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Best Toilet Bowl Singapore

12 Best Toilet Bowl Brands in Singapore 2022 - Top Water Closets

Your toilet bowl is your throne; own it and clean it.

Everyone wishes for the ideal home, especially one that can be described as a "safe haven." There are different activities for us to do in each part of our residence. For instance, we prepare food in the kitchen, eat in the dining room, and spend time with our families in the living room. However, one room, in particular, is accountable for our health and hygiene, and that is the comfort room.

Brushing our teeth, showering, peeing, and other personal businesses are all done in the comfort room to keep us clean. Our toilet, in particular, should be the cleanest because it will emit a foul odor if it is dirty and of poor quality. And, because there are so many different toilet bowl brands, we must always choose the best one, from the toilet bowl price to the toilet bowl design. Here is a list of the best toilet bowls.

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What should I look for in a toilet bowl?

A rimless bowl, which is easy to clean, a soft closing seat cover to prevent slamming, and a tornado style of flush to keep it from splashing all over the place should all be found in a toilet bowl. Finally, it's critical to look for a toilet bowl with noise-reduction technology.

Our comfort room may now provide us with additional comfort, as it should. Thanks to this list of toilet bowls, we can now guarantee a cleaner atmosphere within our comfort room. Let’s be clean and tidy to enjoy the bond with our family.

How to Install a Toilet Bowl?

Installing a toilet is no small feat, but can be easier if you're the handyman type. If you would like to attempt installing a new toilet on your own, Home Depot has a complete guide on how to do so.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with home renovation contractors or toilet bowl installers in Singapore. One company that provides such a service is Toilet Bowl City. As the #1 toilet bowl contractor in Singapore, the team is experienced when it comes to installing and replacing different types of toilet bowls in both residential and commercial areas within Singapore.

Besides installing works, they also specialize in assisting their clients to choose the right toilet bowls for their bathroom and other plumbing-related services related to toilet bowls such as chokes, leaks, and water flush system installations.  

12 Best Toilet Bowls in Singapore 

Best water-saving toilet bowl
Baron W-888 1-Piece Toilet Bowl
Check Baron W-888 1-Piece Toilet Bowl price below:
add_circle Water-saving
add_circle Geberit fitting
add_circle smooth flushing

Designed by Baron, this toilet bowl uses a new flushing system that only requires 4.5 litres rather than the typical 9 litres for each flush. 


The Baron W-888 1-Piece Toilet Bowl is made from high-grade ceramic and features an efficient smooth flushing system along with a soft closing seat cover. The washdown toilet bowl is also save spacing as it uses a Gerberit fitting. 


With its certified PUB Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme, users can expect savings on their water bills with the product’s efficient flushing system. 

Toilet bowl for the elderly
Velin A3392
Check Velin A3392 price below:
add_circle PUB Approved
add_circle Water-saving
add_circle Geberit flushing system

The Velin A3392 is a one-piece toilet bowl with a flush button and a simple design. This is perfect for customers who are looking for a cheap toilet bowl with good functionality.


The Geberit flushing mechanism is combined with a UREA soft closing seat cover in this toilet bowl. It also has rough-in S-traps with lengths of 150mm, 250mm, and 180mm.


Velin A3392 is one of the best toilet bowls in the market. Apart from the low price, its whole performance is excellent. Although this toilet bowl is not rimless, the flushing is smooth, the seat is spotless, and the water covers all surfaces when flushed.

Best toilet bowl for flushing
Gallant Series WC9030S
Check Gallant Series WC9030S price below:
add_circle Great design
add_circle Uses 3.50L of water for full flush and 2.50L for reduced flush
add_circle The toilet is fully back to wall model
remove_circle To finish the flush, they may need to press and hold for more than 2 seconds in some circumstances.

The Gallant toilet is a one-piece toilet bowl with a rimless design that helps to prevent germs and dirt from forming. This toilet bowl also features whirlwash technology, which produces a strong and high-impact flush while using very little water.


The Rigel Gallant Series WC9030S features a soft-closing seat cover made of high-quality urea material, an improved hydrophilic formulation that prevents stains and grime, and whirlwash technology that runs across all surfaces and covers all regions without splashing.


Unlike other toilet bowls, the design is suitable for a variety of bathroom walls, and the toilet uses a small amount of water yet has a tremendous effect when flushing.

Best American Standard toilet bowl
American Standard
Acacia SupaSleek Close Coupled Toilet
Check American Standard Acacia SupaSleek Close Coupled Toilet price below:
add_circle To eliminate both heavy and light waste, the toilet incorporates a dual vortex flushing technology.
add_circle The toilet is at the proper height.
add_circle Comfortable curve seat and push button

This toilet bowl is an American Standard toilet bowl, which means it has finer detailing and design than others, with every curve meticulously sculpted and the gears meticulously built. It also has a HygieneClean system, which ensures that clients will get a toilet bowl that is created for discerning taste and performance.


The Acacia Supasleek is crystasleek, which means it has a sleek, slender, and long-lasting design for a timeless look. It has no rim, making it hygienic and simple to clean, and the toilet bowl is water-saving for environmental and financial reasons.


Unlike conventional linked toilet bowls, the Acacia Supasleek employs double vortex flushing, which is truly remarkable because the water covers all surfaces while flushing, ensuring that they are clean. Also, the materials used for this toilet are excellent since they are resistant to stains and black ring stains, making it simple to clean.

Subway 2.0 Close-coupled Toilet Bowl
Check Subway 2.0 Close-coupled Toilet Bowl price below:
add_circle Has ViProtection sound insulation to lessen the noise in the bathroom
add_circle Easy installation
add_circle Flawless designs

The Subway 2.0 Close Coupled Toilet is a toilet with a great aesthetic value.  This floor-standing toilet is suited for any bathroom area and is simple to install.


This toilet bowl features ViProtect sound insulation, which reduces sound transmission within the bathroom and between the toilet and the wall, making it compatible with all standard toilet attachments. Because it is composed of hygienic ceramics, the surface of this toilet bowl is lustrous.


To assure the customer's comfort, the Subway 2.0 Close-coupled Toilet Bowl comes with a variety of combination possibilities. Because of its superb style and functions, it is ideal for any type of bathroom.

Best wall hung toilet bowl
Wall Hung Toilet CW822
Check Wall Hung Toilet CW822 price below:
add_circle Tornado Flush is a powerful flushing system that utilizes very little water.
add_circle Does not make loud noises upon flushing
add_circle High-quality ceramic
remove_circle This toilet bowl is wall hung so installing this toilet requires knocking and rebuilding the wall because the water tank hides in the wall just like the other hung wall toilet bowls.

TOTO created this wall-hung toilet bowl, which is ideal for a small bathroom. Although the toilet bowl is mounted on the wall, it has an elongated design that is appropriate for younger people.


The CW822 Wall Hung Toilet features a tornado flush system for a forceful flush with less water, cefiontect technology for a highly clean and smooth toilet bowl, and a sleek skirted design with a hidden trapway for simple cleaning.


Aside from its beautiful design, this toilet bowl is also amazing since, unlike other toilet bowls, it does not produce a loud noise when flushing. It also cleans the entire toilet bowl with each flush, and the greatest thing is that it uses less toilet cleaner

Best budget toilet bowl
ROZ 828
Check ROZ 828 price below:
add_circle The toilet is available in two sizes
add_circle Easy to clean
add_circle Effective flushing

The ROZ 828 is a one-piece toilet bowl with dual flush and a rimless design that makes cleaning a breeze. Depending on the size of the bathroom, this toilet bowl is available in two sizes: 150mm and 250mm.


The ROZ 828 requires 3.90L of water for a full flush, and a reduced flush, 2.90L. Customers may be assured that it is a high-quality toilet bowl since it includes a fully sealed back pan and a soft close seat cover.


The design of the toilet bowl is unique, especially because it is a one-piece toilet bowl. It also has a powerful flushing system that fully cleans the bowl and does not consume a lot of water.

Toilet bowl with sink
ECO Water Closet
Check ECO Water Closet price below:
add_circle Soft closing cover
add_circle Water-saving
add_circle 10-year warranty
add_circle 2-in-1 purpose

The ECO water closet is a type of toilet bowl that has a sink on the top. This is 100% sure to be water-saving because the water that is used for flushing is the same water that comes out of the faucet.


This toilet bowl has a PP seat cover that closes softly and a dual flushing system for water saving. The water that comes from the basin redirects to the cistern for flushing and only consumes 3.5L of water for full flush and 2.5L for a reduced flush.


The ECO water closet is a one-of-a-kind design that conserves both water and space. It's also quite easy to use, and with all of the extra features, it's a good investment.

Best toilet bowl for the money
Eurocosmo Wall hung Toilet
Check Eurocosmo Wall hung Toilet price below:
add_circle Has GROHE Triple Vortex technology
add_circle Seat and lid with soft-close function
add_circle Dual flush

This toilet bowl is ideal for those who prefer toilet bowls with an attractive and sophisticated style. The color and flushing are also fantastic, elevating it to a whole new level. Any modern bathroom will benefit from the addition of a toilet bowl.


The PowerFlush feature in the Eurocosmo Wall Hung Toilet ensures a perfect flush every time. The rimless design makes it easier to clean and shinier, and the D-shaped soft closure seat can be removed and reinstalled for cleaning.


This toilet bowl is simple to install, and the triple vortex flush makes no noise. The rimless shape also makes it easier to clean, as does the seat.

Best rimless toilet bowl
Kohler Skirted One-piece Toilet
Check Kohler Skirted One-piece Toilet price below:
add_circle Offers 360 dynamic flushing
add_circle Slow closing toilet seat
add_circle Easy to clean

Simply by glancing at its features, this toilet bowl is remarkable. It has a lot of features that are unusual for a toilet bowl. It also has a contemporary, sleek, and easy-to-clean design.


The Kohler Skirted One-piece Bowl features a skirted bowl design that is easy to clean and maintains excellent hygiene. The toilet seat closes softly rather than slamming, and the design is fashionable and contemporary.


This toilet bowl performs admirably. The flushing is quite smooth and covers the entire bowl; it is very easy to clean, and its flushing is relatively quiet.

Check Roca Nexo Two-piece Toilet Bowl price below:
add_circle Washdown flushing system
add_circle Perfect for any spaces
add_circle Dual type outlet

This toilet bowl has a beautiful design that would look great in any room. The proportions are carefully calculated to achieve a clean and attractive look.


Once purchased, the Roca Nexo Two-piece Toilet Bowl comes with a fixing kit and a washdown flushing system. The toilet bowl features a dual outlet type and a floor standing kind of installation due to its spherical form.


Aside from its aesthetics, it is a wonderful choice because it performs well. The flushing is extremely impressive, and it has a lot of force.

Most durable toilet bowl
W888 Toilet Bowl
Check W888 Toilet Bowl price below:
add_circle 10-year warranty
add_circle Geberit flushing system
add_circle PUB approved

This one-piece toilet bowl is ideal for those who like a straightforward design with high performance. W888 Toilet Bowl may be integrated into any environment to make the consumer feel at ease.


The W888 Toilet Bowl comes with a floor-mounted S-trap and a UREA soft-closing seat cover. A full flush uses 3.80L of water, whereas a reduced flush uses 2.50L. Finally, the Geberit flushing system ensures that this toilet bowl is long-lasting.


Although the design of this toilet bowl is modest, it performs admirably. The flushing system is excellent, and the water that flushes the bowl thoroughly cleans the entire surface.

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