MIZU Hamper Raya box is loaded with all the wonderful selection of delectable treats that range from chocolates, dates and cookies to nuts, box drinks and even the traditional ‘dodol’ which comes in three assorted flavours! Feel the festivity reign inside you when you present this unique-looking gift box that beats the typical box designs out there.

MIZU Raya Gift Box
11. MIZU Raya Gift Box
Raya hamper box
Updated on 4th May 2021

Going above and beyond a mundane idea always never fails to impress. That saying, when it comes to gift presentations and taking it to a new height is always worth the hype!

MIZU has done it again by displaying the many mouth-watering goodies in yet another beautiful box. This spacious gift box can accommodate a number of goodies such as dates, a bottle of sparkling drink, chocolates, cookies, traditional ‘dodol’, peanuts, candies, and snacks. This gift box is totally worth the purchase!

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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