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Shopee 8.8 Sales 2024 is Back! - Bank Promo Malaysia & Discounts

Brand discounts, ShopeePay deals & 88% off, yo!

Mark your calendars for this 8th August 2022 because it's going to be the Shopee 8.8 sales! This year, Shopee will feature a ton of 8.8 vouchers to collect as well as lowered prices and juicy Shopee bank promo codes to use for your shopping cart. 

Find out about what's going to be happening up until 8 August 2023 below!

Before you shop, make sure you also collect other Shopee voucher codes & promos!

Note: This article will be constantly updated until the end of the campaign, so keep checking back for more!

Our Exclusive Shopee Bank Promos

Need a hand in stretching your budget? We just so happen to have some promo codes you can use during the Shopee 8.8 Sale 2024! Simply grab our code below and click on our buttons to collect the vouchers.

Shopee 8.8 Fashion & Beauty Sale

For New Customers

Extra RM18 OFF | Pre-Hype Sale

  • Minimum spend of RM20
  • Valid from 27 July until 7 August 2023 only
  • Code: SHP0808LT

Collect Voucher

Extra RM20 OFF | Peak Day Sale

  • Minimum spend of RM23
  • Valid from 8-9 August 2023
  • Code: SHP0808LT

Collect Voucher

For Existing Customers

Extra RM9 OFF | Pre-Hype Sale

  • Minimum spend of RM30
  • Valid from 27 July until 7 August 2023 only
  • Code: 88PHAFF

Collect Voucher

Extra RM12 OFF | Peak Day Sale

  • Minimum spend of RM40
  • Valid from 8-9 August 2023
  • Code: 88PDAFF

Collect Voucher

Free Shipping With No Minimum Spending

Who would have said “No” to free delivery? Certainly not you and me!

Get free shipping deals from 12 pm to 2 pm every day until the 8th of August 2023. Now you can shop with no minimum spend and get them delivered for free or up to RM8 off!

Be sure to claim the vouchers on time as they are only available in limited quantities! 

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Collect 50% Off Livestream Vouchers

Wouldn't it be great to have something you've been eyeing to suddenly have a discount? Your wish is Shopee's command.

Easily achieve this when you log in to your Shopee app, then collect 50% vouchers for popular brands when you tune in to 8 PM live streams happening daily until 8 August 2023!

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RM15 Off! - 8.8 Only Vouchers

Just when things are getting interesting, Shopee 8.8 sales also vouchers such as RM15 off to your favourite brands! To enjoy the vouchers, claim them as soon as you can and use them on 8 August 2023. Grab them now while they last!

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Shopeeholic Rewards

Until 8 August 2023, you will get the chance to amazing vouchers from your Shopee purchases which are: Free shipping, no minimum spend, 100% coin cashback and RM 20 rebate. Simply check out 3, 5 and 7 times respectively to earn all the vouchers mentioned.

Checkout multiple times to redeem these vouchers:

  • x3 Checkout - Free Shipping, No Minimum Spend vouchers x2
  • x5 Checkout - 100% Cashback Coin voucher x1
  • x7 Checkout - RM20 Rebate Vouchers x1

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    88% Off Cashback on Fashion & Beauty

    This Shopee 8.8 sale is all about looks! So take this opportunity to get back some extra cash when you collect and use exclusive 88% cashback vouchers on Fashion & Beauty products.

    Get Promo

    These are only a few of the many exciting events happening throughout the campaign period so don't stop exploring the Shopee app during this 8.8 sale!

    Look for more shopee vouchers here.

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