Prepping meals can take forever sometimes. But thanks to the convenience provided by blenders, our lives have now become much easier. If you love being in the kitchen, be sure to watch out for these best blenders so that you and your loved ones can have delicious home cooked meals sooner!

1. Breville BPB620BAL The Boss To Go Plus Blender

Best blender with a smoothie cup for smoothies

Price from SGD371.80

shopping_cart Lazada Singapore SGD371.80

Your smoothie will never get smoother until you have Breville’s The Boss To Go Plus blender. A high-velocity machine, this blender is designed with a serrated central blade to turn chopped fruits into a beautiful velvety mixture that is so smooth you might end up with a sweet tooth!

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2. Braun MQ535 Multiquick Hand Blender

Best blender for chili and rempah

Price from SGD131.00

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Celebrate your love for chilli and spices with Braun’s Multiquick hand blender. Extra-lightweight, this blender comes with a soft grip handle for easy and comfortable use. Easy to disassemble for washing, this blender has a SPLASHcontrol system to keep your kitchen spotless when grinding chilli.

3. BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle

Best blender bottle for protein shakes

Price from SGD27.00

shopping_cart Shopee Singapore SGD27.00

For all protein shake lovers, this product is for you. Designed with its very own BlenderBall wire whisk, the BlenderBottle Classic comes with a wide mouth perfect for adding in scoops of protein, and a screw-on lid to keep your shakes safely contained when you’re on the move.

4. Tommee Tippee Explora Baby Food Blender

Best blender for baby food

Price from SGD59.90

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Your little ones will now be able to enjoy delicious food all thanks to Tommee Tippee’s Explora Baby Food blender. Easy to clean, this blender has a two-speed setting for different food textures to make food preparation quick and easy for your hungry tot. Whether purees, mash or chunks, it is all possible!

5. Philips HR3652 Avance Collection Blender

Best blender with a glass jar - suitable for soup

Price from SGD199.00

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From the gentle blending of soft fruits to hard solid nuts, you can always count on the Philips Avance Collection blender. Detachable and easy to wash, this blender comes with a 2-litre glass jar and variable manual speed options to fit your blending needs. It features Advanced ProBlend 6 3D blending technology and functions at 35000 RPM for powerful blending.

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6. Kenwood BLP402WH Blend X-Fresh Blender

Best blender for the money

Price from SGD105.00

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If you’re looking for an affordable blender that bursts with great features, Kenwood’s Blend X-Fresh blender is the product for that. Designed with a three-speed pulse for ultimate control, you’ll get a multi-mill grinder for efficient chopping of herbs and spices.

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7. Philips HR7761 Viva Collection Food Processor

Best blender with a food processor

Price from SGD139.00

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Say hello to quick dining on the table with Philips’ Viva Collection Food Processor. This powerful machine performs up to 28 functions with its two-speed setting and is ideal for maximum control. Slice, shred, granulate all you want because this appliance can hold five portions in one go. Furthermore, the blender’s jar is also break-resistant.

8. Bella Rocket Extract Pro Blender

Best blender with a cup and grinder

Price from SGD115.00

shopping_cart Shopee Singapore SGD115.00

Toss your ingredients into this machine and you’ll get perfectly grounded bits for your meal. Bella’s Rocket Extract Pro blender is built with a powerful motor and a single-speed setting. Designed with an impressive range of extras, you’ll always have backups when it comes to cups. This blender has 15 components and is perfect for people who are looking for blenders with a one person-capacity.

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9. Vitamix 5200 2L Blender

Best blender with tamper

Price from SGD1,288.00

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Prepare any course of meal that you want with the Vitamix 5200 2L blender. A heavy-duty machine, this versatile blender provides more functionality than most other blenders. Its designated tamper efficiently removes air pockets during blending to give you the best consistency in your mixture. The patented spill-proof vented lid is also super secure, ensuring that your mixtures never spill by accident.

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10. Oster Blend-N-Go My Blend Blender

Best blender with a travel cup

Price from SGD199.00

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Whether you’re at home or away, Oster’s Blend-N-Go My Blend blender will always be there for you. This personal blender is ideal for people who constantly take their protein shakes and smoothie-lovers on the go with them. Although small, it is powerful enough to pulverize ice and frozen fruit. Super convenient, simply fill and blend. Then, with a twist of the bottle, you are ready to go!

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