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Stay Ventilated Everywhere You Go with These 8 Best Portable Fans

Mini pocket fans for your convenience

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The weather can sure be gruelling these days. With global warming and climate change, rise in temperature is very much the norm right now. So, it is important to stay cool and ventilated everywhere you go.

Whether you are at home, at the office or outdoors, staying cool is vital so that you don’t succumb to a heatstroke from the incessant heat. Here are some products in the market right now to help you with this.

Portable Mini Clip-On USB Stroller Fan

SGD 16.5

This clip-on fan screams portability and is especially useful for anyone who are constantly on the go. With a 360 rotation feature, the fan can be clipped onto almost any surface like a table or a baby stroller. 

The fan also comes with a rechargeable battery which can be charged via USB cable using your computer, wall plug or even powerbank. 

Baseus Exquisite Rabbit Portable Mini Hand Fan

SGD 12.9

Need some light in your life? This bunny shaped Baseus Exquisite Rabbit Portable Rechargeable Mini Hand Fan features two lighting modes in case it gets too dark . It also comes with seven fan paddles and two wind speeds to ensure you stay cool and comfortable always.

Hand Held Mini Fan

SGD 3.99
3. Hand Held Mini Fan
Best portable fan with rechargeable battery - suitable for camping or a cruise

If you are looking to save your next trip from the bothersome heat, then do consider this portable fan. It is rechargeable via the micro-usb port, which is handy especially if you carry a powerbank. 

The handheld design ensures you are able to get the strongest breeze closest to your face, keeping you comfortable throughout your trip.

Mistral MHV1000R Remote High Velocity Table Fan 10 Inch

SGD 86

If power is what you look for in a portable fan then look no further than the Mistral MHV1000R Remote High Velocity Table Fan. This particular fan comes in 4 speed settings with the wind speed reaching 8 metres per second.

The fan also has a temperature display and a soft touch control panel. It can oscillate left and right in 70 degrees or even manually oscillate up and down at 5 different angles.

PureFlow QT7 Quiet Turbo Bladeless Fan

SGD 99

Quiet performance and power are combined together in the PureFlow QT7 Quiet Turbo Bladeless fan. It’s a safe alternative to traditional bladed fans due to its bladeless cooling design, allowing for use around children and pets. 

The fan also circulates air well throughout an entire room with its unique 90 degree vertical tilt and 90 degree horizontal oscillation, keeping air flowing in every direction.

Mistral MFD4880R Remote Tower Fan

SGD 145.9

Looking for portability but also want full cooling power? This Mistral MFD4880R Remote Tower Fan has 6 speeds for selection together with a 120 degree left-right oscillation. Its panel is touch screen for easy user control. Moreover, the fan contains a smart memory auto save function so you don’t need to keep saving your preference in settings.

Mistral MHV980R High Velocity Fan 9 Inch

SGD 108.9

Do not let the size of this fan fool you. It may be small being 9 inches tall, but it packs a punch. This Mistral MHV980R High Velocity Fan delivers a 4 speed selection with wind speeds reaching 7.3 metres per second. 

It also comes with auto oscillation and its height is adjustable, therefore, ideal for air circulation and ventilation. Truly the perfect addition to your bedroom, for a comfortable night of sleep.

O2mist Mini Humidifier Mist Fan

SGD 20

Combine breeze and sensuality with the O2mist Mini Humidifier Mist fan. This portable fan will give you cooling air with the help of its air water spray feature. 

So besides cooling you down, the mist also re-energises and relaxes you at the end of a long, tiring day. Moreover, the mist do help in keeping your skin moist for healthier skin. In terms of built quality, the fan is made from high quality and durable plastic material, giving it a super compact and light weight body.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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