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7 Best Hair Removal Cream in Malaysia 2023 - For Men & Women

Achieving hairless, silky-smooth skin never felt irresistibly good!

Having hair on certain body parts can be a cause of insecurity, especially among women. The patriarchy has propagated the idea of hairlessness as it profits off insecurities. If being hair-free makes you feel good, hair removal cream is a great alternative to a shaver as the latter can lead to dark underarms, as well as ingrown hair.

On the other hand, the former provides long-lasting results. Also known as depilatory creams, they contain certain chemicals that dissolve hair beneath the surface of your skin.  

If you’re on the lookout for hair removal cream, you’re on the right page. Scroll on and check out our picks of the best hair removal creams in Malaysia!

Top 7 Hair Removal Cream in Malaysia

Veet Silk & Fresh Hair Removal Cream for Normal Skin (25g)
Check Veet Silk & Fresh Hair Removal Cream for Normal Skin (25g) price below:
add_circle Suitable for sensitive skin
add_circle Suitable to use on legs, arms, underarms, and bikini line
add_circle Affordable
remove_circle Not suitable for use on face

Why It’s Our Top Pick:  

“If you’re looking for a hair removal cream that removes hair effectively on your legs, underarms, arms, and bikini line, you’ve found it. Veet’s Silk & Fresh Hair Removal Cream removes unwanted hair within just 3 minutes! Say hello to smoother, softer, and moisturized skin!”


Aloe vera and Vitamin E leave your skin smooth, supple, and oh-so-gorgeous! On the other hand, the Lotus Milk in it softens and calms your skin. Not only that, you’d be delighted to know that this hair removal cream comes with a pleasant floral scent, Jasmine that is not overpowering. 


Users praised the effectiveness of this hair removal cream. It has a good texture and does not cause skin irritation. Not to mention, it’s affordable too!  

Best hair removal cream for men
Nad’s For Men Hair Removal Cream
Check Nad’s For Men Hair Removal Cream price below:
add_circle Suitable for all skin types
add_circle Suitable for body, chest, arms, and legs

Nad's for Men Hair Removal Cream offers instant, painless hair removal results, better than shaving! The days of shaving nicks and cuts are over! 


This depilatory hair removal cream has extra strength that’s meant for targeting coarse body hair. It contains natural extracts of Melon, Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil, and Honey that soothe and protect your sensitive skin while effectively removing strains of hair in just 4 minutes!    

Nad’s hair removal cream can also be used on large surface areas of the body such as your chest, back, arms, and legs. It also features its Odour Elimination technology.


An effective product, it is gentle on the skin too. Users find it easy to use as it can be wiped away or rinsed off in the shower. 

Best hair removal cream for sensitive skin
Veet Hair Removal Cream Sensitive Skin 100ml
Check Veet Hair Removal Cream Sensitive Skin 100ml price below:
add_circle Hydrating
add_circle Suitable for multiple body parts
add_circle Dermatologically tested
add_circle Suitable for men

If you’re thinking twice about whether to hop onto the hair removal cream bandwagon due to the sensitivity of your skin, fret not as Veet’s range of hair removal creams also caters to those with sensitive skin. 


With 35% fewer chemicals, Veet’s hair removal cream works close to your hair’s root for effective hair removal. Apart from doing what it says it does, it also helps to restore your skin’s hydration levels. Experience up to 7 days of silky-smooth skin! 


This hair removal cream does not feel sticky. 5-star rated, it is effective and comes recommended by buyers.  

Best facial hair removal cream
Palmers Cocoa Butter Facial Hair Remover
Check Palmers Cocoa Butter Facial Hair Remover price below:
add_circle Odourless
add_circle Moisturizing
add_circle Soothing
remove_circle May not actually be suitable for sensitive skin

When it comes to our face, using the right product is important to avoid breaking out. Check out the Palmers Cocoa Butter Facial Hair Remover.


This facial hair removal cream effectively get rid of your facial hair instantly and painlessly. The result? Soft, smooth skin that lasts for days! 

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Facial hair remover cream contains deeply moisturizing cocoa butter and soothing vitamin E that protects your skin.


Users complimented that this facial hair removal cream is of good quality and offers good value for money as well. Though it is apparently safe for use on sensitive skin, one reviewer experienced a burning sensation, resulting in reddening of the skin. However, everyone has different skin and will have a different experience.

Best hair removal cream for armpits
OILYOUNG Instant Hair Removal Lotion 80g
Check OILYOUNG Instant Hair Removal Lotion 80g price below:
add_circle No side effects
add_circle Suitable for multiple parts of the body
add_circle Smooth texture

Lift your arms in confidence, when you have flawless pits to flaunt!


Formulated to eliminate stubborn body hair right from its roots, this effective hair removal cream yields results within 10 minutes. It comes with a free scraper to aid the process of removing the cream and hair from your skin. 

Apart from the armpits, this cream can also be used on your arms, legs, and bikini line.


Users couldn’t be more pleased with this hair removal cream as it is effective. It is claimed that that users can expect to see less hair regrowth with use of this product.

Nair Hair Remover + Beauty Treatment Seaweed Leg Mask
Check Nair Hair Remover + Beauty Treatment Seaweed Leg Mask price below:
add_circle Minimises hair regrowth
add_circle Made with 100% natural clay


The Nair Hair Remover + Beauty Treatment Seaweed Leg Mask is a two-in-one product that removes any hair from your leg as well as moisturises and exfoliates it. Using this hair removal cream that also doubles as a mask will leave your legs feeling smooth to the touch.

It deviates from traditional hair removal creams and serves as a better alternative instead of just removing the hair from your legs, as doing so will often result in dry skin, which is when the moisturising aspect of this product comes in handy.


  • Amount: 227g
  • Suitable for use on legs only
  • Good for all skin types
  • Uses seaweed for moisturising and natural clay for detoxifying
  • Dermatologically tested

Who is this for

This product is perfect for those who want to forgo using razors to shave their legs but also want to keep their legs moisturised and healthy.

Best hair removal cream for private parts
Nair Bikini Cream Hair Remover
Check Nair Bikini Cream Hair Remover price below:
add_circle Very good for sensitive skin users
add_circle Suitable for men too


Removing hair around the private parts can be a difficult task sometimes as the area is extremely sensitive and we need to take care of what we put on. 

This is why the Nair Bikini Cream Hair Remover is perfect for the job, as it is specifically meant to remove hair around private parts. It comes with a sensitive formula, meaning it’s great for those with slightly more sensitive skin and leaves no bumps or nicks caused by razors.


  • Amount: 48g
  • Suitable to use on the bikini area only
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Made with green tea extract for moisturising and soothing
  • Dermatologically tested

Who is this for

For those who want to go bare down there or to tidy up unruly hair, use this hair removal cream for the best and smooth results.


- Is Hair Removal Cream Safe?   

Though hair removal creams are fast and easy to use, they may not be safe for most of the areas where you’d want to rid of unwanted hair. As hair removal creams contain chemicals that eliminate hair from the surface of our skin, these chemicals may cause certain reactions. 

Originally formulated to target both arm and leg hair, using it on other body parts may not be safe. Hence, it’s best to always read the instructions before applying the cream to your targeted area. 

To be safe, you can always patch-test a small amount on an area of your skin before applying it to your desired body part.

- Can I Use Hair Removal Cream On My Private Area?   

Yes. Every product will include a guide as to where it’s most appropriate to use it. You can go ahead and use those that are specifically meant for the bikini line on your pubic area. 

However, unless specifically formulated to be used on a private area, it’s best to avoid doing so as the cream may trigger irritation given how sensitive the area is. 

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