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9 Best Computer Speakers To Jam to Your Favourite Music

Let your heart beat to the beat of the drums.

Do you sing your heart out when the playlist queue reaches your favourite song? Or are you an audiophile constantly in search of top end equipment for the best bass possible? Then you might want some computer speakers to boost your quality of life and accompany your not-so-exciting chores at the desktop. 

For hobbyists, a budget computer speaker might just do the job. Enthusiasts, on the other hand, will sift through numerous reviews before deciding on their pièce de résistance, where price might not even be a hinder for them. Regardless of your nature of purchase, your computer speaker should ultimately function to your needs.

Be it a Bluetooth or wireless speaker, or a cheap yet good quality product, we have compiled some 9 of the best computer speakers in Malaysia to aid you in your search.

Table of Contents

  1. The Best Computer Speakers in Malaysia
  2. How Do I Choose Computer Speakers?
  3. Are Soundbars Better than Computer Speakers?

9 Best Computer Speakers in Malaysia

Best computer speakers overall
Edifier G2000
Edifier G2000
Check Edifier G2000 price below:
add_circle Wireless; no cable management required
add_circle Has Bluetooth, USB and AUX input
add_circle Has HiFi realistic sound
add_circle Allows user to customise EQ and RGB lighting
add_circle Has preset sound modes for games, movies and music

Why It Is Our First Choice

“If we have to choose one speaker from the list, it would be the Edifier G2000. We think it would appeal greatly to users of various backgrounds, from music to movies and even gaming, with its multiple compatibility features and sound modes. 

The G2000 has an edge in customisation. Not only can users adjust their equaliser, but they can even tinker with the RGB lighting! Small personalisations certainly bring a positive impact towards the users’ environment, thus improving their mood and performance.”


Being wireless, users would not have to deal with cable management, keeping their desk clutter-free. As previously mentioned, the G2000 has a number of connectivity options. It allows you to connect via Bluetooth, USB and AUX input, which lets users easily connect from their laptops and phones too.


With HiFi realistic sounds and the chance to fine-tune its EQ, the speakers are bound to deliver strong bass, clear trebles, and the right amount of volume to fit the room. Alternatively, users can opt for the preset Game, Movie and Music Modes. Additionally, users can switch between 12 RGB light setups to enhance their gaming experience.

Best Bluetooth speakers for computer
Logitech Z407
Logitech Z407
Check Logitech Z407 price below:
add_circle Has a multi-function, wireless control dial that connects via Bluetooth
add_circle Compact speakers have unique, oval designs
add_circle Wireless speakers can be laid horizontally or placed upright - versatile placement
remove_circle The 20m range for the Bluetooth control dial might not be enough for some users

Have you ever wished you could activate your speakers from across the room without needing to actually get up and do it? Well, the Logitech Z407 can be the solution to that problem.


The Z407 is a Bluetooth speaker system, packaged with a subwoofer and the all-important wireless control dial. Just connect the dial to your audio source to switch between three available inputs. Then, you can adjust your bass and volume as well as play and pause your audio.


The unique oval design of the speakers will add a minimalistic feel to your desktop. Their wireless, compact design also means that little space is used. Combined with the fact that users can lay them horizontally or place them upright, it makes the speakers incredibly versatile.

Best computer speakers with bass and subwoofer
Edifier S351DB
Edifier S351DB
Check Edifier S351DB price below:
add_circle EQ can be adjusted
add_circle Active speaker system
add_circle Subwoofer has 8” woofer
add_circle Enhanced bass reflex port allows profound bass
add_circle Various inputs -- Bluetooth, RCA, AUX, optical, coaxial
add_circle Satellite speakers have titanium domes and aluminium diaphragms for tweeters and midrange drivers respectively
remove_circle Bulky

The bass on your current speakers is not cut out for you? You should have a look at the Edifier S351DB speaker system.


Its speaker system has five connectivity points: RCA, AUX, optical, coaxial and Bluetooth inputs. Thanks to the wide compatibility and connectivity options, this speaker is greatly convenient for users as it opens the door to a larger range of suitable devices.


The S351DB has a subwoofer as it utilises a 2.1 speaker system. Users have reported a deep yet controlled bass from the sub, possibly due to its enhanced side panel bass reflex port. 

In addition, there are three knobs on the side of one of the speakers for users to adjust the bass, treble and volume levels for the whole system to their liking.

Best low budget computer speakers
Logitech Z120
Logitech Z120
Check Logitech Z120 price below:
add_circle Small and lightweight; very portable
add_circle Has integrated cable management
add_circle Simple to set up; powered by USB and 3.5mm input for audio
add_circle Easy access to power and volume via a single knob
remove_circle Not a wireless option

Being tight on budget does not mean you cannot own a great performing speaker. Enjoy the latest hits with the inexpensive Logitech Z120.


The speaker is built with portability in mind. Weighing at just 250g, the small-sized speakers can be easily carried around. Users do not have to worry about wires either, as the integrated cable management system allows them to be safely stored and elongated whenever necessary. 


The Z120 is simple to set up. All it requires to function are a USB-powered source and a 3.5mm audio input. Users can also easily control the power and volume from a single knob on the right speaker. Such features are especially handy for the less tech savvy.

Best computer speaker for Zoom - has a microphone
Infinity CLUBZ 250
Infinity CLUBZ 250
Check Infinity CLUBZ 250 price below:
add_circle Small and portable
add_circle Long battery life
add_circle Received an IPX7 waterproof rating
add_circle Has a built-in microphone
add_circle Has Bluetooth functionality
add_circle Integrated voice assistant
remove_circle Takes a while to charge
remove_circle Does not have a USB-C port; only a microUSB port available for charging

Video conferencing via platforms such as Zoom has become the norm as of late. A computer speaker with a built-in mic will certainly aid communication.


The Infinity CLUBZ 250 is a small, portable speaker with an incorporated speakerphone. With Bluetooth functionality as well as integrated Google Now and Siri, users can connect to their Bluetooth devices and access their voice assistants to instantly make calls.


Users have reported a long battery life with a 10-hour playtime at 50% volume, though its slow charging time is a slight disappointment. Additionally, the wireless speaker is IPX7-rated, so users do not have to panic from accidental spillages in a virtual meeting.

Best computer speakers for gaming
Logitech Z906
Best PC gaming surround speakers
Check Logitech Z906 price below:
add_circle Can connect to as many as six compatible devices including gaming consoles
add_circle Varying connectivity options
add_circle Seamless input switching via control console or remote control
add_circle THX-certified 5.1 speaker system with DTS Digital Surround and Dolby Digital
remove_circle Will take up lots of desk space

Yearning to fully immerse yourself in the virtual world of games? Then you should have some robust speakers at helm, such as the Logitech Z906. 


The speaker system can be connected to as many as six compatible devices - including gaming consoles such as Playstation and Xbox - which can be connected through various inputs: 3.5 mm, RCA, six-channel direct, digital coaxial and digital optical. 

Moreover, users can seamlessly switch input sources using the complimentary control console or remote control.


The Z906 is a THX-certified 5.1 speaker system, meaning it can achieve surround sound to enhance your gaming experience. If that is not enough, it even offers DTS Digital Surround and Dolby Digital technology for a detailed, quality surround sound.

Best computer speakers without subwoofer
Sony SRS-XB12
Sony SRS-XB12
Check Sony SRS-XB12 price below:
add_circle EXTRA BASS™ allows for a deep-sounding bass without the help of a subwoofer
add_circle Has Bluetooth capabilities
add_circle IP67-rated; waterproof and dustproof
add_circle Light and compact design
add_circle 16-hour battery life
add_circle Works great in small rooms

Want a powerful bass but not a bulky subwoofer? Then consider the Sony SRS-XB12.


Despite being palm-sized, the wireless SRS-XB12 is capable of delivering a deep and boosted bass, thanks to the EXTRA BASS™ feature. Moreover, Bluetooth functionality allows users to conveniently source their audio from compatible devices without needing to look around for a wire.


Users have agreed that the speaker works excellently in small rooms. Also, its 16-hour playtime meant that the speaker may last a whole day before needing to be charged. Not just that, with an IP67 rating, the speaker is both waterproof and dustproof.

Best computer speakers for movies
Logitech Z623
Best computer speakers with bass and subwoofer
Check Logitech Z623 price below:
add_circle One of Logitech’s best-selling desktop speakers
add_circle Can link up to three devices at any one time
add_circle Has a headphone jack
add_circle Pre-tuned to a rich and powerful sound
add_circle Dedicated knob to adjust bass; volume is also adjustable
remove_circle Subwoofer is quite large
remove_circle Wired speaker system

Visuals are just half of a movie. It’s the audio that’s what makes a movie whole. Be it a dramatic orchestral piece or a heavy dubstep soundtrack, you cannot go wrong with the Logitech Z623.


The Logitech features two 3.5mm jacks and an RCA input, enabling users to hook up to three devices at any point of time. It even has a headphone jack! Users can simply plug in their headsets and instantly enjoy movies in their personal soundscape.


Being one of Logitech’s best-selling desktop speakers, they have been pre-tuned to exact specifications for a rich and powerful sound straight out-of-the-box. However, users can still tune down the bass if they are not too fond of it.

Best computer speakers for music
Edifier R1280DB
Edifier R1280DB
Check Edifier R1280DB price below:
add_circle Inexpensive
add_circle Straightforward bass, treble and volume knob adjustments
add_circle Has front-facing bass reflex port - additional bass response
add_circle Many connectivity options including Bluetooth and optical inputs
add_circle Remote control allows input switching, volume and power adjustments
add_circle Premium-looking MDF wooden enclosures suppresses acoustic resonance
remove_circle Remote is quite small

There’s nothing better than music to keep you company while you work at the desktop. What better than fine quality speakers like the Edifier R1280DB to play great music?


The hefty R1280DB has a premium-looking wooden finish, which is “a fresh twist” to the usual style of other modern speakers. Importantly, it maintains the amplifier functions of a modern speaker with easily adjustable bass, treble and volume via knobs on the side panel. And of course, there’s a handful of connectivity points to source your desired tunes.


Their wooden enclosures minimise acoustic resonance, which helps to create a better  wholesome audio profile. In the area of convenience, users can switch between inputs, adjust volume and power using its sleek remote control. But users do need to keep an eye on the remote, as it is quite small.

How Do I Choose Computer Speakers?

Not sure which product is the one for you? Here are a few points of consideration when choosing a computer speaker.


  • A computer speaker could offer a multitude of features, but those features could come at a high price. 
  • So ask yourself; do you really need all the fancy attributes? Or would you be content with just having a decent sounding computer speaker? 
  • Not maximising a product’s potential after a hefty investment feels like a loss.
  • Hence, a carefully budgeted expenditure is key to optimising both your hard-earned money and your choice of computer speaker.

Sound Channel

The numbers 2.0, 2.1 and 5.1 might have popped up every now and then as you hunt for computer speakers. 

For your information, the former number in each pairing refers to the number of satellite speakers while the latter indicates the presence of a subwoofer. This means, a 2.1 speaker has two satellite speakers and one subwoofer within. 


  • If you prefer a simple and clean setup, you might want to aim for a 2.0 speaker. 
  • For an immersive, surround sound experience, go for a 5.1 speaker. 
  • 2.1 is the balance between the two; it is recommended for beginners and the unsure. 

Regardless of the channel, you would not have a great time if it cannot meet your expectations. Therefore, users have to ensure their computer speaker has determined their sound channel of choice before buying one.

Size of the Speaker

  • By right, the size of your computer speaker should not take up too much space on the table. 
  • You should have a comfortable enough space for your keyboard, mouse and even arm space. 
  • Without enough space to support your arms, muscle fatigue will set in, which will possibly limit your productivity.

Muscle strain is not the only thing you should be worried about. In fact, the speaker size needs to complement the size of the room. 

  • Large speakers sound the best in large rooms.
  • Vice versa, small speakers are great for smaller rooms.

So the smaller your room, the smaller your computer speakers should be.

Are Soundbars Better than Computer Speakers?

Soundbars are a great alternative to computer speakers, but to say that one is better over the other is a pretty subjective viewpoint. Here are some of the more prominent arguments; we will let you be the judge of it.

Orientation Ability

  • Computer speakers with a subwoofer will give you a total of three components that will require good orientation for the best audio. 
  • The positions should ideally face towards where you will be sitting. However, soundbars are just front-facing items working by themselves. 
  • Thus, it’ll be hard to achieve a proper surround sound experience with a soundbar.
  • Although there are soundbars engineered to emulate a speaker’s surround sound experience, they might not be easy on the wallet.

Space Occupancy

Computer speakers tend to take up space, especially those that come with a subwoofer. 

  • So if you have limited desk space, it is best to go for soundbars. 
  • Soundbars are typically slim-shaped, allowing it to be placed between the PC and keyboard, a section where users hardly use. 
  • Missing the subwoofer? No worries! There are subwoofer-equipped soundbars out there as well, promised to create fuller sounds for your satisfaction.


If you are into a sleek and modern design, then you would definitely like how soundbars look. 

  • The simplistic and slender soundbar profile allows them to fit in with other equipment or furniture with little trouble besides creating a more spacious desk space.
  • Computer speakers on the other hand can be bulky. Plus, they are not the most aesthetically-pleasing items.


It is important to take time and choose a product that can satisfy your personal needs. No one knows you better than yourself. Even our favourite speakers can very well differ from your taste. We hope that we have taught you in some way. In any case, happy hunting!

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