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20 Cool Things to Buy Online During Shopee 11.11 Sale 2021

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We usually know what we want, and we get them. But sometimes, there are just cool inventions out there, waiting to be discovered and make your life easier.

Have you ever asked..."What should I buy on Shopee, that's cool yet useful?

Another month, another online shopping sale. And now, here we are… the upcoming Shopee 11.11 Sale! With so many items you can shop online, the experience can be overwhelming if you know what we mean.

Well, we made it easier for you by curating some interesting 20 interesting and cool yet, useful things to buy on Shopee Malaysia across different categories including tech, home appliances, beauty & health, parenting and lifestyle.

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JBL Pulse 4
1. JBL Pulse 4
Updated on 11th November 2021
add_circle Provides an impressive light show
add_circle Powerful sounding basses
add_circle Can be linked to other speakers
remove_circle Doesn’t do well outdoors
remove_circle Lacks a 3.5mm audio jack and microphone
remove_circle Quite expensive

A portable party speaker that only weighs 1.26 kg, JBL Pulse 4 boasts an eye-catching feature - a fancy LED display with a colourful lava lamp-like light show. You have the option to choose up to 4 different lighting profiles. The speaker itself is loud and is packed with punchy bass.

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Kingston DataTraveler microDUO USB 3.0 Flash Drive DTDUO3G2

Small but versatile, this Flash Drive is said so as it supports a dual functionality of microUSB and USB 3.0. More importantly, it’s easy to use, thanks to its plug-and-play capabilities. With a built-in storage space of up to 128GB, you can easily transfer your files, photos or videos from your laptop to a mobile device.

Baseus TWS ANC S1 Wireless Bluetooth 5.1 Earphones

For those who loves bass; the slim and compact Baseus TWS ANC S1 earphones allows you to enjoy music wirelessly with active noise cancellation that minimises unwanted background noise. You can also choose the ambient sound mode, which is particularly useful while commuting or jogging. Finally, the earphones use a fast and stable Bluetooth 5.1 connection.

Razer Cynosa Pro Gaming Keyboard + Razer DeathAdder 2000DPI Mouse Combo Kit

Here’s a value-for-money gaming keyboard + mouse combo from Razer. The former features membrane keys that offer satisfying feedback and operate quietly. Other highlights include a customisable three-colour light system and a spill-resistant design.

As for the mouse, it supports up to 2,000 DPI for pinpoint accuracy whereas the ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use even after long hours.

Home Appliances

Best for very dirty floors
5. Corvan picaMop T7
Updated on 12th November 2021
add_circle Water-saving
add_circle No need to use floor cleaning detergents
add_circle Has a polishing effect
add_circle One-button operation
add_circle Easily cleans hard-to-reach areas
remove_circle Not heavy duty

Say goodbye to dreaded household chores like mopping with the cordless Corvan PicaMop T7. It operates on a powerful twin rotor with a flexible swivel-handle that allows you to mop effortlessly even in hard-to-reach places. Highlights include a one-press liquid spray and a large 330ml water tank as well as quiet operation at less than 60dB.

Khind 0.7L Intelligent Cooker MTK700
6. Khind 0.7L Intelligent Cooker MTK700
Updated on 11th November 2021

Cooking is made simple with the Khind Intelligent Cooker MTK700 that comes with a soft-touch control panel and has up to 6 pre-set menus such as Stew, Slow Cook and Congee. You can also keep your foods warm for up to 5 hours or use it to boil water with just 2 minutes.

Oclean F1 Electric Toothbrush
7. Oclean F1 Electric Toothbrush
Updated on 11th November 2021

Enjoy better cleaning with the Oclean F1 Electric Toothbrush, which comes with 3 different brush modes. It’s lightweight and, most importantly, safe to brush with since it features IPX7 waterproof protection. Other highlights include a 30-day of battery life and 3D designed bristles to ensure deeper cleaning.

Riino Multi Slicer
8. Riino Multi Slicer
Updated on 11th November 2021

Minimise your kitchen prep by using the Riino Multi Slicer for slicing vegetables effortlessly like onions and tomatoes. It has a safety grip to reduce risk of accidents when slicing. Finally, it comes with 5 types of slice pattern and 8 levels of thickness that can be adjusted according to your preference.

Beauty & Health

beplain Greenful Bubble Wash-off Mask 5g x 12.

Coming all the way from Korea, this interesting deep cleanser/mask from beplain is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin. Made from natural ingredients minus the usual nasties like paraben, this mask contains mung bean extract to remove impurities while rehydrating the skin. There’s also Kaolin clay, which reduces clogged pores by clearing off dead skin cells.

10. Grafen Edge Finger Hair Brush
Updated on 11th November 2021

Hailed from Korea, GRAFEN’s Edge Finger Shampoo Brush comes in handy for massaging your scalp while removing excess oil and dirt in your hair. Made from a medical-grade silicone material, the teeth of the comb will scrub gently, making it easy to get grime in every part of your scalp.

This cute 2-in-1 multi-use pot from the popular Korean cosmetics brand 3CE comes with an easy-to-blend formula for colouring your lips and blushing your cheeks. It contains shea butter, which not only soften the skin but also protects the lips from drying. You can choose from 7 different colours to suit your skin tone!

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil
12. L'occitane Almond Shower Oil
Updated on 11th November 2021

If you are looking for a shower gel alternative, try the luxurious L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil. It contains almond oil which acts as a moisturiser and an emollient to keep your skin smooth and supple. The formula is suitable for those with delicate skin, and can be used daily during shower. Just apply to wet skin, then lather and rinse off.


ANKOU Air Tight Milk Powder Container with Scraper

No more second-guessing how much milk powder you need to put in a baby bottle, thanks to the built-in scraper in ANKOU airtight container. Just push the top button to open the lid, scoop the milk powder and use the scraper to get an accurate amount.

Enfagrow A+ MindPro Step 3 Original - 3.6kg

Suitable for age 1-3, Enfagrow A+ Mindpro Step 3 contains MFGM Complex and DHA to support brain structure while promoting mental development. It’s packed with vitamins and essential minerals including zinc and iron, both of which are important for child growth.

Huggies Dry Diapers Jumbo Pack review malaysia
15. Huggies Dry Diapers Super Jumbo pack
Updated on 11th November 2021
add_circle Improved design for fast absorption
add_circle Clinically proven to prevent diaper rash

A trusted baby diaper brand for over 40 years, Huggies Dry is designed with the utmost comfort in mind. It has a 100% breathable outer cover to keep your baby’s skin dry while the double leak barriers prevent leaks at the legs. Best of all, its 1,000 micro holes are capable of absorbing wetness quickly.

Anakku Guardian Isofix Baby Car Seat
16. Anakku Guardian Isofix Baby Car Seat
Updated on 11th November 2021

Keep your baby safe while driving with the durable Anakku Guardian Isofix Baby Car Seat, which has a 5-point safety harness and is capable of reclining forward and backward. It utilises the Isofix car seat safety system to ensure safety protocols for you baby while you drive. The car seat is available in blue, grey and red colours.


Felton Desktop Stand with Organizer
17. Felton Desktop Stand with Organizer
Updated on 11th November 2021

Prop up your computer and ease your neck strains with this handy desktop stand from Felton which can support up to a maximum load of 8kg. You can also use it to prop your external monitor for a more comfortable viewing angle. Made from lightweight but high-quality plastic, the desktop stand has extra slots to place your stationery items, name card and even a cup.

OSIM uVision Air Eye Massager
18. OSIM uVision Air Eye Massager
Updated on 12th November 2021
add_circle Comfortable massage according to users
add_circle Said to help improve the look of tired eyes

Suffering from eye fatigue after long hours of work in front of your laptop? With OSIM uVision Air Eye Massager, it helps to soothe your dry and tired eyes. Using a one-touch button, you can also choose different massage modes regardless of hard, medium or soft. Plus, it’s foldable and lightweight too.

KitchenMarks Double-Sided Knife Sharpening Tool

Made from a durable ABS and stainless steel material, the KitchenMarks knife sharpening tool has a non-slip cushion on the bottom to prevent slippage upon sharpening blades. It has a 2-stage sharpening system with a rough slot made suitable for extremely dull knives while the fine ceramic slot is for polishing the blade to as good as new.

Aukey LC-A3 3 in 1 AirCore Wireless Charging Station Stand

This space-saving and lightweight charging dock from Aukey allows you to charge a Qi-enabled smartphone wirelessly. You can also charge AirPods and an Apple Watch simultaneously. For a peaceful mind, it comes with a safety system feature that prevents your mobile device from overcharging.

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