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5 Best Budget Wireless Bluetooth Speakers in Malaysia 2024

Curated to meet your budget limitations.

There are many occasions and settings when we want a little music to soothe our ears, lighten up the mood, or simply bringing out the party atmosphere. A wireless speaker can help you do just that and even more.

Want to have more music in your life, but not planning to pay hundreds for a wireless speaker? Here we look at the best wireless speakers that cost you less than RM200.  

5 Best Budget Wireless Speakers in Malaysia

  • Tribit StormBox Micro
  • JBL Clip 3
  • JBL GO 3
  • Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker 16W
  • Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker L09G
Best buy budget wireless speaker - great sounding
Tribit StormBox Micro review malaysia
Check Tribit StormBox Micro price below:
add_circle Wide Bluetooth range
add_circle Wireless stereo to let you pair it with another unit for louder music
add_circle Good battery life and design
add_circle Wide connectivity range

Why it's our top pick:

"For audio equipment, size, unfortunately, does matter. This is because the bigger an audio gadget is, the more space there is to fit proper accessories and bits such as good-sized drivers to deliver better music quality.

To counter this problem, Tribit has made the StormBox Micro with the ability to pair it with another unit for louder music, without sacrificing audio quality. It's a feature that you rarely get in small speakers with this budget range."


Luckily, there's the Tribit StormBox Micro, which has been touted as one of the best speakers you can get in its range. Speaking of "range", this speaker has a very huge connectivity range which is up to 100ft!

Otherwise, enjoy its other features such as an IPX67 Waterproof rating, an 8-hour total playtime, and dual-connectivity which activates the wireless stereo technology and lets you pair it with another StormBox Micro for a louder music volume.

Additionally, the small Tribit StormBox Micro has a tear-resistant silicone strap to let you hang it onto your gear for portability purposes.


While it has an average 20kHz max frequency reach, the ability to activate wireless stereo and pair it with another unit is greatly appreciated for maintaining loud and clear music. In terms of actual reviews, several users have attested to its clear and rich audio quality. 

Best budget wireless speaker for travel
Check JBL Clip 3 price below:
add_circle Strong connection strength
add_circle IPX7 waterproof build
add_circle Vocal quality in songs or podcasts is good
remove_circle Lacking in bass
remove_circle Charges via micro-USB
remove_circle No high-quality streaming codecs

A successor to the popular JBL Clip 2, the brand has now improved the model with specifically better vocal quality. With waterproof capabilities, they managed to cramp it all into this JBL Clip 3.


Having an IPX7 waterproof rating, shower singers and water sports lovers can enjoy the Clip 3 when they need it. Redesigned with a sturdy carabiner (no, do not use it for rock climbing), the Clip 3's portability is greatly enhanced for outdoor sports too.  

The battery life is decent with a rating of 10 hours. Depending on your usage, some reviewers actually managed to stretch the battery life for up to 16 hours.


Offering a mesh of affordability and superb emphasis on vocals, Clip 3 is a favourite for vocal-heavy tracks. In fact, several reviewers of the Clip 3 enjoyed the speaker in their showers with the secure carabiner. For the price, it is truly a bargain for an affordable portable speaker.

Best budget wireless Bluetooth speaker
jbl go 3 review in malaysia
Check JBL GO 3 Portable Waterproof Speaker price below:
add_circle Cheap
add_circle Surprisingly loud audio with good bass
add_circle Colourful and eye-catching design
add_circle Compact
remove_circle Short battery life
remove_circle Outer fabric wrapping frays easily

Back with a bold style, JBL does not sacrifice its practicality in this JBL GO 3 model.


If you're ever in the market for a great Bluetooth speaker when you have a limited budget, you'll be good with the JBL GO 3. It has JBL's Pro Sound - JBL's signature audio profile, and all of your basics covered with the likes of an ultra-portable slim design, voice command and a USB type C port. The latter means you can quickly connect it to your other devices.

The speaker is also designed with an IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating, so feel free to play your favourite music when you picnic or go to the beach. 


Its stylish look aside, the JBL Go has a downside which is a total of 5-hour playtime. You can try to stretch its battery which is commonly done for other JBL devices by users. While charging time doesn't take long, this is quite the bummer if you're especially someone who doesn't like to charge their devices.

Moreover, the audio quality is alright. With just a max frequency reach of 20kHz, don't expect clear audio to maintain as the volume goes up.

Best budget outdoor wireless speaker
Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker 16W review malaysia
Check Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker 16W (MDZ-36-DB) price below:
add_circle Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
add_circle Good battery life
add_circle Protective material to withstand certain weather conditions
add_circle Has wireless stereo and full-range sound support
add_circle Crisp audio
add_circle Has microphone
add_circle Waterproof
remove_circle Long charging time

The outdoors environment can be annoying when all you want is just to listen to your music at your mini garden or pool party. Well, Xiaomi's own Portable Bluetooth Speaker MDZ-36-DB promises a fun time with your favourite music on a budget!


The MDZ-36-DB is rated at IPX7 waterproof and should be able to withstand some raindrops or splashes if left outside. It makes for an excellent outdoor party speaker with its loud and punchy bass thanks to its Dual Sound Modes - Normal and Deep Bass, whereby the latter is for when you want to party real hard.

To add, this speaker also has wireless stereo technology whereby you can pair it with another unit for louder music without hurting clarity.

Despite its size, the speaker is only 270g light! On top of that, it has a slightly above-average battery life of up to 13 hours of total playtime. Moreover, the Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W) is designed with protective material and a convenient loop strip to easily carry the speaker around. 


Not surprisingly many users are satisfied and amazed at its audio quality. Especially for its price, the quality is on part mid-range devices.

Best smart budget wireless speaker
Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker L09G review malaysia
Check Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker L09G price below:

Got a smart home that is missing a wireless speaker? You'll want to take a look at the Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker L09G.


This Mi Smart Speaker utilises a front-firing 12W speaker with a large 63.5mm driver. That’s nearly 60% larger than the Google Nest Mini’s top-facing sound driver which is 40mm. With that, you can expect louder and clearer audio from the L09G.

Designed with built-in Google Assistant and Chromecast integration, you can deliver commands to do the likes of playing music, get traffic updates, read out your schedule, set reminders or play shows on your smart TV thanks to its far-field intelligent mics.

If you'd like, there's also stereo speaker support to let you pair it with another Mi Smart Speaker and enhance your music volume overall. 


Overall, most users are satisfied with its sound quality and ease of setup.

However, the voice-command feature seems to be separated into two groups: one is satisfied with the clarity of speech deliverance to carry out commands while the other isn't.

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