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We Found 20 Practical Kitchen Gizmos below RM10 on Shopee

Maximum fun for minimum cost.

Not all of us enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Too messy. Too boring. Too complicated. If this sounds like you, maybe these 20 quirky kitchen tools and gadgets can help you get the job done while having fun on a budget.

Check Portable Drinking Soda Gadget Dispenser price below:

You might be wondering, “Can’t I just pour my soda straight out of the bottle?” One word: Spillage. This simple yet brilliant gadget helps you reduce the chances of spilling your bottle of fizzy, sugary goodness all over the place, making it perfect for large gatherings with friends who may or may not tend to clumsily knock things over all the time.

Check Stainless Steel 5 Blade Herb Scissors Cleaner price below:

What’s better than a pair of blades? Five of them. This 5-bladed pair of scissors is perfect for chopping your herbs into neat, tiny pieces for a fraction of the time it would normally take you to do it. Don’t even worry about the pieces getting stuck between the blades, because this bad boy comes with its very own cleaning comb for easy cleaning after each use.

Check Creative Bottled Beverage Handle price below:

Pour your soda with less effort and more precision with this little bottled beverage handle. This quirky piece will help add a little something-something to your average soda bottle, and is great to use when entertaining guests.

Check Magic Silicone Garlic Peeler price below:

Yes, Shopee is seriously selling this product for less than the price of a stick of gum. And it is actually useful. Just stick a couple of cloves into this peeler, roll it around using your hand, and voila, the cloves are peeled. Extremely easy to use and convenient, especially considering the price.

Check Portable Mini Heat Bag Sealer Machine price below:

Sick of your food getting stale from too much air exposure? Or finding ants and other insects crawling inside your pack of goodies? Seal them out with this mini heat sealing gadget. This gadget is small enough to be carried around the kitchen, yet also powerful enough to keep your ingredients fresh.

Check Fruit Pineapple Corer price below:

Safely and easily remove those pesky fruit cores with this handy tool. It is made of durable and rust-resistant stainless steel and features large handles that make this product comfortable to use and easy to control.

Check Our Home Stainless Steel Slicer Fruit Cutter price below:

Are you someone who loves apples, but can’t be bothered slicing them up? This is the product you’ve been waiting for. This product not only removes the core, but it also slices the apple into multiple pieces, all in one motion! Talk about #lifehack.

Check Novelty Sloth Tea Infuser price below:

This adorable tea strainer will probably be the best companion for those days when you need a little ‘me-time’. Or when you’re hanging out with friends. Or at work. You know what? No matter what the occasion, this little thing will surely put a smile on your face while you enjoy a nice, warm cup of tea.

Check Plastic Shrimp Peeler price below:

Gone are the days where you have to painstakingly peel off each individual layer of shrimp shell. This tool conveniently deshells shrimp in one swift movement, saving you the time and effort.

Check Egg Shell Cutting Scissors price below:

Instead of cracking an egg and having it spill all over your fingers and on the kitchen counter, why not opt for a tool that can help you achieve a more mess-free result? This special pair of scissor uses one of its blades as a holder to secure the top of a quail egg while the other blade slices through it.

Check Watermelon Slicer price below:

Slice and scoop out melon slices with ease thanks to this easy-to-use 2-in-1 product. The long and curved blades help slice up melons quickly with minimal mess and hassle.

Check windycat Corn Stripper Thresher Utensil price below:

This tool allows you to collect whole kernels of corn in a neat and easy way. Its adjustable stainless steel blades can be modified to accommodate the width of the corn cob.

Check Plastic Rice Beans Washing Strainer price below:

Forget about straining your rice or newly boiled noodles and watching the small pieces fall and clog up the drain. This strainer attaches onto your pot for more effective straining and cleaning. This filter is suitable for anything from grapes to smaller ingredients like rice and beans.

Check Perfect Magic Delicious Roll Sushi Maker price below:

Train to be the next best sushi chef with this handy sushi roll maker. Simple and versatile, this tool can be used by anyone, for any kind of rolled dish. It even comes with a user manual (which includes recipes that you can try at home!).

Check Foldable Fruit Peeler price below:

This fruit peeler is foldable and compact-sized, allowing you to have peeled fruits on the go. Its blades are made of sharp and durable stainless steel, and for the price of only RM 3, it’s a pretty good investment.

Check Washing Liquid Presser Dishwash Cleaning Brush  price below:

This handy tool dispenses soap onto your kitchen brush or wire brush with a press of a button, helping you clean your utensils in a quicker and more convenient way. Doing the dishes is a breeze with this handy kitchen tool!

Check Egg Cracker, Yolk & White Separator Kitchen Tool price below:

Use this tool to crack eggs without getting your hands dirty. All you have to do is place the egg between the notches and squeeze your palms together for a clean break. It even comes with a separator which you can add on to the device to help separate the yolks from the whites.

Check Finger Orange Peel (1pc) price below:

Enjoy peeled oranges anytime and anywhere with this handy dandy orange peeler. This tiny gadget can be taken anywhere and fits around your thumb for quick and easy peeling.

Check Clever Cutter 2-in-1 Knife & Cutting Scissors price below:

Basically, this is a kitchen knife, a cutting board, and a pair of scissors, all wrapped in one convenient product. Use this tool to slice up anything from cheese and fruits, to meat and vegetables. It’s easy to clean and also fun to use.

Check Rubbish Bag Holder price below:

This rubbish bag holder allows you to keep your kitchen clean at an easily accessible height. It can be easily installed on any drawer or cupboard door, and is made of plastic which is easy to clean.

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