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Rejuvenate Your Peepers with these 8 Eye Massagers

“Eye need some love too!”

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Have a quick 5 minutes? Give your eyes some love by massaging them with an eye massager. Eye massagers can be a good way to relieve headaches, alleviate puffiness, dark circles, eye bags, dry eyes as well as diminish wrinkles and fine lines.

Do eye massagers work for puffy eyes?

Yes, it is. Eye massagers can help with Lymphatic Drainage and improve blood flow, therefore eliminate puffiness, migraine and ageing skin. It works well for dark circles as well, but keep in mind that getting enough sleep is still the best way to clear off dark circles. With plenty of options to choose from, we've come up with a list of eye massagers that can suit your needs.

OSIM uGalaxy Eye Massager

RM 758

OSIM uGalaxy eye massager provides relief to everyday eye fatigue problems. Its airbags omit warmth and vibration massage to target acupressure points. How it works is that it relieves migraine by massaging acupressure points on your temple for relief. Also great for those with tired eyes and headaches.

QNIGLO Electric Eyes Massage Machine

RM 25
2. QNIGLO Electric Eyes Massage Machine
Best for dry eyes and dark circles

This is one of the most affordable eye massagers in the market. For people who suffer from dry eyes and dark circles, this is a good one for you. Facing insomnia? This might be of great help for you to fall asleep. 

OGAWA Eye Touch Plus

RM 329.9
3. OGAWA Eye Touch Plus
Best for eye bags and puffy eyes

If you have eyebags and puffy eyes like most of us, you should probably try the Ogawa Eye Touch Plus. The kneading, heat therapy, vibration and acupoints shiatsu massage stimulates vital acupoints which helps in diminishing the appearance of eye bags and puffy eyes. By massaging around the eyes, it increases oxygen to the eye area decreasing strained eyes.

Belik Eye Massager

RM 398
4. Belik Eye Massager
Best eye massager with heat

Know someone who works in front of the computer all the time? A Belik eye massager might just be what the doctor called for. This eye massager uses heat to massage into the skin around the eye area. By utilising infrared heat, air pressure, vibration massage and acupoints kneading, your swollen eyes and dark circles will soon cease to exist.

Breo Wireless Eye Massager

RM 890
5. Breo Wireless Eye Massager
Best eye massager with music - suitable for myopia

Take a break from work by massaging your eyes with the Breo eye massager. Made to soothe tension on your eyes with its 3-options massage mode, it’s great for those suffering from myopia. With features such as infrared heating, air pressure, kneading and point massage, bring back those tired eyes to life and vigour. 

Xiaomi Electric Vibration Eye Massager

RM 265
6. Xiaomi Electric Vibration Eye Massager
Best eye massager for blepharitis

Xiaomi offers an electric eye massager that you can use hot or cold, alternately. Blepharitis can’t be cured but its occurrences can be controlled. Firstly, good eyelid hygiene can help in preventing it. Secondly, with Xiaomi eye massager, the warmth from the wand can help in clearing blocked glands thus preventing blepharitis.

Ogawa Unique Bliss

RM 89.9
7. Ogawa Unique Bliss
Best eye massager for wrinkles

Want to be wrinkle-free? Give Ogawa Unique Bliss a try! Its nano-metal plated massaging tip stimulates production of new collagen growth to prevent wrinkles. The plates then tighten skin around the eye area. Utilising soothing vibration, this improves ciliary muscle in the eye which helps with focusing better. 

Ion Eye Massager Rechargeable with Ion Technology

RM 290
8. Ion Eye Massager Rechargeable with Ion Technology
Best eye massager with negative ion technology

The Ion Eye Massager with Ion Technology is an ultra-compact eye massager that you can carry in your purse wherever you go. So, bring it along with you every time you travel. This device uses vibrations to reduce eye bags, boost blood circulation around the eyes and lighten dark undereye circle.

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Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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