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best hifi system malaysia

10 Best HiFi Systems in Malaysia 2024 - Top Brand Reviews

To sing along to your stereo

Audio performance is key for any music lover who would want the sound quality of a studio master if possible. Without good audio, musical pieces and songs cannot be fully appreciated as envisioned.

With a HiFi system, however, such problems will be a thing of the past! By generating the most accurate-to-recording sound, users will be able to immerse themselves in the world of music, picking up the subtlest chords and figuring out the message the composer is trying to convey.

Below are our reviews on a bunch of HiFi systems, and as music lovers ourselves, we can guarantee that these are some of the best you can get here in Malaysia.

Top 10 HiFi Systems In Malaysia

Best all-in-one HiFi system
KEF LS50 Wireless II
Check KEF LS50 Wireless II price below:
add_circle Has built-in Chromecast
add_circle HDMI eARC port is also present
add_circle HiFi ready -- two classes of amplifiers within
add_circle Wireless connections to audio sources AirPlay 2
add_circle EQ personalisation is possible via KEF Connect app
add_circle Has mounting inserts to place on dedicated KEF stand
add_circle Incorporates KEF's technology that prevents 99% of unwanted distortions
remove_circle Very pricey -- but of premium quality

Why It's Our Top Pick:

“The award-winning LS50 Wireless II is KEF’s sequel to its already highly acclaimed predecessor. We feel that audiophiles will love its pure and punchy sound, credit to the innovative technology incorporated within.

With the LS50 Wireless II, KEF has promised three things: improved sound, better connectivity and usability compared to its earlier version. We - and many other experts - think they did just that.”


Users can directly stream music from a myriad of music platforms via the new KEF connect app. Should they prefer, users can also seamlessly access content through AirPlay 2, Bluetooth and its integrated Chromecast. Besides, it is also Roon Ready.


KEF’s self-developed technology greatly contributes to its clear, room-filling sound. Metamaterial Absorption Technology prevents 99% of possible distortions while built-in class A/B and class D amplifiers work side-by-side for smooth and detailed audio.

Best desktop HiFi system
KEF LSX Music System
Check KEF LSX Music System price below:
add_circle Compact and elegant appearance -- no visual clutter and appealing to the eyes
add_circle Access to several music platforms and AirPlay 2
add_circle Built-in class D amplifiers
add_circle Has Bluetooth functionality
add_circle Very clean and detailed sound
remove_circle Needs two different apps to work;
remove_circle Quite pricey

If you want to save desk space, the KEF LSX will be a good choice for you.


Another all-in-one HiFi system, its elegant wireless speakers incorporate class D amplifiers. Users can stream music from several music platforms. They also have access to Bluetooth and AirPlay 2.


Users love its very detailed and clean sound. EXpect a clutter-free area as well, thanks to its compact design. However, operations can get frustrating, as it requires two separate apps to function: one for controls and another for streaming.

Best HiFi system for classical music
Edifier R1280DB
Check Edifier R1280DB price below:
add_circle Inexpensive
add_circle Straightforward bass, treble and volume knob adjustments
add_circle Has front-facing bass reflex port - additional bass response
add_circle Many connectivity options including Bluetooth and optical inputs
add_circle Remote control allows input switching, volume and power adjustments
add_circle Premium-looking MDF wooden enclosures suppresses acoustic resonance
remove_circle Remote is quite small

Love the classics? Let the Edifier R2180DB pull your heartstrings.


The R1280DB has a rare, premium-feeling wooden finish with a built-in class D amplifier as well as a handful of connectivity points including Bluetooth. Moreover, its wooden enclosures are capable of minimising acoustic resonance for better sound.


Users love its sound clarity and impressive detail. One user noted that the system can be pushed to its limits without sacrificing sound quality. For convenience, users can switch between inputs, adjust volume and power with its remote control.

Best HiFi system for home
Denon D-M41
Check Denon RCD-M41 price below:
add_circle On the cheaper side of HiFi systems
add_circle Compact size -- easy to set up
add_circle Bluetooth can be conveniently turned off if not in use
add_circle Triple Noise Reduction Design creates a fluid, dramatic sound
add_circle Simple circuitry and short signal paths produces better audio quality
remove_circle Wired

The compact size of the Denon D-M41 makes for an easy setup, be it on a bookshelf, in a bedroom or home office.


The wired system features a Triple Noise Reduction Design that eradicates unfavourable noises for the highest signal purity. It also has a Bluetooth connection that can be switched off when not in use so that the D-M41’s overall performance remains unaffected.


Denon promises a smooth and dramatic sound from the system, after working on suppressing distortions from the input selector, volume control and power amplifier. Simple circuitry and short signal paths further minimise unwanted influences on the audio quality.

Marantz PM7000N + Bowers & Wilkins 606 S2 Anniversary Edition
Check Marantz PM7000N + Bowers & Wilkins 606 S2 Anniversary Edition price below:
add_circle Its integrated HEOS grants wireless multi-room audio and access to many streaming platforms
add_circle Bowers & Wilkins 606 S2 Anniversary Edition descends from a reputable background
add_circle Optimised technology results in accurate, controlled bass and sound
add_circle Marantz PM7000N has a built-in stereo amp
add_circle Has access to AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth
remove_circle Might have to be purchased separately
remove_circle Pricey

Streaming music has never been easier - and clearer - with this combo.


The Marantz PM7000N is packed full of features, including a built-in stereo amplifier and an integrated HEOS, Denon's wireless multi-room audio platform. Meanwhile, the seventh-generation speakers are an all-improved version of Bowers & Wilkins' award-winning 606 lines.


HEOS enables direct access to a bunch of music streaming services. Users can also stream via AirPlay 2 or go offline with Bluetooth. On the other hand, the 606 S2 Anniversary Edition has a precise, controlled bass and sound in general, thanks to its refined technology.

Best HiFi system with CD player
Panasonic SC-UX100
Check Panasonic SC-UX100 price below:
add_circle On-board CD player is convenient for the less tech-savvy
add_circle Preset modes
add_circle Budget option with a premium look
add_circle Bluetooth technology
add_circle Built-in amplifier and equaliser
add_circle Punchy bass

The Panasonic SC-UX100 offers a luxurious and sophisticated touch at a budget price.


As the subtitle suggests, the stylish system has a built-in CD player, easy for the less tech-savvy who might not be well-versed in streaming. But the SC-UX100 also has Bluetooth technology should users prefer to source their music wirelessly.


Besides the amplifier built within, the compact system also has an equaliser to optimise the already-punchy audio quality. Users can either select from a few preset modes or manually adjust the equaliser to achieve the sound they desire.

Best HiFi system with turntable/record player
Pro-Ject Juke Box E + DALI SPEKTOR 2
Check Pro-Ject Juke Box E + DALI SPEKTOR 2 price below:
add_circle Self-developed drivers mean there is no need for sound-degrading frequency correction
add_circle Low loss drivers encourage accurate sound reproduction
add_circle All-in-one turntable system with easy setup
add_circle Turntable system has a Bluetooth receiver
remove_circle Products might have to be purchased separately

Have a soft spot for vinyl records? Allow this duo to demonstrate their prowess.


Pro-Ject’s Juke Box E is an “all-in-one plug-and-play” turntable system incorporated with a pre-amplifier, an amplifier, and a Bluetooth receiver. Meanwhile, the compact DALI SPEKTOR 2 has custom-built, low loss drivers that eliminate the need for frequency correction.


The Juke Box E is simple to set up, and it only needs a pair of speakers to get going whereas the aforementioned speakers are said to handle sound dynamics impressively. Together, they create a hassle-less and expressive sound experience for users to enjoy.

Best budget HiFi system
Sony CMT-SBT20
Check Sony CMT-SBT20 price below:
add_circle Value-for-money -- has good audio
add_circle Built-in FM radio tuner and CD player
add_circle Classic and minimalist design
add_circle Has Bluetooth functionality
add_circle Easy to set up
remove_circle Bass levels do not cater to all

The Sony CMT-SBT20 comes at an incredibly low price tag but is no less powerful than its pricier counterparts.


The CMT-SBT20 has a classic three-box design so users can decide where they would want to place their units. Additionally, it has Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming. It even has an integrated FM radio tuner and CD player.


Users are happy with its audio quality, as well as its minimalistic and compact appearance. Setup was not a hassle for them too. Users are split into the bass levels, however.

Best high power HiFi system
Sony MHC-V73D
Check Sony MHC-V73D price below:
add_circle Built-in DVD player
add_circle Omnidirectional sound
add_circle HDMI output allows the system to connect to the TV
add_circle Easy control of lighting, music and others via the Fiestable app
add_circle Comes with unique modes -- Game Mode and TAIKO Mode
add_circle Two mic inputs and two mic holders -- one of the inputs works as a guitar amp
remove_circle Microphones are not complimentary

The Sony MHC-V73D is just what you need to get the party started.


The MHC-V73D is fitted with omnidirectional party light and two microphone inputs. Users can even plug in a guitar to one of the inputs and the system will double as a guitar amp! Plus, they can drum along to the beat with its unique TAIKO Mode.


Its omnidirectional party sound and JET BASS BOOSTERS features allow the music to travel to every nook and cranny. Additionally, its vertical and horizontal gesture control is also great for quick and convenient adjustments.

Best mini HiFi system
Check Bluesound POWERNODE (2021) price below:
add_circle Amp and source in one
add_circle Small and wireless -- portable
add_circle Has clarity and fluidity in its sound
add_circle Able to function in a multi-room setup
add_circle Voice assistants are present -- hands-free controls
add_circle Dual band WiFi, Bluetooth and AirPlay 2 connectivity
add_circle BluOS provides access to many streaming services

Just add speakers - or a soundbar - to Bluesound’s 2021 version of the POWERNODE; it can and will throw a big, punchy sound.


Users have a myriad of options to source their music with dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, and to top it off, access to popular streaming platforms such as Spotify through its BluOS Controller app. It is compatible with some voice assistants as well, enabling convenient hands-free control.


Via the aforementioned app, the wireless amplifier can work seamlessly with other BluOS-powered devices in a multi-room setup. Sound-wise, it is said to be clear and fluid.

What Is A HiFi System?

High fidelity sound systems, or HiFi systems for short, are a combination of several essential units, which users can nitpick to put out the most studio-accurate sound possible. In other words, its components, better known as separates, work hand in hand to reproduce audio that closely resonates with the music producer’s vision. 

Traditional 2.0 HiFi systems are comprised of an amplifier and a pair of HiFi speakers. Amps are not only necessary for volume control, they also boost signals from an input source, promoting the sound of the speakers. Common input sources include CDs, MP3 and sometimes Bluetooth.

Additionally, as HiFi speakers are meant to tackle a wide range of frequencies, they do not need to rely on a subwoofer. But if you are a big fan of bass or if you simply want bigger and better sound, then you should probably add a subwoofer to the mix.

HiFi System vs Home Theatre System

How similar are these two systems?

Sound Quality

HiFi systems focus on getting the audio to a studio master level, whereas home theatre systems create an immersive surround sound experience. The former would probably appeal more to audiophiles, while the latter is better for watching movies.


HiFi systems typically have a 2.0 stereo setup, where two speakers are opposingly positioned. On the other hand, home theatre systems should be equipped with a full range of speakers, consisting of the centre, front left, front right, surround speakers as well as a subwoofer. 

The 5.1 arrangement is the minimum qualification for a setup to be considered a home theatre system. But depending on the size of the room and your budget, it is also possible for you to get a 7.1 or even a 9.2 arrangement.


Home theatre systems would warrant you to acquire a bunch of speakers, unlike HiFi systems that can work with just an amp and a good pair of speakers. However, the expenditure also depends on the quality of the device; a decent home theatre system might end up being much cheaper than a premium HiFi system.

Is a HiFi System Worth It?

HiFi systems are certainly the way to go – if you are willing to invest in the best audio quality money can buy/.

As traditional HiFi systems require a few components to function, they can easily rack up the bill, particularly when they are around the premium range. The high price point is even more obvious in comparison to standalone, wireless Bluetooth speakers.

However, unlike standalone speakers - and sadly, all-in-one HiFi systems, traditional HiFi system owners can gradually upgrade their separates over time. This concept allows HiFi systems to keep up with audio technology without needing to replace the entirety of the sound system. This allows audiophiles to save precious cash!


We hope that we have assisted you in some way. Whether you end up getting a HiFi system or not is secondary; we will be glad as long as you are satisfied with your purchase in the end.

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