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10 Best Collagen Drinks in Malaysia 2024 - Top Brand Reviews

Glow with bursting healthiness from the inside out with just a gulp!

Our body naturally produces collagen, that is until we reach the age of 25 when we lose roughly 1.5% of our natural collagen. The reason for such a decline is due to normal stages of ageing. But ageing isn’t the only factor stealing the spotlight. Other factors such as smoking, drinking, unhealthy food consumption, and exposure to UV rays may result in the decrease of collagen in our body. This causes our skin to lose its elasticity thus, looking more wrinkled. 

This is why supplementing our body with collagen is important to boost and maintain collagen production. What’s interesting is that you can get collagen supplements in the form of capsules, and even beverages. As this article highlights collagen drinks, we will be discussing more of its benefits here. 

It’s not easy to find the best collagen drink that’ll offer you the right number of benefits as it said it would. The wide array of collagen drinks in the market can indeed cloud your decision. Therefore, we’ve simplified this task for you by summarising 10 of the best collagen drinks in Malaysia that are overpouring with noteworthy benefits.

10 Best Collagen Drinks in Malaysia 2024

California Gold Nutrition Collagen UP 5000
Check California Gold Nutrition Collagen UP 5000 price below:
add_circle Supports healthy skin through hydration and repair
add_circle Supports bone strength
add_circle Unflavoured which makes it great to mix into any beverage

Why is this our top pick?     

If you throw in Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C all in one mix, you’ll get a combination that supports the health and well-being of the musculoskeletal system. Lucky for you, California Gold Nutrition Collagen UP 5000 contains all these ingredients that offer you healthy hair, skin, nails, joints, and bones. All it takes is adding this unflavoured powder into water to any of your favourite beverages and you’ll be adding collagen to your diet in the most effortless way possible!


Collagen is regarded to be the focal protein structure that’s found throughout your body. California Gold Nutrition Collagen UP 5000 is in powder form and it contains both type I and type III collagens.

What does this mean? Well, type 1 collagen makes up 80 to 90% of our body’s total collagen. Since it covers most of our body’s collagen, type 1 collagen offers structure to our skin, bones, tendons, and ligaments. On the other hand, type III collagen is commonly present with type 1 collagen and is found in the muscles, arteries, and organs. 

Furthermore, California Gold Nutrition Collagen UP 5000 is made of 2 additional powerhouse ingredients; Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C. The addition of Hyaluronic Acid in this formulation aids in joint lubrication, skin hydration, and repair. Plus, Vitamin C is the acting role towards collagen production and helps in antioxidant protection. 


  • Promotes healthy hair, skin, nails, joints and bones 
  • Free of gluten, GMOs, and soy
  • Contains enzymatically Hydrolysed Fish Collagen Peptides that contain zero fishy smell and taste 

Who is this for?       

If you’re looking for a well-rounded collagen formulation that offers outstanding benefits to your entire well-being, then California Gold Nutrition Collagen UP 5000 is it. Regular consumption of this collagen offers your body the central building blocks that support the health of your joints, bones, skin, hair, and nails.

The formula contains ingredients essential to help aid in becoming the building blocks for skin protein development. What’s important to note is that the collagen is derived from fish which is then processed to help in easy consumption as well as faster absorption by the body. Minus any fishy aftertaste, which is a great added bonus.

Best collagen drink for face and skin
Nano Jewel Collagen
Check Nano Jewel Collagen price below:
add_circle Protects your skin from UV rays
add_circle Maintains your skin’s elasticity and smoothness, thereby smoothening wrinkles and fine lines
add_circle Anti-ageing and anti-oxidant properties


Bursting with a high concentration of collagen that’s easily absorbed into the body, Nano Jewel Collagen comprises 8 powerful active ingredients. It not only gives you a youthful appearance, but it protects your skin from harmful UV rays as well. Each bottle is made with premium type IV collagen that’s mixed with royal jelly. The combination of such ingredients delivers outstanding synergistic results of collagen peptides with amino acids. 

Not only that, Nano Jewel Collagen contains plant-based Ceramide and Hyaluron that help to restore your skin’s smoothness and elasticity by minimising wrinkles and fine lines. With regards to protecting your skin from damaging UV rays, this collagen drink is packed with CoQ10, Lychee Seed Extract, and Sakura Extract which neutralise the effects of UV exposure.


  • Consists of 8,000 mg of type IV collagen for daily intake  
  • Neutralises UV damage on skin
  • Deeply moisturises the skin in dry environments 
  • Smoothens wrinkles and fine lines on every part of your body

Who is this for?       

If you’re dreaming of a more supple, firm, and dewy skin, why not take a sip from Nano Jewel Collagen drink to experience it for yourself? Noted as Japan’s most advanced premium collagen, this drink is suitable for consumers from the age of 25 to 40 years old.

If you frequent yourself outdoors, drinking a bottle of this collagen drink helps protect your skin from UV rays. While it works at protecting your skin from damaging UV rays, it also works your skin in the night by locking in moisture, so you wake up to a radiant glow. 

Best collagen drink for skin whitening
Kordel’s La Beaute French Collagen 8000
Check Kordel’s La Beaute French Collagen 8000 price below:
add_circle Promotes skin resilience and smoothness
add_circle Preserves moisture levels
add_circle Rose and Amla Extracts reduce brown spots, freckles, uneven skin tone and acne scars


Imagine poreless skin where your makeup application paints seamlessly well onto your skin. Kordel’s La Beaute French Collagen 8000 helps you to achieve skin as smooth and clear as a canvas. Made with Peptan Hydrolised Collagen derived from France, this collagen helps to reduce wrinkles, and firm and hydrate your skin. Be it if it's forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, or neck and jaw lines, trust that this collagen helps to minimise all types of wrinkles. 

On the other hand, its Japanese Royal Jelly produces growth factors for collagen production, enhances the deposition of collagen in the skin, and increases the number of elastic fibre tissues. This helps you achieve radiant-looking skin. Not forgetting, its Japanese Rose Petal Extract helps to reduce skin pigmentation and dark spots which helps to whiten your skin.

Additionally, Kordel’s La Beaute French Collagen 8000 also contains American Amlamax that reduces melanin formation and prevents damage to fibroblast cells especially after you’ve spent the day being exposed to the sun’s UV rays. 


  • Reduces wrinkles and hydrates skin
  • Boosts skin radiance and tones skin while reducing its dullness
  • Whitens skin and controls pigmentation 

Who is this for?        

Looking for a way to further enhance your flawless skin complexion? Every bottle of Kordel's La Beaute Collagen 8000 encompasses a blend of 4 distinct beauty ingredients Marine collagen from France, patented Rose Petal Extract and Royal Jelly from Japan, and patented Amla Juice from the US.

Together, these ingredients reduce wrinkles, firm, hydrate, and smoothen skin, lighten skin pigmentation and dark spots, and boost skin radiance.  

Best flavoured collagen drink
Check BEAUXLIM Collagen Mix with Pomegranate price below:
add_circle Chemical-free.
add_circle Strengthens skin foundation.
add_circle Protects skin cells against UVA and UVB rays
add_circle Helps aid in the sun protection
add_circle Delays photoaging and repairs sun-damaged skin
add_circle Repairs and strengthens skin foundation


Mixed with Pomegranate, Grape, and Blackcurrant, you’d be satiating your thirst with this delectable drink!  Apart from the deliciously tasting drink, BEAUXLIM Collagen Mix with Pomegranate is packed with goodness for your well-being. 

Pomegranate contains a rich number of powerful antioxidants to help fend off free radicals and aid in brightening the complexion. They’ve been shown to protect skin cells from the damage caused by UV radiation. They work together with Tea Polyphenols, which offer double protection to the skin from harmful UV exposure and free radicals. 


  • Helps you achieve a fairer, brighter, and more radiant-looking skin  
  • Contains no added synthetic colourings, flavourings, preservatives, and chemical additives 

Who is this for?       

With a refreshing, fruity taste on your taste buds, BEAUXLIM Collagen Mix with Pomegranate protects your skin from UV damage, whilst encouraging skin whitening and repairing. All you need to do is mix a sachet of this collagen powder into a shaker or a glass of warm or cold water.

Shake well before drinking the beverage on an empty stomach either in the morning or just before you head to bed. Formulated with Marine Collagen, you’d find the quality of your skin looking more refined. All it takes is just one drink and you’ll experience the wonders it has on your body!

Best collagen drink for men
Kinohimitsu Collagen Men
Check Kinohimitsu Collagen Men price below:
add_circle Reduces the sebum (oil)
add_circle It makes your skin plump and wrinkle-free
add_circle Protects, smoothens, and heals damaged skin cells and scars
add_circle Tightens pores on your skin to unveil smoother skin


Besides women, who say that men too shouldn’t be looking out for their skin? KINOHIMITSU J’Pan Collagen Men Drink is specially formulated to satisfy the needs of men’s skin. Whether you’re a frequent traveller, outdoor runner, all-nighter, or even exposing yourself daily to damaging UV rays, this collagen beverage is what you need to restore your skin’s vitality.

Blended with 5300 mg Collagen Peptide and various moisturising ingredients, this collagen drink for men assists in keeping your skin plump, smoothening fine lines, regulating sebum secretion, healing scars, and restoring a youthful appearance to your skin. 


  • Combats skin oiliness, dehydration, acne/blemishes, blackheads/whiteheads and wrinkles
  • Contains moisturising agents such as Hyaluronic Acid, Cactus Extract, and Aloe Vera 

Who is this for?       

Experience flawless, smoother, and visibly plump skin in just 6 days! KINOHIMITSU J’Pan Collagen Men Drink effectively minimises excessive sebum production to create a shine-free complexion. Still, it also doesn’t fail at sealing in your skin’s moisture for a lasting retention to keep your skin looking and feeling plump.  

Consumers of KINOHIMITSU J’Pan Collagen Men Drink complimented that they noticed their skin feeling and looking more moisturised and firmer. Their face wrinkles too have reduced, as well as their face acne and scars. 

Best collagen drink for hair growth
Signature Market Vital Spark Marine Colla-Plus
Check Signature Market Vital Spark Marine Colla-Plus price below:
add_circle Hydrolysed collagen encourages easy digestion and better absorption
add_circle Stimulates your body at the cellular level to support strong and healthy nails
add_circle Increases skin firmness and elasticity to decrease signs of skin ageing
remove_circle Not suitable for those who have kidney disease hypertension, diabetes or those allergic to seafood


As we age, we experience the loss of collagen in our skin, hair, and nails, as well as in our tendons and ligaments. Apart from age, other factors include bad lifestyle habits, environmental stressors, and poor diet which also cause the deterioration of collagen in our bodies.

Signature Market Vital Spark Marine Colla-Plus is a powder-formulated collagen that’s compact with Vitamin C which helps to stimulate collagen production. This collagen powder is also made with hydrolysed type I and III collagen and has a low molecular weight.


  • Restores your skin to its bouncy, radiant, and youthful appearance
  • Derived from natural ingredients that are free of fillers or preservatives
  • Hydrates and nourishes the skin from within 

Who is this for?        

Collagen type I and III are important to care for both hair and skin health. Marine Collagen contains more type I collagen than bovine collagen and helps in hair regrowth. The smaller particles formulation enables quicker absorption of this collagen along with other vitamins into your body. Plus, the hydrolysed collagen offers some amino acids required by the body to support the healthy blends of proteins in your hair.

Best collagen drink for skin ageing benefits
Eu Yan Sang Collagen - Nan0llagen
Check Eu Yan Sang Collagen Nan0llagen price below:
add_circle Contains nano molecules that are efficiently absorbed into your body in 90 minutes
add_circle Utilises Korean advanced technology extraction that retains the bioactivity of collagen peptides


We’re already aware that the loss of collagen can lead to a reduction of skin elasticity which ages the skin’s appearance even more. Eu Yan Sang Collagen - Nan0llagen is packed with Marine Collagen Peptides that maintain all the healthy tissues in the body.

Utilising Korea’s advanced technology, this unadulterated and pollution-free Fish Scale Collagen is hydrolysed into smaller molecules of peptides. Accompanied by silk peptides, antioxidants, and natural herbs, this collagen maintains wellness and beauty from the inside out. 

To boot, Eu Yan Sang Collagen – Nan0llagen restores your skin’s elasticity and reduces sagging skin. Whilst doing that, this collagen drink also helps to improve dry rough and cracked skin and minimises the appearance of fine lines. You’d also find your skin’s radiance and luminosity improved with less visible dark spots. 


  • Consists of natural antioxidants and vitamin C 
  • The content of silk peptides protects and moisturises the skin 
  • Tangerine peel promotes digestion and absorption

Who is this for?       

While we can’t stop our biological clock, we can, however, supplement our body with nutrition that helps us age gracefully. If you experience ageing skin, you may want to give Eu Yan Sang Collagen - Nan0llagen a try. Even if you have many late nights, this collagen drink will help to give your lethargic skin a boost.   

Best collagen drink for joints
Bloom Collagen Matcha Latte Halal
Check Bloom Collagen Matcha Latte Halal price below:
add_circle Rich in antioxidants that naturally detoxify your body as well as boost metabolism and burn calories
add_circle High in fibre and Vitamin C that helps strengthen the immune system
add_circle Reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels


If you’re a Matcha fan-favourite, this Collagen Matcha Latte is about to be your go-to beverage very soon! Despite its authentic taste of pure matcha green tea from Japan, this collagen drink has wellness benefits. 

Concocted with highly-soluble Marine Collagen Peptides (type I), it’s guaranteed that this collagen boosts absorption and bioavailability thanks to its low molecular weight.  Blooming with an array of health benefits, this collagen drink ensures that your skin, hair, and nails are kept in their healthiest state.


  • Enhances the health of skin, hair, and nails 
  • Improves joints and connective tissues 
  • Helps to burn calories 
  • High in antioxidants and dietary fibre 

Who is this for?       

Delivering bittersweet deliciousness and a soothing aroma that lingers, Bloom Collagen Matcha Latte is proud to be your preferred beverage that comes with a healthier option. Customers praised that this matcha drink is one of their best yet! It has the right amount of sweetness that comes with a nice fragrance.

The intense green-coloured drink is loaded with collagen that substantially benefits your well-being. The powder formulation also mixes well and dissolves easily in water without leaving any clumps. 

Best collagen drink with hyaluronic acid
Fine Premium Hyaluron & Collagen + Ubiquinol Q10
Check Fine Premium Hyaluron & Collagen + Ubiquinol Q10 price below:
add_circle Enhances the body’s natural ability to foster healthy skin and joints
add_circle The collagen is derived from fish peptides that are known for their small molecular size that are absorbed easily by the body
add_circle Coenzyme Q10 stimulates body cells to produce energy, promotes rapid cell renewal, and boosts body immunity thanks to its antioxidant properties.
remove_circle Pricey


Who can ever say no to the privilege of having a youthful skin appearance from just a cup of drink? This collagen drink that’s packed with Hyaluron and Collagen + Ubiquinol Q10, is in powder formulation that dissolves easily into any of your preferred beverages. This wholesome beautifying formula delays the signs of ageing skin. 

Rich in Hyaluronic acid, this collagen drink is made with 5 types of beauty supplements and even, Kaneka Q10 (Ubiquinol). It helps your skin regain its youthfulness and radiance all through just the sip of a drink. Its rich Hyaluronic Acid content offers significant physiological functions, such as lubricating joints, toning vessel wall permeability, and regulating protein to promote wound healing.

Apart from that, it is also known to improve the metabolism of skin nutrition, smoothen skin, reduce wrinkles, increase elasticity, and slow down ageing. It works effectively well at offering better nutrient absorption especially when used with other nutrients. 


  • Fights skin ageing and restores youthfulness
  • Keeps hair, nails, and skin healthy 
  • Works as an excellent moisturising agent for improving skin’s elasticity 
  • Eradicates dark spots and skin pigmentation 

Who is this for?        

This premium lifting collagen drink helps regain youthful radiance to your skin. It boosts skin elasticity and firmness so your skin looks and feels more plump. Additionally, it also promotes anti-ageing benefits by combatting fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.

The Hyaluronic Acid helps retain moisture in your skin thus, leaving behind smoother and brighter-looking skin. Just mix a spoonful of powder in water or any of your beverages and that’s it! Enjoy this collagen-rich drink that offers substantial benefits to your skin and body. 

Organic Fields Superfood Just Berries Collagen Tripeptide
Check Organic Fields Superfood Just Berries Collagen Tripeptide price below:
add_circle Offers anti-ageing properties
add_circle High in potassium that protect the body from age-related bone loss


Superfood Just Berries incorporation of Collagen Tripeptide is regarded to be the first formulation in the market that comes with an improved taste with added antioxidants and vitamins. Not only that, its Collagen Tripeptide is a shorter form of Amino Acids that encourages absorption rate. This helps your body to better absorb the nutrients that this collagen drink has to offer.

Its rich Cranberry and Blueberry contents act as a good source of Vitamin C that offers both anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties. It also supports the body’s immune system. Apart from its Vitamin C antioxidant benefit, the inclusion of strawberry is also a good source of calcium that helps maintain strong bones. 


  • Improves strength of nails and boosts shine to hair 
  • Low in calories and doesn’t promote weight gain 
  • Its smaller molecules offer high absorption in the body
  • Promotes joint and bone health

Who is this for? 

Collagen tripeptides are much smaller in molecular size and are generally more bioavailable. This means they are better absorbed into the bloodstream as they are made up of shorter chains of amino acids than collagen.

With superfoods, know that your immune system is well-taken care of and you’ll be emitting a radiant glow each day as these superfoods are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Even more so, Organic Fields Superfood Just Berries Collagen Tripeptide comes without the inclusion of any sweetener.


- What Is A Collagen Drink?  

A collagen drink is typically a protein-based drink that strengthens your skin and boosts its elasticity. It’s also rich in vital amino acids that make your tissues and bones stronger. Besides that, it also stimulates the production of Hyaluronic Acid that helps retain water to keep your tissues lubricated and moist. 

Downing a collagen drink daily replenishes collagen in your body, and benefits your skin’s complexion both inside and out. It’s raving in a bunch of other benefits from improving your hair and skin, strengthening your nails, and repairing your joints to healing your gut.  

- Do Collagen Drinks Really Work?  

Several studies did show that collagen drinks contain skin-boosting benefits. Yet, these studies can’t be certain if collagen is the prime factor at enhancing the skin appearance or, if it’s supported by the other minerals and vitamins in the formulation. 

Still, thanks to the hydrolysed collagen in these drinks, these more condensed molecules are easily absorbed in our bodies. During digestion, the collagen is broken down in the gut into smaller molecules such as peptides, which then transition into amino acids. Therefore, for a collagen drink to present its benefits, it’s best to opt for a high-quality hydrolysed version that has a higher chance of being absorbed into your body. 

- What are the benefits of taking liquid collagen?

By consuming collagen, it can directly provide your body with the essential amino acids it needs to repair connective tissues of the skin. Collagen also helps kickstart the production of collagen again, which affects firming the skin for a more youthful complexion overall. That means a lower chance of wrinkles forming easily!

Other benefits also include easing joint pains as collagen maintains the tissues that protect your joints and boosts strength in your bones. Your hair and nails will also be fortified as you lower the chances of having weak, brittle hair and nails. Some even say that you promote faster growth of them too!

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