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10 Best Speakers in Malaysia 2024 - Top Brands & Reviews

Never a dull moment with these speakers.

Whether you need it in the car, at home or on-the-go, there’s bound to be a speaker that gets the job done for you. However, the market is saturated with tons of choices so picking the right one can be a daunting task. 

We’ve listed below he best speakers in the market, ranging from Bluetooth to bookshelf varieties.

Best wireless speaker with microphone - good option for under RM200
Check JBL Clip 2 price below:

Be it land or water, the waterproof JBL Clip 2 is convenient to carry around with its impeccably lightweight and rugged design, as well as its nifty built-in carabiner. The Clip 2 can pair with any Android or iOS device so you can stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.2. 

Don’t worry if your device does not support Bluetooth, the Clip 2 has an integrated 3.5mm audio cable that you can use to plug into your device. Plus, this speaker is host to a noise and echo-free speakerphone so you can take crisp and clear calls with just the touch of a button.

Best PC speaker - made with subwoofer
Best computer speakers with bass and subwoofer
Check Logitech Z623 price below:
add_circle One of Logitech’s best-selling desktop speakers
add_circle Can link up to three devices at any one time
add_circle Has a headphone jack
add_circle Pre-tuned to a rich and powerful sound
add_circle Dedicated knob to adjust bass; volume is also adjustable
remove_circle Subwoofer is quite large
remove_circle Wired speaker system

The Logitech Z623 makes gaming on your PC much more immersive with its powerful 2.1 speaker system that has the ability to bring out 3D-esque sounds. This Logitech Z623 houses a convenient RCA and two 3.5 mm inputs so you can connect up to three audio devices at a time. 

Powered by an impressive 200W, the sounds remain clear and undistorted even when the volume is dialled up a notch. On top of that, get ready for some room-shaking rumbles courtesy of the 130-watt subwoofer’s ability to produce thunderous bass.

Best smart speaker - has support for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Spotify Connect
Check Sonos One price below:

Don’t let its tiny size fool you. The Sonos One offers powerful sounds that can carry even the most dynamically driven songs. Have your pick at your favourite voice assistant as the Sonos One provides support for both Alexa and Google Assistant. 

With the Sonos app and its integration of a plethora of streaming music services like Spotify and Google Play Music, control your music with just the sound of your voice. To top it off, the Sonos One also has the ability to blend in with the rest of the products in your smart home ecosystem.

Best portable waterproof speaker
Check JBL price below:

You can hype up the atmosphere at any beach or pool party with the ruggedly-designed JBL Flip 4. The durable fabric material that wraps around the speaker is not only waterproof; it also fends off dust, dirt, and sand. 

As far as sound quality is concerned, the Flip 4 is capable of producing sounds with powerful bass, crisp sounds at maxed-out volumes, and loud vocals in the mid-range.  The Flip 4 can even last up to a whopping 12 hours thanks to its 3000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery.

Best speaker with bass - comes with a stand
Q Acoustics
Check Q Acoustics 3020 with Q Acoustics 3000ST Speaker Stand price below:

From full orchestral to rock 'n' roll, you can rest assure that the Q Acoustics 3020 speaker delivers refined yet dynamic sounds every time. Experience the bass drops in your favorite tunes like never before courtesy of its large diameter bass cone and huge cabinet volume.

With its precision laser-cut steel construction and white satin paint finish, the Q Acoustics 3000ST is a perfect aesthetic match for the Q Acoustics 3020 speakers. Besides, for more accurate sounds, the support columns are filled with acoustic wadding inserts to damp the entire stand and prevent them from ringing.

Best car speakers
Check Alpine SPS-619 price below:

At an affordable price tag, the Alpine SPS-619 features some of the best audio quality in the market to play your favourite soundtracks on road trips. The Alpine SPS-619 excels at high-frequency ranges, producing impressive sounds that are loud and not shrill. As for the mids, the SPS-619 churns out music that sounds incredibly detailed and clear. 

On top of that, you can bop to the beat with the SPS-619’s ability to produce accurate bass tones. In addition, the dimensions of the speaker are suited to most cars so the installation process should be easy.

Best speaker for karaoke and small parties - comes with USB input
Check Sony MHC-V71D price below:

Skip the trip to your local karaoke box and sing your heart out at home with the Sony MHC-V71D. Besides streaming music from mobile devices via NFC and Bluetooth, the speaker features an input for USB flash drives, a DVD player and an HDMI output. If you fancy, duets are made possible with the two microphone inputs available for karaoke.

Unleash your inner rock star as the Sony MHC-V71D can even double as an amplifier when you plug in your guitar to one of the inputs. The speaker also has a 360° Party Light function to create a nightclub-like atmosphere. Above all, it has the ability to produce incredibly loud and clear sounds with bass reproduction that will make your bones rattle.

Best Bluetooth speaker with a mixer
Check JBL EON208P price below:

Take your show on the road without the hassle of wires courtesy of the all-in-one portable JBL EON208P PA system that features Bluetooth connectivity. Thanks to its 8-channel detachable mixer that features a professional I/O and intuitive controls, the JBL EON208P allows you to fine-tune sounds to cater to the specific venue. 

Powered by 300 watts, the twin 8″ speakers have the juice needed to produce sounds that are not just loud but clear as well. As the speakers feature a lightweight and comprehensive design, they are effortlessly portable to bring to anywhere.

Best budget Bluetooth speaker - comes with SD card slot and AUX input
Check Havit M13 price below:

At a price tag that won’t bleed you dry, the Havit M13 is the king of connectivity with its support for Bluetooth Connection, a slot for Micro SD card and an input for AUX. If you are wondering, the Micro SD card slot supports MP3 format music. Otherwise, feel free to connect to its 3.5mm audio port with your music player/phone. 

With Bluetooth 4.0, you can skip the wires altogether and easily pair your device with the speaker wirelessly. Through its built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery, you are getting your hands on an impressive 6 hours of playback time.

Best speaker with amplifier - great for music
Check KEF LS50 Wireless Speakers price below:

The KEF LS50 Wireless Speakers are true active speakers with each of its drive units having a dedicated power amplifier to add extra oomph to your listening experience. These speakers generate sounds that are incredibly balanced tone-wise. Instrumental sounds are also layered harmoniously while vocals are delivered with passion. 

When it comes to the mids, it’s focused and clear, the bass is rich yet controlled, while the treble is impressively punchy. To top it off, the KEF LS50 is very flexible with regards to its connectivity options as there is an aux, optical and Type-B USB inputs, as well as a subwoofer out and an Ethernet port.

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