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14 Best Eyelash Serums in the Philippines 2024 - Top Brands

Get that eye-popping lashes.

Of course, who wouldn’t want a healthy-looking eyelash without the need to apply those thick and irritating falsies and lash extensions? 

Today, you’ll finally meet a variety of magic potions in a bottle that works well for stimulating lash growth. Say hello to those natural-looking eyelashes that are longer and thicker. If you’re wondering which suits you, we have the 14 best eyelash serums in the Philippines that you can find and purchase locally.

14 Best Eyelash Serums in the Philippines 2024 - Top Brands

Best Overall Eyelash Serum - Value for Money
Etude House My Eyelash Serum
Etude House
Check Etude House My Eyelash Serum price below:
add_circle Longer and stronger lashes
add_circle No strong scent
add_circle Not sticky
remove_circle Effectiveness takes time to occur

Why It's Our Top Pick

Etude House My Lash Serum is the ultimate go-to product for achieving stunning lashes. This special serum stands out as the top pick in lash care. Its innovative formula, enriched with nourishing ingredients, promotes lash growth, strengthening and conditioning them from root to tip. The lightweight texture allows for easy application, ensuring a comfortable experience. This serum consistently enhances lash length and thickness, transforming ordinary lashes into a voluminous and captivating feature. Experience the magic of Etude House My Lash Serum and unlock the secret to irresistible, fluttery lashes like never before.

With its 9g compact size, this lash enhancer from Etude House is perfect for your go-to eyelash serum. It nourishes your lashes from root to tip, making them look healthy and whole. Plus, this also works as mascara! 

Key Ingredients

This product is infused with Cornus Officinalis fruit extract and panthenol, which are effective ingredients for nourishing and stimulating your lashes’ growth– its properties will give you the lashes you aim for. 


If you are looking for an eyelash serum that works perfectly under makeup, this eyelash serum from Etude House is a steal– it works as transparent mascara. Its texture won’t irritate your eye as it is not sticky. This serum is said to be applied before sleeping, but you can also use this in your basic makeup routine. 

Best Eyelash Serum for Growth
FEG Grower Enhancer Eyelash Serum
Check FEG Grower Enhancer Eyelash Serum price below:
add_circle Lengthen, thicken, and darken your eyelashes
add_circle No strong fragrance
add_circle Stimulates hair follicles for eyelash growth
remove_circle Results will be visible after 4-6 weeks

This FEG Eyelash Grower Enhancer Serum lengthens, strengthens, and darkens your eyelashes' appearance. Since it strengthens the hair follicles, it also produces a natural curl of your lashes. If you are patient in seeing the results, you may get that seductive-looking eyelash in 4-6 weeks. 

Key Ingredients

This product is formulated with breakthrough technology. Its purified water and sodium chloride content make your lashes hydrated. Thanks to its benzalkonium chloride, you can reduce the risk of infection while using this eyelash growth serum. Lastly, you can ensure and preserve the freshness of this product because of its citric acid, disodium phosphate, and cellulose ingredients. 


If you are looking for a lash grower to help you achieve your eyelash goals, this is the one for you. It is a liquid eyelash serum that revives your lashes, giving them a healthier appearance. It is best to apply an ample amount of serum to get the best results. 

Best Eyelash Serum for Curling
OEDO Curling Growth Eyelash Serum
Check OEDO Curling Growth Eyelash Serum price below:
add_circle Liquid eyelash serum
add_circle No strong fragrance
add_circle It has nice packaging
remove_circle Content is said to be quickly depleted

The OEDO Curling Eyelash Serum claims to increase the appearance of your lashes in just seven days. Its liquid formulation does not leave a heavy feeling on your lashes. This product is specifically formulated for lashes and brows that are too short. This product has 36 months of shelf life, so you can use it while it lasts. 

Key Ingredients

The OEDO eyelash is rich in various plant nutrients to ensure its safety and effectiveness. One of its key ingredients is aqua, which provides your lashes with valuable moisture. It also leaves the hair follicles feeling soft and supple with its Candelilla Wax content. 


This eyelash serum review has received a lot of good comments from its customers. It is compelling enough to make your lashes longer, darker, and thicker. Now, you won’t need that false lashes. On top of that, it works on fragile lashes. You can also use this twice a day to see better results. 

Best Eyelash Serum with Castor Oil
Lanthome Pure Castor Oil Eyelash Serum
Check Lanthome Pure Castor Oil Eyelash Serum price below:
add_circle Improves hair growth
add_circle Moisturizes hair follicles
add_circle No strong fragrance
remove_circle Since it is castor oil, it has an oily texture

Lanthome Pure Castor Oil is a hair eyebrow lash serum that promotes hair growth and thicker and longer eyelashes. It is best for treating and addressing your hair problems. This eyelash serum comes in a dropper bottle that you can also use for your lashes and hair. 

Key Ingredients

Castor oil is effective as a natural hair treatment. With its moisturizing properties, you can increase the appearance of healthy-looking lashes and hair follicles. It lubricates the hair and decreases the chance of hair breakage– making your lashes more flexible and stronger. 


If you are looking for a practical eyelash grower, look no further than an eyelash serum that contains castor oil. Indeed, it works as a moisturizer and remedies your eyelash problems. It leaves gorgeous natural lashes– you can see the results in just a few weeks. 

Best Mascara Eyelash Serum
Luxe Organix Castor Oil Eyebrow Growth and Eyelash Serum
Luxe Organix
Check Luxe Organix Castor Oil Eyebrow Growth and Eyelash Serum price below:
add_circle No strong fragrance
add_circle Hexane and paraben free
add_circle Results can be seen immediately
remove_circle The applicator brush is too thin

If you’re looking for the best eyelash grower, this from Luxe Organix might be the one for you. This also works as a mascara eyelash serum that promotes eyelash growth and, at the same time, gives you volumized-looking lashes. 

Key Ingredients

This product contains various ingredients that promote hair growth and healthy lashes. Its vital ingredient is castor oil which is excellent for hair growth and thickening. Plus, it has red ginseng extract, known for strengthening the roots and follicles of the hair. 

With these ingredients, you can achieve fuller and thicker eyelashes and eyebrows. 


Luxe Organix Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serum are gentle and effective in increasing the strength of your lashes. It is best to apply this growth serum two times a day, in the morning and evening. The serum should also be applied from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. Its optimal result can be achieved after continuously using it for three months. 

Best Eyelash Serum with Argan Oil
Garden Lab Brow and Eyelash Serum
Garden Lab
Check Garden Lab Brow and Eyelash Serum price below:
add_circle Gentle on eyes
add_circle Non-sticky
add_circle With a calming scent
remove_circle Best results can be seen after 46-65 days

With over 2,000+ reviews on Lazada, it is one of the eyelash growth serums that is said to be effective enough to achieve your lashes goals. This product can be applied on your lash and brow, providing the same booster on the hair follicles. It also has a calming scent which gives you peace of mind when applying to your lashes. 

Key Ingredients

This lash and brow serum from Garden Lab is infused with castor oil, argan oil, and avocado–a 100% natural serum safe for your lashes. Thanks to its argan oil content, this serum moisturizes and protects your hair from everyday damage. Its natural ingredients promote volumized, enhanced, and thickened hair follicles. 


The effectiveness of this product can be seen if used and applied consistently. You can see the best results if applied twice daily. Compared to other lash serum products, this serum is lightweight and gentle on the eyes– you can ensure no skin irritation. 

Best Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum
CharkushBrows Eyelash Serum
Check CharkushBrows Eyelash Serum price below:
add_circle The scent is mild and calming
add_circle It has an oily-watery texture
add_circle Effectiveness can be seen in just 30 days
remove_circle Some may not like the oily texture

This product is claimed to be the elixir for the hair– leaving an effective magical and medicinal potion on your lashes and brows. Charkush. ph is made in the Philippines– now you can enjoy the same effectiveness of lash serums made locally. 

Key Ingredients

This product is a collaboration of castor oil, almond oil, and virgin coconut oil– all effective ingredients for improving the appearance of your lashes. This lash and brow serum boosts the condition of your hair from root to tip. Best of all, it controls hair loss which can maintain hair health. 


In just 30 days, it is said that visible results can be seen already. CharkushBrows is helping you to achieve longer, thicker, and healthier lashes and brows. This serum helps restore and strengthen the protein structure of your hair. Plus, you can use this for an extended time as it only requires a small amount of oil. It is best to apply daily before bedtime. 

Best Eyelash Serum for Longer Lashes
BREYLEE Growth Eyelash Serum
Check BREYLEE Growth Eyelash Serum price below:
add_circle Increases length of lashes
add_circle Increases darkness of lashes
add_circle Increases thickness of lashes
remove_circle Not advisable for people under the age of 18 Lazada:

The BREYLESS Eyelash Growth Serum is another compelling product to enhance the volume of your lashes. When applied to hair follicles, it has a liquid formulation that won't leave a heavy and irritating residue. 

Key Ingredients

This product is formulated with advanced technology to increase the serum's effectiveness. It makes your lashes hydrated and moisturized– thanks to its purified water and sodium chloride content. With its benzalkonium chloride content, you can reduce the risks of getting irritation while applying the product. On top of that, you can use this product while it lasts, as it has citric acid, disodium phosphate, and cellulose gum that are best for preserving the freshness of the product. 


Indeed, it is brushed to grow your lashes. This eyelash serum nurtures your hair root, which reaches the underlying skin to curl lashes. Also, it effectively improves the environment of your hair follicles, which boosts lash growth. Lastly, it gives a natural curl and long lashes without curling them up and applying false eyelashes. Its maximum effectiveness can be seen after using three bottles. 

Best Eyelash Serum for Thicker Lashes
LANBENA Eyelash Serum
Check LANBENA Eyelash Serum price below:
add_circle Gentle touch, easy to apply
add_circle Nourishes the hair follicles
add_circle Promotes darker, thicker, and longer lashes
add_circle Alcohol-free
remove_circle Not advisable for people under the age of 18

LANBENA Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum has the highest quality ingredients for enhancing and boosting hair growth. Like any other eyelash serum, it also has a liquid texture which is best if you like a product that does not leave any heavy feeling on your lashes. Best of all, it is alcohol-free. 

Key Ingredients

This product is produced using cutting-edge technology. Its purified water and sodium chloride content hydrate your lashes. Because of the benzalkonium chloride in this eyelash growth serum, you can reduce infection chances. Finally, the citric acid, disodium phosphate, and cellulose ingredients ensure and preserve the freshness of this product.


Finally, you can say goodbye to your annoying eyelash problems. It reshapes and revitalizes the natural colors of your lashes. In its first week of usage, you’ll notice that it wakes up the eyelash base. And in just four weeks, it will finally give you the thicker lashes you aim for. 

Best Herbal Eyelash Serum
Tatak Pinoy Castor Oil Organic Eyelash Serum
Tatak Pinoy
Check Tatak Pinoy Castor Oil Organic Eyelash Serum price below:
add_circle All-natural ingredients
add_circle Make your eyebrows and eyelashes thicker
add_circle Cheap and effective
remove_circle With its size, content is said to be quickly depleted

Sometimes, it’s best to choose and buy a locally-made product. This herbal eyelash serum is from Tatak Pinoy, advocating sustainable living using herbal ingredients. Most of their products are biodegradable, self-generating, and pesticide-free– making the world more sustainable. 

Key Ingredients

Tatak Pinoy Eyelash Serum is rich in castor oil with a soothing scent; it is made with high-quality organic ingredients that have been cold-pressed, which extracts the natural oil content from castor bean seeds. This product is safe to use with these contents while keeping the relaxing earthy scent. 


This locally made product is effective in stimulating fuller and luscious eye-popping lashes. With its compact size, you can freshen up anywhere at any time. With all its high-quality organic ingredients, you can achieve thicker-looking lashes and brows while retaining the natural look of your hair follicles. 

Best Eyelash Serum with Aloe Vera
Lana Brow and Eyelash Serum
Check Lana Brow and Eyelash Serum price below:
add_circle With a doe-foot applicator
add_circle Cruelty-free
add_circle For fuller and thicker lashes and brows
remove_circle Oily texture

Of course, supporting another locally-made product from Lana PH is excellent. This eyelash serum comes in a biodegradable bottle which is also safe for the environment. Like any other eyelash serum, it promotes hair growth from the root to the tip. 

Key Ingredients

LANA’s Lash and Brow Serum has three key ingredients. First, it has castor oil content which is best for moisturizing and preventing hair and lash breakage. Second, it has myristoyl peptide content, which strengthens hair follicles. Lastly, its aloe vera extract ingredient will keep the brows nourished and moisturized while delivering healthier lashes. 


If you are looking for another product to complete your skincare routine, this product best addresses your problems with thin eyelashes and eyebrows, weak hair follicles, and hair and lash breakage. Its doe-foot applicator will help you apply the serum evenly on your lashes and brows. 

Best Eyelash Milk Serum
Mary Elizabeth R Milklash Eyelash Serum
Mary Elizabeth
Check Mary Elizabeth R Milklash Eyelash Serum price below:
add_circle Mild scent
add_circle Made with coconut milk
add_circle Budget-friendly
remove_circle Some may not like the oily texture

Mary Elizabeth’s Milklash blends nature’s most well-known extracts that condition and stimulate hair growth. This eyelash serum is Milklash-coated that works well as mascara for both the eyelashes and eyebrows. 

Key Ingredients

Since it is formulated with nature’s well-known extracts, it only has a mild scent. Its top three ingredients are coconut milk, aloe vera gel, and castor oil. This serum restores the hair’s moisture and promotes its growth– thanks to its coconut milk content. Best of all, it is topped with Vitamin E, which prevents hair breakage and boosts hair’s elasticity and shine. 


By using this serum regularly, you can see its effect in enhancing your hair follicles that promote hair growth–finally, you’ll achieve luscious lashes. This Milklash serum works on all skin types– giving you the best results with elasticity and shine. On the other hand, it is best to apply this serum to your bare lashes and brows to achieve maximum effect. 

Best Eyelash Serum with Virgin Coconut Oil
Retrobea Castor Oil Enhancing Eyelash Serum
Check Retrobea Castor Oil Enhancing Eyelash Serum price below:
add_circle Mild scent
add_circle Made with all-natural ingredients
add_circle Increases the chance of growing your lashes and brows strongly and healthily
remove_circle Content is said to be quickly depleted

With over 24k+ sold on Shopee, this Retrobea Milky Castor Oil is the current talk of the town. It is best known for its quick results, visibly seen in 1-5 weeks. This serum is formulated with mild ingredients that enhance the hair follicles and achieve healthy-looking lashes. 

Key Ingredients

Aside from its castor oil content, it is also infused with virgin coconut oil, which makes your lashes look longer and naturally stronger. Plus, it has Vitamin E content, which functions as a conditioner in moisturizing and hydrating your hair follicles, protecting against breakage, and allowing it to grow more fully. 


After a week, you can already see its benefits to your lashes. The thicker lashes will be more visible after consistent application. Best of all, it is gentle when applied– and does not leave any heavy residue on your lashes. 

Best Eyelash Serum for Sensitive Eyes
Rom&nd Han All Eyelash Serum
Rom&nd Han All
Check Rom&nd Han All Eyelash Serum price below:
add_circle Strengthens your lashes
add_circle Water-based serum
add_circle Gentle on lashes
remove_circle A bit pricey

The Rom&nd Han All Eyelash Serum makes your weak lashes stronger and more transparent. This water-based serum is quickly absorbed through hair roots without any irritation– indeed, the best serum for people with sensitive eyes. 

Key Ingredients

This eyelash serum is formulated with a highly nutritious peptide that stimulates the hair follicles for stronger, healthier, and more abundant lashes. Further, it activates the Keratin content, creating a luscious and voluminous eyelash.


Since this is the best eyelash serum for people with sensitive skin, the serum is quickly absorbed by the hair follicles without any irritation– indeed, a hypoallergenic product. It is suggested to use the serum thrice daily to see the difference in your lashes. 

What is Eyelash Serum?

Eyelash Serum is a specialized beauty product that enhances eyelashes' growth, length, thickness, and overall health. A clear liquid or gel is applied to the lash line using a brush or wand applicator. Eyelash serums contain peptides, vitamins, and plant extracts that nourish and condition the lashes. These ingredients promote lash growth, strengthen the lashes, and prevent breakage. Regular and consistent use of an eyelash serum can result in longer, fuller, and more voluminous lashes over time.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Eyelash Serum

Choosing the best eyelash serum can be overwhelming with the many options available. Here's a buying guide to help you select the ideal product for your needs:

  • Ingredients: Look for serums with lash-nourishing ingredients like peptides, biotin, vitamins (such as B5 and E), and natural extracts (such as aloe vera or ginseng). Avoid serums that contain harsh chemicals or irritants.
  • Effectiveness: Research and read reviews to ensure the serum has a proven record of delivering results. Look for evidence of increased lash length, thickness, and overall lash health.
  • Safety: Opt for serums that are ophthalmologist-tested and safe for sensitive eyes. Avoid serums containing prostaglandin analogs like bimatoprost, as they may have potential side effects.
  • Application: Consider the ease of application. Look for serums with user-friendly applicators like fine brush tips or wands for precise and convenient use.
  • Allergy Testing: If you have allergies or sensitivities, perform a patch test on your skin before applying the serum to your lash line to check for any adverse reactions.
  • Price and Value: Compare prices and consider the value for money. Some serums require frequent repurchasing, while others offer longer-lasting results.
  • Customer Reviews: Check eyelash serum reviews and ratings to get insights into the experiences of other users. Look for feedback on the serum's effectiveness, safety, and overall satisfaction.
  • Brand Reputation: Opt for reputable brands that specialize in eyelash care products. Established brands often have a higher level of quality control and customer support.

How Effective is an Eyelash Serum or Eyelash Grower

Eyelash serums or eyelash growers can effectively promote lash growth and enhance the appearance of lashes. However, the effectiveness can vary from person to person, and it's essential to set realistic expectations.

A good-quality eyelash serum that contains nourishing ingredients can provide several benefits, such as:

  • Improved Length and Thickness: Eyelash serums can stimulate the hair follicles, increasing lash length and thickness over time. It can result in a fuller and more voluminous lash appearance.
  • Enhanced Lash Health: Many serums contain ingredients that nourish and condition the lashes, promoting overall lash health. It can help prevent breakage, brittleness, and thinning of the lashes.
  • Reduced Lash Loss: By strengthening the lashes, some serums can help minimize lash loss, ensuring the lashes remain intact and less prone to shedding prematurely.

It's important to note that individual results may vary, and it may take several weeks to several months of consistent use before significant improvements are noticeable. Additionally, some people may be more responsive to eyelash serums than others.

Following the manufacturer's application guidelines is essential to getting the most out of an eyelash serum. Applying the serum consistently and avoiding any potential irritants can help achieve the best results.

Suppose you have any concerns or specific lash or eye conditions. In that case, it is best to consult with a dermatologist or ophthalmologist before using an eyelash serum to ensure its suitability for you.

Best Eyelash Serum Brands in the Philippines

With such a wide variety of eyelash serum brands on the market, you can surely take your time and choose the best lash serum Philippines. The best eyelash grower brands highlight the highest quality of the best eyelash serum in the Philippines.

Etude House My Eyelash Serum

Surely, this one is one of the best eyelash serums you can find on the market. It works as an eyelash grower and a mascara for your makeup routine. It offers a great deal and saves you money. 

Lanthome Pure Castor Oil Hair Eyebrow Eyelash Serum 

Who wouldn’t want an eyelash serum with Castor Oil in it? This lash serum from Lanthome is effective with its castor oil content– it moisturizes and helps you achieve natural, healthy-looking lashes.

Garden Lab Brow and Eyelash Serum

Finally, a lash and brow serum into one magic potion bottle. Aside from that, this eyelash growth serum is infused with various organic ingredients, making it safe and effective for stimulating hair growth. 

LANBENA Eyebrow Eyelash Serum 

This is the best match for you if you’re looking for an alcohol-free lash serum. Plus, it is formulated with high-quality ingredients. This product leaves no heavy and sticky residue on your lashes.

Tatak Pinoy Castor Oil Certified Organic Eyelash Serum

This is the current talk of the town. Aside from being locally made, you’ll admire the company’s advocacies. This lash grower contains many herbal ingredients that are all effective in achieving eye-popping natural lashes– surely, everything is safe while you use this. 

Eyelash Serums Price Range Here in the Philippines

The best eyelash serum price in the Philippines can vary depending on the product's brand, formulation, and size. Here is a general overview of the price range you can expect:

  • Affordable Range: In the lower price range, you can find eyelash serums priced around ₱300 to ₱500. These may be smaller-sized serums or from lesser-known brands.
  • Mid-Range: In the mid-range, you can find eyelash serums priced between ₱500 to ₱1,000. These serums often come from reputable brands and contain quality ingredients.
  • High-End Range: You can find premium eyelash serums priced above ₱1,000 in the higher price range. These serums may come with advanced formulations, larger sizes, or additional features such as applicator enhancements.

Where to Buy Eyelash Serum in the Philippines?

Eyelash serums are available for purchase in various locations in the Philippines. Here are some familiar places where you can buy lash enhancers:

  • Beauty Retailers: Visit popular beauty retailers and stores like Watsons, The SM Store Beauty Section, BeautyMNL, or Beauty Bar. These stores often have a dedicated section for eyelash serums and carry a range of brands and products.
  • Online Marketplaces: Explore online marketplaces such as Lazada and Shopee. These platforms offer a wide selection of eyelash serums from different brands, allowing you to compare prices and read eyelash serum reviews before making a purchase.
  • Brand Websites: Check the official websites of specific brands that produce eyelash serums. Many brands have their online stores where you can directly purchase their products.
  • Dermatology and Aesthetic Clinics: Some dermatology clinics or aesthetic centers may carry high-quality eyelash serums. If you prefer professional guidance or are looking for specific brands recommended by experts, consider visiting these establishments.
  • Specialty Beauty Stores: Look for specialty beauty stores or boutiques focusing on skincare and beauty products. These stores often carry a curated selection of high-quality eyelash serums.

Before purchasing, it's advisable to verify the authenticity and quality of the product. Stick to authorized retailers, read product descriptions, check for eyelash serum reviews, and look for any certifications or guarantees of authenticity.


All these lash-lengthening serums work like a magic potion in a bottle– once brushed, they make your eyelashes healthy and grow. Yet, ensure you have all the patience to apply these serums daily; if not, your efforts will go to waste.

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