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8 Best Football Boots in Malaysia 2023 - Football Shoes for All

Game on!

Whether you are looking for the nicest, newest football boots or shoes on the market, everyone has their own preferences here. After all, it can be daunting to find the right pair that fits your need and budget.

Are you a pro player that prefers a pair that is super light and responsive? Or are you simply a hobbyist that wants the best-looking football boots to show off on the pitch? Learn about everything there is to know with our guide of the best football boots in Malaysia.

Top 8 Football Boots in Malaysia

Best overall football boots
Adidas Men X Ghosted. 1 Firm Ground
Check Adidas Men X Ghosted. 1 Firm Ground price below:
add_circle Responsive carbon fibre outsole
add_circle Excellent vacuum-like fit
add_circle Amazingly lightweight
remove_circle The upper can get slippery during wet weather

Why It’s Our Top Pick?

“Here’s an excellent pair of football boots from Adidas; the X Ghosted .1. This shoe has a lightweight Fluroskin upper, coupled with the spike-style raised forefoot for protection. The outsole Carbitex carbon-fibre insert offers tremendous responses when it comes to flexing your foot and making contact with the ball”.


The sleek-looking Adidas X Ghosted. 1 offers stability and functionality, thanks to a see-through synthetic upper called Fluroskin. Not only does it gives you a vacuum-like fit when you slip your feet into the boots but it also feels lightweight. 

With the combination of a spike-style raised forefoot and carbon-fibre insert in the outsole, the overall construction makes sprinting on the field effortlessly as you flex your feet.


  • Super-light Fluroskin upper
  • Laced vacuum fit
  • Low-cut collar for ease of movement
  • 3d moulded heel & sprint-spike silhouette
  • Speedframe outsole with Carbitex carbon-fibre insert

Who is this for?

If optimum performance is what you are looking for, the Adidas X Ghosted .1 might be a perfect fit. It’s lightweight and responsive enough whether you are dribbling, passing or shooting the ball.

Best budget football boots
Decathlon Football Boots - Kipsta
Check Decathlon Football Boots - Kipsta price below:
add_circle Excellent traction
add_circle Comfortable fit
remove_circle Not suitable for competition


Available in black-and-white design, the budget-friendly Kipsta football boots from Decathlon are made from a durable PU material. The upper and sole are resistant to abrasion while the small studs on the bottom offer excellent traction, particularly on hard pitches. 

Meanwhile, its inner stiffeners keep your foot firmly in place while providing stability as you run or say, dribble the ball across the pitch.


  • Made with PU that offers durability whether used on synthetic or hard ground pitches
  • Has evenly-distributed multiple cleats for better traction on hard pitches
  • Designed with supple synthetic material for better ball control
  • The upper and sole are resistant to abrasion
  • Features inner stiffeners stabilise while holding your foot in place

Who is this for?

The Kipsta football boots are good for beginners. Despite their cheap price tag, it doesn’t skimp on the essential benefits. This includes providing excellent grip and durability, thanks to the multiple cleats and long-lasting PU material.

Best football boots for wide feet
Puma Future 1.4 FGAG
Check Puma Future 1.4 FG/AG price below:
add_circle Adaptive Fuzionfit+ compression band
add_circle Offers excellent traction & ball control
add_circle Comfortable & lightweight
remove_circle Expensive


The Puma Future 1.4 comes in a striking Parisian Night colour and features the Fuzionfit+ compression band that is both stretchable and fitting enough even for players with wide feet.

These boots should feel lightweight and comfortable due to its ultra-lightweight Peba base. Meanwhile the Advanced Creator Zones at the forefoot help to deliver better touch and ball control even when you are moving at high speeds.


  • Adaptive Fuzionfit+ compression technology that locks down your foot and allows for more explosive movements on the pitch
  • Super lightweight & comfortable Peba base
  • Offers excellent ball control & touch with the Advanced Creator Zones at the forefoot
  • A cutting-edge Dynamic Motion System outsole for better traction & mobility

Who is this for?

The adaptable yet stretchable Fuzionfit+ compression band makes this pair a good buy for wider-feet players. Its Puma Future 1.4 also moulds well to the player’s foot shape while offering enough comfort and control with the combination of Peba base, Advanced Creator Zones and Dynamic Motion System outsole.

Best kids football boots
Adidas Junior X Ghosted.3 Turf
Check Adidas Junior X Ghosted.3 Turf price below:
add_circle Reasonably priced
add_circle Easy to slip on
add_circle Lightweight
remove_circle Only suitable for artificial turf


The Adidas Junior X Ghosted.3 Turf boasts a vibrant blue-white-red design combo that your kid will like. Striking aesthetics aside, these pair offer a flexible tongue on the mesh upper that makes slipping on the boots effortlessly. 

Its EVA midsoles provide excellent shock absorption whether you run or kick the ball. The reduced heel height, in the meantime, has the advantage of distributing stress on the wearer’s feet evenly, working to provide better muscle engagement and stability on the landing platform.


  • Flexible tongue on the mesh upper for a quick entry upon putting on the boots
  • Super responsive outsole for better acceleration on the turf
  • Shock-absorbent EVA midsoles
  • Reduced heel height for better stability & muscle engagement on the landing platform

Who is this for?

If comfort and functionality matter the most, the kid-sized Adidas Junior X Ghosted.3 Turf is worth checking out. Not only do the boots fit well comfortably but are also lightweight and responsive enough in a competitive football session.

Best football boots for goalkeepers
Adidas Men Predator Mutator 20.1
Check Adidas Men Predator Mutator 20.1 price below:
add_circle Excellent grip
add_circle Comfortable fit
add_circle Adaptable to your foot’s shape
remove_circle Might require a long break-in time


Looking for a good pair of football boots for goalkeeping? You might want to consider the Adidas Predator Mutator 20.1. These ones feature a mid-cut boot construction ideal to be worn on firm ground while providing ample support for your ankle on every stride.

The boots have knit textile uppers that will mould to your foot’s shape. These boots are also made with the brand’s innovative DEMONSKIN technology which refers to the unique layer of skin on the boot’s upper for better control and touch on the ball. 


  • A knit textile upper that adapts to your foot’s shape
  • Offers a mid-cut boot construction for better ankle support
  • Provides better control and touch on the ball with the Adidas’ DEMONSKIN technology

Who is this for?

Control and responsiveness are what define the Adidas Predator Mutator 20.1 when it comes to wearing them for goalkeeping. The boots feel comfortable too and not to forget, adaptable enough for your feet. 

Best football boots for soft ground
Adidas Men Nemeziz. 1
Check Adidas Men Nemeziz. 1 price below:
add_circle Great stability
add_circle Comfortable & lightweight
remove_circle Not suitable for firm ground


Especially useful for a tropical country like Malaysia; the Adidas Nemeziz. 1 football boots are designed for playing football on a damp and muddy pitch. 

The shoes are made with a flexible split outsole and adidas Torsion System which serves as a lightweight bridge between the forefoot and heel. This allows for a better fit and control whenever you move around on the pitch.

Aside from being quite stylish, the Adidas Nemeziz. 1 has sports-taping inspired Tension Tape that matches the foot shape for a personalised fit.


  • Flexible split outsole
  • Adidas’ Torsion System helps to support radical play while offering better fit & control
  • A personalised fit that matches your foot shape with the Tension Tape

Who is this for?

Those who regularly play football during the wet or damp season might find the Adidas Nemeziz .1 a worthy investment. These boots not only provide excellent stability but also feel lightweight and responsive enough for dribbling and kicking the ball.

Best lightweight football boots
Puma Men Ultra 1.1
Check Puma Men Ultra 1.1 price below:
add_circle Super lightweight
add_circle Breathable upper
add_circle Fits well
remove_circle Suits better for wide-footed players


Reduce foot fatigue with the Puma Ultra 1.1 that only weighs 160g, making it among the lightest football boots available on the market. The boots feature an ultra-light MATRYXEVO woven upper along with aramid and carbon fibre for better motion support.

Enjoy speed and agility with the combination of Pebax SpeedUnit outsole with running spikes whereas the GripControl Pro coating offers better ball control upon playing on the pitch.


  • Mesh upper for breathability
  • Lightweight MATRYXEVO woven upper constructed with responsive aramid & carbon fibrees for better motion support
  • Super-fast Pebax SpeedUnit outsole with running spike for supporting acceleration
  • Comes with a GripControl Pro coating for decisive command over the ball when on the attack

Who is this for?

The Puma Ultra 1.1 feels very light upon use, which will especially be so when you run and play football on the pitch. Constructed with the MATRYXEVO upper and Pebax SpeedUnit outsole, they are both responsive enough to promote forward-motion speed and acceleration.

Best laceless football boots
Lotto Solista 100 IV Gravity FG
Check Lotto Solista 100 IV Gravity FG price below:
add_circle Easy to slip-on
add_circle Excellent traction & stability
add_circle Feels lightweight
remove_circle Expensive


Wouldn’t it be great if you can just slip on football boots minus all the usual fuss of tying the lace? With Lotto Solista 100 IV Gravity FG, it has a unique laceless design to make it easy for you to put on boots in no time! 

Several key features include an FG (firm ground) outsole with 12 studs that offers excellent traction, stability and movements upon playing on firm ground. The synthetic upper provides both better fit and comfort. Not to forget, the PuntoFlex technology promotes excellent whole-foot flexibility.


  • Fits like a glove with the laceless football-boot design
  • An ultra-light upper designed to promote a fast and snappy football game
  • Firm ground outsole with 12 studs that offer greater traction, stability & movement
  • PuntoFlex technology promotes full-foot flexibility 

Who is this for?

The fuss-free Lotto Solista 100 IV Gravity FG allows you to slip on the boots and start kicking the ball as quickly as possible; no more wasting time tying or adjusting shoelaces! Moreover, the boots’ lightweight and responsive design make football enjoyable on the pitch. 


- Why do footballers have studs on football boots?

One word: traction

Imagine putting on your football boots without studs on the soles. Without them, chances are you might end up slipping off the ground and it doesn’t matter whether you are playing on actual or artificial grass. 

By having football boots with studs, you can confidently run, sprint or move radically in a different direction upon playing on the pitch.

- What is the difference between soccer and football cleats?

Not all cleats are made equal and this is especially true with soccer and football cleats. 

Generally, soccer cleats often come in a low-cut design and do not have a midsole, which in turn, allows the players to speed and accelerate faster upon dribbling or shooting the ball.

Football cleats’ designs vary from low to medium and high-top styles. Most will also include a midsole to provide better comfort and stability.

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