It is a tradition every Chinese New Year to gift your loved ones mandarin oranges or hampers as a sign to maintain your relationship with your co-workers, partners, in-laws and so on. Show respect and gratitude with these few hampers we have selected!

1. Brands Chicken Essence Hamper With Chocolate And Pig Toy

Best cheap hamper - from Brands

Price from RM52.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM52.00

Help your loved ones live a healthy life with essence of chicken! Essence of chicken is known to be a healthy food supplement. This hamper provides not only the yummy herbal drink, but also some pretty red packets, chocolates and a cute Peppa pig toy.

2. Famous Amos Chinese New Year 2019 Hamper

Best CNY Cookies Hamper

Price from RM99.00

shopping_cart Giftr RM99.00

Know a sweet tooth who cannot resist cookies? Get them this irresistible Famous Amos Cookie Hamper! The hamper is filled with an assortment of cookies and chocolates from the store itself which is sure to make heartbeats go fast! Not only that, the hamper is decorated quite beautifully with a gift box designed with Peonies.

3. Yong Sheng CNY Hamper - Peaceful Season

Best CNY Food Hamper

Price from RM268.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM268.00

This hamper comes with all kinds of food including cookies, Bird’s Nest, premium tinned seafood, noodles, chocolate, tea and many more! On top of that, if you purchase this hamper there will be a complimentary card to write the receiver’s name.

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4. Heavenly Blessings

Best Chinese New Year Fruit Basket

Price from RM340.00

shopping_cart Flower Chimp RM340.00

As they signify golden nuggets, presenting anyone with sweet, mandarin oranges in the form of a fruit basket is still a great gift. And, not only do they get oranges, but plenty of delectable cookies to feed the family!

5. Chinese New Year Hamper - CNY Gift 599 Combo

Best Chinese New Year abalone hamper

Price from RM1,300.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM1,300.00

Abalone is a common ingredient in Chinese New Year dishes and set as they signify "definite good fortune". Which is why they are a valued gift in any hamper. This hamper contains many goodies such as abalones, honey, ginseng, and chicken essence. So, anyone who receives this hamper is sure to be really pleased!

6. Imperial Glory Hamper

Best CNY Premium Hamper

Price from RM1,498.00

shopping_cart Flower Chimp RM1,498.00

If you’re looking for a more premium hamper to impress your loved ones, this hamper comes with Red wine, artisan chocolates and gourmet cookies. Other premium goodies include abalone, Japanese mushrooms and Sea Cucumber. Anyone who receives this will feel like a royal!

7. Halal Food Basket Hamper

Best Halal Chinese New Year hamper

Price from RM628.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM628.00

If you're looking to gift your Muslim friends this festive season, here's the perfect hamper for you. The receiver can look forward to sweet snacks such as Godiva biscuits, Paatchi chocolates, honey and pineapple tarts.

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