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10 Best Neck Creams in the Philippines 2024 - Top Brands

Even your neck needs some care.

Did you know that the skin on your neck is 50% thinner than your face? You probably already know how vital it is to put moisturizer and SPF daily on your face to maintain healthy, youthful skin. As a result, it is more likely to become loose and wrinkled.

The numerous variables contributing to neck wrinkles and aging can help address using neck cream. Finding the ideal neck cream while considering various skin types, brand options, and pricing might be complex because neck creams must be on the market. The best neck cream is listed here.

10 Best Neck Creams in the Philippines 2024 - Top Brands

Best Neck Cream for Whitening
Belo Intensive Whitening Face and Neck Cream
Best neck cream for sensitive skin
Check Belo Intensive Whitening Face and Neck Cream price below:
add_circle Whitens skin
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle Non-greasy
remove_circle It has an almost overpowering smell

Why It's Our Top Pick

The Belo Intensive Whitening Face & Neck Cream is the editor's choice due to its exceptional performance. This product effectively lightens and evens out skin tone and reduces the appearance of dark spots and blemishes. Its advanced formula contains potent whitening ingredients that work synergistically to deliver remarkable results. The cream is lightweight, easily absorbed, and non-greasy, providing a smooth and comfortable application. With its outstanding efficacy and user-friendly attributes, the Belo Intensive Whitening Face & Neck Cream is a standout choice for achieving a brighter and more radiant complexion.

A luxury cream for the face and neck that revitalizes the skin and intensely whitens it thanks to the potent mix of Kojic Acid and Tranexamic Acid. You may get a rugged, all-encompassing face and neck cream from Belo Essentials with SPF, brightening, and anti-aging properties. It features the rare combination of the most potent bleaching ingredients, kojic acid, and tranexamic acid. 

Key Ingredients 

Perfect for removing dark spots on the face and neck brought on by sun exposure. The antioxidant qualities of kojic acid help lighten skin and lessen the appearance of skin damage. Clinical studies have shown that tranexamic acid can whiten skin and topical hydroquinone without adverse effects.


The cream-like product is ideal for daily use on the body and face because of its lightweight and quick-absorbing texture. Be sure to include Belo Intensive Whitening Body Lotion SPF30 in your daily skincare regimen. Get sun protection and a lighter, more even skin tone today!

Customer Review

It is safer and avoids any contamination. This face and neck cream has a thicker consistency than the body cream. Apply only a tiny amount during the day and more just before bed because the creamier formula makes it feel heavy when used.

Best Neck Cream with Moisturizer
Skinerbs Retinol Advanced Moisture Neck Cream
Skinerbs Retinol Advanced Moisture Neck Cream
Check Skinerbs Retinol Advanced Moisture Neck Cream price below:
add_circle Anti-aging cream
add_circle Increases Skin Elasticity
add_circle Lightweight

Skinerbs Retinol Cream is a great anti-aging cream. Vitamin A is also known as retinol. Retinol stimulates collagen formation in the skin, which aids in skin suppleness, smoothness, and tightness. This moisturizing lotion also stimulates the skin's renewal process, removing dull, old skin cells and promoting the creation of new skin cells for a brighter complexion.

Key Ingredients 

This Retinol Cream contains SHEA BUTTER, known for softening and soothing the skin due to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It contains Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant for the skin. Other key ingredients include Vitamin B5, Adansonia Digitata Fruit Extract, and Horse Chestnut Seed Extract.


This cream is excellent for those with drooping skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and acne-prone skin. This serum's formula is lightweight, so it quickly penetrates the skin layer. Reduces pores and prevents recurrence of outbreaks

Customer Review

With the help of Retinol Moisturizing Cream, you can display skin that is more radiant and youthful-looking thanks to a multi-action technique. It enhances firmness and elasticity while enhancing overall tone and texture thanks to sophisticated micro-encapsulated retinol in the formulation.

Best Firming Neck Cream
RtopR Mango Firming Neck Cream
RtopR Mango Firming Neck Cream
Check RtopR Mango Firming Neck Cream price below:
add_circle Anti-wrinkle
add_circle Moisturizing
add_circle Fine lines and repair
remove_circle No scent of mangoes at all

RtopR Mango Neck Firming Rejuvenation Cream helps to revitalize the muscle basis. It reduces dehydration and dry skin, leaving the throat skin smooth and lustrous. Neck Firming Rejuvenation Cream awakens your muscles, smoothes out your lines, and gives you a young, vibrant neck.

Key Ingredients 

RtopR Mango Neck Firming Rejuvenation Cream is safe and natural. Made with natural plant extracts, it is effective and safe for all skin types. RtopR Mango Neck Firming Rejuvenation Cream helps to revitalize the muscle base. It reduces dehydration and dry skin, leaving the throat skin smooth and lustrous.


Rich in a range of plant nutrients, it provides skin with abundant nourishment and moisture, helps regenerate the bottom of the skin, treats wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin issues, produces firming neck skin benefits, and maintains healthy, natural, and youthful skin.

Customer Review

The appearance of their neck wrinkles is improving, they insist on using it every morning and evening, and they recently bought one bottle. It efficiently moisturizes and smooths the neck skin.

Best Neck Cream For Sensitive Skin
Organic Skin Japan Elbow, Knee & Neck Cream
Organic Skin Japan Elbow, Knee & Neck Cream
Check Organic Skin Japan Elbow, Knee & Neck Cream price below:
add_circle Smoothens the skin
add_circle Moisturize the sensitive skin
add_circle Whitening

The most ignored areas of your body, the neck, knee, and elbow, can now be enhanced and made whiter with the help of the most recent technology, thanks to Organic Skin Japan. Observe how your skin improves in radiance, nourishment, and pampering with consistent usage of this cream. Feel the improved smoothness and brightness that will boost your self-assurance!

Key Ingredients 

Thanks to its high-quality components, a great cream with youth-regenerating properties helps skin retain more collagen, maintaining supple, moist, youthful-looking skin. Feel the smoother, brighter transformation that will increase your self-assurance!


Organic Skin Japan's skincare line focuses on whitening, anti-acne, and anti-aging products. It also produces soap, cream, and toner. Observe how your skin improves in radiance, nourishment, and pampering with consistent usage of this cream. Feel the enhanced, brighter transformation that will boost your confidence. 

Customer Review

It glides over the skin easily. The skin is shining and clear of blemishes after just one week of use, plus it has that whitening effect that gives them a youthful appearance.

Best Neck Cream For Aging Skin
Strivectin TL Advanced Tightening Face and Neck Cream
Strivectin TL Advanced Tightening Face & Neck Cream
Check Strivectin TL Advanced Tightening Face and Neck Cream price below:
add_circle Strengthen skin barrier
add_circle Improve skin elasticity
add_circle Anti-aging
remove_circle Expensive

This potent cream uses the ground-breaking Gravitite-CF Lifting ComplexTM to deliver perceptible lift, increase skin elasticity, and minimize the appearance of drooping and horizontal necklines. It gives the neck a noticeable rise, tightening, and firming for a younger-looking profile. 

Key Ingredients 

The unique NIA-114TM technology strengthens the skin barrier. At the same time, the botanically derived Brightening Complex helps balance out skin tone on the décolleté. For a sharper, more defined definition, the effects of gravity appear. It aims to reduce crepey texture and smooth out creases and wrinkles on the neck and décolleté.


It enhances the skin barrier to stop moisture loss and reduces the appearance of discoloration on the décolleté. Only this neck cream has the ingredients this fragile skin needs to function at its peak. It blends with Brightening Complex extracted from plants to balance skin tone. 

Customer Review

They enjoy using this cream a lot. It absorbs into the skin, is non-greasy, and has no aroma. It performs an excellent job of enhancing the smoothness of the neck's lines.

Best Neck Cream For Dark Skin
GLUTA C Kojic Plus+ Face and Neck Cream
GLUTA C Kojic Plus+ Face and Neck Cream
Check GLUTA C Kojic Plus+ Face and Neck Cream price below:
add_circle 4X Intense Whitening Action
add_circle Deep Cleansing and Non-Drying
add_circle Anti-Acne
remove_circle No scentNo scent

Gluta-C Kojic Plus+ Face & Neck Cream will always make you look your finest. This non-greasy cream is for necklines and whitening to nourish and hydrate your skin without leaving a shine. Additionally, it contains Glutathione, Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, and Azelaoyl Diglycinate, all of which work together to deliver a 4X powerful lightning effect.

Key Ingredients 

The 4x powerful whitening effect of Glutathione, Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, and Azelaoyl Diglycinate is in Gluta-C Face & Body Soap with Kojic Plus+ Whitening System, along with the assistance of 3X more antioxidants, results in healthier, smoother, and softer skin. With its ability to reduce oil production and possessing antimicrobial characteristics, it not only refreshes and smooths the skin but also treats acne.


Use Gluta-C Kojic Plus+ Face & Neck Cream to keep your skin healthy while working to make your complexion look more radiant. This wrinkle cream for the face and neck the gentle lightening components that can give you the complexion you want without causing skin irritation.

Customer Review

It undoubtedly aids in cleaning their face of grime and extra makeup. Their complexion has been cleaner, less lifeless, and pallid after they finished one bottle. The Glutathione and Vitamin C with Kojic+ Whitening System Face Neck Cream have SPF 30, which aids in shielding their skin from the sun's damaging effects.

Best Tightening Neck Cream
Maryann Neck Cream
Maryann Neck Cream
Check Maryann Neck Cream price below:
add_circle Nourishes and hydrates
add_circle Visible anti-aging effect
add_circle Sagging skin relief

Maryann's neck firming cream encourages tighter, firmer skin that prevents it from sagging around the neck and jawline. It also restores your best profile by giving your skin a more defined appearance and decreasing the indications of aging by moisturizing and nourishing it.

Key Ingredients

The all-natural formula in this cream supports a healthier and more radiant skin tone. The tightening cream aims to lessen fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging in the neck and jawline area. The purpose of using retinol and natural nourishing oil is to encourage collagen development in your skin. 


The Maryann Collagen Cream claims that it can assist in reducing aging symptoms for a more youthful appearance and firmer, tighter skin. This day-and-night moisturizer claims that it is simple and appropriate for all skin types. Maryann says it smoothes fine lines and wrinkles while moisturizing, hydrating, and rejuvenating.

Customer Review

Utilizing Maryann Collagen Cream is enjoyable for them. The cream is effortless to use, absorbent, and lightweight. It works well with other skincare products because there is no stickiness or pilling. People who require more hydration can add cream because it is simple to layer.

Best Neck Cream For Men
Aliver Neck Cream
Aliver Neck Cream
Check Aliver Neck Cream price below:
add_circle Moisturizing
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle Anting Aging & Anti Wrinkle

Anti-ageing Firming Cream hydrates to increase elasticity and firm skin for a lifted appearance. Our Cream is packed with collagen and elastin to tighten and revive the neck and décolleté skin. It is mainly created with a complex blend of plant extracts and oils to repair and boost skin collagen production efficiently.

Key Ingredients 

A moisturizer for the neck and face rich in retinol, collagen, and hyaluronic acid will help increase skin elasticity and give your skin moisture and firmness. Although it is not a quick fix for your neck wrinkle and loose skin problems, you will see improvements after including it in your anti-aging and anti-wrinkle skin regimen.


Both men and women can use it, and it is gentle. Retinol, collagen, and hyaluronic acid are in a base of potent botanicals to provide a triple action. To look and feel your best, use daily to restore damaged, crepey, and loose skin with powerful antioxidants.

Customer Review

It tightens skin for a lifted appearance and lessens wrinkles and fine lines. Hydrates the skin to increase elasticity, make it smoother, and look more youthful. It evens out skin tone and helps to prevent the development of new dark spots. It strengthens the skin and combats sagging.

Best Neck Cream with SPF
Nature Skin Sunblock for Face and Neck Cream
Nature Skin Sunblock BB Cream for face and neck with SPF 50
Check Nature Skin Sunblock for Face and Neck Cream price below:
add_circle Waterproof
add_circle Acne-prone
add_circle With Natural Ingredients
remove_circle Skin tone matching

Nature Skin Sunblock BB Cream provides 8 hours of sun protection with SPF 50, ensuring your safety while maintaining a smooth skin appearance. It is safe for your skin and the environment because it is free of toxic ingredients.

Key Ingredients

SPF 50 ensures your safety while maintaining the appearance of smooth skin. BB cream is an ideal daily moisturizer because it offers sufficient UV protection with medium coverage. It is safe for the environment and your skin because it contains no dangerous chemicals.


Nobody indeed manages to perfect the summer skin concisely. Its softly tinted BB cream, made with its patented SPF50, will keep your skin nourished and shielded from UV rays all day.

Customer Review

Being a base for makeup, it looks lovely on the face. Waterproof is excellent. Besides the fact that it is inexpensive, the consumers adore it since it is so gorgeous.

Best Neck Cream For Necklines
RoC Derm CORREXION Face & Neck Cream
RoC Derm CORREXION Face & Neck Cream
Check RoC Derm CORREXION Face & Neck Cream price below:
add_circle Reduce the Appearance of Dry
add_circle Reduce Crepey-Looking Skin
add_circle Anti-Aging
remove_circle Pricey

Skin naturally loses collagen and elastin as you age, making it appear crepey, deflated, and dry. Use RoC Multi Correxion® Crepe Repair Cream to find a solution. This cream effectively hydrates dry, crepey skin for a firmer appearance by combining peptides, hydrating botanicals, and Hexyl-R ComplexTM.

Key Ingredients 

Skin looks moisturized right away. 97% of people had a noticeably firmer face and neck after one week, and horizontal necklines visibly decreased by 49%. This non-invasive cream uses hyaluronic acid to noticeably plump the skin while retinol and Swertiamarin visibly firm and re-volumize the skin's surface.


This quickly absorbing product gives you dramatically smoother, plumper-looking skin with optimum hydration immediately and over time. This professionally validated moisturizer acts on the skin's surface at every layer to dramatically firm, lift, and contour the face, neck, and jawline. 

Customer Review

They have been using Roc Multi Correxion Crepe Repair Face and Neck Cream for a few weeks, and they see that it is significantly aiding in firming and smoothing the skin underneath. 

What is a Neck Cream?

A neck cream is primarily for the neck, jawline, and upper chest. Neck creams assist in reducing the telltale signs of aging. The best neck creams moisturize and shield the skin from external aggressors like UV radiation and pollution. Most neck creams aim to promote smoother, firmer, and healthier-looking skin.

Benefits of a Neck Cream

Neck creams have hard-working, active ingredients that keep your skin looking soft and toned. Ingredients that promote collagen formation while enhancing healthy cell renewal are effective in neck and décolleté lotions. Components to watch out for include Vitamin A Propionate, which revitalizes and re-educates the skin to improve skin functioning and reduce age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Using a neck cream offers several benefits for the skin:

  • Anti-Aging: Neck creams often contain ingredients that target signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. They help improve elasticity and firmness, reducing the appearance of crepey skin.
  • Moisturization: The delicate skin on the neck tends to be drier and more prone to dehydration. Neck creams provide deep hydration, replenishing moisture and preventing dryness, which can lead to premature aging.
  • Tightening and Lifting: Neck creams formulated with tightening and lifting properties can help improve the appearance of sagging skin, promoting a more toned and defined neck and jawline.
  • Brightening and Even-Tone: Some neck creams contain ingredients that target dark spots and discoloration, helping to brighten the skin and create a more even complexion.
  • Nourishment: Neck creams often contain nourishing ingredients like vitamins, antioxidants, and peptides that help rejuvenate and revitalize the skin, promoting a healthier and more youthful appearance.

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Neck Cream

Neck creams are top-rated right now because people want to look younger than they are. Most people ignore their necks and chests in favor of their faces and other parts of their bodies. Here are a few tried-and-true suggestions to help you select the one that is ideal for your skin.

  • Skin type: Consider your skin type, whether dry, oily, or sensitive, before purchasing a neck cream. Choose a cream that is suitable for your skin type, as this can make a significant difference in its effectiveness.
  • Ingredients: Look for ingredients such as retinol, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants, effectively reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. Avoid harsh chemicals, such as sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, as they can irritate the delicate skin on the neck.
  • Texture: Choose a neck cream with a texture that suits your preference. Some creams are lightweight, while others are thicker and more moisturizing. Select a texture that feels comfortable on your skin and fits your skincare routine.
  • SPF: If you spend time in the sun or have sensitive skin, choose a neck cream with a high SPF
  • Brand reputation: Choose a brand with a reputation for producing high-quality skincare products. Look for reviews and feedback from other customers to ensure you are purchasing a product that is effective and worth the investment.
  • Price: Neck creams vary in price, so choose a product that fits within your budget. Remember that expensive doesn't always mean better and that a more affordable product can still provide excellent results.

Best Neck Cream Brands in the Philippines

Choosing the best neck cream brand can ensure that you are using a safe and effective product that addresses the specific concerns of the neck area, resulting in smoother, more youthful-looking skin.

Olay Neck Cream

Olay neck creams are known for their excellent moisturizing properties, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the neck area. The brand's formulas boost skin elasticity and firmness and improve skin texture.

Nivea Neck Cream

Nivea neck creams have Q10, a powerful antioxidant that helps to revitalize the skin. The brand's formulas are gentle on the skin, helping to reduce the signs of aging while keeping the neck area smooth and supple.

Pond's Neck Cream

Pond's neck creams have collagen, which helps to increase skin elasticity and firmness. The brand's formulas are lightweight and non-greasy, leaving the skin moisturized, toned, and radiant.

Kiehl's Neck Cream

Kiehl's neck creams target the signs of aging, including sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. The brand's formulas are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and peptides, which help to promote cell regeneration and improve skin texture.

L'Oreal Paris Neck Cream

L'Oreal Paris neck creams have hyaluronic acid. This powerful moisturizing agent helps to plump and hydrate the skin. The brand's formulas are lightweight and non-greasy, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin elasticity.

Neck Creams Price Range Here in the Philippines

The neck cream price in the Philippines can vary depending on the product's brand, formulation, and size. Generally, neck creams can range from around PHP 300 to PHP 5000.

Affordable options are available in drugstores, typically from PHP 300 to PHP 800. Mid-range brands, such as Kiehl's and L'Oreal Paris, can cost between PHP 1000 to PHP 3000.

Luxury brands, such as La Mer and Estee Lauder, can cost upwards of PHP 5000 or more. However, it is vital to note that a higher price only sometimes guarantees better quality or effectiveness.

When choosing a neck cream, it is essential to consider your budget and look for products that offer the best value for money. It is also worth noting that some brands offer trial sizes or sample kits, which can be a cost-effective way to try out different products before committing to a full-size product.

Where to Buy Neck Creams in the Philippines?

Neck creams can be purchased from a variety of places in the Philippines, including:

Department stores: Many department stores have dedicated beauty sections that carry a range of neck creams from different brands.

Drugstores and supermarkets: Drugstores and supermarkets also carry a variety of neck creams, including popular drugstore brands such as Olay and Nivea.

Online retailers: Online retailers such as Lazada, Shopee, and BeautyMNL offer a wide range of neck creams from various brands, with the convenience of shopping from home.

Official brand websites: Many skincare brands have online stores where you can purchase their products, including neck creams.

Specialty beauty stores: Specialty beauty stores such as Sephora and Rustan's carry a range of luxury and high-end neck creams.

When purchasing a neck cream, buying from a reputable source is vital to avoid purchasing counterfeit products that may be harmful to your skin.


If you're worried about loose skin, fine lines, and wrinkles around your neck, topical treatments can help. Taking care of the neck skin is crucial to give your skin a youthful appearance. This review has made it easier for you to find the best product. Any neck creams on the list above will do your divine skin justice.

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