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10 Best Eyebrow Powders in Philippines 2024 - Top Products

Flaunt and slay!

We all know people enjoy investing their time and money on their brows like microblading and threading, But if you don't want to spend much money and don't want to consume much time. Then this eyebrow powder is for you! 

This brow powder improves in shaping the ideal brow for you. It offers you a delicate, natural appearance. Additionally, because it has a safe recipe and certain organic ingredients, the powder helps avoid damaging your brows. 

This article aims to provide the most suitable and affordable eyebrow powder products for all skin types.

10 Best Eyebrow Powders in Philippines 2024 - Top Products

Best Long-lasting Eyebrow Powder
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Eyebrow Powder
Anastasia Beverly Hills
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade_1
Check Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Eyebrow Powder price below:
add_circle Blends easily
add_circle Long-lasting and smudge-proof
add_circle High pigment formula
remove_circle Expensive

Why It's Our Top Pick

Dip brow pomade from Anastasia Beverly Hills. This item is an absolute necessity. It's ideal for creating precise, pointed brows and is simple to apply. Additionally, owing to the exceptional quality, influencers and makeup professionals strongly suggest these items.

This product gives your brows more depth. It has a buildable effect that makes it simple to apply and looks more natural because of its smooth finish. Plus, it works for all skin types.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade is better for somebody who wants a firmer brow look and a long-lasting one. This product is for you if you need a brow powder that could last all day for work or don't want to sweat off your brows.

Why buy this

Purchasing Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade is worth it. It held onto itself, particularly in people with oily and dry skin. Additionally, because of its Cyclopentasiloxane formula, it goes smoothly to give you fine brows.

Best Overall Eyebrow Powder
Focallure 3D Palette Eyebrow Powder
Focallure 3D Eyebrow Powder Palette_1
Check Focallure 3D Palette Eyebrow Powder price below:
add_circle Safe and effective natural ingredients
add_circle High-quality
add_circle Affordable price range
remove_circle There is a little fallout while applying

This Focallure gives your brows a natural look without using too much color. Also, its eyebrow powder shades are great for your whole makeup look. It offers a reasonable price with a quality product. Therefore, it's something to haggle about!


This brow powder is pretty pigmented, simple to apply, smudge-proof, and cozy. The product is excellent if you're searching for a go-to brow powder. It stays all day unless you take it off yourself.

Why buy this

This eyebrow powder will help feature your face. And what makes this product extraordinary is that it contains mineral oil, which aids in hydrating your skin and may promote hair growth.

Best Waterproof Eyebrow Powder
Saniye 2 in 1 Double Layer Waterproof Eyebrow Powder
Saniye 2 in 1 Double Layer Waterproof Eyebrow_1
Check Saniye 2 in 1 Double Layer Waterproof Eyebrow Powder price below:
add_circle Natural finish
add_circle Applicator included
add_circle Budget-friendly
remove_circle It can be removed with sweat

The Saniye brow powder is a game changer regarding waterproof eyebrow powder. This product fills any skin gaps between your brow hairs, giving you a classic finish look.


This eyebrow offers a high-pigmented eyebrow powder. It comes with one applicator brush that helps in defining your eyebrow. You can wear it with no worries but confidently. 

This brow powder is something you need, especially when you're going on a vacation and spending the day and night at the beach and pool.

Why buy this

Saniya eyebrow powder ensures that quality is guaranteed. The smell has a pleasing fragrance. It forms strokes that look amazingly natural. This waterproof eyebrow product is perfect for filling in individual sparse. Also, solid, smudge-proof, consistent application slides on effortlessly to provide symmetry through your brows. This product has six shades, each with its brush and compact eyebrow powder.

Best Eyebrow Powder Stamp
Kimuse One Step Stamp Eyebrow Powder
Kimuse One Step Eyebrow Stamp_1
Check Kimuse One Step Stamp Eyebrow Powder price below:
add_circle Time-saving
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Easy to apply
remove_circle It takes practice, and you probably won’t do it flawlessly the first time.

Kimuse is popular with professional artists and other users since its product is vegan and cruelty-free. Their eyebrow stamp is excellent for those who don't have time to apply brows. You can use it as quickly as possible and see no mess. 


It doesn't fall off naturally, has soft and fine powders, and is sweatproof. It's not easy to enhance your brows, but it's simple to use everyday and ideal for novices. An eyebrow stamping kit Kimuse will last up to 24 hours.

Why buy this 

For people who have trouble shaping their eyebrow powder, purchasing this eyebrow stamp product is convenient. With this product, all you have to do is apply a proper stencil to your brows before using the cushion stamp to apply the substance to the ideal level. 

Best Eyebrow Powder With Stencil
KISS NY i. Envy Eyebrow Powder Kit with Stencil
KISS NY i. Envy Eyebrow Kit with Stencil_1
Check KISS NY i. Envy Eyebrow Powder Kit with Stencil price below:
add_circle Worth the price
add_circle Natural shades
add_circle Easy to glide
remove_circle Brittle

Let this Envy Eyebrow Kit with stencil help you make a perfect brow. It is easy to use and provides you with your desired shape with precision. With this product, you can try different things. Hence, you can take your time with this product.


The powder has a great formula that lasts longer. It has good shades that will fit your skin tone and hair color. That will make you look naturally unique!

Why buy this

By being envious, you can avoid the time and hassle of doing your eyebrows. With the help of the provided stencils of this product, you can apply the required contour of your brows precisely and hassle-free. 

Best Eyebrow Powder With Wax
BYS Definition Kit Eyebrow Powder
BYS Brow Definition Kit
BYS Brow Definition Kit_1
Check BYS Definition Kit Eyebrow Powder price below:
add_circle Natural finish
add_circle Will surely give you the perfect Arches
add_circle Travel-friendly
remove_circle Can become flaky

Here's a perfect brow kit for your ideal arches. It comes with a priming wax to fix and set your eyebrows and stay intact all day. With this unique product, your brows will be perfect as you are.


This product will undoubtedly aid you in raising your self-esteem because "By your side" cosmetics is committed to addressing each person's demands, which makes it a high-quality item. It is also water resistant and last throughout the day.

Why buy this

Your brows will have perfectly well-defined arches that will be noticeable. You can quickly combine the powder to get the perfect color for your brow with the BYS Brow Definition Kit.

Best Drugstore Eyebrow Powder
EverBelina Pro Eyebrow Powder Kit
Ever Belina
Ever Belina Pro Eyebrow Kit_1
Check EverBelina Pro Eyebrow Powder Kit price below:
add_circle Doesn’t look cakey
add_circle Easy to blend
add_circle Cruelty-free and paraben-free
remove_circle Heavy

Do you have thin brows yet wish you had thick ones. The answer to your problem is these Ever Belina brows. People will adore your appearance because this product will give you more attractive, natural-looking eyebrows.


Ever Belina comes with a natural three-shade powder and will keep your brows in place. This product is also highly pigmented. The product will ensure that you look delicately groom your brows. It applies easily and blends with an excellent finish.

Why buy this

Accessible and practical for users. With less effort, this eyebrow kit may help you achieve attractive brows: a must-buy, high-quality item at an affordable price.

Best Eyebrow Powder With Stencil
Ibcccndc One Step Eyebrow Powder
Ibcccndc one step eyebrow_1
Check Ibcccndc One Step Eyebrow Powder price below:
add_circle Applicable for any skin tones
add_circle Easy to use
add_circle Convenient to use
remove_circle Not long-lasting

This eyebrow powder comes with a stencil, and it has an easy-to-apply consistency. You can only choose the suitable stencil for your brows and arrange it along the desired grid line until you have satisfied arches.


It has a fine texture, comes with natural color development, and is simple for anyone. It is a durable and adaptable product. You may wipe it off and try again if you make a mistake. After a few tries, you'll feel confident to put it. It enhances the color and form of your brows.

Why buy this

You expect a standard quality of these brows. This eyebrow can last long and keep your brows flawless all day.

Best Eyebrow Powder for Beginners
Naked Eyebrow Powder
Naked Eyebrow Powder_1
Check Naked Eyebrow Powder price below:
add_circle No fallouts
add_circle Blendable
add_circle Strong lasting
remove_circle Easily break

The naked brow kit is perfect for someone who has difficulty making a delicate brow look and for someone who will try eyebrow powder for the first time. With the precision of these brows, you may choose to have them as thin or thick as you choose. 


Overall, this powder is excellent. Its formula is gentle, non-greasy, and easy to use. It can be worn all day long, just like your natural brow.

Why buy this

It can achieve your most natural appearance. Naked eyebrow powder is high-quality, worry-free, and durable.

Best Eyebrow Powder With Brush
PINKFLASH Waterproof 2-in-1 Duo Effect Eyebrow Powder
PINKFLASH Waterproof 2-in-1 Duo Effect_1
Check PINKFLASH Waterproof 2-in-1 Duo Effect Eyebrow Powder price below:
add_circle Durable and Convenient
add_circle Double layer design
add_circle High pigmented
remove_circle Difficult to remove

This brow powder with brush applicator is perfect for creating a quality shape brow for you. this Pinkflash product. You can make a 3D eyebrow look because of its powerful effect and high pigment that gives a smooth texture.


Using pink flash can maintain a long-lasting, smudge-proof, anti-sweat brow appearance. This product gives you consistency. It is not quick to dry, firm or practical to use daily. It is for an inexpensive, highly pigmented product.

Why buy this

This excellent product contains a magnesium stearate composition that keeps the eyebrow powder from gliding, sliding, or feeling too greasy on the skin. Radiantly gives you a stunning result.

What is an Eyebrow Powder?

A makeup item that enhances the entire makeup appearance is your eyebrow. So this all-natural eyebrow powder will allow you to have a flawless brow every day by filling up any skin gaps between your brow hairs.

Eyebrow Powder vs Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrow pencil aims to give you a softer brow look. It enables you to draw strokes that define your eyebrow, which helps fill any gaps.

However, eyebrow powder is the best option if you want a bolder look. Eyebrow powder gives more definition to your brows since it is used with an angled brush.  

It could also help fill the gaps, especially for those with thicker brows since pomade has a darker pigment. 

Buying Guide: How to Choose an Eyebrow Powder

It is time-consuming when choosing an eyebrow powder that will suit you, especially when you are not an expert in this niche. Worry no more since we will provide tips on choosing an eyebrow powder to help you slay daily!

  • Identify which product brand you are going to use.
  • Pick a shade darker than your hair color to achieve that natural-looking brow.
  • Choose a brow powder that is smudge-free, sweatproof, and waterproof to be confident that it will last all day long.

Best Eyebrow Powder Brands in the Philippines

With such wide varieties of brow powder on the market, you can surely take your time and choose the best one. The following eyebrow powder brands highlight the highest quality of the best eyebrow powder in the Philippines.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Powder - This item adds depth to your brows. Because of its smooth finish and buildable effect, it is easy to apply and has a more natural-looking appearance. Additionally, it benefits all skin types.

Focallure Eyebrow Powder- This Focallure offers your brows a natural finish without overdoing the color. Furthermore, the colors of its brow powder are fantastic for your entire makeup look. It provides a good product at a fair price.

Naked Eyebrow Powder- The naked brow kit is ideal. Thanks to their precision, you can decide to have your brows as thin or thick as you like. Rest assured that using this product will help you get in shape.

Saniye Eyebrow Powder- This product offers high-pigment eyebrow powder. It comes with one applicator brush that helps you define your brows. You can wear it with confidence.

BYS Eyebrow Powder- Your brows will be flawless as you are with the help of this BYS eyebrow powder. High-quality product since "By your side" cosmetics is committed to meeting each person's needs.

Eyebrow Powders Price Range in the Philippines

The price range of eyebrow powders in the Philippines can vary depending on the brand and quality of the product. Generally, drugstore brands can range from around PHP 150 to PHP 500, while higher-end brands can cost around PHP 1,000 to PHP 2,500 or more.

Prices may also vary depending on where the product is purchased. Larger beauty retailers offer lower prices than smaller specialty stores or online shops.

Where to Buy Eyebrow Powders in the Philippines?

Eyebrow powders are widely available in the Philippines. Here are some options:

  1. Beauty stores - Stores like Watsons, SM Beauty, and BeautyMNL offer a range of eyebrow powders from different brands.
  2. Department stores - Department stores like SM Department Store, Robinsons Department Store, and Rustan's also offer a selection of eyebrow powders.
  3. Online marketplaces - Online shopping platforms like Lazada, Shopee, and Zalora offer various eyebrow powders from different brands.
  4. Specialty stores - The Face Shop, Etude House, and Benefit Cosmetics offer a range of eyebrow powders and other makeup products.
  5. Direct sellers - Some brands of eyebrow powders have direct sellers who can offer discounts and promotions. You can find them through social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

It's always best to compare prices and read reviews from other customers to ensure you get the best value. Additionally, choose a shade that matches your natural eyebrow color and consider the texture and application method that works best for you.


No matter your preference, whether you are into natural or extravagant makeup, your brows strongly impact how you look. To make your life easier, we listed above all the things you need to obtain a powder brow that will help you flaunt and slay.

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